Kyle’s Be The Booker WWF Raw Feb. 26, 2001

This is an alternative to this site that could work or not. I thought that people were some what getting stale of all reviews and wanted to do something different.  I will book the whole year, including the alliance. This will be all off the top of my head just like Guest Booker is.

WWF: Raw

Feb. 26, 2001

Your Host: Jim Ross and Al Snow

*Music Plays*

*to the announce table with JR and Al Snow*

Jim Ross: Well if you did not see the show last night, shame on you because it was an excellent show last night. I am with my new broadcasting partner: Mr. Snow.

Al Snow: Thank you JR, and just before we get started, I have to aware my fans that Head and I are not getting along. Therefore, this broadcast will be broadcasted with 100 percent no head. Something you should know Jim Ross is that guys don’t always want head, they want more like…

Jim Ross: Okay, I think we know where your going with that—and lets not for the sake of are jobs.

Al Snow: Everyone really wants Sex.

Jim Ross: This is going to be a treat.

*Rock music hits and enters in the ring attached with mic.*

Rock: I bet my millions and millions of fans think I am happy right now, but the truth is I am not. The Rock is very upset because you see the Rock did not just wrestle Angle; he actually had a surprise visitor in his match. The Rock shouldn’t’ say surprise because once you see this man, it is like a huge hairy gorilla coming in for a banana. However, The Rock is also very puzzled at this because this big fat gorilla weighs in at 500 jabroni and staying at 7 feet of pure garbage, hailing from the Amazon, has to interfere with The Rock in his match. That is not making a statement. It is being a coward. This man is a big cowar….

*Big Show’s music hits and he enters to the ring.*

Big Show: Are you going to call me a coward just now? Rock, you should use your words more wisely, or they might comeback and sting you in your “roody poo candy ass”.

Rock: Did you just steal the Rock’s line? That is gimmick infringement, umm…I am sorry, but I do not even know your name. What is your name? Is it Giant?

Big Show: No.

Rock: Is it Paul Wright?

Big Show: No… well sort of.

Rock: The Rock doesn’t know what sort of mean; tell me your name, sir.

Big Show: My name is…

Rock: It does not matter what your name is!

*Big Show laughs, and smirks. He goes to talk in the mic, but instead puts his hand on Rock’s neck, and chokes him. Rock fights it off with some punches. Rock sets up the Rock Bottom, but Big Show counters out. Big Show follows by a chokeslam onto Rock.*

Big Show: Could you smell what I am cooking, champ?

Chris Benoit vs. X-Pac.

  • X-Pac cheap shots Benoit.
  • X-Pac works over Benoit.
  • Benoit enhances a comeback.
  • As Benoit is coming back, Credible distracts him.
  • X-Pac remains on offense.
  • Benoit comes back with german suplex.
  • Benoit goes for the crossface, but X-Pac gets out.
  • X-Pac goes low while the ref isn’t looking, and hits a ddt to boot.
  • X-Pac misses broncobuster.
  • Benoit goes up to the top, but Eddie interferes on purpose.
  • Eddie goes to hit X-Pac, but instead catches Benoit

Benoit wins @ 12:10 via DQ.

  • Eddie runs away afterwards.
  • Benoit looks pissed and angry.


In the back:

Michael Cole: I just like to ask you if you are going to do, Mr. Regal.

William Regal: Sometimes Cole, you have to do what’s right, even if it effects your job.


William Regal/ Stephanie McMahon vs. Vince McMahon/ Trish.

  • Stephanie and Trish start out.
  • Stephanie brings it to her.
  • Vince nails Stephanie not legal.
  • Trish works over Stephanie.
  • Vince is tagged in, and gets heat on Steph.
  • Steph reverses Trish’s suplex in a DDT.
  • Regal gets the hot tag.
  • Regal throws Vince over the top rope.
  • Trish slaps Regal in the face.
  • Stephanie tackles her, and a catfight breaks out.
  • Stephanie gets the best of it.
  • Regal tells Steph to get out because she’s not legal.
  • While Steph walks back, Regal hits a neckbreaker on her.
  • Trish pins Stephanie.

Vince McMahon and Trish win via pinfall @ 10:30.

