WCW: Monday Nitro (06.09.97)

WCW Monday Nitro
June 9, 1997
Boston, MA
Fleet Center

The current WCW champs were as follows:
WCW World Champion: Hollywood Hogan (8/10/1996)
WCW U.S. Champion: Dean Malenko (3/16/1997)
WCW World Tag Team Champions: The Outsiders (10/27/1996)
WCW World Television Champion: Steven Regal (5/18/1997)
WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Syxx (2/23/1997)
WCW Women’s Champion: Akira Hokuto (12/29/1996)

HOUR NUMBER ONE! Your hosts are Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbyszko.

Quick promo to start the show hypes Dennis Rodman and Hollywood Hogan coming to the Bash at the Beach PPV in July set to Voodoo Child. Nothing about opponents or anything since that has not been disclosed, but they do know that they don’t know WHAT’S gonna hit them.

Tony says Hollywood Hogan is here, Lex Luger is here, and tonight’s main event is the Outsiders against Roddy Piper and Ric Flair. Wait, WHAT. Isn’t that part of your double main event on the PPV this coming Sunday?! A singles match was one thing, but giving the match that you’re going to have to pay to see away for FREE?

To the back, we see Elizabeth getting out of a limo. Before Randy Savage can step out, Diamond Dallas Pages comes by, closes the door shut, and on the third try, KICKS IN THE WINDOW! He opens the door to get at Savage and when he does, Liz slams the door on his ribs. Once DDP hits the concrete clutching himself, Liz runs away as the limo screeches away.

  • Ultimo Dragon, Super Calo, & Juventud Guerrera vs. Psychosis, La Parka, & Silver King

Well, this should be fun. Mike Tenay joins us for commentary, as per usual with matches involving international stars. Silver King makes his Nitro debut here. He’s easy to spot since he doesn’t wear a mask. Calo and Psychosis start the match. Psychosis antagonizes Dragon to bring him into the ring as everyone joins in for a standoff. A Mexican standoff perhaps? Not fully though. Dragon is Japanese. ANYWHO. Calo leaves so we can have Dragon v. Psychosis, which will go down this Sunday LIVE on PPV. Dragon tries the handspring kick in the corner and completely flubs it up. That’s unfortunate. Psychosis misses a corner charge and goes flying over the top turnbuckle to the floor. Since it’s lucha rules, Calo and La Parka can enter the match without a tag. Calo delivers his float-over headscissors and monkey flips La Parka out for the his signature Slingshot Senton on the floor. Now Juventud and Silver King take over. Juvi charges and completely misses a corner charge. He pays for that with a superkick from Silver King. Guerrera fights back with a flying headscissors. Larry Z makes fun of Silver King’s name until Tenay tells him that Silver King is the son of lucha libre legend Dr. Wagner, who Zbyszko had wrestled in 1976. Juvi sends Silver King staggering out to the floor. La Parka comes in and receives a satellite move from Juvi. He just lands on his feet though and gives La Parka a spin kick. The rudos start to work over Super Calo and the crowd starts a boring chant, I believe. Juventud comes in and saves Super Calo. Psychosis launches Juvi onto Silver King for a headscissors. Out goes Super Calo, in comes Dragon. He kicks La Parka out and tries a Handspring Back Elbow on Psychosis, but gets caught. That leads to a nice rollup exchange. Dragon monkey flips Psychosis to the floor, leading to everyone taking a dive. La Parka springs off a chair and then off the top rope onto Calo a year prior to becoming the “Chairman of WCW”. Then, Juventud baseball slides the chair into La Parka and dives on top of him. Dragon feels like Psychosis is done for and tosses him into the ring for the DRAGON HURRACANRANA and the DRAGON SLEEPER for the submission. (7:45) Now you might be saying to yourself, why have the match now? Ultimo Dragon has nothing more to prove by beating Psychosis. What we DON’T see is Psychosis beating Ultimo Dragon in another trios match on Saturday Night thanks to some help from his new evil manager Sonny Oono who is now out to make Ultimo Dragon’s life miserable, giving Dragon a reason for revenge. After the match, La Parka starts attacking Super Calo with the chair and leaves him lying there. That’s something that also plays out on Saturday Night, but I just can’t recap everything, guys. Solid lucha match. It lost some people there in the middle, but everything else about it was quite fun. Plus, there’s some angle development going on here! ***

Gene Okerlund brings out Lex Luger. This is the first we’ve seen of him in his wrestling gear since April 28. Okerlund mentions Hogan and Rodman’s comments from the top of the hour about a tag match at the Bash at the Beach. Lex says he and the Giant have signed an open contract and all those two have to do is sign it and show up. Speaking of Hogan, Luger continues on to say that since Hogan has been too busy making movies and spending time with celebrities, that he hasn’t defended the WCW world title since February. JJ Dillon and the WCW executive committee have scheduled a match between Hogan and Luger – TONIGHT!

