Drama’s Smackdown Report 10/30/09


Drama’s Smackdown Report 10/30/09

Friday Night Smackdown!
October 30, 2009
Rochester, New York
Todd Grisham and Matt Striker

We recap Batista’s heel turn at Bragging Rights.


We skip the pyro and go right to the GM, as Teddy Long comes down to the ring. Todd says tonight Rey Mysterio asks for an explanation from Batista on why he did what he did at Bragging Rights. I think it’s cool that Todd called Smackdown the “A” show. Teddy congratulates the Smackdown team for their win at Bragging Rights, but he says the show had its highs and lows. He talks about Batista’s actions against Rey Mysterio. The WWE Universe wants an explanation, so later tonight Rey and Batista will talk face to face about it. Teddy talks about the #1 contender for Undertaker’s World Title at Survivor Series, Big Show. With that we BREAK THE WALLS DOWN, and out comes co-Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho, complete with SD t-shirt and Bragging Rights trophy. I hope he carries that around all year. Before Jericho can speak Teddy says the trophy is the property of the show so he takes it from him. Jericho says make no mistake about it, that trophy is his. He won it for himself, not for Teddy or the hypocritical sycophantic fans. Jericho says making Big Show #1 contender behind his back is devious and cruel. Jericho says he is the crown jewel of this show and he should be the champion. He’s interrupted by Team Smackdown’s co-captain, The World Champ’s brother Kane. Kane reminds Jericho that he was co-captain of Team Smackdown, and anything Jericho deserves, he deserves. That includes a World Title shot. Jericho says that Kane suffers from selective memory. Jericho says he got the winning pin, and Kane’s history against Undertaker is spotty at best. Jericho says Kane better just be happy he’s part of the winning team. Jericho keeps baiting Kane on, till Kane grabs Jericho by the throat. Teddy Long stops Kane and tells him that Undertaker will defend the World Title against Big Show at Survivor Series. But Teddy says if Raw will have a Triple Threat match at Survivor Series for the WWE Title, then Smackdown will too. Teddy says one more person will be added to the match at Survivor Series, and it will be tonight’s match between Kane and Chris Jericho.


Intercontinental Champion John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph grabs the mike and says he’s proud to be on the winning brand, even though Morrison was the only loser from Smackdown at Bragging Rights. Morrison says at least he was at Bragging Rights. Typical TV match between the two. Morrison continues to do his best to carry the mid-card, whereas it seems like Ziggler’s been kind of kicked to the sidelines for a bit. Ziggler wins the match by countout, so I guess that means he may get another title shot, since he’s already lost 3 IC Title matches on PPV. They’ll probably meet at Survivor Series, which is good, as these guys have pretty good chemistry. WINNER: Dolph Ziggler by countout (Grade: 2)

-We go back to Bragging Rights and Batista’s vicious attack on Rey Mysterio.


We go backstage and Teddy Long is staring at the Bragging Rights trophy when Mr. McMahon comes in to congratulate Teddy on his Bragging Rights trophy when CM Punk comes in to bitch that he deserves the title match at Survivor Series and not a guy who’s on the Raw Roster. He would have won the title at Bragging Rights if it wasn’t for Scott Armstrong’s crappy officiating. Mr. McMahon says fine, tonight CM Punk will face Scott Armstrong.

Beth Phoenix vs. Jenny Brooks

Todd says that these two have a history as they wrestled each other in high school and Brooks handed Phoenix her only high school wrestling loss. So as you might expect, it was a slaughter. WINNER: Beth Phoenix (Grade: 1)

-Tonight Cryme Tyme hosts the Diva Halloween Costume Contest.


-Out comes Vickie Guerrero dressed like a medieval princess, and she says that’s what she wants to be named tonight. She introduces her prince charming as he comes to the ring.

Eric Escobar vs. Matt Hardy

Another so-so TV match, as Matt Hardy has also been kind of lost in the shuffle, even though he was on the Bragging Rights PPV. I still can’t figure this Escobar guy out, but he seems like a bum. Hardy hurts his knee but gets the win anyway. WINNER: Matt Hardy (Grade: 2)


-We go back to Bragging Right and Batista’s demolition of Rey Mysterio. With that the music plays and out comes Mr. 619. Rey’s walking very slowly in street clothes. Rey says the fans saw what happened. He says Dave Batista and he are best friends. Rey says he still considers Batista his friend. All week he’s been watching the footage and was getting really angry. But then he realized he’s still Batista’s friend and they should hammer these things out right now. That UNLEASHES…THE ANIMAL. Batista comes out with his shades on, looking maybe indifferent. Batista asks if Rey was disappointed that he hurt him. Batista says Rey doesn’t get it, and that it could get worse for him. Batista says he will let it go and let Rey leave the ring. Rey was about to, but stops. He says this needs to be straightened out. Rey says what was he supposed to do at Bragging Rights, not try? They’re family, and they will always be family. Batista says that Rey’s thinking how easy it was that he hurt Rey. Batista says he was stabbed in the back and he’s telling Rey one more time to leave the ring. Rey says no, he’s not leaving, he’s going to hold his ground and there’s needs to be middle ground. Rey says what about Eddie? What would he think? So the card’s been laid on the table, and Batista took it. He says Eddie’s dead, and he’s not thinking about him, or anybody but himself. With that, Batista REALLY turns heel, then leaves the ring.


-We return from break and Matt Hardy stops Batista and says no one knows what its like to betray a brother like he does. He tells Batista if he can help in any way he will. Batista chuckles at him and leaves, walking through a door. Matt turns around and grabs his cell phone, then Batista turns through the door and throws Hardy into a steel fence wall.

Drew McIntyre vs. Finlay

McIntyre congratulates Team Smackdown but slams Finlay and others for not holding their weight. He doesn’t even let Finlay get in the ring and beats him down outside. WINNER: No Contest.

Cryme Tyme’s Diva Halloween Costume Contest

Natalya: A Matador
Layla: Michael Jackson
Michelle McCool: She-Devil
Mickie James: Elektra

Mickie James won with a big applause, but then as with most diva contests in ends in a catfight brawl. In the end, Michelle McCool beats Mickie down, pumping up their future Women’s Title feud.


CM Punk vs. Scott Armstrong

Punk gets in his face, Armstrong pushes him back, then Punk stomps on him, hits the GTS and wins. WINNER: CM Punk (Grade: 0)


-Next week, Batista will go one on one with Matt Hardy. The winner will take a slot in the Triple Threat World Heavyweight Match at Survivor Series.

Co-Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho vs. Kane.

Kane dominated the action early with drop kicks and right hands. Jericho would try the Walls of Jericho early but that would fail. Jericho knocks Kane into the barricade when they go to break. COMMERCIAL BREAK. The match went back and forth, quite entertaining actually, Jericho would eventually get the Walls on but Kane would power out, then Jericho tried a superplex but was thrown off the turnbuckle. Kane went for his top rope clothesline but Jericho hit the Codebreaker in mid-air and gets the win, and the slot at Survivor Series. WINNER: Chris Jericho (Grade: 2.5)

-With that we’re out. Next week, Batista’s first true heel match in over 5 years.


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