ROH on HDNet (06.06.09)

ROH on HDNet
Philadelphia, PA
June 6, 2009

Your hosts are Dave Prazak and Mike Hogewood.

Tonight in the main event, the ROH world champion Jerry Lynn defends his title against Bryan Danielson, Tyler Black and Austin Aries!

  • Ernie Osiris & Claudio Castagnoli (w/Prince Nana) vs. Brent Albright & Colt Cabana

You knew this was coming eventually. Claudio wants NONE of Albright to start and lets Osiris get the dirt beat out of him. However, he will wrestle Cabana. They do some neat rollups. Osiris throws in a shoe at Cabana from the apron for the distraction. Cabana gets worked over a little bit to warm up the HOT TAG TO ALBRIGHT! Clotheslines-a-plenty for Castagnoli. Claudio tries crawling out, but Albright pulls him back in by his awesome ring attire for a bunch of chops. Jumping heel kick connects as does an overhead belly-to-belly throw for two. After all that, Claudio fags out and tags Osiris. Cabana’s Flying Butthole sets up an Albright powerslam to lead into Cabana’s BILLY GOAT’S CURSE for the submission. (4:41) Cabana makes Ernie sell his own dirty sneaker. Just for fun. Kyle Durden smells the hobo foot odor as well. Haaaa. *½

We see a replay of all four interviews from everybody in the four-corner survival match later tonight.

  • Bobby Dempsey vs. Sal Rinauro

The Philly crowd still loves their Bobby Dempsey. Goldberg-type squash as the Body Attack (spear) sets up the Death Valley Driver (jackhammer) for the 1-2-3. (0:48) ¼*

Hogewood and Prazak interview the ROH Ambassador Ric Flair “via satellite”. Compared to how he acts in WWE, he seems VERY half-hearted in ROH. Ric puts over himself, puts over ROH for pushing young talent, and makes a challenge out to everybody in ROH to try and be as good as he is.

  • ROH World Champion Jerry Lynn vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black vs. Austin Aries – Fatal Four-Way Match

Nobody does multi-man matches like ROH, so going in you expect this to be pretty great. They give this the big-match feel (as it should) as everybody makes their entrance and then gets introduced once everybody is in the ring. Aries cheapshots Lynn during the big standoff. Danielson and Black object and double-whip Aries who slides underneath the bottom rope and takes a victory lap around the ring. Lynn cuts him off with a CANNONBALLLLL SPLASH from the apron. They brawl on the floor while Black and Danielson continue their rivalry inside the ring. Black dropkicks Danielson out as Lynn comes inside to get him some of Black. Lynn keeps Aries on the floor for a running forearm and delivers a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Danielson breaks up the pin and applies an Indian deathlock. He REALLLLLY stretches out Lynn here as he bridges BACK on the hold. Lynn makes the ropes and gives Danielson a flying headscissors out of the corner. Aries rakes Lynn on the back AND chest and then receives the same punishment by Lynn. They head back to the floor while Black and Danielson come inside. Danielson buries a knee in Black to take him down for the Surfboard. Aries quickly breaks that up and goes for the surfboard on Danielson! No sir. Danielson kicks Aries away, but gets stuck in a small package by Lynn for 1-2-NO! Danielson makes him eat a European uppercut for trying to get a quick win on him. They do the QUADRUPLE SLEEPER spot which leads everybody taking a jawbreaker. After that’s over, Lynn grabs a figure-four on Black. Aries helps Black reverse the hold and applies a camel clutch on Lynn! He will make you humble. Danielson kicks Aries away to end all that. Aries pulls Danielson out to the floor and drives him into the guardrail. Black tries a dive, but Aries slides back into the ring. As Black lands on the apron, Aries shoves off the Springboard Clothesline and sends Black crashing down into Aries! Lynn goes after Aries, but gets crotched on the top rope and driven down to the mat between the ropes with a reverse neckbreaker. That gets two. Aries keeps Black and Danielson on the floor while he works over the champ’s midsection. When Lynn starts to get fired up, Aries dumps him out for the Heat Seeking Missile. Danielson trips him up, but then he gets knocked off the apron again. He goes for it again and this time Lynn trips up Aries. Lynn avoids the shoulder butt through the ropes and lands the legdrop, which stuns Aries long enough for Black to nail him with the Springboard Clothesline. AWESOME sequence of moves there. Black charges into the corner with a forearm on Aries and whips him into Lynn for a TKO. In comes Danielson for the trifecta with a running knee to the face of Aries! He covers for two. I mean, why not go for it even if both Lynn and Black are standing right there? Here’s a cool spot as Danielson flips over Lynn out of the corner into a waistlock from Black. Danielson does a standing switch as Lynn delivers a flying sunset flip to cause Danielson to German suplex Black!

