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WWE: SummerSlam 2013


WWE: SummerSlam
August 18, 2013
Los Angeles, CA
Staples Center

The current WWE champs are as follows:
WWE Champion: John Cena (4/7/2013)
World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio (6/16/2013)
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel (6/16/2013)
WWE U.S. Champion: Dean Ambrose (5/19/2013)
WWE Tag Team Champions: The Shield (5/19/2013)
WWE Divas Champion: AJ Lee (6/16/2013)

The Miz comes out and welcomes us to SummerSlam. After he tells us what the two main events are (like we didn’t know), Fandango and Summer Rae interrupt him with a dance.

Now we get a video package hyping the two main events.

JoJo from ‘Total Divas’ comes out to sing the national anthem.

Your hosts are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL. Read the rest of this entry

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