Kyle’s recap of January, 4th, 2010,TNA Impact

Almost 10 years ago, WWE bought ECW and WCW—which ended the wars officially. But on this night, January, 4th, 2010, there is a new “threat” on the block—TNA lead by the arguably the biggest star ever in wrestling—Hulk Hogan. With this big acquisition, TNA thought they were ready to compete with Raw on Monday nights. Tonight marks an era of a change in wrestling, tonight marks an era where one company could make or break their legacy, tonight marks the night where history shall be made. Join Matt and I as we take individual looks at Impact and Raw!


“Time for a Change”

-Mike Tenay and Taz hype up the show

-Card: Steel Asylum, Tara vs. ODB, Rhino vs. Abyss; barbwire match, Beer Money vs. British Invasion; 6 sides of steel.

–          Bubba the Love Sponge interviews some geeks about the show.

Opening Match: Steel Asylum (X-Division Champ Amazing Red, Motor City Machineguns, Lethal Consequences, Homicide, Kiyoshi, and Suicide)

They start off like a typical clustered match; people climbing up, but getting knocked down; brawling. Red hits a kick on Shelley. Lethal tries to knock Shelley down, while others climb up to the top. Lethal hits a lethal combo onto Suicide.  Creed cleans some house. Red hits a facebuster. ‘Cide goes up, but gets caught off. Red gets thrown off but snaps a Franken-Steiner on Shelley.  Homicide grabs a pipe and that’s it? They keep fighting even though the match is over. Jeff Hardy returns—and kills Homicide. A clustered match with little to no cool moves, that ends in a BS dq, and then we get a debut of Jeff Hardy, which was cool, but hard to get into since how poorly booked it was. But it was a good idea to put Jeff Hardy in the bottom of the card so the WWE fans (that are watching) seen it.  I will still call this a swing and miss for TNA. ¼*

The Police are bringing Hogan to the Impact Zone. Not Sting and the Police. If only!

Kevin Nash is talking and putting Hogan over. He is saying he is happy to see his mentor, and he also says he is the smartest man. He says he will now make more money for being the number one company. Nash talked to Hogan on the phone, and he is on his way, but not alone.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: ODB vs. Tara ©.

They share blows back and forth.  Tara hits her standing moonsault. Tara puts in a spider submission hold with the ropes. Spring board leg drop from Tara for a two count. ODB puts Tara into the turnbuckle, Tara reverses, but gets countered. ODB pulls the trunks and gets a three. Tara then hits a Windows peak. She then grabs the spider—and puts it on ODB. Very babyface like I might add. AND WE CUT TO A LIMO! It is Ric Flair.Wo0oo00o0o0o0o. It was too quick of a match and they cut it out too short. I am also upset ODB won because I much rather see Tara win the title. O

Christy Hemme interviews some more geeks. Mick Foley gets here. Hemme talks to Foley about him not suppose to being here. Foley says everything is false. And he will be at Impact on his best behavior. Foley gets denied by the TNA guards.

Bobby Lashley is with his wife, who has a manlier voice than him. She puts him over to Hogan—saying he is a master of MMA, and unlike MMA wrestling is a bunch of toothless inbreeds. Quick cheers turn into boos. She ask for Lashley’s release from TNA. They have “better” things to do.

The Beautiful People are playing poker. *sigh*.  Velvet Sky wins when she really didn’t, because they are bimbos. They are actually going to play strip poker. *shudder*.

Scott Hall and X-Pac are in the back, but the geek security guards won’t let them in. Hall goes after the guards.

Hall and X-Pac get into the show; WCW STYLE!!!!!!!

