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The Wrestling Backfire: The Major Problems With Summerslam (John Cena, CM Punk, Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan)

On March 31st, 1985, the WWF took their biggest gamble ever: Wrestlemania 1. If it failed, chances are the company would have gone out of business. Despite what WWE wants their fans to presume, there was a “Grand Daddy Of Them All” before Wrestlemania called Starrcade. It was a Jim Crockett Promotions’ pay-per-view to blow off the biggest feuds in the company. In contrast to Starrcade, the WWF didn’t want their show to be simply about wrestling.  They wanted it to be this mixture of celebrity appearances, entertainment,  and wrestling, or what McMahon would refer to it as “Sports Entertainment”. Many critics and promoters believed  it would fail, but it ended up being a gigantic hit and put the WWF on its golden platform.

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The Good, Bad, Presentable, and Ugly: WWE Over the Limit 5.20.2012 Review

My wrestling writing career would prove the saying life goes around in circles. After writing almost everywhere a writer who writes about men in spandex fake wrestling each other, I am back where I started. I don’t know how long I will be here. It all depends, mainly on how many people comment on my reviews. So comment away.

In case you don’t know how this review works, I will quickly explain it:

On a PPV, I judge upon how good the matches are,  how good booking of the PPV is, and how good a segment or promo is if there is any. I put each match, segment or promo into categories and then afterwards give an overall grade for the PPV. The categories are good, which is something that’s obviously good. Presentable, which means almost good, but has flaws and/or something’s lacking. Bad, which is something that has major flaws and did not deserve to be on the show, although it’s still watch able to a point. And the ugly (also known as Russotarded), which is something that makes you want to crave your eyes out when you’re watching it due to the stupidity.

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Counting Down the Days of Summerslam: Summerslam 1997

Summerslam 1997
Live from East Rutherford New Jersey
Announcers: Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, and Jerry “The King” Lawler

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Are TNA’s Creative Staff Purposely Messing Up Destination X?

When TNA was invented by Jeff Jarrett in 2002, they had a division in the company named the X-Division. Like the Cruiserweight Division, there were lots of small wrestlers, crazy spots, innovative moves, and high-paced/jammed packed matches. Unlike the Crusierweight Division, there were no weight limits, meaning any wrestler could wrestle in this division.

TNA came around in a tough time. WCW and ECW just went out of business and WWE went public and watered down their product. In other words, the wrestling business was cooling off from the hot days of the Monday Night Wars. Many critics didn’t give TNA a chance. Most hated Jeff Jarrett and thought he’d use this company just so he could be on top. They were right by saying that to some degree as Jarrett constantly stayed in the title picture and main-event scene.

TNA slowly but rapidly grew. They had stars from the past they caught people’s eye, but what stayed in people’s eyes was the X-Division. With WWE being mainly focused on big guys and with them also limiting their wrestlers in the ring, the X-Division was an alternative to the WWE, one that helped TNA grow.

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Yup. This is a cheap-plug, but please be sure to read it and if you could comment. Since I already feel cheap, I should just throw this out there too – a lot of my pay comes from people clicking on the ads so be sure to click on them :).

Over The Limit 2011 Review

This PPV’s name lived up to its expectations as it put me ‘over the limit’. And you’re about to find out what that means! Read the rest of this entry

Extreme Rules 2011 Review

I decided that I was going to do current WWE PPVS for now and then decide what else I would like to do as well. Sorry for all you TNA lovers, but I honestly cannot watch their PPVS. There isn’t a drug in this world that can keep me entertained while watching TNA and coherent. I’ll think about doing ROH PPVS, but I wouldn’t hold my breathe for those either. I haven’t been excited for anything ROH has done in along time. Now I present to you some of the most insane, sadistic and unadulterated extreme rules ever bundled into a show, EXTREME RULEZ!!!! Read the rest of this entry

Wrestlemania 27 Review

I just wanted to post something on here and since I just watched the DVD, I thought why not post a Wrestlemania 27 review. For future stuff, I am still debating on what to do. I’ve been thinking of doing Memphis stuff or SMW stuff but the material is so hard to find. I also thought of doing NWA stuff but I realized it would be dumb because Matt has already done them. If any of you readers have any suggestions, please notify me.

Rock opens the show playing cheerleader trying to get the crowd into it. A very mediocre Rock promo that at times got hokey and annoying. It went on way too long clocking in at almost 20 minutes. What frustrated me the most was they cut out Sheamus and Daniel Bryan for a promo that went nowhere. Read the rest of this entry

Kyle’s recap of January, 4th, 2010,TNA Impact

Almost 10 years ago, WWE bought ECW and WCW—which ended the wars officially. But on this night, January, 4th, 2010, there is a new “threat” on the block—TNA lead by the arguably the biggest star ever in wrestling—Hulk Hogan. With this big acquisition, TNA thought they were ready to compete with Raw on Monday nights. Tonight marks an era of a change in wrestling, tonight marks an era where one company could make or break their legacy, tonight marks the night where history shall be made. Join Matt and I as we take individual looks at Impact and Raw! Read the rest of this entry

Kyle’s TNA Final Resolution 2009 Review

Live From Orlando Florida

Your Hosts: Mike Tenay and Taz.

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Kyle’s Review of Glory By Honor VIII (Disc One)

Hey readers, sorry I have not been writing lately, but we all know this is a very busy time, and I just did not have enough time in my schedule to be doing wrestling reviews. I will continue to do my ordered play, so expect to see Over the Edge 1999 up soon followed by another ECW Hardcore TV show. After those shows are completed, I will go keep moving forward.

Glory by Honor VIII

“It’s the final countdown”

Live from New York City

Your host: Dave Prazak and Chris Hero

Opening match: Rhett Titus vs. Colt Cabana

Rhett puts his hand in his pants looking for a handshake. Read the rest of this entry

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