WCW: The Best of Monday Nitro – Vol. 2 (Disc Three)


WCW: The Best of Monday Nitro – Vol. 2
3-Disc Set DVD Review
Released: February 12, 2013

It’s finally here.


  • Kevin Nash & Lex Luger vs. The Giant & Hollywood Hogan (w/The Disciple & Bret Hart) – 6/1/98

So this is the “Loser Gets Sting” match. Nah, I keed. This is the night though when Sting decides where to stick his allegiance: WCW (borrrring, but would at least make sense), the nWo B&W (incredibly illogical, but this is WCW after all), or the nWo Wolfpac (exciting and hip!)? Lot of shenanigans to start. Luger wipes his apparently sweaty arm pits with Hogan’s ripped up t-shirt. Lex pushes off Hogan in the lock-up, delivers a shoulderblock, wins a test of strength, but then Hogan goes to the eyes to turn the tide. Luger reverses an arm wringer and tags in Nash. He doesn’t want Giant, he wants Hollywood. Nash hits Hogan with the knees in the corner and the running clothesline. Hogan answers back with one of his own and tags Giant. Nash nails him in the corner, but then takes a ride into the corner to get staggered into a big boot. Giant headbutts him down, but misses an elbow drop. Tag to Luger, and GIANT BEGS OFF. What. Luger pounds Giant in the corner, but there’s a whip reversal, and Giant nails Lex with a clothesline. Ugh, you’re just doing the SAME thing over and over again! Back to Hogan, they choke Lex in their corner. Nash lets his temper get the best of him and hurries in to help Luger. He punches away Hogan and goes after the Giant. What he doesn’t notice is that Disciple tosses Hollywood the big gold belt to wallop Nash. DQ! (6:40) Almost like a reflex or a Pavlovian response, the crowd immediately rises to their feet looking towards the entrance for somebody to run out. Instead, the camera goes wide as Sting descends from the rafters. He walks past Luger and heads into the ring to stand face to face with Hogan and the Giant. He takes off his awesome duster to reveal an nWo B&W t-shirt. Hogan and Giant appear to be WAY too overjoyed to think that maybe Sting could be swerving them. While Giant returns to choking Nash, Sting shakes Hogan’s hand and then pulls him in for a clothesline! With Hogan down, Giant swings at Sting only to then be picked up for a slam. Sting tries ripping the shirt off. Once he finally gets his torn, he’s got on underneath an nWo Wolfpac t-shirt. Screw WCW, apparently. Storyline-wise, it made absolutely no sense. Marketing-wise, it was probably the best thing they could have done with Sting at the time. Tony Schiavone calls the Wolfpac the strongest force in professional wrestling, bar none. REMEMBER WCW, TONY? WHO YA WORKIN’ FOR? ½*

Chris Jericho meets the real Goldberg: From 9/28/98. Another failed money-making opportunity in my eyes. In WCW whenever Goldberg was involved in feuds, the memorable ones at least were against perceived tough guys. He never really faced any heels that their sole mission in the ring was to get under your skin. Jericho tried to get Goldberg to face him at Fall Brawl, but Jericho brought out essentially a Gillberg in his place to try and further draw Goldberg into a match. This decision by the “powers that be” to not book Jericho in a squash match with Goldberg eventually led to the reason he left WCW for the WWF in 1999. This here was just a short segment to ultimately blow this off where Goldberg confronted Jericho and his Personal Security crew (one of whom looks like the inspiration for Kenny Powers). Of course if you watched WCW in those days, you’re aware of Ralphus. Anyways, Goldberg destroys two of Jericho’s security team, allowing Jericho and Ralphus make a quick getaway before they can get touched.Jericho is the kind of

  • Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Eddie Guerrero (w/Spyder) – 12/21/98

