ROH on HDNet (03.28.09)

ROH on HDNet
Philadelphia, PA
March 28, 2009

Your hosts are Dave Prazak and Mike Hogewood.

  • Kevin Steen vs. Eddie Edwards (w/Larry Sweeney)

The tag team wars between the ROH world tag champs Steenerico and the American Wolves heats up with some singles action. Man, Sweeney is COKED UP in that pre-match interview. There is no way Steen is shaking Eddie’s hand. They play the “you can’t shoulderblock me down” game to start. Steen stops him with a slap and knocks Edwards down with a shoulderblock so he can give him a SNOT ROCKET~! Somersault legdrop from Steen to Eddie’s neck. Edwards comes back with a back suplex into a faceplant. He facewashes Steen in the corner and clamps on a rear chinlock. Once he escapes, Edwards chokes Steen in the ropes and backs away for Sweeney to get in his shot. Steen battles back by catching a kick and throwing Eddie’s leg over the rope for a swift kick into the balls. Inverted atomic drop sets up a gargoyle suplex. Steen cannonballs Edwards down in the corner for two. Steen’s senton bomb hits knees! Edwards delivers the BACKPACK STUNNER! Will that be it? Cover, 1-2-NO! A superkick stuns Eddie, but he staggers Steen with an enziguri. He charges at Steen, but gets drilled with a powerbomb. PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! That’ll do. (7:54) Good start to the show. I’m really loving the toned down TV style of ROH. **¼

In the back with Kyle Durden (which totally sounds like a fake name), Nigel McGuinness quotes the movie Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels for us. Such a great interview.

  • Daizee Haze vs. Sara Del Ray (w/Larry Sweeney)

I love Sara Del Ray’s music. RIDE OF THE VALKYRIES~! Just awesome. She also reminds me of the second coming of Bull Nakano. Of course, without the crazy stick up hair. Del Ray hits a flying seated senton on Daizee for two. Haze slips out of a slam and walks up the ropes for an armdrag. Daizee delivers a satellite headscissors, but flies into a fallaway slam into a bridge for two. Del Ray hoists Daizee up in a torture rack choke. Pretty cool. The constant bending action of Daizee Haze doesn’t end there as Del Ray applies a Gory special for a while. Daizee avoids a corner charge and hits Del Ray with a face slam for two. That’s all she gets though as Del Ray catches her with a Koppou Kick and finishes Daizee off with the ROYAL BUTTERFLY. (5:28) Worlds better than any WWE women’s action I’ve seen in a VERY long time. Now they just need to put MsChif on here and bring in some more SHIMMER ladies. **

Kyle Durden meets up with the Briscoe Brothers for a quick word. They show off their “intelligence”. MAN UP, MCGUINNESS!

After a break, Kyle Durden is with Prince Nana! Yes! He’s back! He hypes up Bison Smith for next week. He calls Durden ‘Kyle Doogin’. That makes my day.

  • Claudio Castagnoli vs. Alex Payne

Alex Payne is like ROH’s Sam Houston. He’s the little punk who doesn’t know when to quit. Claudio comes out to the 1812 Overture, which is ballin’. There’s no Larry Sweeney, but I guess they didn’t want him out here for three of the four matches to avoid some overkill. Payne tries to get a few quick pins on Claudio, but he puts a stop to that during a sunset flip as he lifts Payne to his feet for a European uppercut. Payne does the X-Pac leg flip out of the hiptoss. He hits Claudio with an old school headscissors takedown followed by a victory roll. Claudio stops Payne again by catching him in mid-air for a backbreaker. Claudio goes all Japan on us with a dead lift gutwrench suplex for two. Hogewood absolutely flips out when Claudio nails the Bicycle Kick. Payne gets the shoulder up again. Full nelson suplex gets two. Claudio starts cranking on Payne’s neck. Payne comes back with a bulldog off the second rope when Claudio misses a corner charge. He gets in a couple clotheslines on Claudio, but then gets lifted up in the air for a European uppercut! RICOLA BOMB! That gets three. (6:27) Decent extended squash for Claudio. He shouldn’t have had that much trouble with this kid though. *½

  • ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness vs. Jay Briscoe (w/Mark Briscoe) – non-title match

With his brother Mark sidelined with a knee injury, Jay takes on the champ. Nigel’s torn bicep injury is evident here as his arm is all taped up. Ironically enough, Nigel works the crap out of Jay’s arm to start with a wristlock. FEEL MY PAIN, HILLBILLY! Jay gets away and slaps on a quick half crab. Nigel makes the ropes. Jay stays adamant with a headlock for a while and keeps Nigel on his back. Nigel finally escapes by slamming Jay’s arm down on the canvas. Jay fights back with a dropkick and then goes for the headlock again, which proves unwise because Nigel slams the shoulder down again. They take turns knocking each other around until Nigel hits the Divorce Court out of nowhere to show Jay he ain’t playing. We see some more great arm work from Nigel. Jay comes back with a running boot and a Faarooq spinebuster for 1-2-NO! Jay misses a corner charge and gets nailed with a kick to the back and a lariat to the chest for 1-2-NO! Jay escapes the Tower of London and drops Nigel’s face into the second turnbuckle with a Reverse STO. Death Valley Driver gets 1-2-NO! They battle up top, but Jay forearms Nigel down for a Flying Leg Drop! Cover, 1-2-NO! Nigel avoids the J-DRILLER and surprises Jay with the JAWBREAKER LARIAT! (12:05) As Hogewood says, “Jaw is broken and here comes the lariat.” Huh? Nigel was setting Jay up for the London Dungeon throughout the whole match, but had to put Jay away quickly with the much faster Jawbreaker Lariat once the J-Driller became a possible reality for him. Good stuff. ***

Next week, Bryan Danielson battles Austin Aries! I cannot wait.

Final Thoughts: Another good show, but a mild step down from last week mostly for the lack of a main event with a history behind it. At least for these first six weeks of shows, they should be staying consistent with 32 minutes of wrestling, which on average is more wrestling than you get anywhere else in the US. But hopefully after the next four weeks of shows, everything will come together and it will feel like a real wrestling company with storylines and things happening instead of just a company filled with wrestlers.

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  1. mitsuharumisawax9

    I like how they are doing these shows. They do not feel rushed and they feel like they get enough time to show what they can do in the ring and also at the same time introduce the wrestlers. After the first 6 (4 more to go) It will be intresting to see where they go with the storylines and etc. Good review.

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