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WWF: Raw is War (11.10.97)


WWF: Raw is War
November 10, 1997
Ottawa, Ontario
Corel Centre

The current WWF champs are as follows:
World Champion: Shawn Michaels (11/9/1997)
Intercontinental Champion: Steve Austin (11/9/1997)
European Champion: Shawn Michaels (9/20/1997)
World Tag Team Champions: The Legion of Doom (10/13/1997)

TIME TO GET RAW! Your hosts are Jim Ross and Jim Cornette. Bret Hart is still in the opening credits. Just saying. Read the rest of this entry

WWF: Raw is War (07.28.97)


WWF: Raw is War
July 28, 1997
Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh Civic Arena

The current WWF champs were as follows:
World Champion: The Undertaker (3/23/1997)
Intercontinental Champion: Owen Hart (4/28/1997)
European Champion: Davey Boy Smith (3/3/1997)
World Tag Team Champions: Steve Austin & Dude Love (7/14/1997)

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, and Jerry Lawler. Read the rest of this entry

Monday Nitro (02.10.97)

WCW Monday Nitro
February 10, 1997
Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville Coliseum

The current WCW champs were as follows:
WCW World Champion: Hollywood Hogan (8/10/1996)
WCW U.S. Champion: Eddie Guerrero (12/29/1996)
WCW World Tag Team Champions: The Outsiders (10/27/1996)
WCW World Television Champion: Lord Steven Regal (8/20/1996)
WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Dean Malenko (1/21/1997)
WCW Women’s Champion: Akira Hokuto (12/29/1996)

HOUR NUMBER ONE! Your hosts are Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbyszko. Read the rest of this entry

Monday Nitro (02.12.96)

WCW Monday Nitro
February 12, 1996
Tampa, FL
Florida State Fair

The current WCW champs were as follows:
WCW World Champion: Ric Flair (2/11/1996)
WCW U.S. Champion: Konnan (1/29/1996)
WCW World Tag Team Champions: Sting & Lex Luger (1/22/1996)
WCW World Television Champion: Johnny B. Badd (10/29/1995)

Your hosts are Eric Bischoff, Bobby Heenan, and that Emmy-award winning Steve “Mongo” McMichael. Read the rest of this entry

WCW Hardcore Title History

Champion Won From Date City/Event
Norman Smiley Brian Knobbs 11/21/1999 Mayhem[1]
Brian Knobbs Norman Smiley 1/12/2000 Thunder
Bam Bam
Brian Knobbs 2/7/2000 Monday Nitro
Brian Knobbs (2) Bam Bam
2/20/2000 Superbrawl 2000
3 Count Brian Knobbs 2/28/2000 Monday Nitro[2]
Brian Knobbs (3) 3 Count 3/19/2000 UnCeNSoReD[3]
Terry Funk Norman Smiley 4/16/2000 Spring Stampede[4]
Shane Douglas Terry Funk 5/22/2000 Monday Nitro
Terry Funk (2) Shane Douglas 5/24/2000 Thunder[5]
Eric Bischoff Terry Funk 6/5/2000 Monday Nitro
The Mamalukes 6/7/2000 Thunder[6]
Big Vito (2) Johnny the Bull 6/19/2000 Monday Nitro[7]
Lance Storm Big Vito 7/24/2000 Monday Nitro[8]
Carl Oulette 7/24/2000 Monday Nitro[9]
Norman Smiley
Carl Oulette 8/14/2000 Monday Nitro[10]
Reno Sgt. AWOL 10/2/2000 Monday Nitro[11]
Crowbar Reno 11/8/2000 Thunder
Terry Funk (3) Crowbar 12/17/2000 Starrcade
Meng Terry Funk 1/14/2001 Sin[12]
In March 2001, WWE buys out WCW and the title is retired because the WWF already had a hardcore title at the time.

