In Your House #4 (10.95)

WWF In Your House #4
October 22, 1995
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA
Winnipeg Arena

The current WWF Champs were as follows:
World Champion: Diesel (11/26/1994)
Intercontinental Champion: Shawn Michaels (7/23/1995)
World Tag Team Champions: The Smokin’ Gunns (9/25/1995)
Women’s Champion: Bertha Faye (8/27/1995)

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross.

Interim WWF President Gorilla Monsoon is the bearer of bad news declaring that WWF Intercontinental champion Shawn Michaels will not be able to wrestle here tonight because of a severe concussion. Monsoon has forced Shawn to forfeit the IC title to Dean Douglas, but he’s got to defend the title against Razor Ramon. This was a REAL hard decision for Gorilla to make! This would be true considering his usual decisions consist of a few bananas or Golden Corral.

  • Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Fatu

Fatu – the man loves him some positive hip hop music. Know how I know that? Because he loves “Makin’ A Difference”. Whatever that means. Anyways, Hunter sprayed cologne in Fatu’s face to get him in a pissy mood on the Superstars before the show. Right at the bell, a fan on the side of the hard camera puts up a sign that gets blurred on the tape. I wonder what it could have possibly said! HHH brings that cologne bottle with him to the ring and tries to spray Fatu again, but that doesn’t work. He gets pummeled and takes the Harley Race corner bump to the floor. Fatu follows him out for more babyface-style pummeling. This strategy works well for Fatu until he gets his neck caught in the ropes. H delivers a piledriver to punish the neck some more and a swinging neckbreaker gets two. Fatu elbows out of a chinlock, but takes a hard whip into the corner and then receives a 360 degree clothesline. That gets two for Hunter. Fatu backdrops out of the PEDIGREE and NO-SELLS a DDT! Those darn Samoan heads! He mounts a comeback with back drops and clotheslines. A backbreaker sets up a Samoan flying headbutt. Running Ace Crusher~! Fatu gives this hot Canadian crowd two thumbs up and goes for the FLYING SPLASH, which he misses. PEDIGREE! That’ll do. (8:02) Helmsley remains undefeated. Not bad considering how different they are. Henry O. Godwinn makes his appearance by chasing Helmsley to the back with his slop bucket. Fun times. **

  • WWF World Tag Team Champions The Smokin’ Gunns vs. 1-2-3 Kid & Razor Ramon

Razor and Kid haven’t gotten along for quite some time up until a Raw or two ago when the two kissed and made up. Just assume that’s a figure of speech. They’re wearing matching colored tights, so you know things are good. This is odd because it’s a face vs. face match, yet both teams work heel. I’m not talking about a Brian Pillman subtle way, I’m talking about downright shenanigans. Well, you’ll see what I mean in this match. Kid and Billy start the match with leapfrogs off headlocks. Billy hip tosses Kid around the ring and now we get Razor vs. Bart. Huge “Razor” chants going on here as he mocks the Gunns by twirling his invisible pistols. Bart shoves Razor down out of a tie-up to make him pay for daring to try and twirl those invisible pistols better than him. Bart continues to get the best of Razor, so Kid pulls the top rope down for Bart to go flying to the floor. Back in, Razor manhandles Bart by throwing hard into the corner. Bart gets cornered on the wrong side of town for the kick combo from the Kid. Kid nails a spinning heel kick and draws Billy in just to be a prick. Razor tags and delivers the Fallaway Slam on Bart and then tags Kid in to Fallaway Slam him into Bart for 1-2-NO! The challengers continue to isolate Bart as we see Dean Douglas watching the match and taking notes in the back. Double-KO spot leads to a hot tag to Billy. He cleans house and then gets some MAJOR air on a jumping elbow drop for two. Now Bart tags and switches over to being a heel by becoming unmerciful with THREE backbreakers on the Kid. Billy tags and dropkicks Kid while he’s up in a suplex for two. Stinger Splash misses, but Razor’s reaching into the ring away from his corner to wake up the Kid. While the ref tries to stop him, Bart sneaks in and puts Billy on top of the Kid. When the ref admonishes Bart, Razor pulls the old switcheroo on him and turns Kid over on top of Billy! Ref counts 1-2-NO! Hot tag to Razor, who unloads on the Gunns. RAZOR’S EDGE to Billy! Kid really really really really wants to make the pin, so Razor tags him in. Since so much time was wasted there, Billy rolls Kid back off the pin attempt and gets 1-2-3! (12:46) The problem with this though is that even though the champs retain, an upset win like this discredits your tag champions. If they were trying to bring the Gunns up a notch by putting them up against these guys, they were making a huge mistake because obviously the crowd was going to cheer Kid and Razor if you made them choose. The 1-2-3 Kid throws a tantrum after the match and beats the champs out of the ring by himself. He even takes the belts away. When the Gunns get a chance to fight back, Razor holds them off and calms everybody down. Still a fun match and match of the night by far, but I don’t think this was did any good for the Smokin’ Gunns. ***¼

