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Impact Wrestling
September 15, 2011
Orlando, FL
The Impact Zone

(taped on 9/13/11)

The current TNA champs are as follows:
World Champion: Kurt Angle (8/7/2011)
World Tag Team Champions: Mexican America (8/18/2011)
X-Division Champion: Austin Aries (9/11/2011)
Television Champion: Eric Young (5/26/2011)
Knockouts Champion: Winter (9/11/2011)
Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Brooke Tessmacher & Tara (7/21/2011)

It’s still TNA iMPACT! to me, folks. This will be the only TNA review from 2011 that I will do, so don’t get excited, you one TNA fan there. Unless they do Sting v. Flair XXXVII! That will be the one to finally settle the score!

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “Matt, why are you doing this to yourself? You should maybe talk with my therapist. He’s really good.” Well, as a long-time fan of the Stinger and the NATCHA BOY, I thought I would recap this show just for the sake of me feeling a little complete in seeing nearly every televised match they have had with each other over the past 20-something years, which leads me to another recap coming soon of the COMPLETE Sting v. Flair collection. It’s just the one-on-one stuff, people. Let’s be realistic. But you read that correctly. It is coming soon. And I’m not doing it because their matches are really any different from each other, but just because I’m such a mark for those guys. Apparently, so are the people in TNA because this match – if we are all honest with ourselves – should not be happening on cable TV in 2011.

Your hosts are a 57 year-old wrestling nerd and his wingman: the brown gnome who wears extremely dark sunglasses indoors as if IMPACT WRESTLING’s pyro included atomic bomb testing. Read the rest of this entry

TNA Impact 1/28/2010

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
Date: January 28th, 2010
From: Orlando, Florida
Announcers: Mike Tenay and Tazz

Video highlighting the issues between Mick Foley and Eric Bischoff are shown. The same video also highlights Ric Flair and TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles alliance. The video finishes off by highlighting the Orlando screw job last week. Angle spitting on Hogan and quitting is noted. Angle destroying the set is the last thing shown.

TNA opening video

Mike Tenay and Tazz welcome everyone to Impact! Read the rest of this entry

TNA Impact 1/21/2010

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
Date: January 21st, 2010
From: Orlando, Florida
Announcers: Mike Tenay and Tazz

A video highlighting what happened at TNA Genesis is shown. The heel turn by AJ Styles is highlighted at the end of the video. Styles and Flair appear to be together. Read the rest of this entry

TNA IMPACT 1/14/2010

The above think is a forum to relive anything regarding TNA in one place. I hope you enjoy and join.

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
Date: January 14th, 2010
From: Orlando, Florida
Announcers: Mike Tenay and Tazz

A video going over all the happenings that occurred last week is shown. Read the rest of this entry

TNA Impact 1/4/2010

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
Date: January 4th, 2010
From: Orlando, Florida
Announcers: Mike Tenay and Tazz
Reporting: Bob Colling

Before I start with the review of TNA Impact, I thought I’d share some thoughts on TNA at this time. I will be honest, I have not been watching present day TNA as of late. I do read the spoilers to see what is going on. However, now that I am covering TNA I will have to refrain from doing so. So, for future reference, I will not know what has happened prior to the television tapings. Here are some thoughts before the show. Read the rest of this entry

Kyle’s recap of January, 4th, 2010,TNA Impact

Almost 10 years ago, WWE bought ECW and WCW—which ended the wars officially. But on this night, January, 4th, 2010, there is a new “threat” on the block—TNA lead by the arguably the biggest star ever in wrestling—Hulk Hogan. With this big acquisition, TNA thought they were ready to compete with Raw on Monday nights. Tonight marks an era of a change in wrestling, tonight marks an era where one company could make or break their legacy, tonight marks the night where history shall be made. Join Matt and I as we take individual looks at Impact and Raw! Read the rest of this entry

Kyle’s Turning Point 2009 Recap


Live from: Orlando, Florida
November 15, 2009
Your Host: Mike Tenay and Taz

  • The show opens up with a well put together video package of the build up over the month. It is mostly clips of the feuds and matches; and also Hulk Hogan’s signing. There is some “epic” music playing in the background blended in Dixie Carter’s shoot motivation speech for the wrestlers on Impact. Read the rest of this entry

TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles History

Champion Won From Date City/Event
Taylor Wilde
& Sarita
Madison Rayne
& Velvet Sky
9/20/2009 No Surrender[1]
Awesome Kong
& Hamada
Taylor Wilde
& Sarita
1/4/2010 iMPACT!

[1]: This was a tournament final to crown the first-ever champions for the latest TNA tag title belts.

Credit goes to: PWI Almanac,, and

TNA Knockout Championship Title History

Champion Won From Date City/Event
Gail Kim 10/14/2007 Bound for Glory[1]
Awesome Kong Gail Kim 1/10/2008 iMPACT!
Taylor Wilde Awesome Kong 7/10/2008 iMPACT!
Awesome Kong (2) Taylor Wilde 10/23/2008 iMPACT!
Angelina Love Awesome Kong 4/19/2009 Lockdown[2]
Tara Angelina Love 7/9/2009 iMPACT!
Angelina Love (2) Tara 7/19/2009 Victory Road
ODB Velvet Sky 8/16/2009 Hard Justice[3]
ODB (2) Cody Deaner 9/20/2009 No Surrender[4]
Tara (2) ODB 12/20/2009 Final Resolution
ODB (3) Tara 1/4/2010 iMPACT!

[1]: Gail Kim won a ten-woman gauntlet match to be crowned the first-ever TNA Knockouts champion.
[2]: This was a three-way ‘Six Sides of Steel’ cage match which also included Taylor Wilde.
[3]: Former TNA Knockouts champion Angelina Love defended the title in a tag match alongwith her partner, Velvet Skye against ODB and her boyfriend Cody Deaner. If Cody was to pin Love or Skye in this match, he would turn the belt over to ODB. However, when Cody pinned Skye in the match, he forgot all that and declared himself the TNA Knockouts champion. Since he’s not a woman and just to settle the issue between these two, TNA Authority Figure Mick Foley vacated the title on the August 26 edition of iMPACT.
[4]: This match took place to fill the vacancy of the belt.

Credit goes to: PWI Almanac,, and

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