[1]: This was a tournament final match to determine the first ever WCW Hardcore champion.
[2]: All three members of 3 Count (Shannon Moore, Shane Helms and Evan Karagias) pinned Knobbs simultaneously to win the title.
[3]: Once the Russo/Bischoff era started on 4/10/2000, all the titles were made vacant as they reset the company.
[4]: Due to the Hardcore title being vacant, Terry Funk and Norman Smiley were chosen to compete and the winner would capture the title.
[5]: This was a handicap match with Funk and Smiley taking on Shane Douglas. Terry Funk scored the pinfall and therefore regained the title.
[6]: Bischoff awarded the WCW Hardcore title to both Johnny the Bull and Big Vito of the Mamalukes tag team and deemed them as co-champions.
[7]: Vito pinned Johnny the Bull to become the undisputed WCW Hardcore champion.
[8]: When Lance Storm won the title, he changed the name of the belt to the Saskatchewan Hardcore International title. Turn it into an acronym, and you’ll see the joke.
[9]: Storm awarded the belt to fellow Canadian Carl Oulette to make him the new champion.
[10]: Acting WCW Commissioner Mike Sanders vacated the title and started up a tournament.
[11]: This was a tournament final. Sgt. AWOL actually won the match, but acting WCW Commissioner Mike Sanders overturned the decision and gave the belt to Reno.
[12]: The belt became vacant once Meng left for the WWF to appear at the Royal Rumble. With Meng’s departure from the company, WCW basically abandoned the belt.

Credit goes to: PWI Almanac,, and

WCW World Cruiserweight Title History

Champion Won From Date City/Event
Brian Pillman Richard Morton 10/27/1991 Halloween Havoc[1]
Jushin Liger Brian Pillman 12/25/1991 Atlanta, GA
Brian Pillman (2) Jushin Liger 2/29/1992 Superbrawl II
Scotty Flamingo Brian Pillman 6/20/1992 Beach Blast
Brad Armstrong Scotty Flamingo 7/5/1992 Atlanta, GA[2]
Shinjiro Ohtani Wild Pegasus 3/20/1996 Japan[3]
Dean Malenko Shinjiro Ohtani 5/2/1996 Worldwide
Rey Mysterio Dean Malenko 7/8/1996 Monday Nitro
Dean Malenko (2) Rey Mysterio 10/27/1996 Halloween Havoc
Ultimo Dragon Dean Malenko 12/29/1996 Starrcade
Dean Malenko (3) Ultimo Dragon 1/21/1997 Clash 34
Syxx Dean Malenko 2/23/1997 Superbrawl VII
Chris Jericho Syxx 6/28/1997 Saturday Nitro
Alex Wright Chris Jericho 7/28/1997 Monday Nitro
Chris Jericho (2) Alex Wright 8/16/1997 Saturday Night
Eddie Guerrero Chris Jericho 9/14/1997 Fall Brawl
Rey Mysterio (2) Eddie Guerrero 10/26/1997 Halloween Havoc
Eddie Guerrero (2) Rey Mysterio 11/10/1997 Monday Nitro
Ultimo Dragon (2) Eddie Guerrero 12/29/1997 Monday Nitro
Juventud Guerrera Ultimo Dragon 1/8/1998 Thunder
Rey Mysterio (3) Juventud Guerrera 1/15/1998 Thunder
Chris Jericho (3) Rey Mysterio 1/24/1998 Souled Out
Dean Malenko (4) Chris Jericho 5/17/1998 Slamboree[4]
Chris Jericho (4) Dean Malenko 6/14/1998 Great
American Bash[5]
Juventud Guerrera (2) Chris Jericho 8/8/1998 Road Wild[6]
Billy Kidman Juventud Guerrera 9/14/1998 Monday Nitro
Juventud Guerrera (3) Billy Kidman 11/16/1998 Monday Nitro
Billy Kidman (2) Juventud Guerrera 11/22/1998 World War III
Rey Mysterio (4) Billy Kidman 3/15/1999 Monday Nitro
Psychosis Rey Mysterio 4/19/1999 Monday Nitro[7]
Rey Mysterio (5) Psychosis 4/26/1999 Monday Nitro
Lenny Lane Rey Mysterio 8/19/1999 Thunder[8]
Disco Inferno Psychosis 10/4/1999 Monday Nitro[9]
Evan Karagias Disco Inferno 11/22/1999 Mayhem
Madusa Evan Karagias 12/19/1999 Starrcade
Oklahoma Madusa 1/16/2000 Souled Out[10]
The Artist Lash Leroux 2/20/2000 Superbrawl 2000[11]
Billy Kidman (3) The Artist 3/30/2000 Baltimore, MD
The Artist (2) Billy Kidman 3/31/2000 Pittsburgh, PA[12]
Chris Candido 4/16/2000 Spring
Crowbar & Daffney Chris Candido &
5/15/2000 Monday Nitro[14]
Daffney Crowbar 5/22/2000 Monday Nitro[15]
Lieutenant Loco Daffney 6/6/2000 Thunder[16]
Lance Storm Lieutenant Loco 7/31/2000 Monday Nitro
Elix Skipper 8/14/2000 Monday Nitro[17]
Mike Sanders Elix Skipper 10/2/2000 Monday Nitro[18]
Chavo Guerrero (2) Mike Sanders 12/4/2000 Thunder
Shane Helms Chavo Guerrero 3/18/2001 Greed
In March 2001, WWE buys out WCW and the title becomes defended on WWE programming.
Billy Kidman (4) Gregory Helms 7/5/2001 Smackdown!
X-Pac (2) Billy Kidman 7/30/2001 Raw is War[19]
Billy Kidman (5) X-Pac 10/11/2001 Smackdown!
Tajiri Billy Kidman 10/22/2001 Raw[20]