  • Goldust vs. Marty Jannetty

This is the wrestling debut of Goldust. He had been hyped big time on TV for months while Jannetty returned to the WWF on the Raw after the last In Your House in September to beat Skip. Easily the best entrance at the time was Goldust’s entrance. From the gold lighting, to the glitter falling from the ceiling, and the way he conducted himself. There was nothing like it back then. Jannetty avoids a Pearl Harbor job as Monsoon might say and clotheslines Goldust to the floor where he regroups. Lots of stalling for Goldust, but I think it works well with the character. Jannetty calls Goldust a chicken, which brings him in to get into his face. Goldust gets a rollup on Jannetty, but then eats a hurracanrana. They trade leapfrogs ending with Jannetty getting nailed for his 360 degree clothesline sell. Goldust takes over with eyerakes and fist drops. We hit the chinlock for a while. Jannetty escapes, but gets tossed to the floor. Jannetty gets his face slammed onto the steel steps, but then he flips Goldust back out to the floor and returns the favor. Just when things are looking up for him, Goldust shoves him off into the ringpost for a nasty bump. A little overdramatic, but anywho. Goldust brings Jannetty back in with a suplex for two. Back to the chinlock as Vince talks about a 100 year old lady that is here in attendance. And people say the mid-90s was marketed to children. Looks like Jannetty botches a back flip over Goldust. Jannetty misses a Stinger Splash and takes a DDT. That gets two. Rocker Dropper connects, but the FLYING FIST DROP does not. He lands on his feet though. Clotheslines abound and Jannetty goes for that FLYING FIST DROP again. This time he eats a boot on the way down. Gourdbuster gets the win. (11:17) Not sure why Dustin was working so “methodical” as JR would say. Six months of ring rust perhaps? A good debut for the Goldust character, but not so much the wrestler. ¾*

  • Yokozuna (w/Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji) vs. King Mabel (w/Sir Mo)

Undertaker got his face crushed by Mabel and Yoko. To punish them, interim WWF President Gorilla Monsoon makes them fight each other. This has to be the fattest match ever. They take turns knocking one another to the floor. Mabel splashes Yokozuna in the corner, but a second avalanche meets a clothesline. Now they take turns missing legdrops! Back to the floor they tumble. Mo nails Cornette for some reason. Yoko’s not paying attention and trips over Cornette. And just like that, both fatties are counted out. (5:12) It looks like the bad guys are going to go again inside the ring, but instead they decide to hug and hit the buffets. ½*

  • WWF Intercontinental Champion Dean Douglas vs. Razor Ramon

Before the match, Shawn Michaels came down and reluctantly forfeited the belt to Dean Douglas. In case you’re wondering why, Shawn was attacked at a night club by some Marines and beaten so badly that he suffered a severe concussion. Most people that were there seem to agree that it started because he was hitting on one of the Marines women. Some say indulge on the fact that he was being complete douche about too though. Anyways, so Dean Douglas is announced as the NEW Intercontinental Champion. Of course now he has to face one of Shawn’s good buddies so this night will not end well for Douglas. Razor works the arm for the first several minutes. Finally, Douglas cheapshots Razor in the corner to change the match up a little bit. Douglas runs into a Fallaway Slam and then takes a clothesline to the floor. He continues to keep Douglas on the floor while he flashes four fingers to signify a record fourth WWF Intercontinental title win. Razor works the back by bringing Douglas into the ring with a suplex. They fight outside where Ramon grabs JR’s water bottle and pours water all over Dean. Back in, Douglas backdrops a RAZOR’S EDGE that puts Razor out to the floor. Back inside, Douglas lunges into a chokeslam. Douglas elbows off a Back Superplex and flies down on Razor with a crossbody. Ramon rolls through (geez! Douglas is getting nothing!) for 1-2-NO! Razor delivers a back suplex near the ropes and drapes his arm across Douglas for 1-2-3. (11:02) So Ramon regains the belt to keep the belt in the “family”. Douglas his foot under the bottom rope, but those things aren’t really important. Douglas totally got screwed, but nobody seemed to like that guy over in the WWF anyway. *