Yes, Spyder the bodyguard. Apparently he doesn’t have a name yet because our esteemed commentators keep calling him Eddie’s bodyguard. How hard is it to come up with a name for a bodyguard? Anyways, this is during the LWO phase. Eddie is trying to get Rey Mysterio to play on his team, but he ain’t got time for all that. So why is this happening? Eddie wants to make sure Rey is weak for the triple-threat Cruiserweight title match at Starrcade because he wants Juventud who is LWO through and through to be their champion. Fisticuffs to start. Rey lucha armdrags to the floor. He wants to meet him with a dive, but Eddie ducks. Rey catches himself on the apron, but then Eddie yanks him off the apron onto the guardrail. Just to make this even worse for Rey, Eddie tosses him into the steps. Back inside, Guerrero nails the Hilo. He follows up with a snap back suplex before applying the classic Gory Special, essentially helicoptering Rey around. Rey eventually reaches the solace of the ropes and crawls out to the apron. Eddie wants a suplex, but Rey brings him out to the floor! Rey wants to make him pay with a whip into the guardrail, but Eddie reverses on him. Back in, Eddie backs Rey into the corner, and lifts him up onto the top turnbuckle for a headscissors. That gets two. Now Guerrero applies the MASK-RIPPING CAMEL CLUTCH. Always a great visual. Over to the corner, Eddie hammers down Rey. Nasty release German suplex does more damage to the back and neck. Guerrero punishes Rey by stepping on his face. You know how he does. He’s real methodical though, which gives Rey some time to recover. He fires back with a headscissors that takes Eddie to the floor. He wants a suicide dive, but Eddie hurries out of harm’s way. Now Rey starts clutching his bad knee, which Eddie targets for the next couple minutes. He locks in an STF as we go to break.

When we return, Guerrero has Mysterio in a reverse Gory special. Why not. Rey counter into a victory roll for two, and Eddie rolls back for a two count of his own. Brainbuster! He wants the Frog Splash, but Rey moves and Eddie rolls away. He then runs Rey down with a clothesline. Into the tree of woe, Eddie tries a dropkick and misses. Rey sits up and Eddie gets his balls posted. As Eddie regroups with his unnamed bodyguard, Rey hits them both with an awesome plancha! Back in, Guerrero swats away a springboard move. He charges Rey in the corner, but Rey moves forward and launches Eddie into the corner instead. Rocker dropper by Rey leads to a flying headscissors to put Eddie back on the floor! Rey baseball slides into Eddie and continues that with another headscissors. Back in, Rey lands a springboard somersault splash for two! Once he gets up, Rey charges right into a flapjack. Eddie drills him with a disgusting powerbomb for 1-2-NO! He tries for another one, but that fails and triggers the big Rey comeback. Headscissors everywhere! Ref Charles Robinson gets bumped. Eddie’s bodyguard grabs hold of Rey for Eddie, but Rey moves and Eddie nails his own bodyguard off the apron with a dropkick. Not a bad bump! Springboard X-Factor to Eddie! Here comes Kidman. He’s on the apron. Now Rey grabs Eddie for Kidman to nail him, but that backfires as Kidman slugs Rey! Whoops. Eddie schoolboys Rey for the 1-2-3. (12:21 shown) Well, that creates quite the problems as they head into Starrcade. Rey and Kidman were buds before, but now there could be trouble! Good TV match from both guys. After Starrcade, Kidman was still the cruiserweight champ, and he teamed with Rey to take on Eddie and Juventud next week on Nitro where they had another good one. ***

  • Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Scott Hall (w/Disco Inferno) – Ladder Taser Match (1/25/99)

So the week before at Souled Out, Scott Hall went TASER CRAZY and stunned Bigelow in his ladder taser match with Goldberg, which happened as a result of Hall using a taser on Goldberg in order for Kevin Nash to beat him at Starrcade, blah blah blah. Bigelow challenged Hall earlier in the program to make this match happen. Hall comes out and accepts the challenge. Don’t sing it, bring it. Luckily for all of us, there’s a cable suspended from the ceiling that will hold the taser, just in case Scott Hall said yes, I’m supposing. By the way, Bigelow in 1999 is what Tensai was in 2012. Monster push right off the bat, then down to the midcard, then kept on falling down the card. Bigelow is in charge to start. Disco takes it upon himself to trip up Bigelow from the floor, which gets him ejected. As Bigelow goes after Disco, Hall attacks him from behind over by the ladder. Bigelow gets his head bounced off the ladder, but he stops Hall, and slams the ladder on him. Back to ringside where the ladder is leaned up against the apron, Hall reverses a whip on Bigelow to send him into the ladder. Back in, Bigelow takes back control as the ladder gets put in between the ropes. Hall falls off the apron and gets a piece of the ladder, which causes the other end to see-saw into Bigelow’s face. BOTH MEN ARE DOWN! Hall is up first, and slams the ladder on Bigelow. He even goes as far as to pillmanize Bigelow’s leg. That’s right, it’s a verb. Let’s go to some commercials.

