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ECW: Unreleased Vol. 2

ecw unreleased vol 2

ECW: Unreleased Vol. 2
Released: July 30, 2013

This review is for the 3-disc DVD version, not the 2-disc blu-ray that contains some extra matches.

Joey Styles and Tommy Dreamer are your hosts. They show up every three matches or so, and they basically put people over and don’t take anything too seriously. There are some bits of footage here and there while they talk, which adds a nice touch. Also, many of these matches are proceeded by the full promos that went along with them when they originally aired, so that’s cool too. Read the rest of this entry

UWF Live Event 5/12/2007

FROM: Wrestling Recaps

United Wrestling Federation Live Event
: 5/12/2007
From: Greensboro, NC Read the rest of this entry

ECW Fan Cam 11/10/2000

FROMWrestling Recaps

Extreme Championship Wrestling Fan Cam
From: Schenectady, NY Read the rest of this entry

PWG: Rocktoberfest (06.04)

PWG: Rocktoberfest!!
June 19, 2004
Santa Ana, CA
Elks Lodge


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Your hosts are Disco Machine & Excalibur.

Apparently June is the rocking-est month of them all, says Excalibur. Read the rest of this entry

ECW Path of Destruction

ECW Path of Destruction
Released 11/14/00

Your host is Joey Styles.

  • 4-Way Dance: Shane Douglas vs Pitbull 2 (w/Francine) vs 2 Cold Scorpio vs Television Champion Chris Jericho (Heat Wave – 7/13/96)

There are tag rules in this match, with two guys wrestling while two others stand on the apron. Read the rest of this entry

ECW Living Dangerously 1999

ECW Living Dangerously
March 21, 1999
Asbury Park, NJ
Asbury Park Convention Center

The current ECW Champions were as follows:
World Heavyweight Champion: Taz (1/10/99)
Television Champion: Rob Van Dam (4/4/98)
Tag Team Champions: Sabu and Rob Van Dam (12/13/98)
Unrecognized FTW Champion: Sabu (12/19/98)

Your host is Joey Styles. Read the rest of this entry

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #1 6-19-2002

Everybody please welcome a new writer on the Powerdriver Review staff! FINALLY, I’ve got myself a great TNA writer and I think he’s going to be a good fit here on the site, so everybody be sure to check out his posts!

  • National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents: Weekly PPV #1 6-19-2002

From: Huntsville, AL

The show starts off with several legends who once competed in the NWA. The legends include Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat and Jackie Fargo Read the rest of this entry

ECW World Heavyweight Title History

Champion Won From Date City/Event
Jimmy Snuka Salvatore Bellomo 4/25/1992 Mount Tabor, PA[1]
Johnny Hotbody Jimmy Snuka 4/26/1992 Philadelphia, PA
Jimmy Snuka (2) Johnny Hotbody 7/14/1992 Philadelphia, PA
Don Muraco Jimmy Snuka 9/30/1992 Philadelphia, PA
The Sandman Don Muraco 11/16/1992 Philadelphia, PA
Don Muraco (2) The Sandman 4/3/1993 Radnor, PA
Tito Santana Don Muraco 8/8/1993 Philadelphia, PA
Shane Douglas Tito Santana 9/9/1993 Roanoke, VA[2]
Sabu Shane Douglas 10/2/1993 NWA Bloodfest: Part 2
Terry Funk Sabu 12/26/1993 Holiday Hell
Shane Douglas (2) Terry Funk 3/26/1994 Ultimate Jeopardy[3]
The Sandman (2) Shane Douglas 4/15/1995 Hostile City Showdown
Mikey Whipwreck The Sandman 10/28/1995 Philadelphia, PA
The Sandman (3) Mikey Whipwreck 12/9/1995 December to Dismember[4]
Raven The Sandman 1/27/1996 Philadelphia, PA
The Sandman (4) Stevie Richards 10/5/1996 Ultimate Jeopardy[5]
Raven (2) The Sandman 12/7/1996 Holiday Hell
Terry Funk (2) Raven 4/13/1997 Barely Legal
Sabu (2) Terry Funk 8/9/1997 Born to be Wired
Shane Douglas (3) Sabu 8/17/1997 Hardcore Heaven[6]
Bam Bam Bigelow Shane Douglas 10/16/1997 New York, NY
Shane Douglas (4) Bam Bam Bigelow 11/30/1997 November to Remember
Taz Shane Douglas 1/10/1999 Guilty as Charged
Mike Awesome Taz 9/19/1999 Anarchy Rulz[7]
Masato Tanaka Mike Awesome 12/17/1999 ECW on TNN
Mike Awesome (2) Masato Tanaka 12/23/1999 ECW on TNN
Tazz (2) Mike Awesome 4/13/2000 ECW on TNN[8]
Tommy Dreamer Tazz 4/22/2000 CyberSlam
Justin Credible Tommy Dreamer 4/22/2000 CyberSlam
Jerry Lynn Justin Credible 10/1/2000 Anarchy Rulz
Steve Corino Jerry Lynn 11/5/2000 November to Remember[9]
The Sandman (5) Steve Corino 1/7/2001 Guilty as Charged[10]
Rhino The Sandman 1/7/2001 Guilty as Charged[11]

