Bigelow’s Raw Report 6/22/09

Monday Night Raw 6/21/09
Green Bay
. WI
Announcers: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, Todd Grisham & Jim Ross

– We start off the show with a recap of last week’s WWE Championship match, the announcement of Vince McMahon selling Raw to Donald Trump and Triple H’s battle royal win. We then hit our opening animation, which is Trump-centric in a nice touch, before heading into the Resch Center. Michael Cole welcomes us to Green Bay and Raw where we are commercial free and fully comped, courtesy The Donald. My hopes for a new set have quickly been dashed. We head to the ring where Lillian Garcia brings out the new owner. Trump makes his way out to a warm reaction. Well, to be fair that reaction may be because he is being accompanied by Kelly. Donald stops on the ramp and grabs the mic. He welcomes us to Raw and proclaims his love for the show. However, Raw is the fans show and not just his. To that point, Raw will be commercial free here tonight. More importantly, the people in the arena will all be getting full refund after the show is over. The crowd loves that one. I like the Trump Raw mic flags, personally. So, the fans in Green Bay will be seeing the greatest wrestling in the world for nothing as he gives back $245,000.00 here tonight. He implores us to enjoy the show and quickly makes his exit. Well, his first live promo went well, so kudos there.

– And with that, we are now joined by John Cena, who also gets a red hot pop from the crowd. He sprints to the ring and grabs the mic. He takes his hat off to Mr. Trump and talks about being a part of a great Last Man Standing match tonight. Cena announces that Trump put him in a match with Big Show tonight before reminding the fans of the refund at the end of the show. He says that Trump has made a statement, something that many superstars try to do every week and he then asks us to turn our attention to the screen to watch a video package that recaps Miz’ recent verbal attacks on Cena. Cena wants to find out what Miz has to say this week and calls him out. Miz obliges and appears on the ramp to some nice heat. There is nothing else to say as he has said anything and everything but Cena has done nothing because he is a coward. Cena disagrees since he is in the ring and Miz is all the way on the ramp. Miz takes that challenge and walks to the ring and steps inside as the crowd gets on him. Miz gets in his face and calls him a coward again. Cena smirks and say that this would normally be the part where Miz picks up his own teeth. But, he won’t do that tonight because they have gotten off to a good start. So, Cena is going to give Miz exactly what he wants. The good news is the Miz will main event a PPV for the first time ever…in a match with John Cena. The bad news is…this Sunday at the Bash, Miz has a PPV main event match with Cena. For two months now, Miz has run his mouth to rattle Cena. He has been booed in Hammerstein Ballroom, booed out of the Hall of Fame and been told by 80,000 fans that he can’t wrestle but he is still here. He doesn’t get rattled. Miz will get rattled when his bones crack while in the STF or that first shot from Cena when Miz’ face will go numb. Rattled will be Sunday when Miz looks around and realizes he brought a knife to a gun fight. Six days, Miz will realize he doesn’t belong here. He will realize that the Real World has been cancelled and he gets it through his thick head that he isn’t a reality show has-been, but just a WWE never-was. This is the part of the show where Miz puts his tail between his legs and heads back to pray that he makes it out in one piece on Sunday. The crowd is totally behind Cena here. Miz decks Cena and quickly bails. Cena laughs it off as Miz powerwalks up the ramp and to the back. That was some classic Cena there and one of his best promos in a long time. Those two guys have some great chemistry and Miz should get a nice rub out of this.

– Cole takes us to video from earlier today where Vince’s limo broke down. He is on the phone while his driver tries to fix the engine. Apparently Trump has his limo and he got the back up lemon. The driver suggests they hoof it to the gas station. Vince says he has never been to a gas station in his life and that isn’t changing today. The driver also suggests walking to the arena. Vince says he doesn’t walk. We see that the arena is really that far, but Vince says it is. Vince tells the driver he is going to walk. He makes him turn around and hops on his back, forcing the driver to carry him piggyback style. The driver quickly collapses and Vince kicks him in the ass. He tells the driver to call his boss to get a new limo and driver sent. Vince glares at the engine and then hops in the car. Back in the arena, we get our first plug of the night as Todd Grisham and Jim Ross have a bucket of Kentucky Grilled Chicken at the table. We then head to the ring for our opening contest.

