WWF: All Star Wrestling (11.08.80)

WWF: All Star Wrestling
November 8, 1980
Hamburg, PA
Hamburg Fieldhouse

Your current WWF champions are as follows:
WWF Heavyweight Champion: Bob Backlund (2/20/1978)
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Ken Patera (4/21/1980)
WWF World Tag Team Champions: The Wild Samoans (9/20/1980)

Pop Culture #1s of the Time:
#1 Movie of the Week: Private Benjamin starring Goldie Hawn
#1 Song of the Week: Woman in Love by Barbra Streisand
#1 TV Show of the 80-81 Season: Dallas starring Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, and Patrick Duffy

Follow along if you have the WWE Network!

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson. Pat is now about six weeks into replacing Bruno Sammartino on color commentary for both weekly WWF shows as he remains on commentary into 1984.

  • Tony Garea & Rick Martel vs. The Black Demon & Baron Mikel Scicluna

Gee, I wonder who’s doing the J-O-B here? This is our first look at Garea and Martel together. They were pretty much thrown together in the aftermath of the WWF tag team titles tournament. In the tournament, Martel teamed with Dominic DeNucci while Garea teamed with of course Rene Goulet, so here we are. Not a lot to say about them as a team just yet. Scicluna puts Martel in a headscissors as Martel headstands out of the hold and into a headlock of his own. Scicluna goes back to the headscissors. Patterson is surprised that Scicluna is actually putting on a hold. Martel is just so good and so athletic. Tag to Garea, Scicluna pulls the hair to control Garea over and over again. Back to Martel, Scicluna rakes the face and throws his punk ass to the floor. Martel doesn’t want to go on the floor and he’s right back inside to get pummeled. Black Demon tags in, but Martel isn’t impressed and surprises the guy with the Jimmy Snuka leapfrogs before catching the Demon with a big scoop and a slam. There’s a series of armdrags, but Demon walks into Garea. Tag to Garea, he works a hammerlock. When he gets to his feet, Garea gets kicked off into the ropes and cartwheels away from a monkey flip to then apply the armbar. Vince and Pat discuss how long Scicluna has been around in the WWF. He’s actually been doing the Baron Mikel Scicluna character in the WWF since 1965, which at the time of this show airing, would be like a WWE commentator making this comment about someone like The Miz. The Baron runs Martel into the ringpost, but can’t make it happen a second time. Martel comes back on Scicluna. The Baron must get out of the ring and tags out to the Black Demon. We get a criss cross between Martel and the Demon ending with Martel catching him with a back elbow. Garea tags in and the match continues as Demon grabs a legbar. The good guys come back with dropkicks ending with Martel shooting in and sunset flipping the Demon for the win in 7:56.

  • Pedro Morales vs. Frank Savage

Savage starts to piss off Pedro with thumbs to the eye and such. YOU DON’T WANT TO MAKE HIM MAD. Morales comes back and windmill punches Savage. He then snaps Savage’s arm over his shoulder. Not much happening here. He grabs Savage by the beard and punches him some more. Big slam by Pedro leads to the BOSTON CRAB for the win in 5:41.

After the match, Pat Patterson speaks with Pedro Morales at ringside. Patterson puts Morales over saying Pedro makes him proud to be a wrestler. Apparently, Stan Hansen is lurking around because Morales dares Hansen to sign a match with him. They discuss Pedro’s short fuse and we see him get madder and madder because of Hansen being nearby. Pat and Pedro talk smack about Ken Patera. Pat is still mad about losing the IC belt and he wants to see Morales take the IC belt from Patera.

  • Stan Hansen vs. Ron Shaw

Hansen barks at Vince and Pat for fun. He tears on Shaw’s arm like he wants to take it home with him. Hansen hiptosses Shaw across the ring and then down on the mat runs his boot across Shaw’s face. Hansen is setting up for a big three match series in MSG with Backlund in early 1981 – leading to a cage match on April 6. The LARIAT ends Shaw in 4:27.

Afterwards, Vince McMahon gets the pleasure of talking with Stan Hansen. Sounds like people have been trying to keep Hansen out of the WWF since he broke Bruno’s neck, but he’s back thanks to Freddie Blassie. He tells Bob Backlund and Pedro Morales to take notice. I love it. Vince doesn’t think the people have forgotten about Stan Hansen and gets riled up about a wrestler who almost *killed* Bruno Sammartino. Hansen is glad Bruno is still around. Apparently, Hansen has put Rene Goulet on the shelf. He calls out Hulk Hogan for trying the Lariat, which is funny since Blassie is his manager. Hansen wraps up the interview saying he’s here to RAISE HELL. AWESOME.

  • The Moondogs (w/Captain Lou Albano) vs. Charlie Brown & Steve King

Interesting that Albano already has another team lined up since the Wild Samoans are on their way out. We’ll see if there’s any justification for this on commentary. This is our earliest look at the Moondogs tag team (Moondog King and Moondog Rex) as they bring back the original “Moondog” Lonnie Mayne gimmick as a team from way back in 1973 WWWF. Moondog King eats Capetta’s carnation off his suit. King is better known for his work as Sailor White in Canadian wrestling promotions than really anything in the U.S. As for Moondog Rex, he’s Randy Colley who is also known for being one of the masked Assassins and the original Demolition Smash. Vince and Pat wonder where Albano keeps finding these people. Vince – “IS [Albano] FAT OR WHAT?” Brown has been totally destroyed. Rex powerslams Brown while King delivers a Running Splash for the win in 7:08. Rex and King get on all fours and lick on Albano’s thigh like they are actual dogs.

  • Killer Khan (w/Captain Lou Albano) vs. Mark Pole

Khan’s usual handler is Freddie Blassie, so I don’t know why Albano is out here. Vince and Pat discuss why Khan screams when he lands blows upon Pole. Khan is Backlund’s next MSG opponent scheduled for December 29. A jumping knee drop ends Pole in 2:54.

And that’s all for this week. Until next time, so long for now.


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