Kyle’s TNA Final Resolution 2009 Review

Live From Orlando Florida

Your Hosts: Mike Tenay and Taz.

The TNA PPV started with a Christmas-themed video package with clips from recent TNA storylines to hype tonight’s PPV!

TNA Tag Titles: MCMG vs. British Invasion

Shelley puts in a headlock, Shelley goes to the top, but gets caught. Shelley works out and works on the arm. Sabin gets tagged in and they start doing flashy kicks.  Both Brits are on the outside, as the Gunz jump out to outside a crossbodies.  British Invasion get the advantage by cheating. Doug drives his head into the canvas with a figure four headlock on. Williams puts Shelley on the top, but pushes him off. Crossbody gets a two. Doug gets back on the offense. And hits a neck tie neckbreaker. Shelley fights back and hits a double knees in the back. Magnus wisely takes Sabin out on the apron. Douglas puts in a full nelson, but Shelly comes back. Shelly is a springboard, but it is countered into a body slam. Shelley gets the knees up though. Sabin is in on a hot tag. And cleans house. Springboard DDT. one-two-thr-no. Magnus gets tagged in, but Shelley is in and hits a thrust kick off the top.  Shelley goes for slice bread, but countered, but countered again. Sabin goes sucide and jumps to the out side. More counter for counter wrestling. Shelley nails slice bread. ONE TWO THR  NO! All men are in the ring, and all are now down. The count is on.  Another tag to Sabin. He hits a enzguri followed by a double team hit. ONE-TWO-THRE-NO. Sabin hits the cuter on Williams.  The double team kick in the corner. Neck breaker into a splash body. ONE-TWO-NO. British Invasion hits a double team Hart Attack like finisher for the win @ 16:00. Good opener here. I liked the style of the match. British Invasion played the old school style heel and MCMG played the new school babyface, which worked well. MCMG were super over and BI did a good job of getting heat. The near falls were believable and were properly placed in the match. Only problem with the match was it made British Invasion look cowardly but badass at the same time. ** ¾

Women’s Title Match: ODB vs. Tara.

Tara set up her signature moonsault, but only gets a two count. ODB counters the Widow’s Peak and wanted a TKO, but Tara counters into a roll-up for the pin and the win. Tara is with Hemme and says this is why she came to TNA. ODB stays in the ring frustrated. This sucked a dick, which Cornette would say. I don’t think there is much of a distinction between the KO division and Diva division—they both are pretty monotonous. ½

Hulk Hogan’s debut on January 4 on the Monday night debut. Thank God they reminded me again. I almost forgot.

Feast or Fired

Try to stick with me as I call this. Lethal climbs, but gets cut off.  Later on, in the ring Lethal and Creed do some combo moves. Creed goes up to the top to get a case, but Sheik stops him. Deaner and Sheik are fighting over a case, which falls to a floor. They fall on it, and they fight over it. Sheik gets it. Big Rob then gets case number 4. EY gets mad at him for taking down the case. Kevin Nash is upset also. They give him crap, but Storm hits the ring and Beer Money do a beat down.  Beer Money hit some moves on Elite. EY gets nailed with a double vertical suplex.  BEER MONEY taunt.  BM does more tag team moves. Roode is going up, but Big Sexy stops him. Nash is going up, and gets a case.  The fans are behind JOE. Lethal and Creed try fighting Joe.  Roode hits a spinbuster. EY hits a Piledriver.  Storm hits a super kick. Lethal hits a lethal combination.  Homicide stops Lethal from getting the case.  Homicide hits a cutter onto Lethal.  Deaner is going for the last case, but Joe stops him. Joe gets the last case. Not a good match by any means. The story of the match was basically one wrestler would get up—hit a spot, and then followed by another guy hitting a spot. The long tem selling was not good either, but at least the concept gives it the rating it gets. * ¼

JB and Val is with the guys with the cases. Kevin Nash steps forward with case number one. JB puts Nash over. They open the case, and he gets a World Tag Team title shot. Joe steps forward with the number three case. JB explains the rules. Joe opens the case up, and….. he gets a World Title Shot. Joe gets some big cheers. Sheik and Terry step up.  They put both the cases on the table. Sheik looks happy, which tells me he probably getting fired Big Rob looks nervous, which means he’s probably getting the X-Division Title. Sheik is fired, and Terry gets the title shot. Sheik flips out.

