WWF: Monday Night Raw (09.30.96)


Monday Night Raw
September 30, 1996
Hershey, PA
Hersheypark Arena

The current WWF Champs were as follows:
World Champion: Shawn Michaels (3/31/96)
Intercontinental Champion: Marc Mero (9/23/96)
World Tag Team Champions: Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith (9/22/96)

Your hosts are Kevin Kelly, Jim Ross, and Jerry Lawler.

  • Steve Austin vs. Jake Roberts

Jerry Lawler is going to be a constant thorn in Jake’s side throughout this match. We see Lawler’s got a bottle of Jim Beam with him. Ross announces that Steve Austin will battle Savio Vega at the next In Your House on October 20. Austin works a headlock early on, but Jake gets away and can’t quite land the DDT. While Austin takes a powder, Jake heads over to verbally spar with Lawler. That allows Austin to try a sneak attack, but Roberts sees it coming and pops Austin. Jake is the second man back inside the ring though and gets nailed by Austin. He hits Jake with a couple elbows and works the mid-section. Roberts telegraphs a backdrop and gets hit with another flying elbow for two. Commercials! When we come back, Roberts fights off a chinlock and crotches Austin up top. Short-arm clothesline to Austin! He tries again for the DDT, but Austin hooks the top rope. Austin covers Jake with his feet on the ropes, but gets caught by the ref. DDT to Austin! Here comes Lawler to bother Jake again. He takes a swig of Jim Beam and spits it in Jake’s face! Roberts didn’t like it, but stays focused on Austin. He walks into a STONE COLD STUNNER! Cover, 1-2-3. (8:45 shown) Afterwards, Savio Vega brings with him a CARIBBEAN STRAP and saves Jake Roberts from a 2-on-1 mugging. *½

At the grave site, Mankind is digging Taker’s grave. “If I dig it, he will come…”

Having had enough of Mr. Perfect, Hunter Hearst Helmsley challenges him to a match.

  • The Godwinns (w/Hillbilly Jim) vs. Jason & Jared Grimm

I see, they’re like the Brothers Grimm. You know them best as the Harris twins. JR announces that the Smoking Gunns get their rematch with the WWF tag champs Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith at the October 20 In Your House. Hunter Hearst Helmsley joins us at the commentary table to put down Mr. Perfect. During the match, Mr. Perfect appears on the split-screen to accept Helmsley’s challenge. NOBODY BEATS MR. PERFECT…nobody. Phineas hits one of the twins with the SLOP DROP for the win at 4:24.

You thought Jeff Jarrett could sing, but actually he can’t. You may know the REAL JJ as the Roadie, but his real name is Jesse James, which makes Jeff Jarrett the Milli Vanilli of the WWF. For you younger people, Jeff Jarrett is the Ashlee Simpson of the WWF. They must have known he was signing with WCW by this point, or were hoping he would return to the WWF to defend himself, I can only assume.

  • Savio Vega vs. Razor Ramon II

WWF President Gorilla Monsoon joins us to watch over what happens in this match and also to keep an eye on Jim Ross. He says that the WWF never confirmed that Scott Hall or Kevin Nash would be on WWF TV. Technically, neither did Jim Ross. Razor’s punches are awful. The Fallaway Slam is okay. Lawler grows tired of hearing Ross and Monsoon debate over this Razor Ramon character. In the back, Dok Hendrix mentions that he saw Diesel walk into the dressing room. He’ll try and get an interview with him. After a commercial break, Savio starts to come back on Ramon. Oh my, here comes “Diesel”. He pulls down the top rope on Savio to signal a DQ. (7:27 shown) After the bell, Razor and Diesel stick Savio with their finishers. JR – “Now the WWF knows how it feels to be embarrassed!” ¾*

Over at the grave site, Undertaker begins to dig Mankind’s grave and promises to bury him alive.

  • Shawn Michaels & Jose Lothario vs. Vader & Jim Cornette

Cornette shows up in his best Andy Kaufman spandex workout gear. Kelly announces that Marc Mero will defend his IC title against Faarooq at In Your House on October 20. Vader is DOMINANT to start being one step ahead of Shawn. At one point, he deadlifts Shawn off the mat and flings him over his back. He goes for the POWERBOMB early, but Shawn punches back and headscissors him over. HBK crotches Vader on the ringpost, but then charges him and misses to go flying out to the floor. Back inside, Vader goes to work just beating the heck out of Shawn in the corner. With Shawn down and out, Jim Cornette wants a tag. Next thing he knows, Shawn reaches Lothario for a tag. Cornette’s reactions in the ring are always great. Super Sock gets in a few punches, but then Cornette thumbs him in the eye and tags Vader. Shawn tags Lothario though before anything bad can happen. He goes on the move and catches Vader with a Flying Forearm. Shawn kips up and connects with the Elbow Drop. Time to tune up the band, but Vader ducks SWEET CHIN MUSIC and catches Shawn with an awesome clothesline for 1-2-NO! Let’s go to a commercial. When we come back, Vader takes too long with a VADER BOMB and gets booted on the way down. Shawn hits a series of clotheslines and slams Vader! While Shawn sets up for Sweet Chin Music, Cornette swings the tennis racket at his feet and misses. He avoids a corner charge from Vader and goes to slam him again, but Vader falls on top of him. That one hurt Shawn. Vader picks up HBK and lands the POWERBOMB. He follows up with the VADER BOMB and scores the pinfall! (8:27 shown) The commentators try to save face for Shawn saying that his “arrogant” schedule has worn him out and cost him a win on worldwide TV. Vader threatens another Vader Bomb until Psycho Sid comes out. Unfortunately for Sid, Goldust is now in the ring as well. Shawn wakes up just in time and helps out Sid for a hot ending to close the show. You can tell that the end draweth nigh for Shawn’s WWF title reign. ***

NEXT WEEK: Psycho Sid battles Goldust! IC champ Marc Mero takes on Diesel II!



The WWF presents In Your House: Buried Alive on October 20! Here’s what the card looks like so far:

  • MAIN EVENT: Casket Match: The Undertaker vs. Mankind
  • Psycho Sid vs. Vader

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