No wonder the WWF can’t win. WCW is giving everything away for free.

Mike Tenay grabs a quick word with Roddy Piper and Ric Flair as they vacate their white limousine. Piper says there’s fighting to be done and they can’t wait for the PPV. Flair tells us that the Outsiders are going to think Bobby Orr and Larry Bird are walking the aisle in Boston tonight. WOO!

  • Chris Jericho vs. Alex Wright

Tenay makes mention of Jericho’s recent involvement in the Best of the Super Juniors round robin tournament over in New Japan. Jericho scored eight points, but the winner was El Samurai with 10 points. Jericho escapes a headlock and Wright takes a breather onto the apron as Jericho nails him with the springboard dropkick to send him to the floor. After hitting some moves, Wright tries to show us how big of a heel he is by grabbing chinlocks and using the ropes for leverage. As Jericho mounts a comeback, some security guy gets the most heat of the match as he confiscates a beach ball from the crowd. Butterfly powerbomb by Jericho gets 1-2-NO! Jericho tries a crossbody out of the corner, but Wright rolls through and gets his feet on the ropes for the 1-2-3. (8:46) Fine match, it’s just that no one cares about Alex Wright. **

  • WCW Women’s Champion Akira Hokuto (w/Sonny Oono) vs. Malia Hosaka

There’s a Women’s title match this Sunday. Gotta remind people there’s a Women’s champion, I suppose. Japanese culture is just so strange sometimes. Hokuto wears an oxygen mask (just the mask, no oxygen tank) to the ring. This won’t last long. Hokuto throws Hosaka around by the hair and tries to rip her arm off while standing on the ropes. Hosaka gets in a few knockdowns and hits a flying bodypress, but comes off the cover to get rid of Sonny Oono. That allows Hokuto to attack from behind. NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMB ends Hosaka. (1:43) She gives Hosaka another Northern Lights Bomb to bring out Madusa to give her not one, not two, but THREE German suplexes. As Hokuto and Oono walk away, Madusa vows to win the Women’s title at the Great American Bash. I wouldn’t bet on it, sister. ½*

Gene Okerlund introduces the Steiner brothers. They don’t mind showing the world that they are the best tag team going today all over again if it means getting the WCW tag belts back. This brings out Harlem Heat and Sister Sherri. They start talking junk and that leads a big brawl over by the tunnel until a bunch of referees head out to keep them separated. Steiners v. Heat at the Great American Bash. Winner gets a tag titles shot!

  • Steve McMichael (w/Debra) vs. Konnan

No match. Kevin Greene attacks McMichael in the aisle, which triggers a big pull-apart brawl. Meanwhile, Konnan is lying face down in the ring next to a broken broomstick. That’s quite humorous.

  • WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hollywood Hogan (w/Eric Bischoff) vs. Lex Luger

Dang, and right at the end of the hour too! Raw just didn’t have a chance tonight. Bischoff says there ain’t no way Hollywood Hogan is putting the title up for grabs unless he wants to. Sounds like a shoot comment to me. Hogan tells Lex that he needs to start working out before he can step in the ring with him. He doesn’t want to bore the nWo-ites by just beating up and outclassing a loser like Lex. No match tonight, he’s just going to pose for his fans. Well, Luger is not going to take this lying down. He heads down to the ring only to be insulted some more by Hogan and Bischoff. Hollywood calls Lex a “Hollywood wannabe”. Eventually, Luger has enough and pie-faces Bischoff to the mat to start up the match. Lex nails Hollywood with the Bionic Forearm to send him rolling out to the floor. Out comes the nWo Wolfpac to help boost Hogan’s confidence. Back inside, Hogan hits the running clothesline and resorts to choking. Turnbuckle smashes pump up Luger, and he decks Hogan with a running clothesline of his own. Commercials! They make the second hour switch during the break. When we return, Hogan delivers the corner clothesline and drops Luger with a back suplex for two. There’s a slam, but the elbow drop misses. Luger slams Hogan and the nWo try and jump Luger. He handles them all one at a time and hoists Hogan up in the TORTURE RACK for the non-title win! (2:52 shown) Funny how that’s the exact same finish we see on the 100th Nitro in August when Luger actually regains the WCW world title. Big nWo beatdown after the bell. Hall holds Lex for the Hogan LEGDROP. Just as he drops the leg, the second hour pyro goes off, which was actually pretty cool. The legdrops continue. Just one after the other. A team of refs finally pull Luger out to safety. Meanwhile, Bischoff and Hogan lay down in the ring continue to make Lex look retarded. ½*

HOUR NUMBER TWO! Your hosts are Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan.