Taz tries to put over the feast of fired concept, like it is not part of the “show”. He said it is cruel to just fire some like that. *roll eyes*.
Eight Man Elimination Tag Team Match: Team 3D, Rhino, & Jesse Neal vs. Hernandez, Matt Morgan, Suicide, & “The Pope” DeAngelo Deniro

They get in the ring and circle Super Mex. Rhino and Hernadez start off. Rhino brings it to him. Hernadez comes back. Devon gets the tag and they beat him down. Hernadez tries to make a comeback as he takes everyone out. He calls out Jessie but Devon catches him behind. Devon chokes him illegally. Frequent tags. Bubba hits a closeline on Super Mex. Rhino goes for a Gore, and hits it. ONE-TWO-THR-NO. Rhino sells it with a facial expression. Rhino goes for another one, but misses. Hernadez then gets rid of Rhino, who is shocked. The clock is at 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0. Now the young guns hit the ring. Now the face have the advantage in this really backwards booked match. Super Mex hits a jump over the ropes, but then he “sells” the ribs. Suicide goes for a cover on Jessie Neil. Suicide hits a leg drop for only two. Suicide hits more moves. Jessie hits some punches. Jessie sends him off. Jessie Neil hits him with a chair, but didn’t DQ him. So Hernadez hits him but gets DQED. 3D gets rid of Suicide. Jessie was dq also for using the chair. Pope is double teaming 3D. Pope hits an Express; hits a closeline off the top. Pope gets hit by a 3d. Morgan is the only one left. 3D goes after Morgan and goes after him.  Team 3d is working him over.  Morgan makes a comeback. Hits some splashes in the corner. Elbow pads are off. Devon clips Morgan. Devon is on Morgan’s throat. They work him over more with throat choking. Morgan comes back, and gets rid of Devon with the kick.  Bubba works over Morgan. Morgan tries to comeback, but Devon gives him a eye rake.  Ray hits a big splash, but misses. Morgan goes for hellavator. Bubba hits a DDT for only two. Bubba grabs the chair.  Morgan kicks the chair into his face, and gets the win. The work was fine, but the booking was illogical. For example how they used the time stuff and the heels slowly worked over Hernadez, instead of going for the pin. Or how they were going to use the chair, but just waited for the 10 seconds before using it. The finish did not make any sense. Bubba grabbed  a chair wanting to get DQed, and then Morgan kicked the chair into his face, and the ref allowed him to pin Bubba. What they should have done is have that cause a DQ, which would get more sympathy on the young guys and more heat on the heels. I didn’t like how 3D got to beat down Morgan when one wasn’t legal. * 1/2

Steiner vs. Lashley

Steiner works over Lashly on the outside. Steiner goes for a closeline, and gets t-boned suplex.  Lashley hits a spear into the ring post. Lashley hits another one. Lashley puts in a dragon sleeper. The count begins. Steiner gets up at 6. Steiner hurt his leg, as he sells it. Lashley gets a chair and clocks him with it. Lashley works hit over, but Steiner grabs a pipe and clocks Lashely with it.  Count of 7.  Lashley is back down, but gets up at 7.  Back in the ring, Lashley gets up. Steiner goes up but gets caught.  Steiner grabs a pipe, but she takes the pipe away. Lashley hits a spear, and hits Steiner with the pipe. Steiner gets counted out. Sometimes the Last Man Standing concept can work because how the gimmick works; however, it did not work here.  It was just clichéd brawling by both men. There was not much heat in the match, and nothing felt personal as it was suppose to feel. Steiner did a poor job of selling his leg injury. I actually think he forgot what leg he was supposed to be selling. The match was too tedious for my likings. If these guys ever wrestle again, they need to find a groove because this dragged. ½*

Foley Fun House Rules match: Foley and Abyss vs. Dr. Stevie and Raven.

Foley and Abyss work over the heels.  Foley hits the elbow onto Stevie as he is in the tree of woe.  Raven and Foley brawl to the back.  Abyss on the outside sets up a table. Dr. Stevie gets nailed on the head Abyss goes for a powerbomb, but Raven hits him with kendo stick.  Foley makes the save on Abyss with a shopping cart filled with weapons. Foley hits them with a barbwire baseball bat. Foley hits a Piledriver, and then a DDT.  Raven throws powder into Foley’s face. A double maniable claw on. Raven effect DDT gets a two.  Foley puts barbwire onto Dr. Stevie. Foley hits the elbow onto the table. Abyss hits a black hole slam onto Raven for the win. Faces get payback on the heels in a harmless win. Match had some formula hardcore wrestling and they kept it at a steady pace; it never got dull or boring. Fine match for what is was. * ¾

Three Degrees of Pain: Desmond Wolfe vs. Kurt Angle

They do the mat wrestling, and flax MMA stuff early on. Angle hooks on to a single leg. But Wolfe breaks out. Wolfe hits a European uppercut. Angle has a hammerlock in the match, but Angle rolls threw. Nigel gets out by an elbow. Nigel hits a snapmare for only a one. Nigel works Angle down, but can’t get a pin. Nigel goes for a knee, but misses with a knee. Angle goes after the knee. Nigel brings Angle down with a headlock. Nigel gets another headlock take down.  Nigel then gets another headlock.  Angle comes back with a vertical suplex.  Angle goes for a powerbomb and drives him into the post.  Nigel hits a desperate snap mare arm drop.  Nigel puts in a rest-hold.  Angle comes back. Nigel gets belly-to-belly suplex. Nigel gets caught in suplexes; one-two-three-four-five! Nigel hits the Tower of London, but Angle kicks out! Angle gets a roll up but gets two. Angle gets an angle slam. ONE-TWO-THRE-NO! Angle misses a moonsault. Nigel gets the pin off a TOL.  Nigel works over the arms looking for a submission. He does that Danileson’s stretch, but Angle reverses into a modernized figure four. Nigel gets the ropes. Nigel then puts in an omaplata. Nigel takes him over with an armdrag.  Nigel counters with an arm drag .They go back and fourth with submission holds.

