WWF: Monday Night Raw (09.16.96)


Monday Night Raw
September 16, 1996
Wheeling, WV
Civic Center

The current WWF Champs were as follows:
World Champion: Shawn Michaels (3/31/96)
Intercontinental Champion: Vacant (8/12/96)
World Tag Team Champions: The Smoking Gunns (5/26/96)

Your hosts are Kevin Kelly, Jim Ross, and Jerry Lawler.

  • The Sultan (w/The Iron Sheik & Bob Backlund) vs. Jake Roberts

The debut of the Sultan. Bob Backlund puts on a headset, but doesn’t really say anything. He’s just really focused on the match. Roberts is distracted by Lawler’s presence nearly the whole match. Towards the end, Lawler throws an airport bottle of booze at Jake, allowing Sultan to put down Roberts for the CAMEL CLUTCH that ultimately wins him the bout. (3:04) It came off a lot more convoluted than I made it sound. Not a good debut for the Sultan. They only introduced this type of character anyways because of Operation Desert Strike. ½*

In the back, Brian Pillman reminds us that Bret Hart will be at In Your House to make a big announcement. Owen Hart is there with Pillman to confirm what Brian is saying. Plus, he and Bret have finally reconciled. It’s great! Stone Cold Steve Austin appears because he wants some questions answered from Bret as well.

  • Non-title match: WWF Tag Team Champions The Smoking Gunns (w/Sunny) vs. Bob Holly & Alex Porteau

A huuuuuuge picture of Sunny hangs from the rafters. Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith, and Jim Cornette come down to ringside to have a closer look at the Gunns. They tease an upset win here. It takes Sunny shaking the top rope on Bob Holly for the Gunns to come back with the SIDEWINDER. When Owen gets up on the apron, Billy gets rolled up by Holly for the upset three-count. (5:47) You better believe there will be hell to pay this Sunday on PPV!

We now to go to WWF President Gorilla Monsoon for his comments on the rumors that Diesel and Razor Ramon will be returning next week. Gorilla tells what we already know: Diesel and Razor Ramon are currently signed to another organization. He apologizes to the WWF fans if they feel they have been hoodwinked by JR’s comments. Monsoon also tells us that he will come down hard on anyone else who makes these announcements that are not approved by WWF officials. So there we go.

Jerry Lawler conducts a public workout for Jim Cornette leading to his match with Jose Lothario. Apparently, Vader has shown him a thing or two about wrestling, despite being a wrestling manager for the last fifteen years. Tony Williams – a really short, jacked jobber – is Cornette’s workout partner. Williams counters Cornette’s basic wrestling holds and tries to hurt poor Jimmy. When he goes too far, Vader makes him pay and ties him up in the ropes for Cornette to slap him around.

  • WWF Intercontinental Title Tournament Semifinals: Marc Mero (w/Sable) vs. Owen Hart

Jim Ross responds to Gorilla Monsoon’s comments concerning Diesel and Razor Ramon. He doesn’t like what Gorilla had to say at all. Pat Patterson joins us for commentary since he’s the first IC champion. He’ll be the special ref for the IC title tournament finals next week on Raw. At the start of the match, Ross describes a rivalry brewing between Mero and Owen. Mero had Davey Boy Smith beat at the recent Sun City, South Africa show with the Wild Thing when Owen interfered. Mero concentrates on Owen’s “broken” arm to start. Owen makes him pay with a Spinning Heel Kick. Butterfly suplex gets two. Chinlock time. We get a Ross and Monsoon conversation when the WWF President joins us on the split-screen. He wants JR to scrutinize his sources more closely. JR reminds Monsoon that he’s never lied to him before, why would he think he was being “hoodwinked” now about Razor and Diesel’s return? We’ll find out next week how solid JR’s sources are. Meanwhile, Owen levels Mero with a reverse neckbreaker and a missile dropkick gets two. Back to the chinlock, Mero escapes with a back suplex. He can’t capitalize though as Owen dumps him out to lead us into commercial. When we return, Mero is mounting a comeback and hits Owen with a Somersault Plancha. Back in, Mero delivers a slingshot splash for 1-2-NO! Double KO ensues. Not sure what the ref was looking at, but Owen blasts Mero with his cast. Slow cover gets 1-2-NO! While Owen argues with the ref, Mero picks up the cast, and nails Owen for the pinfall. (7:30 shown) So Mero makes the IC title tournament finals. Decent match, but rudely interrupted with all the Monsoon/JR stuff going on. Arguably the best match of the tournament though. **½

Video package on the recent South African tour. Bret Hart tells us that everything Brian Pillman and Owen Hart have been saying about him lately are lies. He still hasn’t decided what his future will be with the WWF.

Be sure to fax your questions (1-888-WWF-FAX1) for the first-ever WWF Livewire show that will debut on September 21 at 10AM on the USA Network! Those were the days, huh?

  • WWF Intercontinental Title Tournament Semifinals: Faarooq (w/Sunny) vs. Psycho Sid

This should be a bowling shoe-ugly slobberknocker, ladies and gents. Sid NO-SELLS a powerslam, but then gets drilled with a back suplex. Probably the best bump I’ve ever seen him take. On the split-screen, Ahmed Johnson threatens Faarooq right from his favorite chair at his home. Faarooq takes flight with a shoulder tackle, but Sid catches him in mid-air for a powerslam for 1-2-NO! While Faarooq executes some kidney psychology, let’s take a break. When we come back, Sid slips out of the DOMINATOR and Chokeslams Faarooq! Knowing her man is in trouble, Sunny gets on the apron to distract the ref. She’s not sexfully distracting him, just whining a lot. Faarooq grabs a chair and whacks Sid over the back, but Sid kicks out at two! Payback is hell. Sid grabs the chair and whacks Sid in front of the ref for the DQ to advance Faarooq to the finals. (7:15 shown) Sid blinks his eyes really hard and laughs like he tends to do. You know, because he’s a psycho. Not as bad as you might think. Honestly, Sid looked better than Faarooq here taking some really good bumps. Maybe it was the stupid blue helmet Faarooq was wearing that took him off his game. Maybe Sid wasn’t about to be outperformed by a guy looking like Faarooq is right now. Whatever the reason was, this wasn’t too bad. *½

Before we go, Undertaker tells Goldust that he is the first on a list that must be destroyed before he gets to Mankind and Paul Bearer. At In Your House, we will see Goldust’s “final curtain” and the premiere of the *new* Undertaker.

Over in the boiler room, Mankind hopes he’ll become a “sexy boy” when he wins the WWF title this weekend. Oh geez, he’s choking himself. Help him, Paul Bearer!

NEXT WEEK: The fallout from In Your House! Also, Marc Mero faces Faarooq to crown a new WWF IC champion! Plus, Diesel and Razor Ramon perhaps will return!


The WWF presents In Your House: Mind Games on September 22! Here’s what the card looks like so far:

  • MAIN EVENT: WWF Champion Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind
  • WWF Tag Team Champions The Smoking Gunns vs. Owen Hart & British Bulldog
  • Final Curtain Match: The Undertaker vs. Goldust
  • Mark Henry vs. Jerry Lawler
  • Jose Lothario vs. Jim Cornette

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