That signals a nearfall sequence between Lynn and Danielson. Black breaks it all up with a quebrada! Even still, Danielson comes back and BRIDGES UP with Lynn. Black kicks Danielson away and rolls up Lynn for two. Aries breaks up a Buckle Bomb with another back rake. He takes out Lynn and Danielson one after the other with the shinbreaker/back suplex combo and then KILLS Lynn with the Heat Seeking Missile. Looks like Lynn hurt his shoulder on that one. It’s still not over as Black flies out with a somersault plancha. Black and Aries end up in the crowd as Danielson delivers a Springboard Plancha to play off the finish from the Danielson/Black double-countout. Aries manages to get out of the way, but Aries gets wiped out. Aries hops back into the ring hoping to win the title via countout while Lynn is still writhing in pain at ringside. Lynn BARELY makes it back in at the count of 19 – remember ROH has a 20 count. Aries looks to finish off Lynn with a BRAINBUSTER, but Lynn slips out and surprises Aries with a backslide for two. The crowd has already turned on Lynn since he became champion. Lynn tries the Jack Brisco rollup, but Aries rolls through and answers back with a dropkick. Aries connects with a running dropkick in the corner and hits the BRAINBUSTER for 1-2-NO! Lynn got his foot on the bottom rope. Meanwhile on the floor, Black and Danielson have made it back over the guardrail as Black gives Danielson a suplex on the floor. In the ring, Aries misses the 450 SPLASH. Black rolls in and Buckle Bombs Aries into Lynn! SUPERKICK by Black to Aries! Cover, 1-2-NO! Lynn breaks it up. With Lynn still basically out of it from the Buckle Bomb, he drags Lynn beside Aries and goes to PHOENIX SPLASH them both! In comes Danielson, who crotches Black and delivers a BACK SUPERPLEX ONTO ARIES AND LYNN! Well that’s just crazy. Danielson starts stomping Black in the face and then applies the TRIANGLE CHOKE! Meanwhile, Aries rolls up Lynn for 1-2-NO! Right out of the kickout, Aries holds onto Lynn and hooks on the LAST CHANCERY! We’ve now got two submissions going on at once! Black refuses to tap and manages to lifts Danielson up and drops Danielson onto Aries to break up the other submission hold! That was awesome. Once everybody is back up to their feet, everybody starts wailing on each other. Black gets the best of the exchange as he nails Danielson with a Pele Kick and the SMALL PACKAGE DRIVER for 1-2-NO!! Lynn breaks up the pin, arousing some “F you Lynn” from a pretty good amount of the audience. Lynn and Black do some reversals out of the TKO position. They back up into the corner where Aries wipes them both out with a running dropkick. Lynn knees out of the BRAINBUSTER, staggering Aries into a Tiger Suplex from Danielson for 1-2-NO! As he turns Aries over into the CATTLE MUTILATION, Lynn catches Danielson’s legs and hoists him up for the CRADLE PILEDRIVER! Cover, 1-2-3! (21:38) So much exciting action and storytelling, it’s ridiculous. Seeing someone break up other people’s submissions in the ways they were doing here was not only believable, but common sense at the same time. With the negative reactions Lynn was getting here and I’m sure this isn’t the first time, you have to wonder how much longer the “Randy the Ram” allure of his ROH world title reign will continue. Anyways, this was not just a TV MOTYC, but an all-around MOTYC. ****½

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