1) Jeff Hardy, Great Khali & Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler & Edge

Jeff, Khali and Rey all make their way and all get nice pops from the pumped Green Bay fans. As Jericho heads out, JR tells that he will face Rey in a title vs. mask match on Sunday. Dolph Ziggler makes his Raw return and he is then followed by Edge. Before we get started, however, CM Punk makes his way out to observe the proceedings. Punk joins JR and the Grish on commentary as the bell sounds. Khali and Ziggler start and Khali clubs away at him in the corner. Dolph quickly backs off and tags in Jericho. He catches Jericho coming in, slugs away and the clothesline him to the floor. Edge tries to come in as well, but Khali tosses him right to the floor and same goes for Dolph as he comes back in. Khali tags in Jeff, who flies to the outside with a running Swanton bomb. Rey climbs up on Khali’s shoulders and dives to the floor with a cross body. Now Khali heads up top, but Jericho comes in and nails him in the back to slow him up. Khali hammers away at Jericho and then tags Rey in. Rey dodges Jericho and drills him with an Enziguri. He sets up the 619 but Edge distracts him and Jericho plants him with a clothesline. Jericho gets two and then starts clawing at the mask. He tags in Dolph, who drops an elbow for two. He quickly tags in Edge, but Rey hooks the ropes on a whip and Edge crashes to the mat on a dropkick attempt. Rey kicks Edge away and tags Jeff as Edge tags Dolph. Jeff hits the drop down sleeper and starts to go to work. He hits a sit out face first suplex but Edge comes flying in with a spear. Khali comes in now, but Edge slips out of the tree slam attempt. Jericho can’t hit the Codebreaker, but Edge nails Khali with a spear. Edge sets Jericho and Edge up for the 619. Jericho avoids it but Edge gets drilled. Rey hits a springboard moonsault onto Jericho on the floor. Back inside, Jeff nails Dolph with the Twist of Fate and Swanton for the win. That was a fun opener that never stopped. Hardy, Khali & Mysterio d. Jericho, Ziggler & Edge when Hardy pins Ziggler with a Swanton Bomb; Grade: 2.5

– Punk hops in the ring and raises Jeff’s hand, but Jeff didn’t really care for that move. He drops Punk’s hand and walks off as JR wonders if Jeff feels upstaged. Backstage, Vince is walking with a smirk. He arrives as Donald’s room and starts knocking on the door. Nobody answers and Vince calls for security. He is now joined by Santina Marella, who is excited to meet Vince. She holds out her hand but Vince slaps it away. He seems annoyed about the refund and wants his office. Santina suggest that they share the office and call it “McDonalds”. Vince ignores here and knocks again. Donald opens the door and ignores Vince’s greeting. Donald says he bought Raw and that room is his office now. He tells Vince that his office is down the hall. Santina introduces herself to Donald but Trump fires her on the spot and goes back inside his room. Santina leaves and in a neat trick Santino comes in from the opposite direction and says he feels bad but then quickly shrugs it off.  We take a look at the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame before heading back to the ring.

2) Primo Colon vs. Cody Rhodes

The Colons walk to the ring for our next bout as Cole reminds us that they will be taking on Rhodes & DiBiase this Sunday. Primo thinks DiBiase & Rhodes are cool because they get to hang out with Randy Orton. Carlito says it is cool because they get to drive Randy around, do his errands and go tanning on the beach together. Primo says they will still be Unified Champions on Sunday and their only legacy will be being Randy Orton’s groupies. Rhodes and DiBiase make their way out next. The bell sounds and Cody goes right to work on the arm. Primo turns it into a headscissors and then switches to an armbar. Cody slugs his way out of it but Primo maintains control and runs Cody into the corner. Primo charges, but Cody catches him with a hot shot and gets a near fall. He rams Primo into the corner and then mares him over. Cody kicks him in the spine before dropping a knee to the head. Cody grabs a neck vise but Primo elbows free. He charges, but Cody grabs him and tosses him over the top rope. He tries to skin the cat, but Cody shoves him to the floor. Carlito keeps DiBiase at bay but Cody comes out and tosses him back inside for a near fall. Cody grabs a reverse chinlock as the crowd tries to rally Primo a bit. Primo floats over a charge and takes Cody over with a headscissors. He follows with a dropkick and a back elbow for two. Primo trips up Rhodes and gets a jackknife cover for two. He puts his head down on a whip and Cody kicks him in the chest. He follows with a side Russian legsweep for two. Primo gets a roll up for two and follows with a cross body off the middle rope. Cody rolls through and hooks the tights to steal the win. That was a nice match and they worked well together. Cody and Ted need more hard fought wins like that. Rhodes d. Colon with a cross body block reversal; Grade: 1.5