Gene Okerlund has JJ Dillon in the ring to respond to the assault he endured at the hands of Randy Savage last week. JJ has recommended Savage be fined $50k for his action. Does WCW even have control over this since he wrestles for the nWo? JJ Dillon said they considered suspending him, but felt that would be playing right into his hands since he can’t seem to figure out how to deal with Diamond Dallas Page. No longer will DDP-Savage II be sanctioned by WCW, it will now be a “lights out” match where anything goes and falls count anywhere. Randy Savage and Elizabeth are ready and waiting with a rebuttal from the stands. Savage says he’s got $100 grand set aside for what he did last week to JJ Dillon and what he’s about to do to JJ Dillon this week. HA! JJ says that not even Randy Savage has unlimited funds and that fine will not be waived no matter what he does. Diamond Dallas Page walks out in a duster to back up JJ Dillon. He wants Randy Savage – RIGHT NOW. Can’t anybody wait for a PPV anymore? Savage is more than willing to oblige. He comes down and jumps the rail to get at DDP only for security to pull them apart.

It’s time to check in with Lee Marshall for the 1-800-COLLECT Road Report. He’s in Chicago this week. Chicago blues music, deep dish pizza, burgers at Billy Goat Tavern, WEASELS! Bobby doesn’t even respond to him.

  • WCW U.S. Heavyweight Champion Dean Malenko vs. Jeff Jarrett

Tony finds it surprising that there’s no Debra by Jarrett’s side tonight. Hammerlocks and shoulderblocks to start. Jarrett breaks away to do a little Fargo strutting. When Malenko starts to outwrestle Jarrett, he takes a breather on the floor. Back inside, Debra comes out the tunnel to support a umm, fellow Horseman. Jarrett puts the boots to Malenko as we take a commercial break. When we return, they trade sleeperholds. Jarrett ends that with a back suplex. DDT by Jarrett gets two, a suplex by Malenko scores a nearfall. Malenko works over Jarrett on the mat working primarily on the knee for the Texas Cloverleaf. Jarrett rallies back with a Tombstone and locks in the FIGURE-FOUR. Malenko turns the hold over into the ropes. He hits the butterfly powerbomb, but Jarrett counters the Texas Cloverleaf with an inside cradle for 1-2-NO! Jarrett goes on the offense with a swinging neckbreaker for two. He misses a corner charge, but blocks a flying double sledge from Malenko. Jarrett ups the ante with a top rope superplex. We look over to the front row to see EDDIE GUERRERO jumping the rail with his arm in a sling! He hasn’t been on Nitro in nearly two months now! While Debra has the ref’s attention, Eddie takes his arm out of the sling and drills Malenko with a FROG SPLASH! Then he lays the sling on top of Malenko and heads to the back. Jarrett has no idea any of this has happened. Debra drops down and throws a cup of water in Jarrett’s face to wake him up. He basically reacts as anyone would if somebody threw a cup of water in their face that wasn’t out of it to begin with. Even though Malenko is done for, Jarrett locks in the FIGURE-FOUR anyway and gets Malenko to submit to win the title! (11:14 shown) Ladies and gentlemen, we have a NEW WCW U.S. champion. Didn’t quite have the excitement of the first match at Slamboree, but it was still pretty solid. **½

Gene Okerlund is standing by with Jimmy Hart. We need to find out what Chris Benoit’s next test will be. The Faces of Fear soon appear behind Jimmy Hart. Tonight is the return of Kevin Sullivan and Jacqueline. The rumors at the time were that Raven would be making his WCW debut at some point tonight, but obviously that is not the case since all that’s left is the main event and that this show is nearly 15 years old. Sullivan sucks up to his hometown Boston crowd and calls Benoit out. Before Benoit shows up, Sullivan tells Meng and Jacqueline not to touch him. Here comes Benoit and he trades blows with Sullivan. The Faces of Fear and Jacqueline try and contain their composures, but eventually they help Sullivan beat the crap out of Benoit before we go to a commercial break.

The nWo are now selling stuffed animals. Nothing says you think rebellion and bucking the system is cool quite like purchasing a $20 teddy bear!

