ROH: One Year Anniversary (02.03)

ROH: One Year Anniversary
Queens, NY

Low-Ki is the first face we see as he’s walking up to the building. During the first year of ROH, the company has implemented respect, honor, discipline and dedication back into wrestling. It’s been a monumental year and now a new year is upon us, so you better get ready!

They show a video package with highlights of the first year in ROH.

ROH First Year Flashback: The Era of Honor Begins – Low Ki vs. American Dragon vs. Christopher Daniels – a match that set the standard for ROH.

Paul London gets some promo time and mentions how he plans to take home some gold tonight.

Your hosts are Ray Murrow & Chris Lovey.

  • Chad Collyer vs. EZ Money vs. Colt Cabana vs. Michael ShaneFour Corner Survival Match

One fall to a finish. In case you’re a little unfamiliar with Chad Collyer and EZ Money, Collyer is the next generation’s Dean Malenko. He’s been all over the place and currently wrestles in England with ASW. You may remember EZ Money from the final months of ECW. After ECW went under, he signed with WCW as Jason Jett. Funny I mention these two because they start the match. They grapple to a stalemate and tag Cabana and Shane in for a try. You’ve got to love Shane’s Scott Hall Wolfpac tights. Cabana explodes with a quebrada for two. Cabana works the arm and tags in Collyer. Shane breaks away and tags Money who slams Collyer down for the Pendulum of Pain. From there, they trade bowtie locks on the mat. A cheapshot from Michael Shane on the apron allows Collyer to deck Money to set up a face-in-peril scenario. Shane tags and delivers a series of short-arm clotheslines and finishes up with a flapjack for two. Collyer’s back in with a chinlock. Money fights out and levels him with a flying clothesline. He goes for the tag and Michael Shane steps over to the other side of the apron to be a jerk. He tags Collyer instead and rolls up Money for 1-2-NO! Money tries to come back with a handspring elbow off the ropes and kind of botches it up. He still delivers it anyway. Money blocks a superplex with a front superplex to Shane and makes the hot tag to Colt. Kryptonite Krunch on the knee from Cabana to Collyer. That gets two. Cabana catches Shane coming off the middle rope and delivers a double-underhook slam out of it. Quite amazing. Money blocks a Jack Brisco rollup in the corner for the MONEY IN THE BANK on Cabana! Cover, 1-2-NO! Collyer makes the save. Shane blocks a rana from Money with a Powerbomb for another nearfall. Now everyone takes their dive bumps on the floor, ending with a Michael Shane somersault plancha to Money. Back in the ring, Collyer nails Cabana with a Release German Suplex for 1-2-NO! Michael Shane tries to leap on Cabana, but gets caught in mid-air with an Ace Crusher. Collyer takes advantage and falls on top of Shane for 1-2-NO! THE MONEY CLIP (slingshot flip into a clothesline) takes out Cabana and Collyer! Shane misses the PICTURE PERFECT ELBOW to Money and avoids the COLT 45 from Cabana, but then gets locked in the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF by Collyer. Shane makes the ropes. EZ Money grabs Collyer and delivers the CHA-CHING POWERBOMB (suplex lift into a powerbomb) for the 1-2-3! (15:20) This win didn’t end up meaning a whole lot for EZ Money’s ROH run, but a win nonetheless. Good enough match, but there was some awkwardness going on in this one. **¾

ROH First Year Flashback: All Star Extravaganza – Tommy Dreamer shows up to put over ROH and DDT’s Michael Shane. Dreamer was a lot thinner back then.

  • Fast Eddie, Don Juan & Hotstuff Hernandez (w/Rudy Boy Gonzales) vs. The Carnage Crew