Hulk Hogan comes out with a huge pop. Speaking of pop, don’t Brooke Hogan’s boobs look like they’re going to pop? Hogan starts talking about how this is history. He says that the young guys are great, and the old guys are ready to gear up. Hogan says this is the dream he has been dreaming for. Hogan pays attention to X-Pac; he tells security to back off. Hall and X-Pac are brought in the ring. Wolfpack hand shake. “Hey yo”. Hogan says say what you got to say. Razor says say hello to the bad guy. Razor says that Hogan, Nash with them= big parties and big contracts. X-Pac says you see that is where it’s wrong—same place, same people, and they are here to party. Hogan says it’s different this time. Hall says you are trying to change the business? He said things are changing… Hogan cuts him off. Hogan says it’s time to grow up, and do the right thing for the business. Hall says thing has changed, and they will change with or without ya. Kevin Nash music hits! Kevin says Hulk has a role to play. Hogan says no brother; he gave Dixie’s word that he will change this company for the better. Nash says I’ve been talking on the phone for 5 or 6 and not the same convo we were having. Hogan says you guys are my brothers, but you need to do this for real. It’s a different time. Easy E is here, and his name is Eric Bischoff.  Bischoff puts over what they did. Bischoff said he put this band together. Bischoff says Hogan is trying to say everyone has to earn their position in the company. Nash, Hall and X-Pac depart. Hogan says people have to earn their spots. No past relationships, everyone has to earn their spot. Bischoff puts over the young level. And things are going to change. Bischoff doesn’t care who you are; everyone will be under a microscope. Bischoff gets the script and tears it up. Bischoff says he will turn this company upside down….right now. Hogan says if you can’t talk or wrestle—pack your bags. Sting is up where he made his career.

TNA Women’s Tag Team Titles: Awesome Kong and Ayako Hamada vs. Taylor Wilde and Sarita ©

Hamada and Sarita exchange some moves. Wilde gets the tag, goes to the top, and nails an arm cross. Hamada tags Kong. Kong drops on Sarita. Wilde kicks Kong, and then they go double team with the drop kick. They both fly to the outside. We are back from commercial. Hamada gets a two off of a suplex. Wilde comes back, but Hamada stops her, and then chops her, and then head buts her. She taunts Sarita. Tags Kong.  Kong goes for a slam, countered into a jawbreaker. Sarita comes in, but gets caught. Kong sits on Sarita, but it’s broken up. Kong nails Sarita’s leg. Kong is going for the Awesome Bomb. Sarita goes on top. Drop kick into Awesome Bomb. Decent tag-match here. Kong looked strong, as she should, and the right team goes over. *

TBP are playing some cards. Val Venis comes in and wants to play some cards. Sky doesn’t approve. Val Venis wants to play some cards. They say shuffle up and deal.  Velvet sees the porn penis and is now happy.

Foley is trying to break in still. Nasty Boys *ugh* are trying to get in.

Hernandez & Matt Morgan vs. Raven and Dr. Stevie.

You looking forward to this match? Well it’s over. Morgan wins. I am looking for a word ummm…. oh yeah, pointless is the word I am looking for, really, really, pointless.

The Pope calls Desmond Wolfe out. Pope says bring out your best. Orlando Jordan comes out—and Pope says he don’t know where Hogan is, and OJ needs to get stepping. Pope calls OJ a Whoppi Goldberg look alike.

Desmond Wolfe vs. The Pope.

Nigel works on the arm. Pope comes back quickly with flashy moves. Pope scoops, but reversed in an arm take down. Nigel flips us off. Nigel sends him off, and works on the arm more. He works on the arm, and leans on the arms. Nigel misses a E-upercut. Pope hits an elbow, but Nigel fights back. Nigel goes to the top. TOL, no countered. Pope gets him with a roll up. Good action for the time, but they seemed like they were on fast forward. Please get these two a storyline ASAP. ½*

Rhino is hurt. Bubba the Love Sponge is on it.

Jeff Jarrett is on his way to the Impact Zone.

AJ Styles says he can’t wait to see what Hogan does next.  He talks about Angle. He also got things to prove. He can’t hold this title without being Angle. Bischoff claps and walks in. He puts him over from people talking about him. Bischoff got good and bad news. Bischoff says it isn’t going to happen (AJ-Angle) Bischoff says he will face AJ and Angle tonight.

