WCW World Television Title History

Champion Won From Date City/Event
Arn Anderson Tom Zenk 1/14/1991 Main Event[1]
Bobby Eaton Arn Anderson 5/19/1991 Superbrawl I
Steve Austin Bobby Eaton 6/29/1991 Worldwide
Barry Windham Steve Austin 5/9/1992 Saturday Night
Steve Austin (2) Barry Windham 6/13/1992 Worldwide
Ricky Steamboat Steve Austin 9/2/1992 Clash 20
Scott Steiner Ricky Steamboat 9/29/1992 Worldwide[2]
Paul Orndorff Erik Watts 3/2/1993 Power Hour[3]
Ricky Steamboat (2) Paul Orndorff 8/18/1993 Clash 24
Lord Steven Regal Ricky Steamboat 9/19/1993 Fall Brawl
Larry Zbyszko Lord Steven Regal 5/2/1994 Saturday Night
Lord Steven Regal (2) Larry Zbyszko 6/23/1994 Clash 27
Johnny B. Badd Lord Steven Regal 9/18/1994 Fall Brawl
Arn Anderson (2) Johnny B. Badd 1/8/1995 Main Event
Renegade Arn Anderson 6/18/1995 Great American Bash
Diamond Dallas Page Renegade 9/17/1995 Fall Brawl
Johnny B. Badd (2) Diamond Dallas Page 10/29/1995 Halloween Havoc
Lex Luger Johnny B. Badd 2/17/1996 Baltimore, MD
Johnny B. Badd (3) Lex Luger 2/18/1996 Norfolk, VA
Lex Luger (2) Johnny B. Badd 3/6/1996 Saturday Night
Lord Steven Regal (3) Lex Luger 8/20/1996 Saturday Night
Prince Iaukea Lord Steven Regal 2/17/1997 Monday Nitro
Ultimo Dragon Prince Iaukea 4/7/1997 Monday Nitro
Lord Steven Regal (4) Ultimo Dragon 5/18/1997 Slamboree
Ultimo Dragon (2) Lord Steven Regal 7/21/1997 Monday Nitro
Alex Wright Ultimo Dragon 8/21/1997 Clash 35
Disco Inferno Alex Wright 9/22/1997 Monday Nitro
Perry Saturn Disco Inferno 11/3/1997 Monday Nitro
Disco Inferno (2) Perry Saturn 12/8/1997 Monday Nitro
Booker T Disco Inferno 12/29/1997 Monday Nitro
Rick Martel Booker T 2/16/1998 Monday Nitro
Booker T (2) Rick Martel 2/23/1998 Superbrawl VIII
Chris Benoit Booker T 4/30/1998 Thunder
Booker T (3) Chris Benoit 5/1/1998 Greenville, SC
Chris Benoit (2) Booker T 5/2/1998 Charleston, SC
Booker T (4) Chris Benoit 5/3/1998 Savannah, GA
Fit Finley Booker T 5/4/1998 Monday Nitro
Booker T (5) Fit Finley 6/14/1998 Great American Bash
Chris Jericho Stevie Ray 8/12/1998 Thunder
Konnan Chris Jericho 11/30/1998 Monday Nitro
Scott Steiner (2) Konnan 12/31/1998 Thunder
Booker T (6) Scott Steiner 3/14/1999 UnCeNSoReD
Rick Steiner Booker T 5/9/1999 Slamboree
Chris Benoit (3) Rick Steiner 9/13/1999 Monday Nitro
Rick Steiner (2) Chris Benoit 10/24/1999 Halloween Havoc
Scott Hall Rick Steiner 11/21/1999 Mayhem[4]
Jim Duggan 2/16/2000 Thunder[5]

[1]: When WCW withdrew from the NWA in January 1991, Arn Anderson’s NWA World Television title reign carried over into the first WCW World Television title reign.
[2]: The title became vacant when Scott Steiner left WCW for the WWF.
[3]: This is a tournament final.
[4]: Hall wins the WCW WOrld TV belt by forfeit. Since he’s already the WCW U.S. champion, he throws the TV belt in the trashcan on the 11/29/99 edition of Nitro.
[5]: Duggan finds the TV belt in the dumpster and claims the title. During the Russo and Bischoff reset of WCW on 4/10/2000, the WCW World TV title was finally retired.

Credit goes to: PWI Almanac, wrestling-titles.com, and ProWrestlingHistory.com

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