This is back when the Carnage Crew was a stable and not just HC Loc and Tony DeVito. There was a guy named Masada added to the group. He looks like Matt Hardy if he were part of Raven’s flock back in the day. Future LAX strongman Hernandez makes his ROH debut here as part of the Texas Wrestling Academy. Masada works most of the match for the Carnage Crew as Fast Eddie and Don Juan control the action. Hernandez tags in and destroys Masada with a Canadian backbreaker and then drops him on his head! Don Juan and Fast Eddie deliver the quebradas. HC Loc stops Don Juan with a twisting back suplex to slow down the TWA guys. Masada tries for multiple Northern Lights suplexes, but he has a little trouble with it. DeVito stops a tornado DDT from Don Juan and tosses him off back-first into the corner. That gets two. DeVito and Loc hook on a double Boston crab while Masada comes off the top with a legdrop. DeVito misses a moonsault and that sets up a hot tag to Hernandez. Holy crap the Carnage Crew gets murdered. Masada takes what TNA fans know as the Cracker Jack. The Carnage Crew are down on the floor and when Fast Eddie goes for an Asai Moonsault, Loc nails him in the face with the hubcap. Hernandez and Don Juan take hubcap shots as well to draw the DQ. (5:39) Some good action with a typical Carnage Crew finish. You could tell that Hernandez could be a star at some point. Even if it is only on a TNA scale. The beatdown continues on the TWA guys after the bell as more hubcaps and chairs get involved. That is until the Christopher Street Connection return to get revenge on the Carnage Crew. And yeah, they make out a little. *½

ROH First Year Flashback: Honor Invades Boston – Mark Briscoe makes his ROH debut at the young age of seventeen to battle his brother Jay. That leads right into their final match against each other.

  • Mark Briscoe vs. Jay Briscoe

This match is supposed to be dedicated to one of their friends who was killed in a car accident. From here on out, these two would look to become what we know them as today as one of the top drawing tag teams on the indy circuit. Lots of feeling out stuff to start. Jay thinks he’s KO’ed his brother with a running boot to the face, but Mark’s just playing ‘possum and starts working the leg. Well, that’s messed up. Mark tries to kip up out of a headscissors, so Jay yanks him back down using his legs into the headscissors. Pretty cool, but where’d the leg work go? They exchange dropkicks before Jay delivers a nice hourglass suplex. That gets two. Mark backdrops a JAY DRILLER into a bridge for 1-2-NO! Jay bridges out of the cover into another JAY DRILLER attempt, but Mark ranas out. Mark works on the leg again with a half crab, but Jay quickly gets to the ropes. They both fall out to the floor and exchange blows. Mark finally wins that battle by smashing Jay’s face into the ringpost. Mark follows that up with a springboard somersault plancha, BUT AT WHAT COST?! Just kidding. Jay is busted open by that ringpost smash. Mark continues the mayhem with a top-rope moonsault to the floor on his brother. Back in, Mark springboards into a superkick from Jay! He stays on the offense with a Torture Rack into a backbreaker across the knee. DVD gets two for Jay. Mark comes back with a Running Knee in the corner. Think CM Punk. Mark delivers the Springboard Ace Crusher for 1-2-NO! They exchange finishers until Mark counters the JAY DRILLER with an Alabama Slam. Jay blocks a second Springboard Ace Crusher by catching Mark in mid-air with an Ace Crusher of his own. Mark wins a chop battle, but gets decked by a Yakuza Kick. A Ligerbomb sets up Mark for a Flying Senton for 1-2-NO! Mark blocks another JAY DRILLER attempt and takes Jay over with a Uranage. Now he wants to put Jay away with the JAY DRILLER! Mark delivers! Cover, 1-2-NO! Mark misses a flying moonsault. THREE JAY DRILLERS later and Jay gets the three-count. (16:40) I’m assuming that’s Jay’s way of teaching his brother not to play ‘possum on him. You do it to him, he’ll knock you out for real. Not amazing or anything, but still a pretty fun match. Psychology has never been the Briscoes strong suit anyway. By the end of the year, the Briscoes would win their first ROH tag titles. ***¼

Da Hit Squad reminisce over the first year of ROH and hype their upcoming Scramble match.

ROH First Year Flashback: Road to the Title – Low-Ki and Amazing Red have a classic Jet Li exchange in the ring and the crowd goes insane for it. It’s definitely one of my favorite early ROH matches.

Homicide cuts a promo on Steve Corino. That guy’s going to the hospital tonight.

