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ECW: Unreleased Vol. 2

ecw unreleased vol 2

ECW: Unreleased Vol. 2
Released: July 30, 2013

This review is for the 3-disc DVD version, not the 2-disc blu-ray that contains some extra matches.

Joey Styles and Tommy Dreamer are your hosts. They show up every three matches or so, and they basically put people over and don’t take anything too seriously. There are some bits of footage here and there while they talk, which adds a nice touch. Also, many of these matches are proceeded by the full promos that went along with them when they originally aired, so that’s cool too. Read the rest of this entry

ECW Barely Legal

ECW Barely Legal
April 13, 1997
ECW Arena
Philadelphia, PA

The current ECW champions were as follows:
ECW Champion: Raven (12/7/96)
Television Champion: Shane Douglas (7/13/96)
Tag Team Champions: Dudley Boyz (3/15/97)

Your host is Joey Styles. Read the rest of this entry

ECW Legacy: EXTREME Lucha Libre Legacy on Demand Showcase
ECW Legacy: Extreme Lucha Libre

Your hosts are Joey Styles and Tazz. Read the rest of this entry

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