With the ladder leaning in the corner, Bigelow whips in Hall and tries a butt splash, but Hall moves at the last second. Hall then *slams* Bigelow and rides the ladder down on top of Bigelow ala Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 10. They are using some of the same spots from that match, ya know. Hall sets the ladder over Bigelow (because its bad luck for somebody) and makes the climb, but Bigelow just stands up and turns the ladder over. Bigelow then proceeds to give Hall a Flying Headbutt off the ladder. Not any higher than the top turnbuckle like Tony wants you to believe, but somewhat of a cool visual nonetheless. Hall makes it up first though and legdrops the balls. He climbs the ladder, and comes off with an elbow drop. He climbs up again, but Bigelow grabs him and brings down Hall with a back suplex! Hall – “You alright, brother?” As the cameraman backs away, you can clearly see Hall is wearing one of his purple and yellow Razor Ramon elbow pads under his red and black Scott Hall oozing blood pad. Both guys make one more failed climb before they go to the finish. Bigelow grabs the taser, but Hall gives him a low blow just as he does so. Bigelow falls to the mat and still has hold of the taser. Meanwhile, Disco runs back down and hands Hall another taser! So we’ve got a taser standoff here. As Disco retreats to the back, he runs into a SPEAR from Goldberg! Now Goldberg charges the ring, and both men decide they want to tase him instead. As they rush him, Goldberg ducks and comes back around to SPEAR them both! (11:41 shown) No contest, I guess. The crowd is losing their minds right now. Goldberg grabs both tasers and starts zapping Hall and Bigelow. That brings out Scott Norton to save the day. Tony explains to us that Norton will meet Goldberg later tonight. Tony – “What an electrifying moment!” On that note, I would be changing the channel over to RAW now. Not a classic or anything, but certainly something different that you just didn’t ever see on Nitro. And what do you know, three weeks later, RAW has themselves a ladder match. Copying WCW much? GEEZ. **

  • WCW U.S. Heavyweight Champion Bret Hart vs. Roddy Piper – 2/8/99

This is Piper’s first match since being in the Wargames at Fall Brawl. Even though Bret is hurt, WCW President Ric Flair brought Piper back as a mystery opponent for him near the close of the first hour. It should also be noted that Will Sasso from Mad TV is in the front row. Bret Hart made an appearance there and beat Sasso down with a chair before putting him in the Sharpshooter. Why? Because he’s a MEAN man, that’s why. I actually like the idea of a heel being a “special guest” on a program and then have him “go completely off the script” to put him over. Kayfabe it up, guys.

Big face-to-face staredown to start. Piper pounds Bret in and out of the ring. As much as I love Piper, what more did he ever really do? He teases stomping on Bret’s groin, which is the cause of his pain lately. Piper pokes the eyes, but Bret fires back with punches. As he goes to choke him in the ropes, Bret goes down apparently selling his groin problems. It looked like Piper kicked him in the balls, but he didn’t. Out comes trainer Danny Young to check on Bret. Next thing you know, Bret pops up and beats Piper down into the corner. While our esteemed commentators feel Bret is trying to fool us all, it STILL doesn’t mean his pain doesn’t come and go, right? Commercials! Bret unleashes the Russian legsweep, the headbutt to the groin, and a backbreaker for two. We go to the floor where Bret chokes Piper with a cable. While the ref is busy untangling Piper, Bret goes over and flips Sasso over the rail to beat on him. Once Piper is loose, he pulls Bret off Sasso and brings him back into the ring. Now Piper starts delivering a suplex and a back suplex! Where did *this* come from? They each get two. The “Roddy” chants begin. Bret tries to fight back, but that’s when Piper finds the SLEEPER. Oh, but Bret backs up into the ref as well. There’s a double-knockdown. As they come up, Bret finds a foreign object in his tights. By the way, Sasso is standing around ringside cheering on Piper. Roddy stops Bret with an inside cradle, but stands up into a LOADED right hand from Bret. With Piper down and out, Bret begins to drag ref Mickey Jay over to him. Unbeknownst to Bret, Sasso grabs hold of Mickey Jay’s leg, causing a tug-of-war over the ref. As Bret pulls, Sasso lets go, causing Bret to fall backwards into a schoolboy from Piper for the 1-2-3! (10:11 shown) What a pop! Perhaps it’s just a typical pop of the time and crowds just never react like this anymore. Who knows. Anyways, Roddy Piper gets his win back from Bret after putting him over at WrestleMania 8 and then also regains the U.S. title after being without it for nearly sixteen years. But don’t worry though, Bret would get his revenge on Will Sasso next week. I mean, it’s whatever. I’m sure if nothing else Will Sasso lived out some sort of dream of his and the whole Mad TV cast probably got a big laugh out of it. And yes, I *know* Will Sasso was in the WWF as the Stone Cold Steve Austin impersonator. *½

