Mick Foley: Hard Knocks & Cheap Pops DVD

Mick Foley: Hard Knocks & Cheap Pops
Released: August 7, 2001

The Program:

Mick Foley naturally hosts the show and hopes that we bought this DVD and didn’t rent it. Somewhere, Blockbuster is PISSED!

Hard Knocks

Al Snow: They have an odd relationship to say the least. Mankind said he wouldn’t joke about Al Snow not selling some chairshots from Road Dogg and Hardcore Holly, so he jokes about it on live TV during Mr. Socko’s birthday party. He congratulates Al Snow for getting an endorsement deal with La-Z-Boy, which seemed odd to Mankind because he didn’t think Snow sold chairs. BA-ZING! Foley mentions how making fun of Al Snow so much – whether on TV or in his best-selling biography – was probably the best thing that could have happened to his career. This all led to the infamous Mankind and Al Snow trip to Las Vegas. At the ’99 Christmas party, Mankind gets the best of Al Snow tape. But look, there is NO BEST OF AL SNOW TAPE IN THE BOX!

Rock N Sock Connection: Everything was going great for this hilarious tandem until Al Snow frames the Rock for throwing away an autographed copy of Mick Foley’s book that was given to the Rock as a gift. That leads to a series of Mankind-Al Snow matches in December 1999. Mick Foley was planning on retiring in November, but he wanted to go out in his Cactus Jack character and not Mankind. After losing a ‘pink slip on a pole’ match and getting fired, he gets reinstated a few weeks later and comes back rejuvenated.

Cactus Jack Returns: On January 10 edition of Raw is War when Foley returned, Triple H tried to keep Mankind from facing him in a street fight at the Royal Rumble by busting him open with the ring bell and putting Mankind through the announce table with a Pedigree. That following Thursday on Smackdown, Mick Foley confronted Triple H telling him that Mankind is in no condition to compete at the Royal Rumble. However, Mankind knows of a suitable replacement. Foley rips off the bloody dress shirt to reveal the classic Cactus Jack t-shirt. Well needless to say, Triple H knew this Cactus Jack fellow pretty well and freaks out just a little bit. You kind of saw a glimpse of Cactus Jack returning in Mick Foley at the end of that Raw beatdown when Foley made his comeback and got rid of HHH. Foley mentions how this metamorphosis was probably his greatest angle. I would have to agree. All Cactus Jack had to do for the next week before the Royal Rumble was talk about what terrible things he was going to do to HHH in order to put over that ‘mythical creature’ since the WWF fanbase had grown tremendously since we had last saw Cactus Jack.

Royal Rumble 2000 Street Fight: You get all the craziest bloody spots without the drama or suspense (which equals to around ten minutes of the thirty-minute match) that you would experience watching in real time. Both men had something to prove: Cactus Jack wanted to go out on top while HHH wanted to show he could draw with somebody other than Rock or Austin. After the match is over, Foley doesn’t feel satisfied and berates Triple H until a Hell in a Cell is proposed where if Foley loses then he must retire.

No Way Out 2000 Hell in a Cell: Foley does mild-PBP for this one, which is pretty entertaining. He says that he “didn’t like his chances of winning, if you know what I mean”. He mentions how he broke his own nose dropping the chair elbow off the second rope. He reflects back on the fall he took in a Hell in a Cell match where he falls off the cage and through the tables that nobody remembers in August 1998, which he felt he was more painful than the one at the King of the Ring. Of course in the end, Foley loses and even he felt this was the end. No, he really did think it was the end!

WrestleMania 2000: He shows up to the biggest match of the year twenty pounds heavier and in his head still thinking that his career was over. To sum up just how done Mick Foley was, he shows us a clip from Survivor Series 1998 where Foley does a dive from the second-rope onto the announce table onto the Rock and dislocating his knee cap which kick started the beginning of the end for Mick. He tries the same dive again at WrestleMania and almost breaks his sternum trying to reach the table. The only thought going through his head was “I don’t think I’m going to make it to Disneyland tomorrow.” HA! Somehow the next morning he found the testicular fortitude to make it to Disneyland.

Cheap Pops

Commissioner Foley is Here!: The night after the King of the Ring 2000, Shawn Michaels appoints a buzz-cut Mick Foley as the NEW commissioner of the WWF.

The Cheap Pop Story: Naming the city they were in and the thumbs up started as to just make Triple H angry.