  • Steve Corino (w/Samoa Joe & Simply Luscious) vs. Homicide

How funny is it to see Samoa Joe as Corino’s lackey. The Code of Honor is thrown out for this one. Corino introduces the newest member to his little group and that person is…Michael Shane. In order to stick it to Sapolsky and Feinstein, Corino brings out CW Anderson who was fired from ROH for ditching a show and taking a booking in Japan instead. Corino then screws with Homicide and mentions that he has his eye on Low-Ki as well. Homicide grabs the stick and says that he ain’t scared-uh none a’yall. He’s finally had enough and decks Corino with the mic. And we’re off. Homicide gets a few nearfalls on Corino and hooks an STF. Corino takes control after a back suplex and applies the Cobra Sleeper, but Homicide’s in the ropes. Homicide avoids a charge and trips Corino up into the corner to set up a Running Face Wash. Corino grabs the top rope to prevent a top-rope rana and hits a flying bulldog for two. Meanwhile, Joe and CW Anderson are exchanging some angry words with the fans. Super Ace Crusher by Homicide gets two. Corino tries to come back with the OLD SCHOOL EXPULSION, but Homicide turns it around into a reverse DDT. Corino kicks the ref in the balls on the way down though. Homicide hits a Shining Wizard on Corino off ref Paul Turner’s back. Slow count gets two. They go to the floor where Homicide sits Corino in a chair and comes through the ropes for the Tope Con Hilo, but Corino moves and Homicide crashes into the chair! Steve Corino’s Group shout things at Homicide while CW Anderson and Gabe Sapolsky lock eyes. Back in the ring, Homicide looks KO’ed. Corino covers for 1-2-NO! OLD SCHOOL EXPULSION gets 1-2-NO! Northern Lights Bomb gets another nearfall. The Cobra Sleeper will finish Homicide off though. (12:13) Homicide passes out from the hold. The Group continue to beat up the hometown hero until a literal riot ensues. Gabe must not have got the memo from the crowd: “If Homicide loses, we riot.” The locker room empties out as it’s the fans vs. the wrestlers. Whether it was a complete work or not, it was still pretty cool to see Samoa Joe taking on the fatties of Queens. They make a really big deal out of it though by showing the riot in its entirety from two different camera angles which eats up another twenty minutes. **½

ROH First Year Flashback: Unscripted – The Prophecy defeat American Dragon and Michael Modest to become the first ROH tag team champions.

Christopher Daniels is offended that Corino’s “Group” is taking his same philosophy on monopolizing the titles in ROH and trying to use it for their gain. Not cool, Steve. This is not business, it’s personal. Watch your back, Steve.

ROH First Year Flashback: Crowning A Champion – We check out the finish to the four-way Iron Man match to crown Low-Ki as the first ROH champion. Low-Ki flips out of the Chaos Theory from Doug Williams and clamps on the Dragon Clutch on Spanky to gain the final fall. Just freakin’ amazing. Daniels tries to put Low-Ki away with a Dragon Sleeper, but Low-Ki counters with Daniels’ own Last Rites as they come to the end of the match.

  • Outcast Killaz vs. Dunn & Marcos

No match. Gary Michael Capetta introduces CW Anderson. He comes out and challenges anyone in the crowd to a fight. When the Outcast Killaz and the Ring Crew Express get in his face, he destroys them as CM Punk answers the challenge with a great promo. Who cares about South Carolina? I live in North Carolina and even I can agree with that statement.

  • CW Anderson vs. CM Punk

Apparently CM Punk was scheduled to face Reckless Youth, but ironically he was involved in a car accident on the way to the show. He’s alright though. Anderson works the arm to start. Because he’s an Anderson. Get it? Punk goes after the leg for a while. Not a whole lot going on here. Anderson hits an Exploder for two. Shining Wizard by Punk gets two, but then he charges into a superkick for a nearfall. Punk counters the AA SPINEBUSTER into a sunset flip for 1-2-3. (9:44) Good enough, I suppose. Kind of a silly finish though. **

ROH First Year Flashback: Unscripted – Paul London takes on Michael Shane in an amazing street fight. Ladders are involved. This is the match where the crowd chants “Please don’t die” directed at Paul London. A somersault plancha off a ladder? Picture Perfect Elbow off a ladder? Shooting star press off a ladder? Insanity.

