ROH on HDNet Report (10.05.09)


ROH on HDNet
Philadelphia, PA
October 5, 2009

Your hosts are Dave Prazak and Mike Hogewood.

  • Delirious (w/Daizee Haze) vs. Sonjay Dutt

Hogewood thinks we’ll see a different Delirious here tonight because Daizee Haze has been training him with such workout routines as chopping wood – but as Prazak points out, pieces of wood can’t do springboard moves. Some mat stuff early on, but a headscissors sends Delirious to the floor. Delirious sidesteps a baseball slide and drives Sonjay into the barricade. As Delirious sets up for the dive off the top, Sonjay pulls Daizee Haze in front of him to prevent the flight, so Sonjay pulls out Delirious and gives him a clothesline. Back in, Delirious unloads on Sonjay with the Neverending Story (multiple corner clotheslines), so Sonjay goes to the throat to end all that. Out of the chinlock, Sonjay goes for the mask. IT WON’T COME OFF! Delirious answers with a senton across the back. To the floor, Delirious hits that dive he wanted earlier. Back in, that gets two. Cobra Clutch Suplex connects for 1-2-NO! Sonjay unloads on Delirious and avoids a corner charge to hit that kick up out of the ropes. I’m terrible at explaining that kick. I wish it had a name. With Delirious draped across the middle rope, Sonjay nails him with a slingshot legdrop. He jumps in for the cover with his feet on the ropes for 1-2-NO! Sonjay argues over it with the ref and gets rolled up for 1-2-NO! That sets up a short rollup sequence to move into the COBRA STRETCH! Sonjay fights out, but he’s yanked into the corner for the Panic Attack. SHADOWS OVER HELL? No! He flies down into an Ace Crusher! Sonjay rolls back into the CAMEL CLUTCH and gets the submission victory over Delirious! (9:42) Excellent finish to quite the competitive match. I knew they had it in them. After the match, Sonjay grabs Daizee until Delirious scares him off. ***¼

  • Eddie Kingston vs. Kyle Matthews

WHERE YOU AT, CHRIS HERO? Backdrop Driver sets up the SPINNING BACKFIST. (2:33) WHERE YOU AT? ½*

We hear from all eight teams involved in the main event.

  • Roderick Strong vs. Joey Ryan (w/Prince Nana & Ernie Osiris)

Before the match, Nigel McGuinness shows up to distract Roderick Strong and asks him why he wrestles for the entertainment of the ROH fans, which allows Joey to attack from behind. Even so, Roderick chops Joey out and back in the ring. Finally, Joey stops a running elbow in the corner with a dropkick to the knees. Strong elbows out of a chinlock, but runs into a spinebuster for two. He goes for the MUSTACHE RIDE (super swinging neckbreaker), but Roderick punches out and tweaks Joey’s knee up in the ropes. YEEOWCH. Here comes Roderick! He gets that running elbow in the corner and follows up with a running back suplex for two. Uranage backbreaker connects for another two count. Joey avoids the Boston Crab and delivers a pumphandle suplex. That gets two. Spinning neckbreaker scores another nearfall for Ryan. Joey ducks the running enziguri in the corner and gets the Flair corner pin for 1-2-NO! Strong backdrops out of the DOUBLE UNDERHOOK FACEBUSTER (anybody know if there’s a name for it?). Joey misses a corner charge and takes the enziguri to set up a superplex from Strong! Delayed cover gets two. DEATH BY RODERICK! Cover, 1-2-NO! Prince Nana pulls out Strong and gets shoved over the guardrail into the front row! As Strong steps through the ropes, Joey catches him with a Superkick and rolls him up for 1-2-3. (8:46), Roderick took his eye off the ball. NIGELLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Not a bad little contest there. Afterwards, Roderick nails Joey with the Sick Kick and yells to the camera that he’s going to break Nigel’s arms off. **½

Backstage, the ROH world champ Austin Aries announces that there will be another Austin Aries Lucky Lottery drawing next week. Who will get the next ROH world title shot on HDNet?! It could be anybody!

