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NWA United States Tag Team Titles History

Champion Won From Date City/Event
Ivan Koloff &
Krusher Khrushchev
Dutch Mantel &
Bobby Jaggers
9/28/1986 Atlanta, GA[1]
Ron Garvin &
Barry Windham
Ivan Koloff &
Krusher Khrushchev
12/9/1986 Spartanburg, SC
Ivan Koloff &
Dick Murdoch
Ron Garvin &
Barry Windham
3/14/1987 Atlanta, GA[2]
Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane Ron Garvin &
Barry Windham
5/16/1987 Atlanta, GA[3]
The Fantastics Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane 4/26/1988 Chattanooga, TN
Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane (2) The Fantastics 7/10/1988 Great
American Bash
The Fantastics (2) Ron Simmons &
Eddie Gilbert
12/7/1988 Clash of the
Champions 4
Kevin Sullivan &
Steve Williams
The Fantastics 12/26/1988 Starrcade
Eddie Gilbert & Rick Steiner Kevin Sullivan &
Steve Williams
2/28/1989 World
Brian Pillman & Tom Zenk Michael Hayes &
Jimmy Garvin
2/12/1990 Rainesville, AL[7]
Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane (3) Brian Pillman & Tom Zenk 5/19/1990 Capital Combat
Rick &
Scott Steiner
Bobby Eaton &
Stan Lane
8/24/1990 East
Rutherford, NJ
WCW withdrew from the NWA from January 1991 until July 1992. The NWA U.S. Tag Team Titles would be revived by NWA: New Jersey in 1996.
The Lost Boys 2/3/1996 Cherry Hill, NJ[8]
Bad Attitude The Lost Boys 4/27/1996 Yardsville, NJ
Downward Spiral Bad Attitude 11/16/1996 Blackwood, NJ
The Lost Boys (2) Twiggy Ramirez &
Wayne Gacy
12/7/1996 Mount Holly, NJ[9]
Downward Spiral (2) The Lost Boys 3/8/1997 Woodbury, NJ
Ray Odyssey & Inferno Kid Downward Spiral 4/12/1997 Yardsville, NJ
Derek Domino &
Harley Lewis
Ray Odyssey & Inferno Kid 6/14/1997 Vineland, NJ
Ian Rotten & Blaze Derek Domino &
Harley Lewis
9/21/1997 Bardstown, KY[10]
Derek Domino &
Harley Lewis (2)
Devon Storm &
Twiggy Ramirez
2/7/1998 Somerdale, NJ
Ace Darling & Devon Storm Derek Domino &
Harley Lewis
2/28/1998 Philadelphia, PA
Derek Domino &
Harley Lewis (3)
Ace Darling & Devon Storm 3/22/1998 Garfield, NJ
Lance Diamond &
Steve Corino
Derek Domino &
Harley Lewis
7/31/1998 Mt. Holly, NJ
The Pitbulls Lance Diamond &
Steve Corino
8/22/1998 Mt. Holly, NJ
Derek Domino &
Harley Lewis (4)
The Pitbulls 11/13/1998 Hazlet, NJ
Doug Gilbert &
Buddy Landel
Derek Domino &
Harley Lewis
6/5/1999 Holmdel, NJ
Public Enemy Doug Gilbert & Tommy Rich 10/30/1999 North
Brunswick, NJ[11]
The Pitbulls (2) Public Enemy 12/11/1999 West
Deptford, NJ
The NWA U.S. tag titles were finally abandoned in 2000.

[1]: This was a tournament final to crown the first champions.
[2]: In April 1987, Dick Murdoch was suspended for injuring Nikita Koloff with a Brainbuster on the concrete floor.
[3]: This was a tournament final.
[4]: In September 1988, the Midnight Express won the NWA world tag team belts. Therefore, the US tag titles were vacated.
[5]: This was a tournament final.
[6]: Briefly after Wrestle War in May, the NWA shelved their US tag titles.
[7]: The NWA reinstated the US tag belts, leading to a tag tournament. This was the finals.
[8]: The Lost Boys won a triangle match over the Greek Connection and Bad Attitude at the Eddie Gilbert Memorial Show.
[9]: “Madonna” Wayne Gacy subbed for Adrian Hall.
[10]: The titles were vacated in January 1998.
[11]: Tommy Rich substituted for the injured Buddy Landel.

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