  • Bryan Danielson vs. Samoa Joe

This is a rematch from last month’s show where Joe defeated Dragon. Both guys “jocking for position” in the early going. Joe grabs a leg and works a SICK half-crab. Danielson applies an Indian deathlock and drops elbows on Joe’s shoulders as he cranks on the hold. While still holding on to the deathlock, Danielson manages to grab an almost inverted Cattle Mutilation. Pretty crazy to see a guy like Joe stretched like that. Joe escapes and reverts to the Boston crab where he hooks his hands above Danielson’s knees for extra leverage. Joe wins a chop battle when Danielson tries a headbutt. He’s Samoan, you dummy. Danielson gets fired up after a hourglass suplex, but charges into STJOE. He follows up with the stiff chop and hard kick after the snapmare and then applies a bow-and-arrow to do further damage to the lower back. Powerbomb leads to an STF. Danielson makes the ropes and comes back with some desperate enziguri kicks. He unloads on Joe and levels him in the corner with a Running Forearm. Tiger Mask DDT gets 1-2-NO! Joe ducks a charge and levels Dragon with a bridging German suplex for two. That leads to the Running Face Wash. Ahh Joe, you’re so smug. Joe goes to the top and gets caught for a superplex. Dragon follows up with the Swandive Headbutt for 1-2-NO! Another slugfest ensues and Danielson wins *that* with a Roaring Elbow for 1-2-NO! Joe starts psyching himself up and buries some knees on Dragon’s head. Jumping knee connects as does a powerbomb, but then Dragon pops up and cradles Joe for 1-2-3. (15:22) The finish was out of nowhere, but everything else was pretty great. When thinking about the long-term though, I’m sure they just wanted to keep Joe looking strong with that cheap finish since he would be taking the title in March without having to job Danielson out two shows in a row to the same guy. ***½

ROH First Year Flashback: Unscripted – Xavier turns heel and joins the Prophecy before beating Low-Ki with the 450 Splash to become the ROH champion.

ROH champion Xavier and Allison Danger come out to work the crowd into another angry frenzy. Oh yeah, and scout the #1 contender’s match.

  • Paul London vs. AJ Styles vs. Low-KiTriple Threat Match for the Number One Contender’s Trophy

Winner gets an ROH title shot in the main event. During Xavier’s title reign, he’s defeated all three of these men at one time or another. Most recently, he beat Paul London at Final Battle 2002. This has the potential to be freakin’ amazing, by the way. Naturally, everybody goes after each other to start. Low-Ki leaps off AJ and Mongolian chops London. Styles misses a baseball slide on London and falls out to the floor as Low-Ki starts up the Krush Combo on London, but Styles cuts him off with a slingshot forearm from the apron. London dropkicks them both and nails Styles with a baseball slide through the ropes. Low-Ki stops a suicide dive with a Koppa Kick and wins a chop battle with AJ by hitting him with a spin kick. They continue to brawl around ringside as London takes them both out with a flying crossbody! Back in, London slingshots himself onto Low-Ki for an Oklahoma roll for two. Low-Ki hits London with a back elbow and looks to toss him out. London tries to skin-the-cat, but Styles grabs hold of his legs while Low-Ki kicks him down to end all that. Styles hits Low-Ki with his leapfrog/dropkick combo for two. Backbreaker/gutbuster combo follows as London flies in to take down Styles with a missile dropkick. It doesn’t slow AJ down for too long though as he connects with the kip-up rana on London. He misses a Discus Forearm as London delivers a pair of Northern Lights suplexes followed by a Bridging Fallaway Slam for two. Low-Ki breaks up the pin and starts owning the other two. London takes a mean Koppa Kick. Styles comes back with an enziguri on Low-Ki and tries the Asai DDT, but Low-Ki kicks out of it. Awesome. Low-Ki flips out of a suplex and hooks on the DRAGON CLUTCH! AJ looks to break that up with the Asai DDT and he succeeds! Styles hits another variation of the backbreaker/gutbuster combo on London. AJ applies the Muta Lock on London which leaves wide open for the Krush Combo. Low-Ki grabs the DRAGON CLUTCH on Styles as London cranks back on Low-Ki’s neck. After all that is released, Low-Ki hits a running kick on London in the corner. Styles avoids a charge, but runs into a boot and takes a Tidal Wave from Low-Ki. He follows up with a Krush Rush on Styles and when he looks to give one to London, London slips away and levels Low-Ki with a DDT! That gets two for London. Styles fights with London up top. Low-Ki ends the struggle, but takes a suplex into AJ’s arms for a possible SUPER STYLES CLASH. No wait, Low-Ki counters it with a rana into London for a powerbomb. Cover, 1-2-NO! Low-Ki makes the save. Koppa Kick to London takes him out temporarily. AJ blocks a kick and hits a German suplex and then rolls through that for the Wheelbarrow Facebuster, but Low-Ki rolls through *that* into a DRAGON CLUTCH! London breaks that up with the London Original. AJ grabs London for the German suplex/back suplex combo for a nearfall. Low-Ki breaks up a reverse tornado DDT by London with the Tidal Krush. Black Magic connects on AJ Styles for 1-2-NO! Now all three men are fighting on the top rope. Low-Ki brings AJ down with the SUPER KI KRUSHER! That leaves Styles prone and ready for the LONDON STAR PRESS for the 1-2-3! (18:50) Super finish, but some of the middle looked to be a bit dragged out. In some places, they didn’t seem to know what to do next. I mean, it happens. ***¾