[1]: This was a tournament final match to determine the first ever WCW Light Heavyweight champion.
[2]: Armstrong vacated the title at the Clash of the Champions 20 on 9/2/1992 because of a knee injury. A tournament was scheduled to begin, but never happened and the title was dropped when Eric Bischoff took over WCW in March 1993.
[3]: This was a tournament final match to crown the first ever WCW World Cruiserweight champion.
[4]: Since Malenko could no longer challenge for the WCW World Cruiserweight title, he won a battle royal under Cicople’s mask to get a shot at Jericho and his title. Because of the way he won the title, Malenko was stripped of the belt on the 6/11/98 Thunder.
[5]: This was a match to determine a champion. Jericho won by disqualification, which still counts as a title win for him.
[6]: Dean Malenko served as the special guest referee in this match.
[7]: This was a four-way match which also included Juventud Guerrera and Blitzkrieg.
[8]: Lane was stripped of the belt because of his homosexual gimmick that made TBS uncomfortable.
[9]: Disco Inferno and Psychosis wrestled to crown a new WCW World Cruiserweight champion.
[10]: Oklahoma was forced to vacate the belt because he exceeded the weight limit requirements.
[11]: This was a tournament final.
[12]: Once the Russo/Bischoff era started on 4/10/2000, all the titles were made vacant as they reset the company.
[13]: Candido won a six-way match which also included The Artist, Juventud Guerrera, Shannon Moore, Lash Leroux and Crowbar.
[14]: Crowbar and Daffney defeated Candido & Tammy Lynn Sytch in a mixed tag match to become co-champions.
[15]: Daffney defeated Crowbar to become the undisputed champion.
[16]: This was a triple-threat match which also included Disco Inferno.
[17]: Since Lance Storm was already the WCW U.S. champion and the WCW Hardcore champion, he awarded the WCW World Cruiserweight title to fellow Team Canada partner Elix Skipper.
[18]: Sanders and Kevin Nash defeated Elix Skipper in a handicap powerbomb match to win the belt.
[19]: With X-Pac’s WCW World Cruiserweight title win, this unified the belts with the WWF Light Heavyweight title.
[20]: With the demise of the Alliance at the Survivor Series PPV on 11/18/01, the title becomes known as the WWF Cruiserweight title.

