NWA: Powerrr (10.08.19)

NWA: Powerrr
October 8, 2019
Atlanta, GA
Georgia Public Broadcasting Studios

Your current NWA champions are as follows:
NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Nick Aldis (10/21/2018)
NWA National Heavyweight Champion: James Storm (7/12/2019)
NWA World Tag Team Champions: The Wild Cards (9/7/2019)
NWA World Women’s Champion: Allysin Kay (4/27/2019)

NOTE: So I’m sure you’re wondering why Matt is recapping a show from 2019 because he hasn’t watched much of modern wrestling in YEARS. Well, I watched Nick Aldis defeat Cody Rhodes for the NWA world title back last October and I attended the Crockett Cup show in Concord NC back in April, and I realized that these guys were doing wrestling the OLD SCHOOL way. They had men who wanted to beat each other up again. Not only that, but they wanted to take their time in the ring for the big matches. I thoroughly enjoyed the Nick Aldis title victory and the Crockett Cup match and was pumped to hear that the NWA owner Billy Corgan was going to start doing a one hour show starting in October.

Billy Corgan has returned the NWA action to a TV studio atmosphere that was the norm for TV wrestling for most territories. The TV studio atmosphere makes the show look old and fresh at the same time. The NWA ring apron looks old yet fresh. There’s a 1980s theme song (“Into the Fire” by the band Dokken) to go with the show as well. Everything about it just warms my wrestling heart.

Should I give my opinion of AEW? Nah. Not right now.

Let’s get to the show.

Your hosts are Joe Galli and Jim Cornette. Corny is used excellently here by explaining the backstory as to why we are here, why studio wrestling was important, and the history behind studio wrestling specifically in Atlanta. It just simply wouldn’t mean as much coming from Galli. Galli lets us know (while the crowd is buzzing) exactly what matches are planned for today without any graphics or visual overkill.

Galli then sends us over to David Marquez who will be the interviewer for the show. He welcomes the NWA world champ Nick Aldis and his valet Kamille and they look like a million bucks. After dropping a Ric Flair quote, he puts over the current crop of talent in the NWA. He brings up Tim Storm and says he hasn’t come this far to do the J-O-B in A-T-L. Aldis says he wants to have it out like men and when it’s all said and done, Tim Storm will know why Aldis is the national treasure and the NWA world champ. Galli lets us know that if Storm loses, he’ll never get a shot at the NWA world title again. BIG STAKES~!

  • The Dawsons vs. Sal Rinauro & Billy Jack

The Dawsons are Dave and Zane and they are too scary looking bullies. I had no idea Sal Rinauro was still around. He’s grown out his hair quite a bit since the last time I saw him back in the HDNet days of Ring of Honor. This was a BEAT ‘EM UP AND SPIT ‘EM OUT squash match as Billy Jack and Sal do a great job bumping for these two – and they made it look like they didn’t have much of a chance other than to bump for these Dawson boys. Billy Jack gets whipped into a tombstone position as the other Dawson guy splashes him and then the one holding him gives him a powerslam for the win in 1:45.

David Marquez talks to the Dawsons over at his desk. GET READY, WORLD. THE DAWSONS OWN THIS PLACE NOW.


Joe Galli speaks with Eli Drake at the desk. OK, I like this guy. He’s got star quality written all over him. He thinks there’s a bunch of children running around this business, but Eli Drake is a MAN, folks. He’s looking for gold, too, and I’m good with that. He reminds you of Steve Austin around 1994. He’s even got the Steve Austin walk down pat as well.

  • Eli Drake vs. Caleb Konley

Konley grabs a headlock at the get-go and then tries to get the quick pin on Drake. When that doesn’t happen, he stuns Drake with a standing dropkick. Konley continues with a monkey flip, but then misses a corner charge and receives a neckbreaker by Drake. Konley tries coming back with a rollup, but Drake grabs the ropes and delivers a swinging neckbreaker for two. He trips Konley into the ropes and delivers a running knee from the apron. Back inside, he flies into the ring with a slingshot shoulder block for two. Konley flips out of a back suplex and fires back with left hands and a roundhouse kick. He telegraphs a backdrop, but hits a slingshot corkscrew splash from the apron for 1-2-NO! Drake runs into a double stomp out of the corner, but Konley misses the double jump moonsault. He grabs Konley and delivers the GRAVY TRAIN for the win. (4:26) Reminded me of the old 1990s Brad Armstrong matches in WCW where he gets some offense against the star, but not enough to actually make you think the star is going to lose. Or, a JTTS match. Good stuff for four and a half minutes. **½

Nick Aldis versus Tim Storm vignette where Storm answers the ultimatum.

After the Tim Storm vignette, we got a guy named Josephus who comes over the announce table demanding Tim Storm come out to fight him. We need a commercial break to give Tim Storm a moment to get out here.

We get a commercial with a buncha marks talking about how good the NWA Power TV tapings have been. Buncha marks.

Once the break is over, Josephus is still barking for Storm. Well, he gets a storm, but it’s not Tim Storm. IT’S JAMES STORM! Joe Galli and Jim Cornette get out of the way. James Storm cuts a promo about guys like Josephus who think they are tough because they can buy wrestling tights and boots and do moves to their friends. Storm says that’s what is wrong with the wrestling business now – guys like Josephus could never walk a mile in his shoes. He tells Josephus to go back to his desk job and leave wrestling to the real stars. Storms says when he looks into the eyes of Josephus, he knows that this guy is nothing but a joke. AWESOME. Josephus tries to get tough with James Storm, but the zebra men come out and break them apart as we go to break.

