WCW Hardcore Title History

Champion Won From Date City/Event
Norman Smiley Brian Knobbs 11/21/1999 Mayhem[1]
Brian Knobbs Norman Smiley 1/12/2000 Thunder
Bam Bam
Brian Knobbs 2/7/2000 Monday Nitro
Brian Knobbs (2) Bam Bam
2/20/2000 Superbrawl 2000
3 Count Brian Knobbs 2/28/2000 Monday Nitro[2]
Brian Knobbs (3) 3 Count 3/19/2000 UnCeNSoReD[3]
Terry Funk Norman Smiley 4/16/2000 Spring Stampede[4]
Shane Douglas Terry Funk 5/22/2000 Monday Nitro
Terry Funk (2) Shane Douglas 5/24/2000 Thunder[5]
Eric Bischoff Terry Funk 6/5/2000 Monday Nitro
The Mamalukes 6/7/2000 Thunder[6]
Big Vito (2) Johnny the Bull 6/19/2000 Monday Nitro[7]
Lance Storm Big Vito 7/24/2000 Monday Nitro[8]
Carl Oulette 7/24/2000 Monday Nitro[9]
Norman Smiley
Carl Oulette 8/14/2000 Monday Nitro[10]
Reno Sgt. AWOL 10/2/2000 Monday Nitro[11]
Crowbar Reno 11/8/2000 Thunder
Terry Funk (3) Crowbar 12/17/2000 Starrcade
Meng Terry Funk 1/14/2001 Sin[12]
In March 2001, WWE buys out WCW and the title is retired because the WWF already had a hardcore title at the time.

[1]: This was a tournament final match to determine the first ever WCW Hardcore champion.
[2]: All three members of 3 Count (Shannon Moore, Shane Helms and Evan Karagias) pinned Knobbs simultaneously to win the title.
[3]: Once the Russo/Bischoff era started on 4/10/2000, all the titles were made vacant as they reset the company.
[4]: Due to the Hardcore title being vacant, Terry Funk and Norman Smiley were chosen to compete and the winner would capture the title.
[5]: This was a handicap match with Funk and Smiley taking on Shane Douglas. Terry Funk scored the pinfall and therefore regained the title.
[6]: Bischoff awarded the WCW Hardcore title to both Johnny the Bull and Big Vito of the Mamalukes tag team and deemed them as co-champions.
[7]: Vito pinned Johnny the Bull to become the undisputed WCW Hardcore champion.
[8]: When Lance Storm won the title, he changed the name of the belt to the Saskatchewan Hardcore International title. Turn it into an acronym, and you’ll see the joke.
[9]: Storm awarded the belt to fellow Canadian Carl Oulette to make him the new champion.
[10]: Acting WCW Commissioner Mike Sanders vacated the title and started up a tournament.
[11]: This was a tournament final. Sgt. AWOL actually won the match, but acting WCW Commissioner Mike Sanders overturned the decision and gave the belt to Reno.
[12]: The belt became vacant once Meng left for the WWF to appear at the Royal Rumble. With Meng’s departure from the company, WCW basically abandoned the belt.

Credit goes to: PWI Almanac, wrestling-titles.com, and ProWrestlingHistory.com

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