Credit goes to: PWI Almanac,, and

WCW World Tag Team Titles History

Champion Won From Date City/Event
Doom 1/1/1991 [1]
The Freebirds Doom 2/24/1991 WrestleWar
Rick & Scott Steiner The Freebirds 3/9/1991 Power Hour[2]
The Enforcers Rick Steiner & Bill Kazmaier 9/5/1991 Clash 16[3]
Ricky Steamboat & Dustin Rhodes The Enforcers 11/19/1991 Clash 17
Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton Ricky Steamboat & Dustin Rhodes 1/16/1992 Jacksonville, FL
Rick & Scott Steiner (2) Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton 5/3/1992 Chicago, IL
Steve Williams & Terry Gordy Rick & Scott Steiner 7/5/1992 Atlanta, GA
Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes Steve Williams & Terry Gordy 9/21/1992 Saturday Night
Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes 11/18/1992 Clash 21
The Hollywood Blondes Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas 3/2/1993 Power Hour
Arn Anderson & Paul Roma The Hollywood Blondes 8/18/1993 Clash 24
The Nasty Boys Arn Anderson & Paul Roma 9/19/1993 Fall Brawl
Marcus Bagwell & Too Cold Scorpio The Nasty Boys 10/4/1993 Saturday Night
The Nasty Boys (2) Marcus Bagwell & Too Cold Scorpio 10/24/1993 Halloween Havoc
Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan The Nasty Boys 5/22/1994 Slamboree
Pretty Wonderful Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan 7/17/1994 Bash at the Beach
Stars N Stripes Pretty Wonderful 9/25/1994 Saturday Night
Pretty Wonderful (2) Stars N Stripes 10/23/1994 Halloween Havoc
Stars N Stripes (2) Pretty Wonderful 11/16/1994 Clash 29
Harlem Heat Stars N Stripes 12/8/1994 Saturday Night
The Nasty Boys (3) Harlem Heat 5/21/1995 Slamboree
Harlem Heat (2) The Nasty Boys 6/24/1995 Worldwide
Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater Harlem Heat 7/22/1995 Saturday Night
Harlem Heat (3) Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater 9/17/1995 Fall Brawl
The American Males Harlem Heat 9/18/1995 Monday Nitro
Harlem Heat (4) The American Males 10/28/1995 Saturday Night
Sting & Lex Luger Harlem Heat 1/22/1996 Monday Nitro
Harlem Heat (5) Sting & Lex Luger 6/24/1996 Monday Nitro
Rick & Scott Steiner (3) Harlem Heat 7/24/1996 Cincinnati, OH
Harlem Heat (6) Rick & Scott Steiner 7/27/1996 Dayton, OH
Public Enemy Harlem Heat 9/23/1996 Monday Nitro
Harlem Heat (7) Public Enemy 10/5/1996 Saturday Night
The Outsiders Harlem Heat 10/27/1996 Halloween Havoc
Rick & Scott Steiner (4) Scott Hall & Syxx 10/13/1997 Monday Nitro[4]
The Outsiders (2) Rick & Scott Steiner 1/12/1998 Monday Nitro
Rick & Scott Steiner (5) The Outsiders 2/9/1998 Monday Nitro
The Outsiders (3) Rick & Scott Steiner 2/22/1998 Superbrawl VIII
Sting & The Giant The Outsiders 5/17/1998 Slamboree
Sting & Kevin Nash 6/15/1998 Monday Nitro[5]
The Giant & Scott Hall Sting & Kevin Nash 7/20/1998 Monday Nitro
Rick Steiner The Giant & Scott Steiner 10/25/1998 Halloween Havoc[6]
Barry Windham & Curt Hennig Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko 2/21/1999 Superbrawl IX[7]
Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko Barry Windham & Curt Hennig 3/14/1999 UnCeNSoReD
Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko 3/29/1999 Monday Nitro
Raven & Perry Saturn Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman 5/9/1999 Slamboree
Jersey Triad Raven & Perry Saturn 5/31/1999 Monday Nitro
Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn Jersey Triad 6/10/1999 Thunder
Jersey Triad (2) Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn 6/13/1999 Great American Bash
Harlem Heat (8) Jersey Triad 8/14/1999 Road Wild
Barry & Kendall Windham Harlem Heat 8/23/1999 Monday Nitro
Harlem Heat (9) Barry & Kendall Windham 9/12/1999 Fall Brawl
Konnan & Rey Mysterio Harlem Heat 10/18/1999 Monday Nitro
Harlem Heat (10) Konnan & Rey Mysterio 10/24/1999 Halloween Havoc
Konnan & Billy Kidman Harlem Heat 10/25/1999 Monday Nitro
Creative Control Konnan & Billy Kidman 11/22/1999 Monday Nitro
Bret Hart & Bill Goldberg Creative Control 12/6/1999 Monday Nitro
The Outsiders (4) Bret Hart & Bill Goldberg 12/13/1999 Monday Nitro
David Flair & Crowbar Kevin Nash & Scott Steiner 1/3/2000 Monday Nitro[8]
The Mamalukes David Flair & Crowbar 1/19/2000 Monday Nitro
The Harris Brothers (2) The Mamalukes 2/12/2000 Germany
The Mamalukes (2) The Harris Brothers 2/13/2000 Germany
The Harris Brothers (3) The Mamalukes 3/19/2000 UnCeNSoReD[9]
Shane Douglas & Buff Bagwell Ric Flair & Lex Luger 4/16/2000 Spring Stampede[10]
KroniK Shane Douglas & Buff Bagwell 5/15/2000 Monday Nitro
Perfect Event KroniK 5/31/2000 Thunder
KroniK (2) Perfect Event 7/9/2000 Bash at the Beach
Great Muta & Vampiro KroniK 8/13/2000 New Blood Rising
Rey Mysterio & Juventud Guerrera Great Muta & Vampiro 8/14/2000 Monday Nitro[11]
Sean O’Haire & Mark Jindrak 9/25/2000 Monday Nitro[12]
Misfits in Action Sean O’Haire & Mark Jindrak 10/9/2000 Monday Nitro
Sean O’Haire & Mark Jindrak (2) Misfits in Action 10/9/2000 Monday Nitro
Alex Wright & General Rection Sean O’Haire & Mark Jindrak 11/16/2000 Monday Nitro
Perfect Event (2) Alex Wright & General Rection 11/20/2000 Monday Nitro
The Insiders Perfect Event 11/26/2000 Mayhem
Perfect Event (3) The Insiders 12/4/2000 Monday Nitro
The Insiders (2) Perfect Event 12/17/2000 Starrcade
Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire The Insiders 1/14/2001 Sin
In March 2001, WWE buys out WCW and the title becomes defended on WWE programming.
The Undertaker & Kane Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire 8/9/2001 Smackdown!
Booker T & Test The Undertaker & Kane 9/25/2001 Smackdown!
The Hardy Boyz Booker T & Test 10/8/2001 Raw
The Dudley Boyz The Hardy Boyz 10/25/2001 Smackdown![13]

