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Crockett Cup ’88

The 3rd Annual Crockett Cup
April 22-23, 1988
Greenville, SC & Greensboro, NC
Greenville Auditorium & Greensboro Coliseum

So Turner would buy out JCP in the fall, making this the final Crockett Cup. In case you haven’t been following or just don’t know, the winner of this tag team tournament gets a million dollars cash money!

Your hosts are Jim Ross & Tony Schiavone Read the rest of this entry

Bunkhouse Stampede ’88

NWA Bunkhouse Stampede ‘88
January 24, 1988
Uniondale, NY
Nassau Coliseum

Just when JCP thought it was safe to air a PPV without McMahon coming along and tricking the cable companies into choosing to air his PPVs over the NWA’s PPV, Vince airs a free show with the debut of the Royal Rumble over on the USA network. No biggie though, the card wasn’t even that good to begin with and a less than mediocre WrestleMania card was coming.

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Bob Caudle! Read the rest of this entry

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