Edge & Christian with the Commish: They show Mick screwing around with Edge & Christian. And yes, a chicken suit is involved. These three certainly had chemistry.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Here is another person Foley felt he had chemistry with. He feels the key to dealing with Stephanie is to built her up so you can put her down. Mick either calls her a whore or stirs the pot between Kurt Angle and Triple H.

Commissioner Foley’s Agenda: His goal above all else was to make being a nerd cool. They show a series of clips where Mick is well, being a nerd.

The Commissioner as Enforcer: Mick says he didn’t want to be beaten up like Commissioner Slaughter or even the owner Vince McMahon, so he made sure to stand up for himself whenever someone would demand to have their way or they would punch him out. We see an exchange between he and HHH.

Foley vs. Stone Cold: When Stone Cold returned in September 2000, he started running rampant through the WWF trying to find the person responsible for running him down with a car back at Survivor Series. He went so crazy over the search that he even gave Mick Foley a Stone Cold Stunner, which forced Mick to suspend Austin indefinitely. When Mick chose not to reconsider, Austin stuns him again. Foley began to worry about his character turning heel since the crowd booed his decision. The WWF audience had been without Stone Cold for close to a year and they didn’t want to see him go so soon. Mick didn’t want to turn heel since he didn’t feel very heelish anymore. This gives them an opportunity to show them working with a kid who happened to be burn victim and advertise Mick’s Christmas book that he wrote and Jerry Lawler drawing up the illustrations.

Foley vs. Mr. McMahon: Mr. McMahon demanded that Mick Foley resign as the WWF commissioner in December 2000. When Foley decided not to resign, it only meant trouble would follow. Vince, Angle, and Edge & Christian all beat Foley down into a bloody mess with steel chairs which led up to a “YOURE FIIIIIIIIIREEEDDDD!” from Vince.

The Legacy of Mick Foley: How does Mick Foley want to be remembered, you ask? Not for his insane matches or crazy bumps, but for ushering in the era of the über-nerd. Yes, he wants to be responsible for Edge & Christian playing kazoos and just generally causing nerdy chaos during Kurt Angle’s birthday party. Also, he wants to be remembered for a spit take he took on Al Snow. Just another way to take a shot at the guy. That’s actually kind of awesome.

Special Features:

This marks the first specialized DVD for a superstar with full matches.

  • WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels (w/Jose Lothario) vs. Mankind (w/Paul Bearer) – (IYH: Mind Games, 9/22/96)