[1]: When WCW withdrew from the NWA in January 1991, Doom’s NWA world tag team title reign carried over to the first ever WCW world tag title reign.
[2]: The Steiners actually won the titles before WrestleWar in real time, giving the Freebirds a negative title reign.
[3]: After Scott Steiner suffered an injury in June 1991, the titles were vacated. This was a tournament final.
[4]: Syxx is subbing for an injured Kevin Nash.
[5]: When Sting and Giant couldn’t get along, they had a match to determine who would get the tag belts. Sting won the match and chose Kevin Nash as his new partner.
[6]: Rick Steiner won a handicap match against the Giant and Scott Steiner who was subbing for Scott Hall.
[7]: After Rick Steiner was suffered an injury in January 1999, he and partner Kenny Kaos were stripped of the titles. This was a tournament final.
[8]: On the December 27, 1999 Nitro, the Outsiders vacated the titles after Scott Hall sustained an injury. This was a tournament final.
[9]: On April 10, 2000 when Bischoff and Russo joined together to take control of WCW, all the titles were made vacant for the WCW reboot.
[10]: This was a tournament final.
[11]: The titles became vacant when WCW Commissioner Ernest Miller pinned Disco Inferno. Whatever.
[12]: O’Haire & Jindrak won the titles in a six-team battle royal.
[13]: At Survivor Series on 11/18/2001, the titles were retired after being unified with the WWF tag team championship.

