WCW International World Title History

Champion Won From Date City/Event
Ric Flair 9/1993 [1]
Rick Rude Ric Flair 9/19/1993 Fall Brawl
Hiroshi Hase Rick Rude 3/16/1994 Japan
Rick Rude (2) Hiroshi Hase 3/24/1994 Japan
Sting Rick Rude 4/17/1994 Spring Stampede
Rick Rude (3) Sting 5/1/1994 Japan[2]
Sting (2) Vader 5/22/1994 Slamboree[3]
Ric Flair (2) Sting 6/23/1994 Clash 27[4]

[1]: WCW withdrew from the NWA for good in September 1993 and turned the Big Gold belt which Flair was the possessor of into the WCW International World title.
[2]: Even though Rude won the match, he suffered a career ending injury which caused him to forfeit the title.
[3]: Sting defeated Vader to reclaim the title when it was up for grabs due to Rude’s career ending injury.
[4]: As the WCW World Champion, Ric Flair defeated Sting to unify the titles.

Credit goes to: PWI Almanac, wrestling-titles.com, and ProWrestlingHistory.com

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