There’s no way this FREAK Mankind can possibly win the WWF champion! The druids bring out a casket before the match and out comes Mankind just to play “mind games” with the Undertaker. Mankind goes to town on Shawn to start and takes him to the floor with a Cactus Clothesline. Mankind starts to peel back the ringside mats when Shawn dropkicks him over and starts stomping him while he’s stuck under the mat! HBK heads up top and comes down on Mankind right onto the concrete. From there, Shawn leaps off the steps and slams Mankind’s head to the concrete for another nasty bump. Back in, Shawn hits the Flying Double Sledge and follows up with the Flying Elbow Drop. SWEET CHIN MUSIC? No! Mankind sees what’s coming and leaps out of the ring. He starts rocking back and forth as Paul Bearer hands him the urn, which has become sort of a pacifier for him. Back inside the ring, they brawl it out, which leads to Mankind attempting the MANDIBLE CLAW when Shawn goes for a snapmare. Shawn elbows out, but gets thrown out to the floor where the SAT gets turned around. Shawn has had enough and LEAPS over the table and onto Mankind for more punches. They fight over to the steps where HBK gives Mankind a snap suplex into the steps! OUCH, there goes your knee. As Mankind tries to get back inside, Shawn chopblocks the knee and then slams it down across the casket! That’ll teach him to bring out a casket to a match when he’s not even an Undertaker! Mankind sells the knee real well as HBK Japanese leg whips him into a Figure-Four! He reverses out, but Shawn dropkicks the knee and grabs a half crab. Mankind finds the ropes and hotshots HBK to take control. To get the feeling back in his leg, Mankind rolls to the apron and starts STABBING HIMSELF IN THE KNEE! WHAT THE F. Mankind starts to pound on Shawn and then drives his knee into his face while he’s down in the corner. He begins to drive Shawn’s face into the mat because of his jealousy for pretty boys. Shawn tries to come back, but Mankind reverses a corner whip as HBK tries the Ray Stevens bump and gets caught in the tree of woe. While he’s stuck, here comes Mankind with the running elbow drop! Down to the floor, Shawn avoids a running knee up against the steps, causing Mankind to crash knees-first into the steel. Mankind takes another bump into the steps as Shawn sends him face-first with a drop toehold. They fight over a suplex on the apron. Mankind charges him down the apron, but Shawn slips back inside as Mankind runs into the ringpost! Back in, HBK hits the Jumping Back Elbow and a powerslam for two. Shawn whips Mankind into the ropes when he gets his head caught in between the top and middle strands! SNAP! Once Mankind breaks free, he jabs Shawn with the MANDIBLE CLAW! Oh, but Shawn tosses Mankind off into the guardrail, as Hugo Savinovich falls out of his chair for no reason. Mankind tries to stab Shawn again with the MANDIBLE CLAW, but he blocks it with a chair. While the ref is with Paul Bearer, Shawn slams the chair down on Mankind’s knee and his Mandible Claw hand! Back in, Mankind tries the MANDIBLE CLAW anyways, but Shawn blocks and tries to break his hand. Off comes the finger glove! Shawn charges and takes a nasty backdrop to the floor, as Mankind follows him out with the Flying Elbow Drop off the apron. He continues to punish Shawn with the swinging neckbreaker on the concrete! Back in, the DOUBLE-ARM DDT gets 1-2-NO! Pull Up Piledriver gets another 1-2-NO! He tries with several pinfall attempts, but Shawn keeps kicking out. Mankind rolls Shawn into the casket, but he gets out of that REAL quick and starts his comeback. Flying Forearm is followed by the Flying Bodypress for 1-2-NO! Shawn gets crotched up top and they both go tumbling backwards down through the SAT! Well that was insane. Back inside, a chair is set up and Shawn jumps off the chair to deliver SWEET CHIN MUSIC to Mankind’s face while he’s up top with a chair in his hands! Steel chair + SWEET CHIN MUSIC = KO! Slow cover gets 1-2-WHAT. Shawn comes off the pin attempt and starts brawling with Vader! That’s a DQ, gentlemen. (26:23) Easily one of the best matches to ever end on a DQ finish. Also, this match should prove to anybody that these two men were the best bumpers in the business at the time. And it wasn’t just bumps here, there was a STORY to go along with the bumps and great selling from both men. In a perfect world where the original ECW was filled with other guys as talented as Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels wrestled there, this is the kind of matches he would be having on a semi-regular basis. They seemed to be building towards a Vader title change in the immediate future before Shawn would win it back to meet Bret at WrestleMania 13 for a rematch, but we all know that wasn’t meant to be. Shawn knocks Vader out of the ring with the Flying Forearm, but then Paul Bearer smashes the urn over his head. Doesn’t matter because the match is over. Sid runs in and beats Vader back to the dressing room to set up their match for the next PPV. Mankind applies the MANDIBLE CLAW on Shawn while he’s down and considers putting him in the casket. As Paul Bearer opens the lid, out comes the Undertaker! He sends Mankind flying out of the ring and walks them back to the dressing room. ****½

  • Mankind (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin – (Monday Night Raw, 11/18/96)

Mick introduce this match as one of the best ever on Raw to that point. This is the night after Survivor Series. So, yeah, Austin’s a little more pissed off than usual. This was also originally scheduled as Austin/Vader, but Yokozuna apparently injured him at the PPV. Mankind attacks Austin during his entrance and they brawl in the aisleway. You can a smattering of Austin chants. A bunch of refs and road agents come out to separate the chaos because there hasn’t been a bell yet. JR mentions that this is supposed to be some sort of “tough man” contest. I don’t believe anything ever came from that though. I could be wrong. Austin takes a nasty bump into the steel steps. Finally we’re in the ring and the bell sounds. Austin stomps a mudhole and walks it dry before we’re back on the floor. Back inside, Mankind squeals and chokes on Austin, but he pops up with a clothesline. He punches Mankind out to the floor where a chair gets involved. They fight over it, but the ref puts a stop to it. Austin reverses a whip and Mankind goes flying over the guardrail. BAH GAWD! In the ring, Austin field goal kicks to the balls to escape the MANDIBLE CLAW. Mankind backs Austin out of the corner, but runs into a boot. He then catches Austin with a clothesline and goes for a Pull-Up Piledriver. Austin backdrops Mankind out to the apron, but Mankind hotshots him pretty good. Mankind gets punched and slammed off the top. Now Austin starts stomping and choking, but the ref goes easy on them because it’s a “tough man” contest. To the floor, Austin gets his face slammed on the steps, but then drops Mankind on the guardrail. Back in, Austin hits the elbow from the second rope for two. As Austin shoulder butts Mankind through the ropes, here comes the Executioner to attack Stone Cold for the DQ. (7:16) Undertaker runs out and cleans house not because he cares for Austin, but just to get another piece of Mankind and the Executioner. Once UT turns his back on Austin, he comes up behind the Undertaker and clotheslines him out to the floor because you NEVER turn your back on Stone Cold. Short, fun brawl that exhibited their chemistry well and showed off what both men were capable of doing in that type of environment. We would definitely see more of this in 1998 when they tore the house down at Over the Edge. ***