Jeff Jarrett is in the ring.  Jarrett says it feels great to be back in the Impact Zone. He says 7 years ago he found TNA. He says he busted his butt—and found a company named TNA. “Thank you, Jeff” chants. Jeff talks about the critics saying they wouldn’t last. But Jarrett is standing here—on Monday night—the great night in history. He says the timing is finally right. “TNA” chant breaks out. Jarrett says he has done good things and not so good; but the best thing he has done is he gave young guys a chance; guys like Beer Money, MCMG, Daniels, Joe and last but not least—the TNA champion, AJ Styles.  Jarrett says you aint seen nothing yet—with everyone together. You will see anything in TNA. Hogan says so what nobody cares. Hogan says if he heard I one more time, he bring the security. He says Jarrett ran the company in the ground. Hogan said he needs to straighten up. Hogan says he is now Dixie Carter’s partner; and the young guys are getting the real push. Hogan says he has one thing right, with Dixie and Hogan—TNA is going right. He says Jarrett has no creative power—and he better lace his boots up because he is another guy.

Christy Hemme is with Daniels. JB cuts Daniels off because Foley is on the phone. Foley is in the Impact Zone.

Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore are meeting with the ‘big man”.

Abyss vs. Samoa Joe.

Joe attacks him, and goes nuts on his face with jabs. Joe moves, and does his kick. Facewashes into a big boot. Joe misses with a chair. Abyss punches Joe in the face. Irish whip, but Joe kicks him. Joe hits some chops into a kick into a senton backsplash. Joe is bringing it to Abyss. Abyss hits a lariat. Abyss hits a side slam for a two. Abyss charges into a big elbow. Joe comes off the rope with a round kick. Joe hits a forearm, and then hits a kick. Joe to the top but gets caught in a chokeslam. ONE, TWO-NO.  Joe gets out of the ring. Abyss tries to bring him in. Joe nails him with the chair. Ref never seen it. The choke is in. Will Abyss tap? Yes, he does. Another fast paced match, due to time, but they did a good job in a dynamic force against another dynamic force match; good big man size psychology by both men adapting to their size and telling a logical story in the ring. * ¾

Beer Money is hurt in the back.

Nasty Boys are trying to get in the show. Bubba the Love Sponge gets them in.

Kurt Angle is in the back. He talks about how AJ Styles cannot beat him. He had a good run, but Angle will get his title. Oh it is real, damn real.

Taz and Tenay hype up the match.

Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore have their contracts. Jeff says “maybe”. Girls run after Jeff; he gives one a painting and a kiss on the cheek. CAN’T YOU SEE THE WRITING ON THE WALL?

Nasty Boys get offered donuts. They give the Black guy his donuts. IN HIS FACE! They then spray paint on Devon–who is in Japan.

TNA World Heavy Weight Championship: Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles©.

