ROH on HDNet Report (10.26.09)


ROH on HDNet
Philadelphia, PA
October 26, 2009

Your hosts are Dave Prazak and Mike Hogewood.

Recap of last week where Rhett Titus and Kenny King injured Jerry Lynn with a spike piledriver.

We go to the ring as ROH world champ Austin Aries and Kenny King to talk about cool it is to put Jerry Lynn into retirement. Tyler Black interrupts and begins his own little lottery to see who he will pick to beat up Kenny King tonight for what was done to Jerry Lynn. And the winner is…Eddie Kingston? Well, alright.

Hog and Prazak announce that Jim Cornette is the new executive producer of ROH on HDNet.

  • The Necro Butcher vs. Joey Ryan (w/Prince Nana & Ernie Osiris) vs. Delirious vs. Sonjay Dutt

You’ve got two different feuds in this match – Sonjay/Delirious and Necro/Embassy. They pair off to start. Some heel miscommunication ensues with Joey and Sonjay, so Delirious wipes them out with a somersault dive off the top. Joey saves Sonjay from a springboard clothesline, but Necro pulls up the ringside mat to trip him up and then punches Sonjay in the FACE to block a suicide dive. As Necro steps on the apron, Joey grabs his foot to allow Sonjay to sunset flip powerbomb him on the floor. That allows Joey and Sonjay to double-team Delirious for a while. Of course, not even bad guys trust each other forever. Necro breaks up the fun, dumps Sonjay, and hits Joey with the TIGER DRIVER for 1-2-NO! Sonjay avoids the corner charge and hits Necro with the kick in the corner. He hits the slingshot legdrop across the ropes and takes out Joey with a springboard dropkick. Flying splash on Necro hits knees. Now Delirious nails Sonjay with the Panic Attack while Necro delivers the CANNONBALLLLLLL to take down Joey on the outside. Meanwhile, Delirious hits SHADOWS OVER HELL on Sonjay for the 1-2-3. (6:29) The win makes sense, but the match was just okay. **½

Out in the parking lot under the bridge over at the old ECW Arena, a newcomer named “Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown tells us that he hates everything while he stands in front of an 18 wheeler. He sounds alot like the Crusher. PAIN IS COMING. He’ll debut in two weeks. Outside of ROH, he’s currently one-half of the NWA world tag team champs with Keith Walker of the Skullkrushers tag team. Take that for what it’s worth.

In the back, Kyle Durden talks with Eddie Kingston. While he respects Jerry Lynn, he doesn’t really care about Kenny King. He’ll treat him just like he was Chris Hero because that’s who he wants no doubt for sure.

Bryan Danielson’s Top Five Moments in ROH: #5 is from ‘Testing the Limit’, August 7 2004. Bryan Danielson goes an astounding 75 MINUTES with Austin Aries in a 2/3 falls match. I like it. They show clips of the match which might sell a DVD or two.

You want D’Lo’s thoughts on Jerry Lynn’s injury? Go to this Twitter page, you freeloader. Telling people how you feel about things IRL is SOOOOO 1993.

  • Brent Albright vs. D’Lo Brown

I really like D’Lo’s UPS shirt. Albright goes for the quick win early, but Brown has enough and bails. He tries the old bit where he wants to leave, but Albright brings him back to ringside and into the barricade. He even sends D’Lo into the Union Jack up against the guardrail and then does his best Dave Taylor impression. The CHIKARA nerds got it. Ha, he even poses for a picture by the flag! Brown has enough and returns the favor to Albright. Umm, countout? YES. D’Lo does the head bobble at the ref when he tries to get them back in the ring. He follows up with a suplex on the floor and finally tosses Albright into the ring. Brown thumbs Albright in the eye to win a slugfest. Jumping knee drop gets two. Albright counters a sliding clothesline into a roll up, but D’Lo pops up for the Shining Wizard. Back to the floor, D’Lo misses a dive off the apron and eats the guardrail. Albright gives D’Lo the receipt from earlier with a T-Bone Suplex on the floor and then wipes him out with a suicide dive. Brown wins another slugfest and follows up with a dive off the top. Back in, Brown charges into a desperation Uranage. HERE COMES ALBRIGHT! Snap powerslam gets two, but he charges into a knee in the corner and takes a moonsault off the second rope for 1-2-NO! Albright comes back with a DDT, but Brown rolls through a flying bodypress for 1-2-NO! Brown delivers a powerbomb and cradles him up, but Albright kicks out at two into the CROWBAR for the submission. (9:19) Not bad with both guys trying to one-up the other. Sadly though, match of the night on one of the weakest shows yet. **½

Colt Cabana treats Kyle Durden like his own personal chimpanzee in between cutting a promo on Nigel McGuinness. Those two will be your main event next week. Nigel McGuinness makes history by becoming another wrestler to be on two different company’s TV shows in the same week. Spiderman, out.

  • Eddie Kingston vs. Kenny King

Feeling out process ends when King takes a shot at Eddie. We go to the floor where Kingston whips Kenny into the barricade a bunch. Back in, Kingston gives King an overhead suplex and unloads with his signature chops. It’s all Eddie until King avoids a charge and Kingston goes flying to the floor for a beating. Back in again, Eddie escapes a chinlock and runs into a AA spinebuster for two. Kingston comes back with a Sambo Suplex. Standing clothesline gets two. Kingston wants the SPINNING BACKFIST, but he stops himself when King pulls the ref in the way. King surprises Eddie with a TKO Rock Bottom for 1-2-NO! Shelton Benjamin-esque spin kick catches Kingston, as does a running hotshot. King tries a springboard, but flies right into a release fisherman’s suplex. Kingston hits the BACKDROP DRIVER, but here comes Chris Hero for the distraction. King delivers the double knees in the corner and puts Eddie with the CORONATION (Burning Hammer DDT) (11:02) Makes sense when Tyler Black wants Kenny King to pay for his sins with having him face Kingston who has a reputation as this mean street fighter, but sense doesn’t always generate chemistry and that’s the case here. Also, it’s not like Kingston has beaten anybody on TV to make you believe he has a chance of winning against even a midcarder like Kenny King. One of the lamest TV main events from ROH to date. **


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