  • WWF World Champion Diesel vs. Davey Boy Smith (w/Jim Cornette)

Bret Hart joins us on commentary since he faces the winner at Survivor Series, but not without chasing Jerry Lawler away to free up a headset. Short feeling-out process to start. Diesel fires off an elbow and gives Bulldog a pair of slams to send him rolling out to the floor. Davey Boy wants to go after the legs and trips up Diesel for some posting, but instead Diesel pulls him face-first into the post. Back in, Diesel delivers some running corner clotheslines and buries some knees before Cornette causes a distraction for DBS to clip Diesel’s knee. He doesn’t take him off his feet though. Davey Boy dropkicks Diesel outside sending him almost into Bret. Bret puts out his arm to keep Diesel from knocking the monitors off the announce table. Diesel’s PISSED OFF as it is and pie-faces Bret! That’s enough of a distraction for Bulldog to run over and chopblock Diesel for real. Back inside the ring, Davey Boy Smith grabs a leglock. Lots of leg work continues. Once Diesel’s stomped out to the floor, Cornette even drops an elbow on the knee! Diesel uses those Diesel Powers and escapes a couple Boston crabs. Bulldog finally makes a temporary mistake of letting Diesel get to his feet, but before you know it he’s got Diesel back on the mat in a leglock. Diesel legdrops DBS to escape another leglock. Bulldog wants a suplex, but Diesel blocks and gives him one of his own. Back suplex by Diesel connects. He can’t capitalize though as Davey Boy pounds him down for a two-count. He then drags Diesel to the middle of the ring and points at Bret saying “This is for you!” SHARPSHOOTER! Bret ~ “How did I get involved in this?” Bulldog doesn’t apply it right which makes it easy for Diesel to escape. One Running Powerslam attempt fails and the second one Diesel shoves him off into the ropes for the Big Boot. Cornette gets flipped into the ring and accidentally nailed by Bulldog with a forearm to wipe him out for the rest of the night. A real slow Bossman straddle is delivered to sell the leg. They go back to the floor where Diesel gets posted. Davey Boy walks away to celebrate and then turns around to slap Bret across the face. Oh that’s it. Bret follows DBS into the ring to beat him up to give Davey Boy the match by DQ. (18:14) Diesel gets in Bret’s face about costing him the match to cause a pull-apart brawl as we close out the show. The crowd was into everything and Diesel sold well, but Bulldog’s leg work was still rather uninteresting. **¼

Final Thoughts: A couple decent matches here and there, but nothing to recommend. Even getting this for Shawn Michaels forfeiting the title would be unnecessary since all he does is silently walk out, ponder not giving up the title, then ends up giving the title away, and he leaves. Nothing to it. Slight thumbs down for In Your House #4.


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  1. Wow, that may be the most generous rating for Diesel/Bulldog I have seen. This show was definitely the bottom out point for the WWF as things turn back around at Survivor Series. Nice review as always.

  2. Well, I was at least never all that bored and Diesel did at least sell the leg pretty well. Plus having Bret on commentary was fun.

  3. Great review! My copy of this show comes from the original pay per view broadcast, so I figured I’d take a screen cap of the blurred sign held up at the beginning of the Fatu/Hunter match. Here you go:

    Well then!

    I also seem to remember a moment during the main event when a camera on the floor accidentally shot facing the hard camera for a split second, and it wasn’t pretty back there. I can’t remember exactly when during the match this happened though. Maybe I’ll re-watch it later and see if I can catch it again.

    Keep up the good work :)

  4. Haha, silly Canadians and their unbridled use of obscenities.

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