WCW: Monday Nitro (06.16.97)

WCW Monday Nitro
June 16, 1997
Chicago, IL
United Center

The current WCW champs were as follows:
WCW World Champion: Hollywood Hogan (8/10/1996)
WCW U.S. Champion: Jeff Jarrett (6/9/1997)
WCW World Tag Team Champions: The Outsiders (10/27/1996)
WCW World Television Champion: Steven Regal (5/18/1997)
WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Syxx (2/23/1997)

HOUR NUMBER ONE! Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, and Mike Tenay.

It’s limo time! Out comes the nWo with Dennis Rodman by their side. They’re all smoking cigars to celebrate all their success from the Great American Bash with the Outsiders retaining the tag titles and Randy Savage finally beating DDP. Hollywood Hogan, Dennis Rodman, and Eric Bischoff head out to the ring to challenge Lex Luger and the Giant for a match – TONIGHT! That’s right. They don’t want to wait until the Bash at the Beach PPV when they can do it in Chicago.

  • Mortis (w/James Vandenberg) vs. Glacier

We pick up where we left off last night with Glacier being all angry for getting handcuffed and beaten down. The match starts out on the floor as Mortis tries that legdrop from the apron onto the steps, but Glacier will have none of that and yanks Mortis down balls first onto the steps. In the ring, Vandenberg pulls on Glacier’s leg so Mortis can attack. Now Wrath appears at ringside. Heel miscommunication occurs and Glacier catches Mortis with the CRYONIC KICK for the win. (around 2:00) Another 2-on-1 attack leads to Ernest Miller jumping the rail to save Glacier. His kicks are okay, but Miller just comes off as really goofy. Anyways, they clean house until security comes out to get rid of Miller. Glacier tells them to back off because for crying out loud, Glacier NEEDS a friend! ¼*

After the break, Madusa meets with Gene Okerlund to give her goodbye speech. Even when she’s acting all emotional, some guys just still can’t resist whistling at her.

  • Dean Malenko vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

For costing him the WCW US title last week, Malenko sends out a message to Eddie Guerrero to come out and face him like a man. Instead, he gets Chavo. Malenko treats Chavo like he’s Eddie to start by putting the boots to him down in the corner. Chavo rallies back with a few moves including a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. However, Dean quickly swats away a dropkick. Malenko goes to work on the knee and dropkicks Chavo’s leg up against the guardrail. After a ride into the guardrail, Malenko heads back in to dish out more punishment. They botch a tombstone reversal spot as Malenko falls on top of Chavo for two. Malenko makes him pay with a DDP-style Pancake Slam. The TEXAS CLOVERLEAF finishes off Chavo. (3:38) Out comes Eddie Guerrero onto the rampway. Malenko stalks Eddie and gets close enough to where he just leaves. *½

Included in the commercials is a tongue-in-cheek ad for the infamous Bite Fight on June 28 between Holyfield and Tyson.

WCW Saturday Night! Watch it IF YOU WEEL! 6:05PM eastern! TBS! Only one hour this week due to a Braves/Phillies game! Chris Jericho, Harlem Heat, Lex Luger, the Giant, and many others will appear! It’s the MUTHASHIP! PAY WINDAHS, CLUBBERIN AND PLUNDAH, BABY!

Meanwhile, Ric Flair is being interviewed on WCW’s website by Gene Okerlund and Mark Madden concerning his best matches. Fire up those modems, folks!

  • Super Calo vs. La Parka

This one stems off the post-match attack La Parka gave Super Calo with a chair last week. La Parka stays one step ahead of Super Calo to start. Calo fires back with a monkey flip. A couple of armdrags send La Parka to the floor where Calo delivers that tope suicida into the third row. Calo tries a baseball slide, but La Parka sidesteps and comes back in the ring to cut off Calo with a clothesline. La Parka gets all complicated with an Alabama Slam that gets two. CORKSCREW MOONSAULT misses and Calo mounts a comeback. The Floatover Headscissors scores the upset win for Calo! (3:44) Wonder if La Parka got hurt or something. Apparently not since La Parka attacks Super Calo with another chair. *½

Gene Okerlund brings out Lex Luger and the Giant. The crowd boos when Luger mentions how he made Hulk Hogan give up last week. Whoa! It’s not totally clear, but I’m assuming they are up to the challenge of facing Rodman and Hogan tonight.

  • The Amazing French Canadians (w/Col. Robert Parker) vs. Harlem Heat (w/Sister Sherri)

For the rest of the night, our esteemed commentators wonder what Dennis Rodman will be wearing out to the ring. The AFC do a pearl harbor job on the Heat to start. Booker T gets dropped on the top rope and sent to the floor for Oulette to put the hurting on him. Back in, the double-teams continue until Booker catches Oulette with a flying forearm. HOT TAG TO STEVIE RAY! The Bicycle Kick sends Rougeau to the floor as Oulette takes the Heat Bomb. Col. Parker distracts the ref to prevent the count and while Sister Sherri tries to get rid of Parker, a boot comes off. Rougeau uses the boot on Booker and covers him for 1-2-NO! Blind tag to Stevie Ray, they give Rougeau the Big Apple for the 1-2-3. (3:46) This would be the last time we’ll see the Amazing French Canadians on WCW Nitro until they return to join Team Canada in 2000. They’ll have a brief return in the WWF, but they make very little impact over there. ¾*

Gene Okerlund is standing by with JJ Dillon. Okerlund brings up tonight’s main event when Harlem Heat and Sister Sherri walk over and ask about their tag titles match now that they are the number one contenders. JJ Dillon says since they won through nefarious means, the Steiners will get a rematch to settle the score next week on Nitro. Vincent strolls out telling the Heat that what he did was an early Christmas gift. NOBODY gives Harlem Heat Christmas gifts six months early! Vincent then gets his tail beat AGAIN.