Credit goes to: PWI Almanac,, and

NWA United States Tag Team Titles History

Champion Won From Date City/Event
Ivan Koloff &
Krusher Khrushchev
Dutch Mantel &
Bobby Jaggers
9/28/1986 Atlanta, GA[1]
Ron Garvin &
Barry Windham
Ivan Koloff &
Krusher Khrushchev
12/9/1986 Spartanburg, SC
Ivan Koloff &
Dick Murdoch
Ron Garvin &
Barry Windham
3/14/1987 Atlanta, GA[2]
Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane Ron Garvin &
Barry Windham
5/16/1987 Atlanta, GA[3]
The Fantastics Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane 4/26/1988 Chattanooga, TN
Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane (2) The Fantastics 7/10/1988 Great
American Bash
The Fantastics (2) Ron Simmons &
Eddie Gilbert
12/7/1988 Clash of the
Champions 4
Kevin Sullivan &
Steve Williams
The Fantastics 12/26/1988 Starrcade
Eddie Gilbert & Rick Steiner Kevin Sullivan &
Steve Williams
2/28/1989 World
Brian Pillman & Tom Zenk Michael Hayes &
Jimmy Garvin
2/12/1990 Rainesville, AL[7]
Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane (3) Brian Pillman & Tom Zenk 5/19/1990 Capital Combat
Rick &
Scott Steiner
Bobby Eaton &
Stan Lane
8/24/1990 East
Rutherford, NJ
WCW withdrew from the NWA from January 1991 until July 1992. The NWA U.S. Tag Team Titles would be revived by NWA: New Jersey in 1996.
The Lost Boys 2/3/1996 Cherry Hill, NJ[8]
Bad Attitude The Lost Boys 4/27/1996 Yardsville, NJ
Downward Spiral Bad Attitude 11/16/1996 Blackwood, NJ
The Lost Boys (2) Twiggy Ramirez &
Wayne Gacy
12/7/1996 Mount Holly, NJ[9]
Downward Spiral (2) The Lost Boys 3/8/1997 Woodbury, NJ
Ray Odyssey & Inferno Kid Downward Spiral 4/12/1997 Yardsville, NJ
Derek Domino &
Harley Lewis
Ray Odyssey & Inferno Kid 6/14/1997 Vineland, NJ
Ian Rotten & Blaze Derek Domino &
Harley Lewis
9/21/1997 Bardstown, KY[10]
Derek Domino &
Harley Lewis (2)
Devon Storm &
Twiggy Ramirez
2/7/1998 Somerdale, NJ
Ace Darling & Devon Storm Derek Domino &
Harley Lewis
2/28/1998 Philadelphia, PA
Derek Domino &
Harley Lewis (3)
Ace Darling & Devon Storm 3/22/1998 Garfield, NJ
Lance Diamond &
Steve Corino
Derek Domino &
Harley Lewis
7/31/1998 Mt. Holly, NJ
The Pitbulls Lance Diamond &
Steve Corino
8/22/1998 Mt. Holly, NJ
Derek Domino &
Harley Lewis (4)
The Pitbulls 11/13/1998 Hazlet, NJ
Doug Gilbert &
Buddy Landel
Derek Domino &
Harley Lewis
6/5/1999 Holmdel, NJ
Public Enemy Doug Gilbert & Tommy Rich 10/30/1999 North
Brunswick, NJ[11]
The Pitbulls (2) Public Enemy 12/11/1999 West
Deptford, NJ
The NWA U.S. tag titles were finally abandoned in 2000.

[1]: This was a tournament final to crown the first champions.
[2]: In April 1987, Dick Murdoch was suspended for injuring Nikita Koloff with a Brainbuster on the concrete floor.
[3]: This was a tournament final.
[4]: In September 1988, the Midnight Express won the NWA world tag team belts. Therefore, the US tag titles were vacated.
[5]: This was a tournament final.
[6]: Briefly after Wrestle War in May, the NWA shelved their US tag titles.
[7]: The NWA reinstated the US tag belts, leading to a tag tournament. This was the finals.
[8]: The Lost Boys won a triangle match over the Greek Connection and Bad Attitude at the Eddie Gilbert Memorial Show.
[9]: “Madonna” Wayne Gacy subbed for Adrian Hall.
[10]: The titles were vacated in January 1998.
[11]: Tommy Rich substituted for the injured Buddy Landel.

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