  • WCW World Tag Team Champions Perry Saturn & Kanyon vs. Diamond Dallas Page & Bam Bam Bigelow – 5/31/99

So Saturn’s buddies Raven and Kanyon have been beaten up by DDP and Bigelow, which leaves Saturn no more friends and no choice but to face them in a handicap match. He ultimately has *no* choice, but he ain’t AFRAID. What a fall from grace for Bigelow though, right? Pretty much a main event guy feuding with Bill Goldberg to playing second fiddle in a tag team in just four short months! Anyways, he starts off with Saturn. Saturn decides to employ the stick-and-move strategy on Bigelow. When that works, DDP runs in only for Saturn to clean house on both of them. Nitro continues when we come back! When we return, Bigelow nails Saturn with a knee from the apron while DDP drills him with a clothesline. Hart Foundation 101, folks. The crowd gets on DDP’s case a bit. They keep Saturn on the mat for a while and work him over. Saturn reverses a whip, but DDP stops that and delivers a sitout powerbomb for two. Back to Bigelow, he applies a camel clutch. He moves over to the ropes, allowing DDP to choke on Saturn while Bigelow backs up the ref. Tag to DDP, he flies in with a clothesline for another two. Bigelow wants in again and tries the Flying Headbutt, but Saturn moves just in time. In comes DDP, he eats a superkick. Bigelow takes one and out to the floor he goes. DDP looks for the Diamond Cutter, but Saturn shoves him off into Bigelow for 1-2-NO! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER to DDP! Cover, 1-2-NO! No save from Bigelow. He walks in and takes a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER as well! Sort of anyways, but good enough. Everybody’s down. Here comes Kanyon! He’s got a hospital brace on his wrist. He *must* have just come from the hospital! Hot tag to Kanyon, DDP slugs him one time, and Kanyon goes down for the 1-2-3. (9:16 shown) Man, you talk about deflating a crowd. DDP just did it with one punch. They were hot, and then they were just pissed off. This was heading in the right direction, but man that finish. I tell ya, this was just another stepping stone towards ruining WCW for me. **

  • WCW World Heavyweight Champion Randy Savage (w/Team Madness) vs. Hollywood Hogan – 7/12/99

Oh Randy Savage is world champion again? Time for Hogan to return on the scene. He went away from WCW at Spring Stampede almost teasing a face turn then, but here he is acting like a babyface even though he’s still in his “Hollywood” attire. If you listened to Eric Bischoff’s commentary in that last match, you could see it coming. I feel it’s important to note that this is the final time these two face each other. Savage punches Hogan to start, but then he refuses a turnbuckle smash, and punches Savage until he bails. In comes Madusa and Miss Madness to attack Hogan, but they take a DOUBLE NOGGIN KNOCKER. The crowd is eating this up. For some reason, that leads to Madness and Madusa getting into a pull-apart CAT FIGHT. Security takes them out of here. Back to what matters. Hogan scratches and claws and punches all over Savage. It’s what he does. Savage ends up bailing out to the floor, but Hogan follows him out to bounce his head off the guardrail. A chair gets involved and Hogan hits him across the back and one time to the head. Over to the announce table they go, Bischoff and Tony sit back and enjoy watching Savage get his head punched in as if it were a lap dance. Tony – “OHHHHH YEAH! That’s why we like it at ringside!” Heenan stays quiet. More ringside violence as Hogan takes off his weightlifting belt. Of course, Savage uses Gorgeous George as a shield to distract Hogan. He takes Hollywood over to the announce table, but the guys don’t seem to enjoy it as much. Back in, Savage begins to WHIP Hogan like a government mule. Oh wait, wrong show. Crowd starts chanting Hogan, but it does little good. The whippings will continue until morale improves – or at least until these people SHUT UP. Macho Elbow misses. You better believe Hogan is HULKING UP. Three punches, the Big Boot, and we’ve got company. Here’s Sid Vicious to pound on Hogan! He wants a Powerbomb, but Sting comes out to the aid of Hollywood Hogan. Well, so much for long-term planning and years of continuity thrown out the window. He takes care of Sid, but Savage wallops Hogan with a chain around his fist. Savage covers, but Kevin Nash in JEAN SHORTS pulls out the ref. He sticks Savage with the JACKNIFE. Hogan crawls over for the pin and gets the 1-2-3. (14:17) Ladies and gents, we’ve got the old World Heavyweight champion back. We got this one in FULL though, baby. Didn’t want you to flipping over to those other guys to see the Undertaker and Kane take on Big Show and Steve Austin. A lot of punches in that one too, I assume. ¾*