  • WWF World Champion The Rock vs. Mankind – Empty Arena Match (Halftime Heat, 1/31/99)

Nobody seems to talk about this match all that often anymore. Overrated? Perhaps, but don’t take it too seriously. From all that they were doing in 1998, you shouldn’t be taking 1999 all that much more serious. Vince McMahon replaces Kevin Kelly and Shane McMahon on commentary. We get VINTAGE VINCE~! Mankind has his head wrapped after the beating he took at the hands of the Rock at the Royal Rumble just a week earlier. There’s crowd noise, but no crowd – hence an ’empty arena’ match. While this had been done in Memphis many years ago, this is the one and only ’empty arena’ match. Mankind owns Rock to start, but then Rock reverses a whip into the barricade and Mankind goes FLYING THROUGH the barricade into a bunch of chairs. Now the Rock tosses Mankind into an entire section of chairs while talking trash like only the Rock can. He starts dropping chairs on Mankind and then hits him one good time on the head. With Mankind down, the Rock gets on the headset. Oh wait, Mankind is up and he’s ready to put Rock in the MANDIBLE CLAW complete with Mr. Socko! His trick knee acts up and that causes Mankind to release the hold. They head up the stairs where Rock meets Mankind with a trash can and Mankind takes a tumble down about twenty rows. More classic trash talking from the Rock as he stomps Mankind down to the lower level of the arena. We check in with Shane and Kevin on HeAt as Shane talks us through the replay. It’s pretty awesome. Next thing you know, we’re in the kitchen! Rock beats Mankind with cotton candy while saying he’s too cheap to buy it himself. With Mankind down, Rock grabs Mr. Socko and throws him into an oven! It’s right around here where Mankind starts untying his boot. It becomes important later as Mankind walking around with just one boot. He tries to put Mankind in the oven, but he’s a little too fat for that. They continue through the kitchen as Rock throws a pack of hotdog buns in Mankind’s face and calling him a sick freak for some reason. Uh oh, Mankind knocks over some nice plates! Rock finds a bottle of Jack (IS KE$HA A FAN OF THE ROCK?), but Mankind finally fights back. Vince says that wasn’t actual liquor because booze has never touched the Rock’s lips. HA! Mankind beats Rock with a GIGANTIC bag of popcorn. Apparently, it hurts. They start through a door that takes them where the ring crew eats their meals, but Rock slams the door in Mankind’s face. Back in control, Rock tastes the popcorn and complains that it’s too salty and stomps Mankind for the overly salty popcorn. They head over to catering where Rock throws salsa in Mankind’s face. When Mankind complains that the salsa got in his eyes, Rock has a taste and finds that it’s only MILD! HAHA! Mankind doesn’t care. He starts to punch back and tries a Pull-Up Piledriver, but Rock backdrops him onto the table. Rock pours soda all over Mankind as the fight spills over into somebody’s office. Conveniently, the phone rings and the Rock answers, “Smackdown Hotel? I’m sorry, Mankind is busy. He’s got the Rock’s FOOT in his mouth!” Awesome. The phone rings again and of course the Rock answers. Mankind’s a little tied up right now. Anyways, a chick in the office turns down the Rock’s sexual advances and gets called a big piece of trash. That gives Mankind enough time to get up and start beating the Rock out of the office and out to the loading area. Mankind takes off his sock and applies the MANDIBLE CLAW on the Rock right near a running forklift until Rock is completely out of it. How convenient. Mankind takes over the forklift GTA-style and lowers the forklift on top of the Rock. Hey, that forklift has like SIX beer kegs on top of the pallet it’s holding up. There’s no WAY the Rock is getting out of that. With Rock completely trapped and only his head and shoulders sticking out from under the pallet, Mankind stands on the pallet as Earl Hebner counts three. (17:17) So Mankind becomes a TWO-TIME WWF champ. McMahon can’t help but channel his former self and sounds almost enthusiastic even though Mankind was the enemy. Hard to rate a match like this because it feels so phony, but you have to consider the definite entertainment factor that’s there. And for that reason, it’s certainly worth a look.

