Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (02.24.16)


Lucha Underground
February 24, 2016

Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

The current Lucha Underground champs are as follows:
Lucha Underground Champion: Mil Muertes (8/5/15)
Lucha Underground Gift of the Gods Champion: King Cuerno (1/27/16)
Lucha Underground Trios Champions: The Disciples of Death (7/29/15)
AAA Mega Champion: Vacant (11/9/15)

In case you missed it last week, here are some highlights:


Pentagon Jr. is shown talking to his master who we know from Ultima Lucha is Vampiro. After they remind us of the backstory between these two, Pentagon is told not to let anything – not even her (?) – stand in his way until he gets what is his.

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Vampiro.

  • Jack Evans vs. PJ Black

Evans grabs the mic from Melissa Santos in mid-sentence and does a little rap about how he’s the best of the best and that he’s the dragon slayer referring to that time he beat Drago. PJ Black shakes Jack’s hand for some reason, but fires back on Evans with a couple strikes that he completely oversells. Evans trips PJ up top and cartwheels a bunch with all that preamble to just choke on Black, but PJ sees it coming and pokes Evans in the eyes. Chaos Theory by PJ gets two. Black blocks a tilt-a-whirl DDT with a suplex that looks like something Teddy Hart has done to Jack Evans. He comes back with a springboard roundhouse kick to PJ though. Hey look, Drago is here! He’s wearing a mask on that’s Maleficent-esque and he’s working some nun-chucks. Evans brings a chair in the ring daring Drago to come down. He chucks a water bottle at him too. Black then grabs Evans and delivers a press down into a cutter for 1-2-NO! Drago appears at ringside and SPRAYS YELLOW MIST intending for Evans, but Black takes the brunt in the eyes. Total and complete backslide to PJ Black and that’s enough for Evans to pick up another win. (3:53) Drago runs off Jack swinging those nun-chucks around. Fun little match here. After Drago drops the nun-chucks to pay attention to Evans, PJ picks up the nun-chucks and looks at Drago. He doesn’t appear to be pleased. **

Famous B used car salesman infomercial airs. Last season, he was just a jabroni without a win. This ad makes him seem like he has a whole new lease on life. Call 423-GET-FAME and be famous. He’ll turn you around from a jobber to a robber.

  • King Cuerno vs. Killshot

Cuerno goes again without defending the Gift of the Gods title. Striker calls this a rivalry from last year, but I don’t recall that. He calls Killshot the guy he’ll get behind this year like he did previously with Fenix and Drago. Killshot takes Cuerno to the floor early and nails him with a corkscrew pescado. He nails Cuerno with a big running dropkick up against the apron. Killshot heads back inside only to flip out to the floor over a ducking Cuerno, so Cuerno KO’s him with a superkick. Mil Muertes is shown still sitting on his throne and nursing that arm. Tope suicida takes out Killshot. Back inside, they share some close calls on the apron ending with Killshot flubbing a reverse neckbreaker. It takes until the count of nine to get both guys in the ring. More strikes are traded, but then Killshot tries a quebrada and gets kicked in the guts. Killshot reverses a tombstone and delivers a double knee gutbuster. Some corkscrew off the top misses allowing Cuerno to nail the THRILL OF THE HUNT for the win. (5:29) Cuerno wants to dish out more punishment with the Cradle Tombstone, but out comes Fenix to run him off. **

  • Gauntlet Match: Chavo Guerrero Jr., Cisco, and Cortez Castro vs. Texano

Texano just wants to get his hands on Chavo. Cisco is the first man to face Texano and he’s touted as this scary dangerous man, but he’s pinned almost immediately after a superkick at 0:10.

Next up is obviously Cortez Castro. Texano keeps things hot beating up Castro, but Castro takes over and hits a tornado DDT for two. Both men really going for the win here trading nearfalls. Rough Ryder by Texano scores a big nearfall. They get into a slugfest, but Texano wins that battle with a sitout powerbomb and earns the pinfall at 3:08.

