GWF: Major League Wrestling (07.07.92)


GWF: Major League Wrestling
July 7, 1992
Dallas, TX

The current GWF champs were as follows:
GWF North American Heavyweight Champion: Scott Putski (5/29/1992)
GWF Tag Team Champions: Gary Young & Steven Dane (6/26/1992)
GWF Television Champion: Sam Houston (4/3/1992)
GWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Terry Simms (5/29/1992)

LAST WEEK: The Beach Bullies (Alex Porteau & Shawn Summers) were about to lose to John Tatum and Rod Price when Summers got his team DQ’ed by spraying Price in the eyes with a Super Soaker. That’s the most 90s thing I’ve seen in a long time. If Summers was REALLY a good bully, that Super Soaker would have been filled with bleach.

Your host is David Webb. Chaz stops by to tell us he’ll be wrestling Steven Dane on the program. Once Chaz tells us he will give his all in that match, Webb runs down the rest of the card for today.

  • The Ebony Experience vs. The California Connection

Ebony Experience go by Booker T and Stevie Ray here, which makes me wonder why they ever went by Kane and Kole in 1993 and 1994 WCW. Guess I should have read Booker T’s book that I purchased and never skimmed through. Hmpfh. California Connection includes Rod Price and John Tatum. Webb tells us that throwing a guy over the top rope results in a DQ. The hip Bill Watts style that’s latched onto WCW is now catching on! Next thing you know, these guys won’t be able to come off the top rope period. Stevie Ray throws Tatum around for a bit until Tatum gives up and tags out. In comes Booker, he frustrates Price with a leapfrog and a hiptoss. Rod Price looks like a more jacked, less talented Stunning Steve Austin. Tatum wants to give Booker a try. He goes to the eyes and draws in Stevie Ray so he toss Booker over the top rope. Back inside, Booker misses a corner charge, allowing Tatum to tag in Price. Commercials! When we return, Price and Tatum cut the ring in half on Booker with chinlocks. After missing a few hope spots, Booker levels Tatum with a belly to belly suplex and makes the HOT TAG TO STEVIE RAY! Just as he’s warming up, we reach the 10-minute time-limit draw. (8:53 shown) How unfortunate. Honestly, the Ebony Experience doesn’t look too much greener here than they would for the first few years in WCW. Nevertheless, the EE would secure the GWF tag titles at the end of July. Random thought: I wonder if Missy Hyatt was able to keep John Tatum out of ever working for WCW. *

  • Scott Putski vs. Black Bart (w/Skandor Akbar)

This is billed as Black Bart’s return to GWF. Johnny Mantel joins David Webb for commentary – the very man who Putski defeated in a tournament final to win the GWF title, which is not on the line here. They play off headlocks and claims of hairpulling to start. Putski hits a crossbody block and clotheslines Bart down to send him rolling out to Akbar as we take a commercial break. When we come back, Black Bart is choking the crap out of Putski in plain sight of the ref. He fires back with a Polish Hammer though. In comes Johnny Mantell to jump Putski for the DQ. (7:00 shown) They do a number on Putski until Terry Simms makes the save with steel chair in hand. ¾*

  • Steven Dane (w/Alexis) vs. Chaz

Before the match, Chaz wants to know what Alexis is doing with Dane because he LOOOOVES her. Dane tells Chaz not to worry about it because she’s with him. He looks like a poor man’s Stan Lane or Bill Paxton with a blonde mullet. He evens goes as far as to KISS her right in front of Chaz. Hubba hubba. Anyways, Chaz frustrates Dane with a shoulderblock and crossbody block. “Maniac” Mike Davis comes out to ringside to watch the match and stare at girls for way passed what is even considered remotely socially acceptable. Commercial break. What is this, TNA? When we come back, Dane shoves away a monkey flip and Bossman straddles Chaz. Dane grabs a Sleeperhold, but Chaz runs him off into the corner. Floatover face slam and Chaz calls for the Tie Dyed. ??? Alexis appears up on the apron so that Dane can sneak over and roll up Chaz for the cheap win. (6:40 shown) Still don’t know why Mike Davis is out here. Anyways, match of the night so far. *½

Afterwards, David Webb wants to get an explanation from Steven Dane for stealing Chaz’s girl. Dane says Alexis was a present from Skandor Akbar and says he can handle what Chaz can’t. As they exit stage right, Chaz is still very confused as to why she’s with him. BECAUSE YOUR MULLET SUCKS, BRO. Webb blames Skandor Akbar for the whole thing. Well clearly Alexis is a whore, so let’s not throw Akbar completely under the bus.

  • 15-Man Bunkhouse Battle Royal

Winner gets a $2000 certified check. Since it’s Bunkhouse rules, so everybody is wearing knee pads over their jeans. You can win by throwing your opponent over the top rope or via pinfall. No submissions though, apparently. Chaz, Alex Porteau, Booker T, Stevie Ray, Mike Davis, Steven Dane, Rod Price, Johnny Mantel, Gary Young, Black Bart, Tug Taylor, Shawn Summers, Dewey (?), Scott Putski, Terry Simms. Nothing too interesting except for “Maniac” Mike Davis eliminating himself by grabbing his head and leaping over the top rope.

FINAL FOUR: It comes down to the Ebony Experience against Black Bart and Johnny Mantell. Bart and Mantell are in total control as we go to commercial. When we return, all four men are still in the ring. Black Bart tosses Booker, but he skins-the-cat back inside and double clotheslines Bart and Mantell out. (10:00 shown) So Ebony Experience will split the two grand as co-winners, I guess. *

Afterwards, David Webb interviews the Ebony Experience. Now that they just stood tall against all those tag teams involved in that match, they think they deserve a shot at Gary Young and Steven Dane’s GWF tag belts. One of the most coherent interviews I’ve ever heard out of Stevie Ray.

NEXT WEEK: Nothing announced.

Don’t get comfortable thinking there will be any more GWF footage for a while unless the WWE Network obliges us.


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