  • WWF World Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Dude Love – Special Referee: Vince McMahon (IYH: Over the Edge, 5/31/98)

This is Dude Love during his “Corporate Pet Cat” phase as he pretty much did whatever Vince told him to. Vince’s Stooges make their presence known in this match. Pat Patterson is the special ring announcer and Gerald Brisco is the special timekeeper, while of course Vince McMahon is the special sleeveless zebra shirt wearing referee and the match can only end – by his hand only. Dude Love wears a blue blazer out to the ring to show that he’s “corporate”. JR – “I didn’t say he *was* the Blue Blazer, I just said he’s *wearing* a blue blazer.” Not sure they shouldn’t have edited that line out. Dude gives Vince a big hug. JR mentions how Dude Love (actually Mankind) has had great success in the building this show is at considering he defeated the Undertaker there just two years earlier at the King of the Ring.

Speaking of the Undertaker, he shows up to either further back Mr. McMahon or keep him in line. Evidently it’s the latter as we can plainly see by Vince’s expression. Austin gets the advantage of a lock-up and as Vince separates the two, Austin flips him the double-bird. Off a headlock-shoulderblock spot, Vince tries to fast-count Austin. He makes sure to let Vince know what he thinks about that. More headlock exchanges as Vince slow-counts when Dude Love’s shoulders are on the mat. Gosh, this crowd is HOT. A “Vince is gay” chant is strongly encouraged by the crowd. JR tries to PC the chant a little when Lawler asks him what they’re saying. Apparently Dude loses some teeth, which Austin finds and makes sure to stomp. Thesz Press and some punches lead to a clothesline that sends Foley to the floor. Dude reverses a whip into the steps and then smashes Austin’s head off the steps. Back inside, a Russian legsweep gets two. Foley takes over with some turnbuckle offense, but then Dude telegraphs a backdrop to set up a neckbreaker. Austin goes all WO-YAH on Foley with a series of clotheslines. Foley hooks a random MANDIBLE CLAW, but then Austin hiptosses him as Foley’s head gets caught in between the ropes. To the floor, Foley hiptosses Austin onto the Spanish announce table. Then Pat Patterson gets on the mic and reminds us all that this match is a NO-DQ match. JR – “Since when? Since now? That’s not right!” As Dude wraps a cable around Austin’s throat, Austin launches him into the timekeeper’s table. Dude Love gets punched onto the guardrail and takes a clothesline off the guardrail down for a NASTY bump on the floor into the crowd. Austin beats Foley back into the ring, but misses the Bossman straddle. Back to the floor, Dude slides out and gives Austin a swinging neckbreaker. Now Pat Patterson reminds the crowd that this is a Falls Count Anywhere match. JR – “Since when? That’s not right!” Backslide gets two, but here comes Austin with a running clothesline.