[1]: This was a tournament final.
[2]: Title awarded to Douglas by forfeit when Tito Santana didn’t show up for the match.
[3]: Douglas pinned Funk in an eight-man tag team Ultimate Jeopardy match which included Shane Douglas, Mr. Hughes and Public Enemy against Road Warrior Hawk, Kevin Sullivan, The Tazmaniac and Terry Funk. Due to a prematch stipulation, the title changed hands. Also, on August 27, 1994, Eastern Championship Wrestling was renamed Extreme Championship Wrestling once Shane Douglas denounced the NWA to break away and become their own seperate promotion.
[4]: This was a triple-threat match which also involved Steve Austin.
[5]: Stevie Richards substituted for Raven in a tag match that had as a stipulation that if he got pinned, Raven would lose the belt. The tag match ended up being The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer against Stevie Richards and Brian Lee.
[6]: Shane Douglas was victorious over both Sabu and Terry Funk in this three-way elimination match.
[7]: This was a three-way match also involving Masato Tanaka.
[8]: Even though Tazz was working for the WWF at the time, Vince McMahon allowed him to come over to ECW and squash Mike Awesome for the ECW world title belt because of his recent signing with WCW for the fear that Mike Awesome would take the belt with him.
[9]: This was a Double Jeopardy match also involving Justin Credible and The Sandman.
[10]: This was a Tables, Ladders, Chairs, and Canes match also involving Justin Credible.
[11]: On April 11, 2001, ECW shuts down and the WWF buys their assets, which makes Rhino the final REAL ECW world heavyweight champion.

Credit goes to: PWI Almanac,, and

ROH: Night of Champions (03.03)

ROH: Night of Champions
Philadelphia, PA

From a promo sent by Steve Corino while he was backstage taking a shower after a Zero-One show in Japan dated from back at the last ROH show a week earlier, he says he’s got two words for Christopher Daniels – dare me.

Meanwhile back in Philadelphia, Jody Fleisch decides not to party with Mikey Whipwreck and the Special K tonight because he’s got his big match with Low-Ki. Whipwreck demands some rock n roll from the DJ and the Special K boys cover their ears. It’s harshing their mellow!

Interview with the Prophecy: Christopher Daniels says if Doug Williams can beat him for the FWA title, then he can start shaking hands again in ROH. Xavier tells Joe that he can’t beat him because Joe couldn’t beat Low-Ki, which Xavier could in order to win the ROH title. Tonight, Joe’s just going to be X’ed out like everybody before him. Oh yeah, and they are ready for Steve Corino. Off the mic but not really, Daniels tries to talk Xavier out of defending the belt against Joe, putting him over as the hardest hitting guy he’s ever faced.

Your hosts are Ray Murrow and Chris Lovey.
Read the rest of this entry

ROH: One Year Anniversary (02.03)

ROH: One Year Anniversary
Queens, NY

Low-Ki is the first face we see as he’s walking up to the building. During the first year of ROH, the company has implemented respect, honor, discipline and dedication back into wrestling. It’s been a monumental year and now a new year is upon us, so you better get ready!

They show a video package with highlights of the first year in ROH.

ROH First Year Flashback: The Era of Honor Begins – Low Ki vs. American Dragon vs. Christopher Daniels – a match that set the standard for ROH.

Paul London gets some promo time and mentions how he plans to take home some gold tonight.

Your hosts are Ray Murrow & Chris Lovey. Read the rest of this entry

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