  • The Wild Cards vs. Danny White & Mims

Apparently Royce Isaacs and Thomas Latimer’s characters are that they are a couple of Satanists by the looks of their gear. Anyways, they were the wild card team in the Crockett Cup who ended up going to the finals only to lose to Brody King and PCO of Villain Enterprises. They would get a rematch in a dark match at a ROH/CMLL show back in September where they would win the NWA world tag titles. Total one-sided squash as Latimer delivers a pop-up powerbomb to White before White is thrown into HUSH MONEY by Isaacs for the win in 2:10.

Over to David Marquez, he talks with the NWA world tag champs who talk about how they are thoroughbreds and amazing and all that when EDDIE KINGSTON appears to disrespect them but putting over the NWA world tag team championship. It’s unclear to me why Latimer and Isaacs got so hot over Kingston saying they don’t speak for the outlaws of the world. Nevertheless, they start arguing when HOMICIDE shows up to stand by Eddie Kingston.

Next thing we know, James Storm and Josephus come through the curtain brawling. It’s another pull-apart brawl. Josephus ends up in the ring and wants some more. No you don’t.

More talk from the marks. Hey, it’s the “still real to me dammit” guy.

After the break, Josephus still wants to fight James Storm. As Storm gets away from the agents and whatnot, he chases Josephus all over the studio and into the crowd. It’s got to be super hard to run around a TV studio in wrestling boots. Back to ringside, Storm gets thrown back into the ring and he’s ready to fight. Josephus says he’ll only enter the ring if Storm will put his hands behind his back.

  • James Storm vs. Josephus

As Storm turns his back to Josephus in the corner, Josephus charges and runs right into the LAST CALL superkick for the win in :19.

Storm lays in some more knees to the face and hits another LAST CALL. He puts Josephus’ thumb in his mouth and lays him down on the mat as he is out for lunch. James Storm then goes over to the commentary table and says something in Cornette’s headset, but the headset mic didn’t exactly pick up what he says.

Another vignette to build to Nick Aldis against Tim Storm.

Joe Galli brings out Tim Storm for a ringside interview. This was a great interview. He talks about his 94 year old mom, how the NWA world title means everything, and even quotes Eminem. He also mentions how not having the chance to ever challenge for the NWA world title again is all the motivation he needs to win.

NEXT WEEK: The NWA World Women’s champ Allysin Kay will be here – and so much more!

  • NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Nick Aldis (c) (w/Kamille) vs. Tim Storm

Joe Galli mentions that Tim Storm is the oldest wrestler to win the NWA world title at the age of 51, edging previous record holder Lou Thesz by two years. Storm locks up and shoves Aldis around the ring to start. He’s got an answer for everyone of Nick’s punches and sends him out for a breather. Storm comes out after Aldis which proves to be a mistake as Aldis reverses a whip into the ringpost. Back inside, Aldis holds him down and wears him out with a chinlock. Storm escapes into a sleeperhold, but runs Aldis into the buckle and mounts a comeback. Figure fours are traded, but Storm has Aldis in trouble until Aldis reaches the ropes. Storm stops Aldis up top and brings him down for a superplex for 1-2-NO! A flying body press (or Storm falling off the top onto Aldis, really) gets two as well. Storm tries coming off the second rope with a senton bomb, but Aldis is nowhere to be seen as Storm crashes to the mat. We’ve got dueling chants going. Aldis lands a flying elbow to the back and applies the KING’S LYNN CLOVERLEAF. WILL STORM TAP OUT? Nope. He reaches the ropes and almost shoves Aldis into the ref. While ref Hebner boy is out of the way, Storm lays in a quick low blow and hits the PERFECT STORM for 1-2-NO! Aldis stops Storm up top, but they headbutt one another and fall to the floor. As Storm gets in between Aldis and Kamille, Storm ducks a clothesline and Kamille gets wiped out. Storm runs Aldis into the ringpost for the receipt. Back in, Storm goes for a suplex only for his back to give out as Aldis applies an inside cradle for the three-count to retain his championship. (12:09) Of course now Tim Storm is devastated and probably feeling a little guilty at the end of that match for going over to the dark side to try and win. Liked the match, but felt the clothesline to Kamille should have led to a strong nearfall instead of the match going the other way and ending. ***

Over at the interview desk, Nick Aldis puts over Tim Storm as a hell of a man. When Galli asks Kamille how she’s doing, Aldis answers for her saying she’s fine. Joe pushes the question again and wants Kamille to answer him, but Aldis steps in again and tells Joe he can leave the clickbait stuff for another day. Kamille doesn’t seem too happy about that, but goes along with it anyways.

And that’s it for the premiere episode.

Final Thoughts: I’m digging what they’re doing here. It looks like a TV show I can take seriously and that the wrestlers are putting over and taking seriously. I’m through with watching artists perform for me to try to get Meltzer’s approval. I want to see men wrestle and get angry with one another and I hope the NWA POWERRR will fill that void in the wrestling world for the foreseeable future. I highly recommend it. Check it out!



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  1. i love that they are doing something like this. I’m hoping that they continue doing great job and I would like to see more of your reviews!

    • Thanks man! Life is busier these days as I get older. I would love to dig into more wrestling more frequently if I had the time.

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