WWF: All Star Wrestling (05.03.80)

WWF: All Star Wrestling
May 3, 1980
Hamburg, PA
Hamburg Fieldhouse

Your current WWF champions are as follows:
WWF Heavyweight Champion: Bob Backlund (2/20/1978)
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Ken Patera (4/21/1980)
WWF World Tag Team Champions: The Wild Samoans (4/12/1980)

Pop Culture #1s of the Time:
#1 Movie of the Week: Coal Miner’s Daughter starring Sissy Spacek

#1 Song of the Week: Call Me by Blondie
#1 TV Show of the 79-80 Season: 60 Minutes hosted by Mike Wallace

Follow along if you have the WWE Network!

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Bruno Sammartino.

  • Bobby Duncum (w/Captain Lou Albano) vs. Dominic DeNucci

I’m betting there’s not going to be a lot of wrestling here. DeNucci grinds on a headlock. Duncum shoves him off into the ropes, but takes a tackle to the mat. Duncum takes DeNucci over with a hiptoss, but misses an elbow drop and DeNucci goes to work on the arm. When Duncum tries to come back, he whips DeNucci into the corner and runs his shoulder into the post. Back to the arm. Duncum punches back and rakes the face to take back control. He cranks on DeNucci’s neck and hides a choke every now and then. Duncum grabs a nerve hold and it looks like DeNucci might be out. Back to their feet, Duncum kicks DeNucci to the floor and Albano shoots him back into the ring. Duncum kicks DeNucci around, but telegraphs a backdrop allowing DeNucci to come back. He punches Duncum to the floor and gives him a bunch of headbutts, but then Duncum goes low and runs DeNucci into the ringpost right before he slides back into the ring to win via countout. (7:10) Not a lot going on here as I expected. ½*

  • “Pretty Boy” Larry Sharpe vs. Charlie Brown

Brown takes a bunch of punishment. Bruno is confused because the guy looks like he spends time in the gym, but he doesn’t show any fire. He makes a brief come back, but quickly misses a corner charge on Sharpe. Pissed off from being shown up, Sharpe throws Brown in front of the timekeeper’s table. The crowd gets behind Brown and he delivers a slam to Sharpe. He rings Sharpe’s bell, but misses a running splash. This dude is so green. Sharpe hits a rough vertical suplex and only gets two. Man, this is bad. The PILEDRIVER puts Brown away in 6:26.

Bruno Sammartino talks with Freddie Blassie and Tor Kamata. Bruno refers to Kamata as his “oriental champion”. Blassie explains Kamata left sumo wrestling for more money. He thinks he’s a wrestling god in Japan, but Bruno disagrees and tries to hold Blassie to the truth. Bruno says most sumo wrestlers go by the rules, but Kamata doesn’t go by the rules wrestling over here and uses moves and holds that hurt people. Blassie agrees and says he taught Kamata those moves and holds. Kamata SPEAKS. He thinks American wrestlers go to Japan and use dirty tactics. Bruno takes issue with that statement, but Blassie isn’t interested in Bruno’s opinion. Blassie sticks to the lie and that’s why he embraces “foreigners” because they have better manners. Bruno suggests maybe Blassie leave the country, but Blassie loves the money too much. Bruno thinks Kamata’s finisher should be banned because people are getting hurt. Nobody cares what you think, Bruno. Back to you, Vince.

  • Pat Patterson vs. Jose Estrada

A headlock leads to a criss-cross, which leads to Estrada avoiding a big punch from Patterson. Pat grinds on a headlock, but this ain’t Portland. The crowd doesn’t much care to chant along. Estrada grabs an overhead wristlock. Patterson escapes and he’s ready to belt Estrada, but Estrada belts him back. That gets Patterson all riled up. Patterson grabs the nose to escape a headlock and applies a headlock of his own. Estrada tries sending him into the ropes, but Patterson holds onto the beard to piss him off. Lots more beard pulling from Patterson and Estrada gets awful mad about it. After Patterson claps the ears, Estrada knocks him to the floor and works to keep him out there. Back inside, Patterson punches back and gets mad. Estrada turns his back to Pat and gets a knee up the butt. Estrada fires back with a dropkick and gets Pat all tied up. Estrada then charges Pat, but Patterson moves and Estrada does the Foley spot. Patterson delivers a backdrop and O’Connor rolls Estrada for the win. (8:07) Patterson always does a fine job keeping the JTTS matches interesting. *½

  • Tony Atlas vs. Johnny Rodz

Weird Johnny Rodz is giving out autographs since he’s a cagey heel. Rodz tries overpowering Atlas with an overhead wristlock, but then Atlas reverses to a hammerlock. Rodz pounds away to stop Tony. He punches the head, but he’s black so of course he NO-SELLS. Rodz comes back with knees, drops an elbow, and chokes on Atlas. Tony punches back and applies a front headlock. Rodz fires back with a back elbow and starts doing stuff off the second rope. He slams Tony, but misses a jumping splash. Atlas comes back with a sunset flip, but only gets two. Rodz telegraphs a backdrop, but slams Atlas. He tries another one, but Atlas counters with an inside cradle for the three-count in 4:58.

Check out the old dude in the front row just lighting up a cigarette. Just smell that freedom, folks.

  • Tor Kamata (w/Freddie Blassie) vs. Joe Mascara

Before the match, Bruno says the ropes are not to be used and thinks Tor Kamata’s Kamikaze splash should be banned for that reason. Welcome to the 1980s, pal. Your paradigm is about to SHIFT like you wouldn’t believe. Vince gets excited about discussing Hulk Hogan who is the other current protégé of Freddie Blassie. Just a beat-em-up for Kamata. He shows Mascara some mercy and delivers just a running splash to win the match in 2:45.

Until next time, so long for now.


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