Nigel reverses but Angle keeps in the Ankle lock. Nigel reverses into a figure four arm lock. Angle seals in the Ankle lock. Nigel has an arm bar. Angle goes back on the Ankle lock, but Nigel puts in the Ankle lock.  “This is wrestling” chants break out *roll eyes*. Nigel puts in a triangle hold. Angle rolls through and gets the Ankle lock in. Angle sits down with it, and Nigel taps. Desmond Wolfe hits a Superplex off the 2nd rope. Both men are on the top.  Angle throws Nigel off the top with a Running up German suplex. Angle throws Nigel into the cage. Nigel does a good blade job. Angle goes up—but Nigel puts his bad leg up. Nigel sells the leg. Nigel is trying to win, and uses the cage to hit Angle in the head.  Angle grabs Nigel and sits down with the Ankle lock. Nigel taps but it is irrelevant. Angle climbs up, but Nigel is trying to get out also, but Angle gets out before him. Not on levels of their first match, but still effective. I didn’t think it was *that* violent as they were trying to make it to be. Nigel’s selling was solid in this match. I thought he sold the leg well, and then sold the “fear of losing” with great a terrific facial expression. This was a very good mat wrestling oriented match. *** ½

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Aj Styles vs. Daniels

They stare each other down. Daniels gives AJ Styles a nice slap in the face. AJ wants to hit Daniels, but Daniels takes a distraction advantage; then puts in an arm bar. Daniels counters a counter move by Styles. Styles works it into a scissors leg lock.  Daniels goes back on the arm. Daniels keeps working on the arm. Aj and Daniels go back and fourth. Aj gets the advantage. Daniels tries coming back. AJ hits a leg scissor on his back. Daniels rolls to the floor. AJ hits a flip dive onto Daniels.  Styles springboards on Daniels. Aj hits a closeline. AJ works over Daniels.  Daniels monkey flips AJ into the turnbuckle.  Daniels closelines AJ on the apron; then AJ lands on his neck. Daniels had his back turned, and Daniels hits a Rock Bottom on the chair.  Daniels hits a side-slam but only get a two. AJ Styles hits a tilt a world, effectively.  Daniels goes up to the top with AJ.  Daniels hits a slam onto the turnbuckle. Daniels drives some knees in the back—and scoop slams him. He then hits a BME, and puts in a crossface. Daniels hits a BME. AJ then hits a backsuplex. Both men get up. Aj is going on a burst of energy. Aj puches Daniels.  Styles hits a backbreaker across the knee.  AJ hits a springboard DDT onto Daniels. Daniels crotches Styles. Daniels hits a suplex off of the middle of ropes. Daniels  works AJ up as he tries to fight him off (good psychology from Daniels trying to put him up slowly).  Daniels hits a Franken Steiner and then a Shinning Wizard.  AJ hits a sick brainbuster onto Daniels. Both men are selling the abuse. AJ hits a spring board maneuver, but Daniels gets the leg on the ropes. Styles clash on the way, reversed, but AJ hits a Pele.  Aj hits a step up kick to the back of the head. Daniels hits a Rock Bottom and then a BME. ONE-TWO-THRE-NO!  Daniels hits him with punches. AJ hits a Styles Clash. ONE-TWO-THRE-NO!  Daniels is going up for a FS, but a Super Styles Clash ends it. An excellent match by these two pioneers of this company. This is one of those lukewarm, good feelings of these guys getting this much time to put on a great match with no shenanigans, swerves, or illogical booking; just simply great back and fourth, counter for counter wrestling mixed in with some innovative moves also mixed in with some good high flying. One flaw about the match was AJ’s selling of the arm and back. Because he didn’t really sell it long term enough for how much work Daniels did on it. But I should stop being such a “nit-picker” for something as great as this was. So, I  will call AJ’s lack of long term selling a forgivable sin. Anyways another great title defense by Aj Styles, and I don’t think they are going to stop here. On the other side of the coin, Daniels worked a perfect match tonight. MOTN.  ****

Going Home: Solid show tonight. The undercard wasn’t so hot, but I think everyone expected it to be what it was. But as expected, the co and mainevent delivered. It will be interesting to see where TNA goes from here with all this Hogan stuff going on. It seems set and stoned that Angle will face AJ Styles for the belt at the next PPV. No word or idea where Nigel will go from here, but I hope they do have something good planned for him.  The undercard does needs improvements and needs some more interesting stuff going on, but it was a great feeling to see four guys get some good chunk of time to put on what they are capable of with no TNA creative wackiness.  This is what has been missing from TNA since they started, so it is great to see that they finally have that down. I think TNA would be proud of themselves to a measure that they out did ROH’s main show in quality. Well maybe TNA doesn’t really care about ROH since it is not WWE, but it is quite an achievement at least in my opinion.

Mild Thumbs Up.


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