  • WCW World Tag Team Champions Goldberg & Bret Hart vs. The Outsiders – 12/13/99

Turns out that the Outsiders jumped Bret Hart and it doesn’t look like he’s going to be able to compete tonight. Big Kev wants Goldberg to just come out and hand them the belts since they did him such a big favor by beating up the world champion heading into their match at Starrcade. He’s FREAKING Bill Goldberg. That’s not going to happen. Goldberg comes out with both belts, drops the tag belts in front of the Outsiders, and clotheslines them down. He cleans house on the Outsiders, allowing them to regroup. Back in, Goldberg fights off an armbar from Hall, and pumphandle slams him down. Tag to Nash, Goldberg levels him with a running shoulder tackle and then a slam for two. As Goldberg comes off the ropes, Hall nails him for the distraction, as Goldberg turns around into a boot from Nash. The Outsiders corner him with punches and boots. Hall holds Goldberg in place for the Bossman Straddle from Nash. As Hall hits a Chokeslam on Goldberg, here comes Bret Hart hurrying to the ring with a limp. He single-handedly fights off the Outsiders. He slaps the SHARPSHOOTER on Nash, but Hall breaks it up. Nash gets one of the tag title belts, but Bret still manages to keep Nash at bay, while Goldberg spears Hall. Goldberg is busy being Goldberg – psyching himself up and the crowd for the Jackhammer. Meanwhile, Nash nails Bret in the knee with the belt and covers him with his feet on the ropes for the 1-2-3. (6:20) Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got our old World Tag Team Champions back. Goldberg finally gives Hall the JACKHAMMER, but it doesn’t matter. It’s all over. Goldberg checks on Bret until we close the show. Hmm, nobody seemed to like that finish either. ½*

  • Sting vs. Vampiro – House of Pain Match (5/15/00)

This has got to be one of the few times a CAGE MATCH opens the show. The only way to win is to handcuff your opponent to the cage. Vampiro is convinced this will be Sting’s last match. Classic mistake from this “shades of gray” person. I know this DVD doesn’t include “Seek and Destroy” by Metallica, but I must mention what a great wrestling theme song that was for Sting. For some reason, Vampiro locks the door so Sting can’t get inside. Sting ends up having to walk up on the ceiling and bash it in with his ball bat to make it inside. He pounds away on Vampiro and almost immediately delivers the Stinger Splash. Vampiro takes Sting into the cage to calm him down. He slows down the action as he keeps Sting on the mat. When Sting gets to his feet, Vampiro kicks him down. He wants a flying headscissors, but Sting blocks with a powerbomb. Sting fires back with a flurry of clotheslines. He delivers an inverted atomic drop and throws him into the cage where he lands in between the ropes and the steel mesh. After some face grading, Sting handcuffs Vampiro to end the match. (5:48) Since Vampiro has nowhere to go, Sting gives him a couple Stinger Splashes before exiting the cage to celebrate with the crowd. Quite a hot crowd for such a poor time in the history of WCW. Then again, it was just the opener. *½