– Backstage we see that Vince’s office is the locker room. He is joined by Goldust and Hornswoggle. Goldust reminds Vince that he once thought Horny was his bastard son. Goldust was thinking of giving Trump his wig because it worked like gangbusters for Goldberg. He then puts it on Vince’s head. Vince whips it off and throws them out. He then turns around to see his nameplate on a toilet stall. He just wanted some dignity for his farewell speech. We hear the toilet flush and Festus walks out and hands Vince a Wall Street Journal. He slams the paper down and tries to keep his composure. We take a look outside as a local establishment welcomes Raw and Donald Trump to town and then check out an Orton/Triple H video package which recaps their lengthy feud.

3) Triple H vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship in a Last Man Standing match

Triple H is out first to a rousing welcome from the fans. The WWE Champion is out next and the crowd isn’t as welcoming of him. Lillian gives us the big match announcements as both men are focused on each other. The bell sounds and both men trade right hands in the corner. Hunter slugs him down and then whips him into the post shoulder first. Orton falls to the floor and Hunter follows him out. He spikes him into the announce table and then tosses him back in the ring. Hunter nails a spinebuster and then loads the Pedigree. Orton slips free and tosses Hunter over the top and to the floor and he lands on his knee. Orton follows him out but he is met with a clothesline. Hunter drops him on the security barrier with a front suplex. He falls into the fans as Mike Chioda puts the count on. Hunter meets him in the fans and keeps beating on him. Orton turns the tables and tosses him over the barricade, where Hunter lands hard on his knee. Chioda gets to five but Hunter gets up. Orton shoves the stairs into Hunter’s leg and the count is on again. Hunter gets up but Orton meets him with the steps to the face. Hunter breaks the count and Orton shoots him back inside and goes to work. He starts to pick apart the injured knee with stomps and knees. Hunter temporarily turns the tide, but Orton pulls him down and wraps his knee around the post. Outside, Orton comes at him with a chair but Hunter kicks it back in his face. Hunter staggers over but Orton pops back up, grabs the chair and he smacks him in the head with it. Chioda starts the count but Hunter pulls himself up at eight. Orton immediately starts hammering away at Hunter. He tosses Hunter on the announce table and follows him up. He sets up for and RKO, but Hunter drops down and he drills him with a low blow. Hunter goes for a Pedigree but Orton slips free and drops him with an RKO on the table, which doesn’t break. Chioda counts but Hunter slides off the table and on to his feet right at ten, staying alive. Orton charges but Hunter back drops him on to the table. Both men are down so Chioda fires up the count again. Both men are up by nine but Hunter has a monitor in his hand. He charges Orton and cracks him with it. Orton staggers back up and Hunter is right on him with more right hands. They fight around the ring and up the ramp. Hunter is still favoring his leg but he is able to spike Orton on the ramp with a spinebuster. Orton gets up at nine but Hunter immediately grabs him and hooks a Pedigree. Orton is able to avoid it and back drops Hunter onto the ramp. Hunter again gets up at nine as he rolls off the ramp. Orton comes down to slug away at him, but slips on the floor a bit. Orton drags him over and slams his head in to the side of the ramp. Orton lines up for the RKO as Hunter slowly gets up. Orton hooks it but Hunter shoves him off and over a barricade. Chioda lays the count on but Orton pulls himself up at eight. He hops over the barricade as Hunter grabs a ladder. Orton dodges the charging Triple H and a random stagehand eats the ladder in a cool spot. Chioda calls for a trainer as Orton hammers Hunter from behind and starts to work over the leg again. He slams it over the edge of the ramp and then fetches the ladder, yanking the injured stagehand in the process. Back on the stage, Orton charges from behind and spiked Hunter in the leg with the ladder. He then slams it into Hunter’s face. Orton traps Hunter’s leg in between the legs of the ladder and keeps stomping it. The crowd is all over Orton as he stops the count at six and slugs away at the Game. Orton sets up the ladder and slowly climbs up it with Hunter loaded in the RKO. Hunter yanks him off and shoves him down. Hunter quickly locks in the Pedigree and snaps Orton onto the stage with it. Hunter pulls himself up, using the ladder but he collapses at nine and both men are counted out. The crowd does not like that finish but you could see it coming from the start. Still, both men worked hard and it was a really good TV match. Triple H & Randy Orton wrestle to a no contest; Orton retains the WWE Championship; Grade: 3