Now it’s Chavo versus Texano. Like a Guerrero would do, he sneaks behind Texano and pearl harbors him for a nearfall. As Chavo is beating up Texano, Striker calls him one of the best wrestlers in the world a few years ago. Texano makes a comeback and Chavo decides to exit the ring. While Cisco distracts the ref, Castro trips up a suplex on Chavo using Texano’s own bull rope and holds his legs down for Chavo to get the win. (5:45) This is far from over no doubt. *½

After Dario Cueto and the Black Lotus feed some more jabronis to Dario’s brother (we assume they are jabronis), Dario is shown petting the red bull he always had on his desk. I just figured maybe it was some really subtle product placement. He tells Black Lotus a story about being abused by his mother until his brother killed her with the red bull. Knowing how much he hated his mother, that was the day he understood that he loved violence. Lotus seems a little creeped out. But hey, now we know some more about his past.

Elsewhere, Pentagon Jr. and Catrina cross paths in some sort of practice ring in the Temple. He demands a match with Prince Puma. She shows off her teleporting skills and appears right beside him. Catrina tells him that he’s lost it if he thinks she will give him what he wants after what he did to Mil Muertes. That starts a Kill Bill wrestling match between them. Just as Pentagon is about to sacrifice her, Catrina uses her teleporting skills and now she’s in the corner. She grants him a match with Prince Puma, but tells him that putting his hands on her is the biggest mistake of his life. Women, AMIRITE?

  • Cage vs. Johnny Mundo

He’s not a man – he’s a MACHINE~! Mundo doesn’t really want to get into a fist fight with this Cage character, but that’s what happening here to start. Cage runs him down with a clothesline and delivers the hiptoss into a backbreaker. Reverse Olympic Slam and Mundo rolls to the corner. However, Mundo fights off a superplex and Cage ends up on the floor as Mundo delivers a double jump corkscrew plancha. He whips Cage into the barricade and brings him back inside for two. Cage escapes a chinlock and he’s all backdrops and clotheslines. Sitout Alabama Slam on Mundo gets two. Backbreaker and neckbreaker combo from Mundo, but Cage stops him up top with a superkick to the face and the Electric Chair Facebuster gets two. Mundo rolls out, but gets grabbed although he manages a sunset flip on Cage for two. Schoolboy with feet on the ropes only gets two as well. After some back and forth counters, Cage delivers the F5 for 1-2-NO! There’s a no-leverage superplex from Cage, but Mundo slips out and lands the Flying Chuck. Running knee strike sets up the END OF THE WORLD, but Cage moves out of the way. Rolling Lariat to Mundo! DOWN COME THE STRAPS! He hits WEAPON X on Mundo! Hey wait, some crazy looking chick in a yellow and pink outfit with white furry Berzerker boots runs down and lays what looks like a professional grade pepper grinder at the edge of the ring. Oh no, it’s a giant scepter. While Cage and the ref are distracted, Mundo whacks Cage with the scepter and covers him for the win. (7:54) So it appears Mundo has found him a new main squeeze that’s not Melina. Unless Melina is going to join Cage at some point for MIND GAMES~! AAA fans will know her as Taya. Together, they do a number on Cage culminating in the END OF THE WORLD. This was a weird one as it felt like Mundo was constantly on the run from this guy. **½

Before we go, “Cowboy” King Cuerno approaches Catrina and tells her he’s sick of being hunted and wants to cash in his Gift of the Gods title for a shot at Mil Muertes next week. That wasn’t part of the deal though, but Cuerno couldn’t care less. Unfortunately, Cuerno will meet Fenix next week and will be defending the Gift of the Gods title. Not only will he face Fenix, but it will take place – in a ladder match. DUN DUN DUNNNNN.

We need some longer matches on Lucha Underground at some point. Only one match has gone past the ten-minute mark: Fenix versus King Cuerno – last luchador standing on February 10.


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