WWF RAW 1/18/1993


World Wrestling Federation RAW 1-18-1993
From: Manhattan Center, New York City

Vince welcomes us to RAW, along with Rob Bartlett and Randy Savage.
– Bartlett rips up a Bobby Heenan picture.
– Repo Man comes over and attacks Savage from behind and steals his hat.

RAW Opening Video

Mr. Perfect defeated Terry Taylor in 8:01 via pin fall after the Perfect Plex.*½

Late in this contest, Ric Flair comes down to the ring and attacks Mr. Perfect on the floor. However, seconds later, Perfect manages the win with the Perfect Plex.
The contest may have been “slow”, but there was an even amount of offense from both men.


Bret Hart joins Vince McMahon in the ring for an interview.
– Bret says that Razor is the lowest scum in the WWF, basically because Razor wants to slap his father.
– Bret doesn’t use his usual quote of being the best there is..

We see a promo by Undertaker

Marty Jannetty defeated Glen Ruth in 5:11 via pinfall after the Rocker Dropper. DUD

– Just a boring squash that really shouldn’t have gone five minutes.

We see footage of Doink attacking Crush on Super Stars from last week. Doink delivers several shots with a fake arm. Crush is an idiot even trusting Doink, and would it make sense to trust a clown? You never trust a clown, ever.


Vince says that Crush may have suffered a concussion from that attack.

We go to Mooney who thinks he has gotten Repo Man.
– How could you not know? Everyone walks around with REPO MAN jacket.
– They are fighting over a stupid hat. I can’t believe this. It makes sense for the character, but a hat?

Royal Rumble Report.

Tito Santana fought Ric Flair to a no contest in 7:08 when Mr. Perfect attacked Flair. *

Late in the contest, Mr. Perfect comes down and brawls with Ric Flair on the floor just as Flair did earlier.The match itself wasn’t anything special, but was again evenly contested. Tito did have the advantage when Perfect came out.


Ric Flair comes back down to the ring, and cuts a psycho promo and challenges Mr. Perfect next week to a “Career Vs. Career” match.  That is how much he hates Perfect.  Flair says Perfect will never be able to say he beat Ric Flair.

Mr. Perfect comes down to the ring, he must have walked past Ric Flair.  Perfect quickly accepts the match for next week.

We see Repo Man with Savage’s hat, and Rob Bartlett’s car.

End of Show.

My Opinion: Nothing really was good, maybe the fact that Savage was really putting over the strength of Repo Man. All three matches this week were very lackluster. You would never have guessed that RAW would be WWF’s top priority judging by the matches on the show. Next week’s show appears to be a pretty good line up with Perfect/Flair and Savage/Repo. Also, the next RAW will have the fallout from the Royal Rumble. Once again, once the shows have more important matches, for instance matches that have competitive nature weekly, the recaps of the matches will be much more indepth. To me, their isn’t any point to review squash matches with great indepth, at this point.

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