Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (02.17.16)


Lucha Underground
February 17, 2016

Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

The current Lucha Underground champs are as follows:
Lucha Underground Champion: Mil Muertes (8/5/15)
Lucha Underground Gift of the Gods Champion: King Cuerno (1/27/16)
Lucha Underground Trios Champions: The Disciples of Death (7/29/15)
AAA Mega Champion: Vacant (11/9/15)

I apologize for being a day late on this one, but I had to go out of town yesterday afternoon and just got back home. I’m usually pretty quick getting these Lucha Underground recaps out.

In case you missed it last week, here are some highlights:


Ivelisse confronts Catrina in her office. Not sure what she originally had in mind for meeting with her, but Catrina tells her she should be grateful for Mil Muertes showing her mercy on the season two premiere. If Catrina considers what he did “showing mercy” towards her, Ivelisse says she wants to show some mercy to the Disciples of Death with her boys Son of Havoc and Angelico by her side over the trios titles. Catrina doesn’t allow rematch clauses in her Temple. If they want a trios title match, they have to beat some other competition first. Ivelisse doesn’t care about what obstacles Catrina puts in her way. She and her boys will get the trios belts back and when it’s all said and done, Ivelisse will get her hands on Catrina. When that time comes, she won’t show Catrina *any* mercy. With that said, Ivelisse walks out leaving Catrina to lick the knife she’s holding and stab it down onto the desk as she contemplates…thiiiiiiings.

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Vampiro.

The Lucha Underground Champion Mil Muertes continues to watch what transpires in the Temple from his throne with his arm still in the sling.

  • Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, and Angelico vs. The Crew & Chavo Guerrero

We can only assume that the Unlikely Trio will get a trios title rematch at some point in the near future if they win this match. The last time we saw the Crew and Chavo Guerrero was back at Ultima Lucha when Chavo revealed he was in cahoots with Blue Demon Jr. and the Crew by blasting Texano away with a chair. Texano was announced last week to be returning to the Temple – TONIGHT. Angelico and Ivelisse shine a little bit to start, but she’s shown as the weak link as Cortez Castro slows her down with an elbow smash. She gets taken to the wrong corner where she’s dominated, but kicks away Chavo and escapes the clutches of Cisco for a hot tag to my man Son of Havoc. It’s clothesline city on Cisco and a standing moonsault gets two. He hits a handspring elbow and climbs the turnbuckles, but Chavo trips him up. The Crew attacks Havoc down in the corner. He’s taken to the Chavo and Crew corner and worked over with a suplex. After that, he’s doing all he can to escape the corner and does. There’s a leaping hot tag to Angelico! Loads of high knee strikes thrown around. With the Crew on the floor, Chavo eats a Pele Kick off the apron and now we get THE ENTIRE UNLIKELY TRIO TO FLY AT THE SAME TIME. Back inside, Angelico hits a Flying Double Stomp on Castro for the 1-2-3. (5:54) Nothing really wrong with it, but I expected more of a challenge from the Crew and Chavo. Afterwards, Chavo gives Castro and Cisco an earful for dropping the ball. Texano appears and cleans house on these boys with his bull rope wrapped around his hand. He gets a piece of Castro and Cisco, but of course Chavo tucks his tail and runs without a mark. **½

Video package airs highlighting Johnny Mundo, but also putting over his feud with Cage.

In the back, Joey Ryan approaches Ricky Reyes – I mean, Cortez Castro – to tell him what a beating he took out there. Ryan thinks Castro is doing a crappy job of convincing everyone in Lucha Underground that they are wrestlers and not cops since he’s on a losing streak. Castro is about to thrown down on this punk, but Ryan reminds him that they’re on the same team. If Castro wants some tips on how to wrestle, he needs to watch Joey’s match tonight. Just call it good old fashioned police work. Oh, it’s about to get SLEAZY in the Temple, folks.

