TEN YEARS AFTER: WWE Friday Night Smackdown (04.27.07)

WWE: Friday Night Smackdown
April 27, 2007
London, England
Earls Court

The current Smackdown champions are as follows:
World Heavyweight Champion: The Undertaker (4/2/2007)
WWE United States Champion: Chris Benoit (10/13/2006)
WWE Tag Team Champions: Deuce N Domino (4/20/2007)
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guerrero (2/18/2007)

Read along if you have the WWE Network!

Your hosts are Michael Cole and JBL.

We see Batista beating the crap out of Mr. Kennedy. The cameras cut out and all of a sudden we see Batista and Finlay brawling out on the stage. This is awesome. Bats bounces Finlay’s face off a double decker bus until Kennedy shows up to help out. Batista has his thigh taped up and they start to pound on the leg. BONG! Everything goes black. When the lights come back on, the Undertaker is in the ring. BONG! The lights go out. When they come back on, Taker is gone! OH MY.

After the break, Mr. Kennedy and Finlay go see Teddy Long. They want to see the Undertaker battle Batista tonight. Naturally, the Smackdown GM makes a tag team match for the main event under no-disqualification rules.

  • The Boogeyman & Kane vs. William Regal & Dave Taylor

Boogeyman and Kane might be the worst wrestling duo I can imagine. Cole points out Regal and Taylor get booed in their own homeland. Lots of preliminary Kane offense for the first several minutes. He doesn’t seem interested in tagging in the Boogeyman. After a commercial break, Kane gets yanked to the floor by Regal. When he’s on the apron, Taylor shoves him shoulder-first into the post. That turns the tide as Regal and Taylor tear at his shoulder. JBL talks about how crazy Boogeyman is. Regal and Taylor deliver a double suplex. Kane ducks a crossbody block by Taylor and hot tags Boogeyman. While it seemed as Kane wasn’t interested in working with Boogeyman, he boots Regal and staggers him into the BOOGEYBOMB for the win. (10:02 shown) Well, this got a lot of time. Kane seems to like what he’s seeing in the Boogeyman, but this guy certainly has his own set of problems. ¾*

WWE SLAM OF THE WEEK brought to you by Just for Men: Smackdown, 4/20/07. Deuce N Domino winning the WWE tag belts from Paul London and Brian Kendrick.

  • Brian Kendrick (w/Paul London) vs. Deuce (w/Domino & Cherry)

Paul London’s ribs are taped after last week’s moonsault he missed off the apron. They play off a headlock to start for the first several minutes. Kendrick gets stuffed trying a crossbody block. Deuce applies a bow-tie lock and then pulls back on the arms. Kendrick makes a comeback and skins-the-cat into a headscissors. An enziguri leads to SLICED BREAD #2, but Cherry distracts the ref to prevent the pinfall. Domino yanks London off the apron onto the floor and puts to the boots to his ribs until Kendrick saves the day. When he gets back in the ring, Kendrick turns around into a Jumping Heel Kick to give Deuce the win. (8:44) Deuce N Domino are just dry as can be. *

In the back, Kristal is standing by with the WWE tag team champs Deuce N Domino with Cherry by their side. They have nothing really to say. Domino does however say they will make like a banana and split, which is exactly what they do. Yeah, that’s how you get over – *not* talking.

  • MVP vs. Hamlet McBeth

MVP finds another jabroni to wrestle this week that he claims is better competition than Chris Benoit. He goes by the name Hamlet McBeth and dressed up like William Wallace with bag pipes playing Braveheart-style as his entrance theme. The internet tells it is a local guy named Chris Gray. He does a great flip inside out sell on a clothesline. This is just a squash as MVP wins with the PLAYMAKER in 2:51.

As MVP prepares to call out his next competitor, the WWE US champ Chris Benoit appears at the ramp with a mic in hand. Benoit challenges MVP to take on a *real* champion, and here we go.

  • Chris Benoit vs. MVP

Benoit is chopping and clotheslining and suplexing right out of the gate. He telegraphs a backdrop though and MVP kicks him out to the floor for commercials. When we return, MVP is keeping Benoit grounded with a chinlock. Benoit comes back with a German Suplex and applies the CRIPPLER CROSSFACE, but MVP makes the ropes. A big superplex gets two. MVP reaches the ropes to break up a SHARPSHOOTER. Benoit blocks a belly to belly throw with a headbutt and applies the CRIPPLER CROSSFACE for a second time, but he’s too close to the ropes. Benoit punishes MVP with FIVE Rolling Germans. He heads up top for the Swandive Headbutt, but MVP rolls out to the floor and decides to take the countout loss because the US title isn’t on the line anyways. (9:53) Smart man, smart man. These two certainly have some chemistry together. Benoit is making a man out of MVP. **½

In the back, Kristal professes her love for Teddy Long. He loves her too and considers handing over some of his responsibility so they can spend more time together. Oh, boy.

Mark Henry vignette. He returns – NEXT WEEK!

  • Michelle McCool vs. Jillian Hall

I guess Michelle is defending Ashley’s honor here. JBL is smitten with her. She comes back on Jillian with some decent punches and hits a Russian legsweep for two. However, Jillian delivers the X-FACTOR and gets the win in 2:07.

  • No-DQ Match: The Undertaker & Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy & Finlay

Of course, the story is whether or not Taker and Bats can co-exist just two days before Backlash and their last man standing match. UT and Batista have little trouble with Kennedy and Finlay to start. Bats tosses them both to the floor to take us into commercial. When we come back, Taker hits both Kennedy and Finlay with Old School. As the match breaks down, they tease the shillelagh getting involved. Instead, Taker sends Finlay crashing over the announce table causing Michael Cole’s headset to go out for a minute or so. Finlay and Kennedy finally go after Batista’s injured thigh – whacking it with the shillelagh. Bats comes back on Kennedy and tries the Demon Bomb, but his leg won’t allow him to do that. As he reaches for the tag, Finlay knocks Taker off the apron and again whacks Bats on the leg with the shillelagh. Well, that cheapshot pissed off Taker and he is a HOUSE OF FIRE on these boys. When the double chokeslam fails, the double clothesline does not. Taker gives them both Chokeslams and calls for the TOMBSTONE on Finlay, but Bats sneaks in and hits Finlay with a Spinebuster to score the pinfall. (11:18 shown) Taker looks pissed about Batista swimming in his wake. Bats gets on the mic and tells Taker that no man keeps him down for a ten count and the world title belongs to him. At Backlash, he’s taking it back. It’s just that simple. Taker reminds Batista that he’s no ordinary man and that Batista’s soul belongs to him. VINTAGE TAKER~! Not “no-DQ”-ish enough to even be considered no-DQ, but I guess they don’t want to overshadow the UT-Batista match at Backlash since this feud with Mr. Kennedy and Finlay is over. **½

It’s onto Backlash we go! Until then, so long for now!

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