WWF: All Star Wrestling (06.07.80)

WWF: All Star Wrestling
June 7, 1980
Hamburg, PA
Hamburg Fieldhouse

Your current WWF champions are as follows:
WWF Heavyweight Champion: Bob Backlund (2/20/1978)
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Ken Patera (4/21/1980)
WWF World Tag Team Champions: The Wild Samoans (4/12/1980)

Pop Culture #1s of the Time:
#1 Movie of the Week: The Empire Strikes Back starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher
#1 Song of the Week: Funkytown by Lipps Inc.
#1 TV Show of the 79-80 Season: 60 Minutes hosted by Mike Wallace

Follow along if you have the WWE Network!

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Bruno Sammartino.

  • Larry Zbyszko vs. Frank Savage

Bruno refuses to comment on this match. Vince remarks that Larry Zbyszko feels he’s the most “misunderstood” wrestler today. While Zbyszko applies an overhead wristlock, the crowd chants for BRUNO and takes Zbyszko’s mind off the match. He gets angry while clamping on a headlock and starts to beat on Savage. Larry applies a chinlock that ref Dick Whorle sees as a choke and forces a break. Savage punches back and corners Zbyszko with a series of knees, but Zbyszko kicks at Savage and runs his face into the buckle before laying the boots to him. Crowd still wants Bruno. Vertical suplex by Zbyszko gets the win in 5:12.

  • Pedro Morales vs. Baron Mikel Scicluna

They trade shots to start with Morales getting the better of things. They settle in on the mat as Morales bars the leg. Scicluna grabs Pedro by the head, but Morales switches gears and applies a hammerlock. Back to their feet, Pedro does an unnecessary floatover and hiptosses Scicluna. He comes off the ropes and sees a backdrop coming so he backslides Scicluna for the win in 4:43. Afterwards, Bruno talks with Pedro Morales at ringside. Bruno sounds like he’s got a serious cold here. Morales is back and he’s ready to face the top heels around here. He tells Bruno to save some of Larry Zbyszko for him. DOUBTFUL.

After the break, Bruno Sammartino speaks with Larry Sharpe. He wants to know where Sharpe has been since he left the area. He’s been in Puerto Rico and Hawaii, but now he’s back at home in the WWF. Bruno thinks Sharpe’s piledriver should be banned even though his boy Bobby Backlund does a GREAT version of it. He calls out Sharpe for being a rulebreaker now. Sharpe responds talking about how great his piledriver is. In Sharpe’s mind, being a scientific wrestler only means wrestling with your mind, not only doing clean holds. He calls out Tony Atlas for being a muscle head. No one here can beat Sharpe and no one will beat him – because it can’t be done. Sharpe starts to get excited. Bruno says Sharpe hasn’t face the top guys around here, so it’s not a fair point. He thinks the top guys around here like Ivan Putski and Tony Atlas are all talk. They all walk the other side of the street when Sharpe is near. He’s a little awkward, but he’s got some interesting points for a heel wrestler.

  • “Pretty Boy” Larry Sharpe vs. Moose Monroe

It’s a MOOSE sighting! There’s some guy you can hear giving him shit. Love it. I’m imagining a Family Guy moose shouting from the crowd right now. Bruno feels people don’t really care who wins this match, and he’s probably right. It’s actually a pretty even match in terms of offense, but ultimately Sharpe hits the PILEDRIVER for the win in 3:46.

  • Ken Patera (w/the Grand Wizard) vs. Angelo Gomez

Vince and Bruno stick their noses up at Patera for making Gomez wait to get his shit kicked around. Can you imagine how the fans nowadays wouldn’t want to see Ken Patera ever again for how much stalling he’s doing here? Once the match finally gets started, Patera slaps on an armbar while Vince and Bruno bring up Tony Atlas. Patera continues to beat on Gomez and applies a front facelock. Moving on, Patera delivers the HUUUGE across the ring slam. Man, I really dig Patera during this era. The SWINGING FULL NELSON submits Gomez in 8:24. After the match, Bruno Sammartino talks with the IC champ Ken Patera and the Grand Wizard. He’s giving Patera some time to brag about his weightlifting records. Patera feels his records will hurt Bruno’s feelings. AWESOME. He’s accomplished more than anybody else – because he’s a WINNER. He runs through his incredible feats of strength and all his records until Bruno is tired of hearing all the bragging and cuts him off, which seems pretty hypocritical because Bruno encouraged him to brag in the first place. Couldn’t take it anymore, I guess.

  • Tony Atlas vs. Mike Masters – (WWF Championship Wrestling, 11/24/79)

Looks like Tony was supposed to be on the card today in a dark match against Ken Patera, but didn’t show today for whatever reason so they showed this old taped match instead. Atlas comes back on Masters with his black man shuck and jive. A vertical suplex and a jumping splash gets him the win in 2:51.

And that’s going to do it for this week. Until next time, so long for now.


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