  • Cage vs. Joey Ryan

This seems like a PWG match here, amirite? Ryan is definitely doing the ’70s porn star character here in LU. Vampiro says he isn’t sure what he’s looking at right now referring to Joey. Cage handles Ryan like the Ultimate Warrior would to start with a bunch of clotheslines. He then gives a hiptoss onto the knee, which is pretty cool. It looks like it’s going to be a quick squash when Ryan avoids a corner charge and Cage hits his shoulder on the post. Well, Joey works the shoulder. When he attempts a hammerlock slam, there’s just no way that’s happening. Cage mounts a comeback and powerslams Ryan for the springboard moonsault, but Joey moves and Cage hits the canvas. Double-A Spinebuster by Ryan gets 1-2-NO! Cage fires right back with a pumphandle facebuster for two. Discus clothesline misses and Joey lands a couple superkicks for two. He tries a third, but Cage catches the kick and powerbombs Joey on his knee! The DRILL CLAW to Ryan gets the win for my man Cage. (4:30) Fun little back and forth match with a story told. We get another run-in after the bell this time by Johnny Mundo. He catches Cage from behind, but fails to hit the End of the World or the Flying Chuck. Cage then gives him WEAPON X instead to let him know who’s the man. He’s not a man – he’s a MACHINE. Cage looking real good right now. **½

Over to wherever Rey Mysterio and the new El Dragon Azteca is at, Rey is training him while telling him the backstory on Dario Cueto. Twenty five years ago, Dario Cueto’s father came to Mexico and met with the original Dario, coming together to find the seven ancient Aztec tribes and hoping to bring them together. Dario’s dad became obsessed and did sacrifices to the old Gods, including his son Matanza. They parted ways and made a treaty with dark magic. Rey wants Dragon Azteca to look for a way to unite the seven tribes. Isn’t this what Aerostar is supposed to be doing too?

  • Pentagon Jr. vs. Prince Puma

Very interesting dynamic here. You have Mil Muertes first and foremost watching this match from upon his throne. Prince Puma is the guy he defeated for the title and Pentagon Jr. is the very reason he has his arm in a sling right now. Pentagon unsuccessfully tried to sacrifice Puma recently, so there’s that running through both minds of these competitors. It feels like a main event all the way around. Nobody really able to gain an advantage over the other for a bit here. Puma dropkicks Pentagon to the floor and appears to going for some sort of dive, but Pentagon walks away. Knowing this, Puma bounces off the ropes and flips down onto the Aztec symbol. Pentagon then pulls him out to the floor and throws Puma into the ringpost trying to turn this more into a brawl. In the ring, Pentagon slaps the crap out of Puma until Puma has enough, but Pentagon then powerbombs Puma on his knee. Puma fires back with a cutter out of nowhere and springboard clotheslines Pentagon down. As Pentagon bails out, Puma lands a moonsault plancha! Back in, that gets two. Pentagon manages to find an opening and blasts Puma with a nasty backcracker for 1-2-NO! He looks for the PENTAGON DRIVER, but Puma armdrags out. He tries a quebrada, but Pentagon dropkicks him in the gut to block. Cover, 1-2-NO! Puma wins a slugfest and roundhouse kicks Pentagon to nail the northern lights/vertical suplex combination for two. SPRINGBOARD 450 SPLASH hits knees though and Pentagon gets 1-2-NO! FEAR FACTOR to Puma! Instead of just pinning him, he locks in a surfboard. As he positions Puma’s shoulders on the mat, the ref starts counting a pinfall. Puma uses his neck to lift his shoulders off the mat while Pentagon’s shoulders are still on the mat for the three-count. (7:54) This wasn’t a bad match – in fact it was quite good. That finish was straight out of the 1970s though. Just trade a back suplex for a surfboard hold and that’s what you get. It’s the same concept. Mil Muertes stands up looking at Prince Puma super mad, but I feel like he should be mad no matter who won this match. ***½

Vampiro even seems a little disappointed in Pentagon Jr. here.

Elsewhere, Sexy Star is shown still running away from Marty the Moth and his sister when she comes across my man The Mack. When she tells him who she is running from, Mack is ready to rip Marty’s head off. She doesn’t mean him – she means HER. She points and Mack turns around looking all freaked out at what he sees. SNAP.

Next week, Cage meets Johnny Mundo!


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