Are TNA’s Creative Staff Purposely Messing Up Destination X?

When TNA was invented by Jeff Jarrett in 2002, they had a division in the company named the X-Division. Like the Cruiserweight Division, there were lots of small wrestlers, crazy spots, innovative moves, and high-paced/jammed packed matches. Unlike the Crusierweight Division, there were no weight limits, meaning any wrestler could wrestle in this division.

TNA came around in a tough time. WCW and ECW just went out of business and WWE went public and watered down their product. In other words, the wrestling business was cooling off from the hot days of the Monday Night Wars. Many critics didn’t give TNA a chance. Most hated Jeff Jarrett and thought he’d use this company just so he could be on top. They were right by saying that to some degree as Jarrett constantly stayed in the title picture and main-event scene.

TNA slowly but rapidly grew. They had stars from the past they caught people’s eye, but what stayed in people’s eyes was the X-Division. With WWE being mainly focused on big guys and with them also limiting their wrestlers in the ring, the X-Division was an alternative to the WWE, one that helped TNA grow.

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