There’s cars everywhere used for the Over the Edge set, which Austin charges and takes a backdrop on the hood. That gets two. Why doesn’t Vince just fast-count him? A head smash on the hood of the car gets two. Foley takes a flapjack onto what looks like an old Ford hatchback for two. Austin smashes Foley’s head off the trunk lid of an old Buick for two. NEITHER MAN WILL JUST DIE. Austin goes for a STONE COLD STUNNER off the top of the car, but Foley shoves him off over on top of another car and down to the concrete. Sunset flip off the car hood! Foley gets two. He drops a lead pipe over Austin’s back, but here comes a now bloody Austin with right hands. Foley backdrops out of a piledriver and hits a suplex so he can elbow drop Austin off the car, but he misses. With the Undertaker standing over Vince, we get a fair two-count. Back to the ring, Patterson grabs Austin by the ankle to distract him long enough for a clothesline by Foley. Dude exposes a turnbuckle and smashes Austin’s head off it. That’s one of the few times I’ve ever seen that work with no suspense added. Foley punches Austin down in the corner and delivers the running knee. Another exposed turnbuckle smash. Austin fights out of a chinlock, but Dude Love smashes his face off the exposed turnbuckle again for 1-2-NO! McMahon is getting a little anxious. Patterson hands Foley a chair and Austin gets beaten down to the mat. DOUBLE-ARM DDT on the chair gets 1-2-NO! Foley charges Austin in the corner with the chair, but Austin gets a boot up to block. Now Austin has the chair. BAM! He DRILLS Foley in the face! Austin covers, but Vince refuses to count! Austin gets up in Vince’s face. Here comes Foley with the chair, but Austin ducks and Vince gets wiped out with the chair! STONE COLD STUNNER to Dude Love! Another ref runs out and counts 1-2-NO! Pat Patterson pulls him out at the very last second and punches him down. When Austin gets up to see what happened, Foley grabs the MANDIBLE CLAW! Once Austin goes down and even though one shoulder is off the mat, Patterson assumes the role of the ref and counts 1-2-NO! Undertaker pulls him out and CHOKESLAMS him through JR and King’s announce table! Like an idiot, Gerald Brisco tries to do the same thing and receives the same result through the Spanish announce table! Austin blocks another shot at the MANDIBLE CLAW with a STONE COLD STUNNER. Since Vince is still knocked out and said that the match must end by his hand only, Austin drags Vince over to them and drops Vince’s hand onto the mat three times for the win. (22:25) Afterwards as Undertaker heads for the locker room, he and Austin lock eyes to reestablish their volatile relationship. This was like the quintessential Attitude-era main event. Lots of brawling, lots of drama, and very little actual wrestling. Even though the booking is certainly worn out by 2011, I don’t think it hurts the match because it’s so well done. It’s a crazy brawl that went all over the arena and used the dangerous looking set to their advantage, and my gosh what a HOT crowd. Simply, it’s a very easy match to enjoy. ****½

  • WWF Hardcore Champion Al Snow vs. Big Boss Man – Kennel from Hell Match (Unforgiven, 9/26/99)

Foley knows this match is bad and contributes some of the most sarcastic commentary this side of old school PWG alongside Kevin Kelly. This match takes place inside the old school blue cage surrounded by the Hell in a Cell with dogs around ringside. Pretty much, they must treat the ringside area like molten hot lava to avoid the Rottweilers. The reason why this is happening? Bossman ate Al Snow’s dog Pepper. In order to win, you must escape the blue cage, preferably avoid the dogs, and then get out the Hell in a Cell. Al Snow wears a t-shirt and jeans to handle the Bossman in this type of stupid environment. Considering it was part of a PAY-per-view, this is pretty much the worst WWF match of the ’90s. I’m not even going to do PBP for this one because I just sat back and laughed at the commentary to avoid thinking about why the dogs are not even doing anything and why this is going so long, but I will say that both men actually get juiced for this one. I couldn’t believe it either. Tell you what, I’ll just skip towards the end. As Bossman breaks open a part of the ceiling on the Hell in a Cell and tries to leave, Snow does what he can to stop him and eventually climbs over the blue bars and out the Hell in a Cell door for the win. (11:40) The only way I would watch this one again is if Mick Foley is commentating. It’s just a bad match and the whole storyline makes wrestling look retarded. By the way, this PPV was Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara’s swan song in the WWF. CRAP for the match, ***½ for the commentary.

Pop Music:

They hand over to us the Titantron videos of every Mick Foley incarnation in the WWF up to that point – Commissioner Foley, Mankind, Dude Love, and Cactus Jack. I remember when it was cool on the internet to collect these. I was never really cared that much for them, but I guess some people still like them because they are all over Youtube.

Final Thoughts: If you’ve already got Mick Foley’s double-shot PPV main events with Triple H in 2000, then the Hard Knocks part of the program is pretty much unnecessary for you. But then all of the Cheap Pops chapters are highly entertaining even without a lot of the context as Mick gets to be light-hearted and comedic instead of deadly and serious as Cactus Jack. As for the extras, they’re all pretty great. Having the Over the Edge match in DVD quality made this DVD alone for me as there isn’t any logo blurring or entrance theme tampering or editing that I noticed. Also, the extra-added commentary from Foley was hilarious at times. Even with the KENNEL FROM HELL match, Mick’s commentary actually managed to make it watchable. Thumbs up for Mick Foley: Hard Knocks & Cheap Pops.


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