HOUR NUMBER TWO! Your hosts are Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan.

  • WCW Cruiserweight Champion Syxx (w/the Outsiders) vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

They keep giving Rey rematches against Syxx, but they ALWAYS end the same way since the Outsiders are never banned from ringside. This one looks to be no different. The second hour fireworks go off in the middle of the match. It’s SO necessary. While Syxx delivers the Bronco Buster, Hall and Nash drop cigar ashes and blow smoke in Rey’s face. Syxx misses the flying somersault and Rey mounts his comeback. Headscissors abound! Syxx takes a breather on the floor and Mysterio does a fake dive only to then come off the top with a somersault plancha. Back inside, Rey hits a flying hurracanrana, but must shoot off the cover to take out Hall and Nash! He’s successful in stopping their interference this time, but a kick from Syxx takes his head off. BUZZ KILLER gets the submission. (4:45) I know there’s a good match 10-15 minute match in these two, but it just isn’t happening for some reason. Nash brings Rey back down to earth with a JACKKNIFE after the bell. **½

Kevin Nash gets on the stick and tells the world that the nWo Wolfpac is the strongest beast in the jungle. Scott Hall mentions Piper and Flair, but just doesn’t care about them anymore. Moving on. Hall brings Randy Savage and Elizabeth. They hype up the crowd with catchphrases until Diamond Dallas Page and Kimberly from somewhere far away inside the United Center. He makes a challenge (this is a night of challenges, no doubt) to Randy Savage and Scott Hall for the Bash at the Beach. DDP says he’s got himself a tag team partner and all Hall and Savage have to do is show up to get BANGED!

  • Ultimo Dragon vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho gets a cash offer from Sonny Oono during his entrance since he’s trying to find SOMEBODY who can beat Ultimo Dragon, but Jericho refuses and pushes Oono aside. Pretty funny. Quick stuff to start. These two know each other from their battles over in the WAR promotion. Dragon returns fire with the Kick Combo. To the apron, Jericho levels Dragon with his springboard dropkick. Jericho follows up with a missile dropkick straight to the floor. Back inside, they fight up top where Dragon takes Jericho down to the mat with a front superplex and then tries La Magistral cradle for 1-2-NO! Somersault into a hurracanrana gets two. Another hurracanrana attempt from Dragon gets blocked and countered to the Double Powerbomb for 1-2-NO! Rollup sequence leads to Dragon locking in the TIGER SUPLEX for the 1-2-3. (4:39) Decent enough. Dragon continues his winning ways here on Nitro. **¼

It’s time to check in with Lee Marshall for the 1-800-COLLECT Road Report. He’s in Macon, GA this week thinking up more weasel jokes.

Gene Okerlund meets with Roddy Piper. He wants to know for sure why Ric Flair left for him to get beat by the Outsiders last night. Ric Flair heads out to respond. He doesn’t really say where he went, but Flair says they’ll be friends to the end. WOO! Okay then.

  • Steve McMichael & Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) vs. Buff Bagwell & Scott Norton

He’s been US champ a week and still no mention of him actually being the champ. Norton overpowers Mongo to start, but he fires back with a Three Point Stance. Tag to Jarrett, he plays *your* face-in-peril. He can’t handle Norton, but Bagwell is too stuck on himself and doesn’t capitalize all that well. Jarrett catches Bagwell with an inverted atomic drop and a swinging neckbreaker. Flying fist drop connects, but Bagwell cuts him off with a clothesline. Bagwell tries to draw in Mongo, but it doesn’t work for some reason. V&D (not to be confused with venereal disease) work over Jarrett some more. Now Bagwell slaps McMichael across the face to bring him into the ring. JJ and Mongo give Bagwell a double backdrop for his troubles. Jarrett wants to see Mongo strut, but he’s finally had enough of this guy and gives Jarrett the TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER. Then, he takes his wife and leaves up the aisle. Bagwell covers for the win. (7:04) Mongo tells the camera that he knows what Jarrett did at the Great American Bash to cost him his match. And there you have it. Bagwell takes a little too much camera time showing off himself. There could be a good tag team here, but I’m just not convinced Norton is the guy to completely pull this off to its full potential, because Bagwell certainly has the heel heat as the unbearable self-absorbed guy. *½

  • Hollywood Hogan & Dennis Rodman vs. The Giant & Lex Luger

They stretch this one out through another commercial break. Hogan and Rodman stay in the ring calling Luger and the Giant cowards and stuff. Finally, Luger and Giant arrive. Of course there’s no actual match. It’s just a big brawl until Hogan low blows Luger and kicks Giant in the back of the knee when he tries to CHOKESLAM Rodman. That hardly stops the Giant as he drops Rodman and goes after Hogan. Meanwhile, Rodman grabs the big gold belt and KO’s the Giant from behind to a babyface pop. I mean, we’re in Chicago. Now that Luger and Giant are face down on the mat, the Outsiders and Syxx join Hogan and Rodman in the ring as litter is flying everywhere. Hogan and Rodman enjoy spray painting their Bash at the Beach opponents until we go off the air. Whoa, when did Randy Savage get here?


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  1. If I’m not mistaken, this is the show when Super Calo got in trouble because his tope into the crowd injured a kid.

  2. I’ve never heard that, but I wouldn’t be surprised. That was brutal.

    • Apparently, there were no legal repercussions for Calo, but Bischoff was very unhappy with the situation. He yelled at Konnan to tell Calo that he is never to fly into the crowd again.

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