We take a special look at KENTA! He’s quite good.

  • 8-Team Honor Rumble

Every 90 seconds a new team will enter the match and the only way your team can lose is if both members of the team get tossed over the top rope. The teams of Jimmy Rave & Ernie Osiris and the Young Bucks drew #1 and #2. Rave and Osiris go for the quick double elimination to start, but the Young Bucks battle back with their springboard moves. Osiris gets dumped out and as the Young Bucks corner Jimmy Rave, Stephen Hawking counts down to our #3 entrant who happens to be the Dark City Fight Club. They destroy everybody with their awesome tandem moves. Rhett Titus and Kenny King drew #4. They do a little too much posing and nearly get tossed out immediately like they’re the Bushwhackers or something. Jimmy Rave takes the atomic drop-clothesline combo from King Titus. We see some typical battle royal near eliminations until the new team of Brent Albright and Erick Stevens enter the ring as team #5. Out goes Jimmy Rave at the hands of Brent and Erick. They go nose-to-nose with the DCFC, but the Bucks and King Titus attack. Steenerico comes in at #6. Generico flies into the match with a crossbody on Rhett and Stevens. Meanwhile, the Young Bucks prevent themselves from being tossed out by the DCFC. A double dropkick sends the DCFC out courtesy of the Young Bucks to continue their rivalry. Matt Jackson charges at King in the corner, but he gets tossed and crotched onto the top rope as Rhett Titus runs over and dropkicks Matt to the floor to eliminate him. The DCFC are still at ringside, so they start to stomp the crap out of Matt Jackson. Nick isn’t down with all that and sacrifices himself with a somersault dive to clear out the DCFC. The Briscoes join us as the #7 team in this match. Titus gets dumped by Albright, Kenny runs up from behind and dumps out Albright. Stevens tries to avenge his partner, but winds up taking the Jumping Enziguri up top from Kenny to send him falling to the floor. Kenny King basks in his own glory and doesn’t see that the Briscoes and Steenerico have stopped fighting to pay Kenny some attention. The Briscoes ping pong Kenny into a Codebreaker and then Generico knocks him out to the floor with the Running Yakuza Kick. Here comes the ROH tag team champs the American Wolves as the eighth and final team to enter this match.

As you might expect, a big six-man brawl erupts. Generico takes the Alarm Clock from the Wolves, so Jay and Steen wipe them out with superkicks. Steen runs into a spinebuster from Jay, who backs up into the corner and eats a Yakuza Kick from Generico. Mark stops Generico with an Ace Crusher. Davey Richards nails Mark with a corner clothesline, but charges into a T-Bone Suplex. Davey gets that FIGHTING SPIRIT going and pops right up, but can’t stand up after a second T-Bone. Enough of that, Edwards catches Mark with a jumping knee lariat. Now they remember they’re in a battle royal and they need to start eliminating people. Steen tosses out Davey Richards, but the refs don’t see a thing, so he jumps back in the ring and tosses out Steenerico all by himself! Boy, is Steen pissed. Meanwhile, Richards takes an STO into the corner by Jay. He heads up top, which proves to be a big dumb mistake as Edwards kicks him off to the floor. That leaves crazy Mark Briscoe all alone with the American Wolves. They begin to stalk their prey. Very wolf-like. Anyways, Jay grabs hold of Davey’s foot off a double-team and that allows Mark to duck Eddie’s clothesline to clothesline Davey out to the floor. Edwards think he’s dumped out Mark, but he falls on the apron and catches Edwards with a springboard dropkick. Jay goes to toss him out, but Edwards lands on the apron. None of that. Jumping enziguri puts Edwards on the floor to give the Briscoes the win. (13:48) Good finish and definitely the team that needed the rub (ha-HA! Rub!) here since they’ve been out of action for over a year. Not long enough to really be epic, but definitely a fun Rumble-style match. It was a Funble, if you will. ***½

Next week, Chris Hero battles KENTA? What about Eddie Kingston? Plus, another Austin Aries Lethal Lottery! Sweet!

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