– Some trainers come out and help Hunter off, but he gets one last shot in at Orton as he passes by. Orton is helped off as well as we get a quick Bash promo. Backstage, the Miz happens upon Maryse as she is prepping for her match. Maryse tells Miz not to waste her time until he does something impressive to John Cena. She speaks in French and then says one cheap shot means nothing. Miz only did that to prove he isn’t rattled or phased. Six days from now, he will prove that belongs here and owns John Cena. Maryse again tells him to do something impressive and then walks off. Cole tells us that this Friday on Smackdown, Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio will battle Edge and Chris Jericho in a cage match.

– And off of all that, we are again joined by the Donald. He is accompanied by Maria and Eve this time around. As he makes his way to the ring, we check out the Trump Raw presser from earlier today. He asks if we are having a good time and the crowd is digging it. Trump says there is nothing like good ownership. Earlier tonight, he told everyone that they would get their money back after the show. For all the people at home, the show is commercial free. Trump announces that he is not naming a GM as instead he will be hosting a different celebrity host each and every week. It could be an actor, actress or WWE Champion but every week will be someone different as he doesn’t believe in GMs. Trump will be working for us and we will get lots of freebies. He already starts pumping up Wrestlemania XXVI, but before we can get to that Mr. McMahon joins us. He powerwalks to the ring and grabs the mic. He says enough is enough. Trump owns Raw but Vince is losing a lot of money without commercials. He heard that Trump wants to do it each week, but that won’t happen. The people of Green Bay don’t deserve to get their money back. There is also a rumor that Raw tickets will be free every week. Vince says these things can’t happen because he would be bankrupt in six weeks. He tells Trump to be reasonable. Trump says this is peanuts and he paid a big price for Raw so he can do whatever he wants. Vince says this isn’t fair but Trump says he has lots of billionaire friends that want to buy Raw from him. He could double his money any time he wanted to sell. Vince says he was stupid and that he was played by Trump. Vince says it is a well orchestrated plan to send Vince into bankruptcy. He admits that Trump is smarter than him and he is in a bind. Vince offers to buy Raw back for the same money Trump bought it for. The crowd doesn’t like that idea at all but Vince thinks its fair. Trump has no interest at all in that deal. Vince understands that Trump wants a return so he offers to pay the original price plus 25% but Trump turns it down. He likes the fans and likes giving free admission. Vince likes the fans too and offers full price plus 50% but Trump says it is not good for him. Vince goes to 75% but Trump shuts him down. He tells Vince to get his numbers up and Vince offers to buy Raw for double the money. The crowd doesn’t want it and Trump looks around. Trump can’t turn down the offer and he shakes on the deal to seal it. Raw is back in Vince’s hand and I feel dejected as I was starting to get in to the Trump era. Vince tells Trump that if he sees him again he will knock him on his butt. Vince then officially fires Trump. Donald stares at him as the crowd is behind the Donald. He smacks Vince in the face and some random suits come to break it up. Vince angrily leaves the ring as Trump stands in the ring, smirking. He waves farewell to the fans and rides off into the sunset. This show was going so well until that.

– We head outside and check out the Vince Lombardi statue and then head back in for another KFC ad. Cole and King recap the Cena/Show feud for us and then we cut backstage. Vince runs into Legacy and tells Rhodes and DiBiase to vacate the premises immediately. He tells Orton that if he is in pain now, he should wait until the Bash on Sunday. Orton says he can’t stand or fight and if Vince had any decency…Vince cuts him off. He will show Orton decency by making him fight Triple H on Sunday in a best of three falls. The first fall will be straight up, the second fall is falls count anywhere and if it goes three, the third fall will be a stretcher match. Vince likes to call this the Three Stages of Hell. He tells Orton to enjoy his hurt because he will. Vince walks off as Orton glares into uncertainty. Cole tells us that Kofi Kingston will defend his US Title against MVP and Matt Hardy on Superstars this week. We then head to the ring for our next match.