After the break, they zoom in on a sign that reads, “Raw Sux”. Another guys holds a sign that shows a dude peeing on the WWF logo, which clearly looks like he was handed that one due to how good it looks. Also, there are no spelling errors.

  • WCW World Tag Team Champions Scott Hall & Kevin Nash (w/Syxx) vs. Roddy Piper & Ric Flair

Big brawl to start. Something seems to be wrong with Piper like he’s knocked out on his feet. Commercials! Even so, Piper is *your* face in peril. Nash goes for the JACKKNIFE and instead, Piper gives him a low blow. Hall jumps in and grabs a sleeper, but Piper’s trick knee acts up. Syxx brings Flair off the apron to prevent the tag. He ends up rolling into the ring to get away from Flair and the ref calls for the DQ. (3:43 shown) There seems some last minute post-match booking changes as the ref tries to relay the message to everybody in the ring. Piper looked dead on his feet during this one. I don’t know what was going on. CRAP

Out comes the Horsemen to even the odds. Here comes Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton to aid the nWo Wolfpac. Kevin Greene comes in, but he just wants a piece of Mongo. They wind up brawling into the aisle. The Steiners and Harlem Heat start fighting all around the announce position. Even Glacier, Mortis, and Wrath are fighting. Crowd wants Sting, no doubt about that. Now even the luchadores have come out! Kevin Sullivan and the Faces of Fear even join in on the action to beat on Benoit. Randy Savage heads down to take part in the beatdown on Flair and Piper, but of course Diamond Dallas Page runs down still wearing his SUPER SWEET duster. The nWo try and stop him, but he still manages to drop Savage with the Pancake. Just as DDP starts to get up, Hollywood Hogan appears out of nowhere and smashes DDP in the back of the head with the WCW world title belt. Down goes Flair as well. DDP rolls to the floor and the next thing you know, Sting descends from the rafters! He lands right where DDP is lying. He points the bat at the nWo crew and beats anybody who comes near him with the bat – particularly in this case Nash, Norton, and Bagwell. He hooks up DDP and they both ascend up into the rafters! I can’t imagine being lifted up off the ground face down like that. Meanwhile, Flair and Piper try and beat up the Outsiders some more while Hogan points a finger and yells up at Sting. FOLKS, WE’RE OUTTA TIME!

WCW presents the Great American Bash on June 15 in Moline IL!
Here is the announced card as of June 9 1997:

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Randy Savage – Falls Count Anywhere

WCW World Tag Team Champions Scott Hall & Kevin Nash vs. Ric Flair & Roddy Piper
WCW Women’s Champion Akira Hokuto vs. Madusa – Title v. Career Match
Harlem Heat vs. The Steiner Brothers – #1 Contenders Match to the WCW World Tag Team Championship
Kevin Greene vs. Steve “Mongo” McMichael
Chris Benoit vs. ??? – Death Match
Ultimo Dragon vs. Psychosis with Sonny Oono in his corner
Konnan vs. Hugh Morrus

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  1. They weren’t supposed to like Alex Wright. He was just turning heel and did get over enough to have people hate him.

    Also, Luger didn’t win on Labor Day. He won the Nitro before Road Wild 97 – August 4th 1997.

  2. So glad to see that you’re making recaps on WCW again. I’ve been doing a WCW marathon for a couple of months now (started with the first Nitro, at year 1997 atm.) and I’ve been reading your recaps after each show I watch. I’ve been having a blast and it’s been very interesting to read your opinion on each event. I was getting worried that you might had stopped with the Nitro recaps, but seeing these pop up made me happy. Keep up the good work!

  3. Good looking out, conewalker. For some reason, I was thinking Labor Day was the first of August, not September. Totally my error.

    Yes, Alex Wright is trying to turn heel, but people just didn’t react to him at all much at this point. They didn’t seem to care whether he was face or heel, really. Although they would somewhat later in the year. I just don’t think that he ever completely connected with the WCW audience.

    @Doku, thanks for the compliments! There’s just so much I want to get done from the 90s…most specifically the Monday Night Raws that I missed the first time around because I didn’t have any copies of them, but now I do. I definitely plan to do more of these ’97 Nitros, so be on the lookout. We’re almost half way through the year now!

  4. If I recall correctly, Alex Wright had some good heel heat by late ’97 as his foreign gimmick had some heat to it, but WCW just dropped it soon after.

  5. Yeah Bob, WCW didn’t like things getting over that wasn’t supposed to.

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