WWF: Monday Night Raw (10.14.96)


Monday Night Raw
October 14, 1996
Hershey, PA
Hersheypark Arena

The current WWF Champs were as follows:
World Champion: Shawn Michaels (3/31/96)
Intercontinental Champion: Marc Mero (9/23/96)
World Tag Team Champions: Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith (9/22/96)

Your hosts are Kevin Kelly and Jim Ross.

  • Vader vs. Phineas Godwinn (w/Hillbilly Jim)

Cornette isn’t even bothering with coming out for this match. Kind of a glorified squash as Sid comes out and distracts Vader to help turn the tide for a few moments. Vader avoids the SLOP DROP and avalanches Godwinn to set up the Vader Bomb for the win. (4:33) Cornette now appears out of nowhere to celebrate with his man. ½*

Jim Ross brings out Mr. Perfect to hype his return to the ring next week. Ross keeps pressing Perfect about his condition and if he will have any ring rust, but Perfect hypes himself up to remind us how GREAT he is.

  • Jake Roberts vs. Jerry Lawler

After Lawler makes a bunch of alcoholism jokes, a bloated and staggering off the wagon Jake Roberts heads to the ring. He’s even got a brown bag of booze behind his back. Concerned for his safety, Gorilla Monsoon comes out and confronts Jake. With Lawler’s back turned and his mouth running, Jake gets Gorilla the OK sign saying that he’s not really wasted. Commercials. When we come back, Lawler isn’t expecting Jake to be able to defend himself, and walks right into a DDT for the pin under ten seconds. After the bell, Lawler gets woken up with Jim Beam and then gets the snake wrapped around him.

They replay the piece from last week on Jesse James. Next week, we’ll hear about his experience in Desert Storm.

  • Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Freddie Joe Floyd

Helmsley handcuffs his lady of the evening to the turnbuckle so that Mr. Perfect can’t steal her away. Now that’s confidence, ladies and gentlemen. Freddie Joe armdrags and headlocks Hunter around to start. That’s about all he gets though as Helmsley takes over with his usual stuff. Eventually, Perfect comes out holding a key to the handcuffs. WHAT. He got the key from a ringside security guard. Meanwhile, Helmsley stuffs Freddie Joe with the PEDIGREE for 1-2-NO. Hunter lets off the pin and goes after Perfect and his girl. Once he walks over and turns Perfect around, Hunter gets punched in the face and gets counted out! (4:06) Well, this is just getting silly.

In the back, Steve Austin sends a message to Bret Hart saying tonight he’s going to beat the man who beat Bret himself. Austin 3:16 and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so.

  • Faarooq vs. Alex Porteau

Sunny comes out and introduces herself as the sexiest thing going today before joining Kevin Kelly and Jim Ross over at the announce table. Faarooq is still wearing the blue gladiator helmet. Sunny announces that she and Faarooq have agreed to part ways. Spinebuster and the DOMINATOR gets the win at 2:03. He’s scheduled to face Marc Mero for the IC title at In Your House.

Let Us Take You Back: Livewire, 10/12/96. Ahmed Johnson and Faarooq talk some junk back and forth with each other.

Meanwhile, Undertaker says a bunch of stuff over at the graveyard site. You can probably guess what weird things he will say.

  • Non-title match: WWF Champion Shawn Michaels (w/Jose Lothario) vs. Steve Austin

A dream match no doubt about it. Shawn controls to start with hammerlocks and headlocks. Meanwhile, Vader and Sid both take turns cutting promos on the split-screen because clearly they both have an invested interest in this match. Austin nails HBK with the Thesz Press leading to a rollup sequence between the two. It ends with Shawn trying to catch Austin with Sweet Chin Music, but Austin slips away at the last second and regroups on the floor. From there, Austin makes Michaels give chase and sets up a trap for the hotshot. Now Austin tries to get the Stone Cold Stunner, but Shawn shoves him off. Commercials! When we return, they are trading blows in the corner until Vader hits the ring for the DQ. (6:22 shown) As Austin’s opponent for In Your House, Savio Vega heads out to help out Shawn Michaels. He’s quickly disposed with the Stone Cold Stunner. HA! Instead, Psycho Sid comes out and scares away Vader. Wait, Razor Ramon and Diesel are both watching from the ramp. Austin winds up whipping Michaels into Sid to start some trouble. While they’re distracted, Austin tries to jump Michaels and gets sent to the floor so that Sid and Shawn can go back to staring at each other. Felt like five minutes of what could have been a great twenty minute match here. **

Hot ending to Raw! Much improved over the boredom that was last week – that’s for sure.

NEXT WEEK: Mr. Perfect returns to the ring to take on Hunter Hearst Helmsley!


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