As ROH champ, Xavier uses his “stroke” and demands that his match with London begin immediately.

  • ROH Champion Xavier (w/Allison Danger) vs. Paul London

That Xavier guy’s a jerk! How dare he take advantage of a weakened opponent to hold on to his title! Xavier nails London from behind and starts turnbuckle smashing. London blocks one and starts kicking away. Allison Danger trips up London as he turns around into a release belly-to-belly suplex. Alexis Laree (Mickie James) comes in to have a talk with this Allison Danger chick. Xavier breaks up their little tiff so we can get back to the match. London slams Xavier off the top. Xavier *is* in classic heel mode tonight. London starts working the arm until Xavier blocks a tilt-a-whirl armbreaker into a release German suplex that puts London right on his head. Xavier pounds away on London, but London blocks the Cobra Clutch Suplex for the Bret Hart kick off the turnbuckle counter for 1-2-NO! London Original connects for another two. Xavier dumps London out through a table and sends him into the guardrail. Not only that, but he battering rams him into the ringpost. Back in, Xavier drops a knee! Woooooo. Arrogant cover by Xavier is stopped with a kick to the face. Xavier chokes London in the ropes to break the Code of Honor just a little bit more. Cobra Clutch Suplex is delivered, but it only gets two. London falls back on a Back Superplex for a nearfall. Springboard forearm connects and London slowly goes for the LONDON STAR PRESS, but Xavier rolls out before any damage can be done. Of course that just means that London is going to flip back onto Xavier down on the floor. Back in, London hits a springboard moonsault for 1-2-NO! Xavier goes low on London, but gets tripped up by Allison Danger by accident. London dropkicks Xavier out for a pescado, but Xavier makes Allison Danger take the blow. London hits a moonsault off the guardrail onto Xavier. They head back into the ring where Xavier begs off. London kicks Xavier around and levels him with the Legsweep DDT! Cover, 1-2-NO! They fight up on the top rope where London shoves Xavier down to set him up for the LONDON STAR PRESS! Will he hit it this time? Yes he does! Xavier has his feet underneath the ropes for Allison Danger to pull him out from the cover. Alexis Laree takes care of Allison Danger as we’ve got ourselves a catfight. Yeah, it’s amazing what three years does for Alexis Laree’s career because she’s not very impressive here. Xavier nails London with the Kiss Your X Goodbye. This sets up the 450 SPLASH to the back for 1-2-NO! London blocks the X-Breaker with a small package for 1-2-NO! London rolls Xavier up again, but Xavier rolls through and grabs the tights (in plain sight of the ref!) for 1-2-3! (19:27) I like heel Xavier. He’s so much more interesting. This was your typical ’80s face vs. heel title match with a 21st century moveset. I think we could have done without the little catfight though. ***½

ROH First Year Flashback: Night of Appreciation – Oh man, Eddie Guerrero and the Amazing Red beating The SAT. That clip really made me miss Eddie.

  • Da Hit Squad, The SAT, Divine Storm & Mikey Whipwreck vs. Special K (w/Slugga)Scramble Madness

