Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (02.10.16)


Lucha Underground
February 10, 2016

Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

The current Lucha Underground champs are as follows:
Lucha Underground Champion: Mil Muertes (8/5/15)
Lucha Underground Gift of the Gods Champion: King Cuerno (1/27/16)
Lucha Underground Trios Champions: The Disciples of Death (7/29/15)
AAA Mega Champion: Vacant (11/9/15)

In case you missed it last week, here are some highlights:


Your hosts are Matt Striker and Vampiro.

  • Kobra Moon vs. Bengala

This is the debut of Kobra Moon – and she SLINKS AROUND LIKE A SNAKE. She even evades strikes from Bengala like a cobra would do and strikes back at him with a dropkick, which I’ve never seen a cobra do. She delivers a tilt-a-whirl headscissors that takes Bengala to the floor for a slingshot headscissors. Back inside, Bengala shows off some Mil Mascaras moves like the jumping headbutt strike. She blocks a suplex by constricting Bengala’s body. Kobra ends up on his back trying a sleeperhold, but Bengala throws her off and gives her a superkick for two. Flying Moonsault by Bengala hits knees and Kobra applies a DRAGON SLEEPER combined with a body scissors to tap out Bengala. (2:47) Wow, she put him away in no time. That either says Bengala is terrible or Kobra Moon can’t work more than three minutes. Only time will tell. In the meantime, I’m digging her. *½

Fenix shows up in Catrina’s office demanding King Cuerno. Catrina says that even a thousand lives will eventually run out. Before that happens, Fenix tells Catrina that he will destroy King Cuerno and ultimately Catrina. O RLY?

Elsewhere, Aerostar listens to a Mayan prophet who says the seven tribes are at war, but the Gods will not return in the form of man for another thousand years. Aerostar flies away in the hopes of uniting the tribes himself. Some kid does some voiceover work and feels hopeless about the whole situation. THINK OF THE CHILDREN, AEROSTAR. Think of the children.

In the back, Catrina approaches King Cuerno. She points out that Cuerno took the Gift of the Gods title, but did not destroy the man. Cuerno tells her he did exactly what she wanted. Her “wounded animal” referring to Mil Muertes is safe from Fenix. Catrina feels that even the best hunter would still fall prey to a wounded Mil Muertes. She instructs King Cuerno to take a Last Luchador Standing match with Fenix. His title won’t even be on the line. Cuerno – “The hunt…*sniffs Catrina up and down*…is on.” Oh boy.

  • Drago vs. Jack Evans

I was wondering when we would see Drago again. Jack Evans is the man last season who said he was lucha libre, which would piss off every other hard working luchador there is. Drago pushes Evans back into the ropes on two lockups to start. They go for strikes on each other, but it takes a few times before somebody connects and the winner is Drago. Evans takes a dropkick to the floor and runs around ringside and back inside so he can attack Drago from behind. More open slaps are traded. Drago wins the battle, but Evans bites on Drago’s hand to gain an advantage. Series of fancy kicks takes care of Drago. Evans does a bunch of cartwheels and meets Drago in the corner only to then force his thumbs in Drago’s eyeholes. Drago catches Evans charging him again and launches him up to the top rope only to superkick him in the face. Evans fights back and shows a bit of desperation keeping Drago down on the mat and pounding on his chest. Drago comes back with a flying armdrag to take Evans to the floor for a dive off the top rope. Back inside, Drago executes a top-rope draping DDT for 1-2-NO! Drago surprises Evans with a series of nearfalls culminating in the running blockbuster DDT! He looks for the DRAGON’S LAIR, but Evans counters and backslides Drago with all his body weight for the three-count. (7:20) Evans hops up on the announce table with the mic and tells the crowd he now wants to be referred to as Jack “The Dragon Slayer” Evans. He’s such a fun heel right now. **½

We take a look at Texano for the first time in season two. He’s a HARD WORKING MEXICAN, amigo. When he’s not working for everything he’s got, he’s fighting masked dudes in bars. He still wants revenge on Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Blue Demon Jr. for how they disrespected him at Ultima Lucha. Texano returns next week!

In the back, we catch Prince Puma seemingly praying to God. Catrina approaches him and tells him she caught Konnan praying as the life drained from him. So Konnan is dead too? SHEESH. His last words were for forgiveness. Catrina wondered if it was because of the wicked life he had lived or because he had failed Prince Puma. We learn that Puma will face Pentagon Jr. next week. Catrina thinks that maybe it will be Puma who will be making a sacrifice in honor of his master instead. On that note, Puma walks away from her.

  • Last Luchador Standing: King Cuerno vs. Fenix

In the first and only other “Last Luchador Standing” match, King Cuerno defeated Drago. Will he be able to secure another victory and begin to cement this style match as King Cuerno’s specialty? We’re about to find out. By the way, it is non-title, so Fenix regaining the Gift of the Gods title and going after Mil Muertes again isn’t in the cards tonight. Fenix wins a slugfest and levels Cuerno with a handspring back elbow. Over in the corner, Fenix crotches Cuerno and springs off the top rope to bring Cuerno down with a flying headscissors. Cuerno cuts off Fenix with a big boot and drills him with a few strikes. They go to the floor, but Cuerno ducks away from a tope suicida causing Fenix to splat. In typical but awesome Lucha Underground fashion, Cuerno whips Fenix into the ringpost and then into a section of empty chairs and then into the barricade. Fenix is up at seven. Cuerno then punts Fenix in the head and he’s up again pulling himself up by the ring apron at the count of seven. Next thing you know, we’re back in the ring and Fenix catches Cuerno charging him with a superkick and starts this fiery comeback, which took me out of the match a bit. You take all this damage and now you’re all good because you hit a guy with a superkick? Nah. That’s just Lucha Underground sometimes though. This all leads to Fenix wiping out Cuerno on the floor with a big corkscrew dive. Cuerno is back up at seven (that seems to be the go-to number in this match), but gets taken out again by a corkscrew plancha by Fenix. Cuerno stumbles up at the count of nine. Back in again, Fenix looks to come off the top, but Cuerno pops up and enziguri kicks him to the floor. Now Cuerno is on the offense with a tope suicida. He finds a ladder and runs into Fenix’s face. He then leans the ladder against Catrina’s office. Now a table gets set up, but Fenix doesn’t want a German suplex through a table. Fenix breaks loose of the waistlock and superkicks Cuerno back. Fenix starts to climb the ladder to reach the roof over the office, but Cuerno follows him. Once Fenix is up on the roof, he just kicks the ladder back and Cuerno falls backwards crashing down through the table. Goodbye. Cuerno won’t get up from that and Fenix has won this match. (11:20) Mil Muertes watching from his throne is clearly not very happy at this result, but whatevs. Fun brawl at times, but frustrating at other points with some moments where there’s a lack of selling and out of nowhere comebacks especially from Fenix. ***¼

We now go to a police department where it turns out Cortez Castro was an undercover cop named Officer Reyes. WHAT. I knew that Cortez Castro name sounded like a face name. He wants to book Chavo Guerrero and Blue Demon Jr., but the lovely Captain Vasquez is only interested in the whereabouts of Dario Cueto. Since it seems according to her that Reyes can’t get the job done, Vasquez is bringing in a partner: Officer Joey Ryan? They must work together, but everyone at the Temple must believe they hate one another. Their one mission: bring down Dario Cueto. SNAP.

NEXT WEEK: Prince Puma takes on Pentagon Jr. Plus, Texano returns!


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