Generations: Linda McMahon

WWECLASSICS on Demand Showcase
Generations: Linda McMahon

So before anybody says anything, I’m just filling a request. Because that’s the kind of man I am.

Your host is…Linda McMahon.

This is basically an interview with Linda mixed in with clips.

  • When she first started working with Vince, she was in charge of the business side of things. Because women weren’t involved in wrestling much back then, she would go by the name Linda Kelly to get information from people who didn’t want a McMahon to know certain things. Isn’t her maiden name Edwards? Why not just use that instead of ‘Kelly’? Nowadays, she tells us that women have more prominent roles in wrestling than ever before. You can’t help but roll your eyes at that comment. Clips are shown of some of the divas. She backs up her comment saying that within the corporate offices of WWE, the COO and Executive VP of Marketing are both women.

  • As a mother, Linda told Shane and Stephanie that they must graduate from college if they wish to work at WWE. And that’s what they did. Shane didn’t understand why he needed to do that considering he could learn all he needed to know to succeed without a degree, but he had no choice in the matter says Linda.

  • Linda puts over Vince, Shane, and Stephanie as performers. Linda also confirms what we already know – she’s terrible in front of the camera.

  • Clips from Raw’s Homecoming show to the USA Network back in October 2005 are shown where Steve Austin and Vince McMahon share a moment in the ring. Vince showed some clips on the Titantron that apparently humiliated Austin, so Austin shows a clip to humiliate Vince. He shows the classic segment where Austin attacked Vince in the hospital, banged a bedpan off Vince’s head, and then shoved an enema tube up his butt. Now that’s funny. WHAT? Hilarious. WHAT? It made me laugh. WHAT? Okay, enough. STUNNER to Vince! Shane McMahon comes out and does his whole entrance only to take a STUNNER as soon as he steps into the ring. Here comes Stephanie McMahon. What are you doing out here, Steve? Who do you think you are? You don’t have to be so rude, Steph. Austin just wanted to conduct an interview with you. What fragrance are you wearing? She doesn’t answer while she still has hold of Austin’s hand, so he thinks she’s flirting with him. Stunners get her a little excited. Austin suggests a kiss, so Stephanie slaps him real good. Austin says he wishes she hadn’t done that, but on second thought. STUNNER! Vince and Shane are still completely out of it on the mat. Cue Linda McMahon. She scolds him for destroying her family when she’s worked so hard to get them all back together, but Austin still wants a kiss on the cheek from a lady McMahon. Nah he doesn’t. Austin changes his mind and decides to share a beer with her. Of course, after the beer, she takes a terrible STUNNER.

  • From RAW 7/21/03 during the RVD-Kane main event, we skip ahead to the end where Kane is beating up Rob Van Dam over by the stage. WWE road agents Arn Anderson and Johnny Ace are trying to stop Kane, but there’s nothing they can do. Kane rams RVD’s head into the video wall to blow out some lights. Linda McMahon is shown standing behind the WWE officials. Kane walks right past them and backs Linda over to the edge of the stage. Arn and Johnny Ace get nailed when they try to stop Kane. He GOOZLES Linda and lifts her up for a CHOKESLAM. Here comes Jerry Lawler to try and save her. Kane puts Linda down and knocks Lawler into next week. Down goes some more refs. Kane picks Linda back up and delivers a TOMBSTONE on the floor. Of course her head is about six inches from ever hitting the floor. And now that the damage is done, Kane makes his exit.

  • Linda talks about scary it was being held by Kane. Interesting story: during Kane’s goozling, one of her earrings pierced her neck to show some blood, which made Vince and everybody concerned. She laughs it off though.

In closing, her all-time favorite WWE moment would have to be the first WrestleMania when they were billed by Dan Rather on CBS News as the ‘hottest ticket in town’. WrestleMania is always a thrill to her, but she’ll never forget that night.

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  1. Oh man, I had forgotten about that awful stunner that she took.

  2. wcwrules4lyf

    Hahah, yeah, it was pretty terrible. She just kind of fell to the side instead of going straight down on Austin’s shoulder.

  3. Good read…I didn’t realize they even did something like this with Linda. That stunner was awful…actually, the whole segment was stupid. No need to drop Steph and Linda with stunners after Austin’s publicized domestic abuse issues.

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