This is a tad risky, but we will see how it goes. AJ flies early by tricking Angle; then hitting a huge flip dive. Styles puts Angle back in the ring. Mask man comes in, but Angle cleans his whistle. Angle hits a german-suplex, and then another commercial. Angle has a sleeper hold in. AJ fights back, takes Angle over, and hits some elbows knocking Angle down. AJ hits a fireman carry into a neckbreaker. Aj goes springboard, but Angle tosses him over. Angle is looking for it, but reversed. AJ hits a closeline. One,Two,No. Styles Clash, but no. Angle vintage G-man suplexs. Count along. One…two….three. Just three this time. Wait, PELE, not countered, Ankle lock, no rolled through. Pele this time. ONE-TWO,THR-No. Angle counters out of the Clash. Angle slam. ONE-TWO-THR-NO.  Angle takes him over on the top. ONE-TWO-THRE-NO. Angle misses the frog splash, but Angle misses. Styles Clash. ONE-TWO-THR-NO! Aj puts him on top. Angle hits a frog splash. ONE-TWO-NO. Angle goes for Angle Slam, but it’s countered into a DDT. ONE-TWO-THRE-NO.  Angle puts the Ankle Lock in. Reversed. Missed closeline. German Suplex. ONE-TWO-NO.  INVERTED DDT. ONE-TWO-NO. AJ is selling the long term match. He goes to the top… but AJ cuts him off. They battle back and forth. Angle goes up to the top. AJ is fighting off. Angle hits a Super Angle Slam. ONE-TWO-THRE-NO! Ankle lock is in, AJ battles out. AJ hits a dropkick to the head. Styles Clash. ONE-TWO-THRE-NO Styles Clash again, but battled out. Angle sits down with the ankle lock. Styles hits a back body drop.  AJ hits a 450. ONE-TWO-NO.  AJ goes for Styles Clash, but reversed. Both back up, Styles clash, but can’t roll him over. AJ is going for a splash. This was very good. They both gave all they got in the ring. Great show of stamina, endurance, pacing, timing and great story-telling of two gladiators who want the title so bad—they will do ANYTHING to win the title, and that is exactly what they did—they worked their ass off and put everything on the line in that very ring. With that being said, I think they kind of went ROH-ish with the “believable” near-falls too many times. Also, the selling could have been a tad better, but yet again, it was an excellent match for TV. *** 1/2

Hogan puts them both over. In the back, Foley is here. He interrupts on Val. Val tells him where Hogan is. Bischoff is sitting in Foley’s chair. Foley is going to knock Bischoff’s teeth down his throat—but Hall and X-pac attack him—and bring it to him. Hogan comes in and stares the situation down as we roll to the end to the show.

Final Thoughts: The first hour was really hard on my eyes. The stupid, fast, illogical booking was really taking its toll rapidly. But the debuts and returns kind of saved it from being a total waste of time. At around 8:56, Hogan came out and they delivered a good, long promo on what to expect to happen in the near future. We had some really short matches that I wasn’t too happy about,  but it made sense considering they had so much to fit on the show. I liked Joe looking strong, and the main event was good too. I don’t know what they will do now for Genesis since Styles beat Angle clean on TV (which is a tad risky, but reasonable). There were also a lot of big names on this show, but it does scare me to see this many names on the show because it could end up being more of a retirement home than an actual company that is looking at the future. *Cough* WCW *cough*. So overall, it was an enjoyable show (surprises and Main Event), but it still has big holes in the product and they need to improve on that. Typically I would call this a bad show, but the star power on the show made it seem enjoyable.

PS. They need to really slow down the pace of the show. They have been rushing it way too much, and allowing moments not to stick with people. Seriously, slow the pace down a notch.

In the end, I am just happy that I got through my first Impact in six months. Go figure.

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  1. I have just recently started wrestling again recently after not really watching it for about 4-5 years. iv watched the odd tna and wwe show, but thought both were awful.
    I have watched Tna for about the last 5 weeks and really enjoyed it, the storylines seemed to have calmed down from all the childish stuff we have seen in recent history (from both wwe and tna). The wrestling was good quality on impact, better than the majority of the stuff I have seen on wwe tv shows in the last couple of weeks.
    This Impact was in my opinion, good, my highlights being the “hogan nwo reunion” I enjoyed this segment, the discussion betweem them, talking about the history etc. The AJ/Angle match was very good. Wolfe/Pope match was good, I would definitely like to see them in a longer match and was suprised by the finish.

    I have some concerns –
    1) Hogan heel turn – stupid evil owner type chararacter (done to death – wwe rip off)
    2) The role Rick Flair will play, please no wrestling. I want to see him manage a heel faction, that would be awesome, going against Hogan and Bishoff as faces.
    3) Sean Morley?! (is that his name?) – why? hated him in wwe, hated his character.
    4) the tna roster is very full, i understand bringing in Jeff Hardy and Rick Flair (as a manager), but every else why?

    Overall – good show – I agree was rushed, should have been slowed down. Interested to see what happens in the next couple of weeks.

    I think people are readt for a WRESTLNG show, please tna offer us this alternative.

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