4) Mickie James, Nikki and Brie Bella vs. Maryse, Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendes

Well the heel team is certainly my own personal Dream Team. Ooh Wee! Rosa and Mickie start off with a lock up but Mickie fires out of it. Rosa quickly tags in Beth. Beth hoists Mickie up on her shoulders and dumps her on the apron. Mickie drills Beth with a shoulder and then comes leaping off the top. Beth ducks her and then plants Mickie with a shoudlerblock. Mickie slides over and tags in a Nikki. Beth slugs her down and tags in Rosa. Rosa shoots her in but she comes back with a headscissor takedown and grabs an armbar. Nikki tags her sister in. She monkey flips Rosa out of the corner but Maryse distracts the ref and Beth comes in and wipes out Brie in the corner. Rosa gets two after some stomps. She tags in Maryse and she awesomely yells at Rosa to leave the ring. She spikes Brie down with a backbreaker for one. Maryse spikes Brie into the mat and then smears her face into the mat. Maryse drags her into the corner and tags in Rosa. She takes Brie over with a snap mare and grabs a chinlock. Brie elbows free and then spikes Rosa to the mat. She dives and tags in Mickie. She hits a few flying forearms and then knocks Beth to the floor. Mickie hits a neckbreaker and gets two before Beth breaks it up. The Bellas nails Beth with a double dropkick and all three end up on the floor. Mickie drills Rosa with a superkick and picks up the win. Mickie, Nikki & Brie d. Maryse, Beth & Rosa when Mickie pins Rosa with a superkick; Grade: 1

– Back at ringside, Cole tells us that USA has decided to show National Treasure commercial free tomorrow night. We then get a video package about John Cena and the Chicago Cubs. Cena visited Wrigley last week and rocked a sweet PBR hat. Back in the arena, Cole and Lawler hit the ring and run down the Bash card for us. We then head to the ring for our main event.

5) Big Show vs. John Cena

Show and Cena each make their way out as Cole reminds us to stay on USA for a Transformers sneak preview after the show. The bell sounds and we get the staredown to start. Cena strikes first and knocks Show to the floor with a big charging shoulderblock. Cena comes out and charges but Show catches him and hot shots him on the security barrier. Show tosses him back inside and Cena hammers away as the fans rally him. Cena hits the ropes and charges but Show crushes him with a spear. Show stands on Cena’s chest and then pulls Cena up. He takes Cena over with a suplex and gets two. Show lands a right hand to the gut and then drops his frying pan chops to the chest. Cena ducks a chop attempt but Show maintains control. He hoists Cena up into a powerbomb position but drops back and flapjacks Cena on the mat. Cena rolls to the floor but beats the count back in. Cena slugs away but Show plants him with a shoulderblock. Show sits on his chest but Cena recovers and grabs a tight side headlock. Show hoists him up and takes him over with a back suplex for two. Show hammers on Cena some more and then charges and squashes Cena in the corner. Cena avoids a second corner splash and starts slugging at Show, but Show clubs him back down. Show drops Cena with a Final Cut and gets two. Show stands on Cena again and then stares at him while laughing. Show pulls Cena up and whips him into the corner. He charges but Cena kicks him and then takes him down. Cena heads up top and hits a legdrop to the back of Big Show’s neck as he was getting up. Cena drops the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Show recovers and drops him with a chokeslam for two. Show heads to the middle rope and comes off with a Vader Bomb but he doesn’t cover. He pulls Cena to the middle of the ring and stands over him. Show goes for the Camel Clutch, but Cena slips through his legs and locks in the STF. Miz comes charging out and Cena releases the hold. Show walks over and Cena hoists him up for the AA. Miz shoves Show and he collapses onto Cena for the win. Show d. Cena when he collapses on him during the Attitude Adjustment; Grade: 1.5

– Miz slithers into the ring and stands over the fallen Cena. He mocks the “You Can’t See Me’ signal and then glares out to the crowd. Backstage, Orton is slowly walking to his limo. Hunter jumps him from behind and knocks him to the ground. He lays Orton in the trunk of the car and slams it down hard on top of him. Hunter tells him he is going to Hell Sunday and walks off. And that is that folks. Enjoy the Bash and I will see you next week as Raw returns to its usual old format!

Final Grade: C+

MVP: John Cena & Miz
Runner Up:
Triple H & Randy Orton

Non MVP:
Vince buying back Raw
Runner Up:
Last Man Standing finish

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