  • Regal, Vince and Trish beat down on Stephanie.
  • Al Snow says, “This isn’t right”
  • Jim Ross says, “Someone do something about this!”
  • Al Snow says, “I’ve had enough”
  • Before Al gets up, Shane hits the ring and cleans house.
  • Shane beats on his Daddy, but Regal from the back hits him
  • Regal puts Shane in the RegalStrech.
  • Vince McMahon says, “Next week, live on Raw, it will be William Regal vs. Shane McMahon in a “No Holds Bar” match.

*Vince’s music hits as all three leave*


Christian vs. Bubba Ray Dudley

  • Christian starts out fast with flashy moves.
  • Christian brings it to Ray.
  • Ray recuperates and takes over the match.
  • Christian fights back.
  • But Ray stops the comeback.
  • Ray goes for a bubba bomb, but Christian reverses and gets a roll up pin

Christian wins @ 5:00

Hardcore Championship: Big Show vs. Hardcore Holly.

  • Big Show says if someone interferes in the match—they will be a dead man.
  • Hardcore tries taking out Big Show’s knee, but to no effect.
  • Big Show beats down Holly.
  • Holly grabs a chair and hits him in the head.
  • Big Show doesn’t feel it.
  • Holly hits him four more times.
  • Big Show looks at him and then chokeslams him.
  • Big Show pins Holly.

Big Show wins @ 2:00.

  • Billy Gunn is behind him, but so is Molly Holly.
  • Molly Holly nails Gunn with a frying pain.
  • Molly hits Show also, but it breaks over his back.
  • Big Show turns around and chokeslams her.
  • Billy Gunn charges him, but Big Show chokeslams him also.


*Kurt Angle is in the ring.*

Kurt Angle: I know I lost because I was screwed, but I am not going to be like a baby like everyone around here, I am just going to wait until the dust settles for my rematch. I know I can beat anyone on this roster, or  anyone in this friggen world.  I am the best, and everyone knows it. That is why nobody will come out and say anything to me because they know I am a tough SOB. If I cannot compete in Wrestlemania because Stone Cold has a number one contendership, I want something competitive for WM. I want to prove who I am and that I am the best. Now who is the sucker who will face me?

*Undertaker music hits, but does not come out*

Kurt Angle: It is on, oh, it is on.


*Rock’s music hits, and gets in the ring.*

The Rock: Big Show: get your monkey ass out here.

*Big Show comes to the ring*

Big Show: Bravo, champ; you finally remembered my name. I think you lost the first one because of the hard chokeslam last night. Was the chokeslam last night a little weak? Is that why you remembered?

The Rock: No. The Rock doesn’t care about your name; The Rock doesn’t care what you have to say; The Rock doesn’t care if you and Mae Young get busy with it all night, even though I hear the rumor is true. The Rock wants to know what you want. Does The Big Show want to go one on one with the great one?

Big Show: I want my well-deserved title shot, right now.

*HHH music hits and comes out to the ring.*

HHH: Woah, woah, woah big guy. If anyone is going to get a title shot it is me, but  Rock, I am going to have to delay *my* deserved title shot. Big Show, you need to step behind the line, bro.

Big Show: How about I just simply pick you up and throw you behind the line.

*HHH and Big Show get in each other’s face.*

Rock: How about you stick those title shots, sick them sideways and shove them right up your candy asses.

*Rock attacks both of them, but the numbers game takes place as they beat down the Rock*

*Stone Cold’s music hits as he sells the injuries and runs with a chair down to the ring. HHH runs, but Big Show tries fighting him off. Big Show knocks the chair out of his hands, but Stone Cold dodges Show, and he falls out side. Rock and Austin come eye to eye and the show fades.

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  1. Hey man I like the idea, but you should have started after Wrestlemania…That was a perfect Mania, and I don’t think rebooking it would be the best idea…

    • Thanks for the comment and the positive response, but I do not think WM 17 was “perfect”. The opener was way too short. The tag match was not good at all. The hardcore match was very slow and tedious. Chyna-Ivory was a waste of time, and the gimmick battle royal was also a waste of time as far as my point of view. Sure it did have some good-very good matches, but it’s not perfect.

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