  • Shane Helms vs. Shannon Moore (w/Evan Karagias) – 2/26/01

So, 3 COUNT EXPLODES here, as they split up to turn Helms face so he can be the next Billy Kidman, I suppose. Man, what a dumb group 3 Count was, huh? The only idea worse than this was the Spirit Squad. And just the *name* 3 Count is terrible to me. What could be worse than a wrestling-themed boy band? After some fisticuffs, Helms hits the Top Spin Facebuster on Moore. There’s a neckbreaker as well. Moore tries to come back with a ten-count punch, but Helms takes him down with a Running Ligerbomb, or a Sugar Bomb according to Scott Hudson. To the floor we go, Helms is on the move, but Karagias is there to stop him. He drops Helms JAW-FIRST on the rail. Back inside, Moore takes a ride out to the apron. He punches Helms back and then comes off the top with a corkscrew leg lariat for two. Helms fires back with the Sugar Smack (superkick). Helms lands a back drop, but Evan is there to pull him out to the floor. Meanwhile, Moore climbs to the top, and delivers the somersault plancha – only Helms is gone, and Karagias is left to take the bump! Back in the ring, Helms comes off the top with a flying bodypress for 1-2-NO! He wants the Vertebreaker, but here’s Karagias again. Helms forearms off the apron, but here’s Moore with a knee. He wants the Bottoms Up, but Helms slips out and lands the VERTEBREAKER for the win. (3:24) Too short, but not bad for what we got. The Cruiserweight champ Chavo Guerrero Jr. comes down to punk out Helms. Moore and Karagias join in on the fun to build towards the FINAL WCW PPV! *

  • WCW World Heavyweight Champion Scott Steiner (w/Midajah) vs. WCW U.S. Heavyweight Champion Booker T – 3/26/01

Believe it or not, Booker T won his one and only WCW U.S. title from Rick Steiner at the final WCW PPV, which I’ve never seen. Tony announces that he first learned about the sale of WCW on Friday, but how it didn’t really sink in until Vince McMahon appeared on Nitro. Booker gets the crowd riled up while Scott Steiner gets REALLY annoyed. Early on, Booker wins a slugfest and nails Scott with a Harlem Sidekick for two. Steiner pushes him back into the corner for some elbows. Booker fires back with a clothesline and tries the ten-count corner punch. He gets about half way through when Scott powerbombs him down for two. To the floor, Scott swings his lead pipe at Booker up against the ringpost, but LUCKILY FOR THE SAKE OF BOOKER’S LIFE, he ducks out of the way just in time. Back inside, Scott hits the clothesline, kisses the bicep, and drops the elbow. Oh, it’s time for push-ups! After years of seeing him do this, Tony can’t believe Scott would take this moment in time to get in a workout. Spinning Belly to Belly Suplex gets two. Scott now pulls back on Booker’s arms. That brings about a comeback. AX KICK connects. Tony calls it the Ghetto Blaster, which I’m just now aware of that name. I’ve only seen a handful of WCW matches in 2000 and beyond. I wonder if Bad News Brown cared at all. Booker hits the flapjack and follows with that spinning break dance move up off the mat that WCW was never creative enough to market. There’s the Harlem Sidekick, leaving Booker with nothing else to do but the BOOK END. Steiner slips away and reverses to a bridging Northern Lights suplex for two! Scott tries another powerbomb, but Booker escapes and drops Steiner with the BOOK END for the 1-2-3! (5:09) Can’t really say he didn’t deserve to go out on top at the end of WCW after all those years. He was certainly not an ex-WWF guy or a proven old-school NWA guy, so it’s hard not to cheer for somebody like Booker. Match was nothing special. Really just a short match with an endgame to put over Booker. After this match, Scott Steiner would sit at home for 18 months collecting the rest of his AOL-Time Warner contract, while Booker T instead decided to climb another long ladder over at the WWF. *½

Final Thoughts: Well I think we can all agree that it’s a GOOD thing there is less of WCW 2000 on this volume than on the first. I’d rather see more of 1999 than more of 2000. A few odd choices here though, but it does leave a window of opportunity for a volume three if this one sells well.

I’d like to know a few additions that were left off that maybe you guys would put on the next volume if they decide to make one. Maybe you feel there shouldn’t be another set and you can just think of only a few matches they have missed on these first two volumes. If you haven’t check out the other discs from this set and the one before. Let me know what you think has been forgotten by the good people of WWE.

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  1. Vonda Palazzolo

    I would love to find the dvd o WCW in the Louisiana Superdome, on January 13, 1997.
    Chris Jericho held up my son on the rail after he won his match. My son is now 21. and I would love to show him the match. Im mot positive what dvd to purchase.
    Can you please help. I can be reached at 504-915-5534

    Thank you in advance

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