Wow, a 14-man spotfest. There is no way I’m even going to attempt PBP for this one. I’ll just note the high spots as we come to them. The announcers even tell you that this is going to be a spotfest. Brian XL hits a nice rewind rana on Jose Maximo from the SAT. Joel Maximo levels Izzy with a clothesline for a 360 degree sell. Monsta Mack takes a nice tornado DDT from Deranged and then belly-to-belly throws him into the corner. It gets a little annoying whenever the announcers mention how Special K might be on something if you know what I mean *winkwinkwinkwink*. Special K brag about taking X and going to raves. That’s their thing. We know that. You don’t need to remind us every five minutes after they get run down by a guy THREE times their size. Sorry. Jody Fleisch rolls out on Mafia and tries to set him up for a Deranged springboard move, but he’s caught and thrown backwards into Fleisch. It turns into a pier-fourteen brawl as different members of each team deliver somersault planchas. Hopefully not to people on their own team. It’s really hard to tell though. It ends with Mikey Whipwreck landing on all twelve men with a somersault plancha. It’s basically a stage dive with that many people. Back in, Angel Dust gets put in the tree of woe as all seven members of DHS, SAT, Divine Storm & Mikey baseball slide into this guy. Out of nowhere, Mikey Whipwreck turns on his team and has WHIPPER SNAPPERS for all of them. Trinity hops into the ring to ask Mikey what’s the deal. Special K’s security guy Slugga comes in and drops her with the BODY BAG. Kind of a slam into a cutter. Slugga carries her out and uh oh, a black guy’s got a white chick in his arms. Special K all deliver double-stomps to Jose Maximo. Here we go again as Chris Lovey says “Deranged is definitely on something.” Just stop. Lots of messy spots follow. Mafia stops a wheelbarrow from Izzy and nails him with a release dragon suplex. Now we have a crazy Tower of Doom that just looks awful with that many people. With everybody on the floor, Monsta Mack presses and throws Slim J out on top of them. DHS and the SAT concentrate on Izzy for a while. Divine Storm deliver a German Superplex/Flying Legdrop combo on Deranged. Now all fourteen men take turns delivering their finishers. A SUPER BURNING HAMMER from Mafia to Deranged finally ends this thing. (33:45) I can appreciate a good spotfest, but this was not even that impressive. Its matches like this one where the wrestlers in Special K need to really ask themselves, “Is it worth it?” Whoever booked this to go thirty minutes is definitely on something. Ahh crap, now I’m starting to say it. **

ROH First Year Flashback: Revenge on the Prophecy – Low-Ki gets revenge on the Prophecy. He grinds one of those long pipes stuck down in concrete made simply to bind and hold down the barricades on Xavier’s chest and hits the top of it with a chair for added effect, which is exactly what Xavier did to him when he joined up with the Prophecy and won the title. Also, AJ Styles counters ANGELS WINGS from Christopher Daniels into a STYLES CLASH off the apron through a table. Well that’s just about the craziest bump I’ve ever seen Daniels take.

We now go to Christopher Daniels and Allison Danger. No one was more happy with Steve Corino’s success over the last few years, but now he is not very happy at all now that Corino has come to ROH looking to devalue the Prophecy. You want a war? You’ve got one.

AJ Styles asks Paul London if he wants to go after the Prophecy and win the ROH tag belts. Sounds like a good idea to Paul. This would never happen due to Paul London needing emergency sinus surgery, so the Amazing Red took his place.

CM Punk wants to talk about respect, which he has a lot of for the ROH locker room. He even respects Colt Cabana even though he annoys the crap out of him. Cabana interrupts elated that Punk respects him, but then Punk reminds him that he’s letting Colt sleep on his floor tonight. Now he has to start all over again! Take two, Punk tells us that Ace Steele is coming to ROH. Also Raven is coming to ROH. Punk’s all straight edge and Raven’s all about debauchery. He makes a challenge to Raven at the next show because Punk feels he doesn’t deserve to be in ROH.

We go to the boiler room where Raven’s hanging out at apparently to hear him cut his usual promo. He says that maybe Punk doesn’t have the balls to walk on the dark side. He spouts off his famous “choices” line. Welcome to Raven’s Clockwork Orange House of Fun! Quote the Raven, nevermore.

Rob Feinstein takes the one year anniversary cake to the face and then asks the guys in the locker room if they want some cake. You would ask that, wouldn’t you Rob.

Final Thoughts: Good gosh this felt long. Four hours long! Unless you are a huge ROH fan, it can be hard to sit through. On the other hand, you’ve got four good matches with some big stars. We also saw some angle advancement with all the enemies that the Prophecy has made and the start of the famous Punk/Raven feud. I also really enjoyed the flashbacks which made this show really feel like a celebration, so that was a nice touch and a great way to advertise those earlier shows, so two birds and one stone. I’ll give it a thumbs up, but the casual ROH fan should be ready to hit that fast-forward button in some spots if you catch my drift. Dangit!


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