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TNA: iMPACT! (12.17.05)


December 17, 2005
Orlando, FL
Universal Studios

The current TNA champs are as follows:
NWA World Champion: Jeff Jarrett (11/3/2005)
NWA World Tag Team Champions: America’s Most Wanted (10/22/2005)
TNA X-Division Champion: Samoa Joe (12/11/2005)

TURNING POINT RECAP VIDEO! Is there not a PPV replay to buy?

Your hosts are Mike Tenay and Don West. Read the rest of this entry

ROH TV 1/7/2012

Ring of Honor TV
From: Spartanburg, SC

Kevin Kelly and Jim Cornette are standing in the ring to open up the programming. Tonight, we will see two providing ground matches. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team will meet the House of Truth and the ROH Television Champion Jay Lethal will square off against TJ Perkins. We hear from Lethal who says he respects Perkins and says tonight is nothing personal and will hold the title for his life. Perkins shares his thoughts as well saying they have a lot in common. He is here to win what he feels in his, and that’s the ROH Television Championship. Perkins doesn’t need twenty minutes to prove that he is worthy of the championship. “It’s the thunder that scares you, but it’s the lighting that will hurt you.” Read the rest of this entry

TNA IMPACT 1/14/2010

The above think is a forum to relive anything regarding TNA in one place. I hope you enjoy and join.

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
Date: January 14th, 2010
From: Orlando, Florida
Announcers: Mike Tenay and Tazz

A video going over all the happenings that occurred last week is shown. Read the rest of this entry

TNA Impact 1/4/2010

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
Date: January 4th, 2010
From: Orlando, Florida
Announcers: Mike Tenay and Tazz
Reporting: Bob Colling

Before I start with the review of TNA Impact, I thought I’d share some thoughts on TNA at this time. I will be honest, I have not been watching present day TNA as of late. I do read the spoilers to see what is going on. However, now that I am covering TNA I will have to refrain from doing so. So, for future reference, I will not know what has happened prior to the television tapings. Here are some thoughts before the show. Read the rest of this entry

Kyle’s recap of January, 4th, 2010,TNA Impact

Almost 10 years ago, WWE bought ECW and WCW—which ended the wars officially. But on this night, January, 4th, 2010, there is a new “threat” on the block—TNA lead by the arguably the biggest star ever in wrestling—Hulk Hogan. With this big acquisition, TNA thought they were ready to compete with Raw on Monday nights. Tonight marks an era of a change in wrestling, tonight marks an era where one company could make or break their legacy, tonight marks the night where history shall be made. Join Matt and I as we take individual looks at Impact and Raw! Read the rest of this entry

Kyle’s TNA Final Resolution 2009 Review

Live From Orlando Florida

Your Hosts: Mike Tenay and Taz.

The TNA PPV started with a Christmas-themed video package with clips from recent Read the rest of this entry

ROH Pure Title History

Champion Won From Date City/Event
AJ Styles CM Punk 2/14/2004 Second Anniversary Show[1]
Doug Williams Alex Shelley 7/17/2004 Reborn: Completion[2]
John Walters Doug Williams 8/28/2004 Scramble Cage Melee
Jay Lethal John Walters 3/5/2005 Trios Tournament
Samoa Joe Jay Lethal 5/7/2005 Manhattan Mayhem
Nigel McGuinness Samoa Joe 8/27/2005 Dragon’s Gate Invasion
Bryan Danielson Nigel McGuinness 8/12/2006 Unified[3]

[1]: This was an 8-man tournament final to crown the first-ever ROH Pure Champion. When ROH founder Rob Feinstein was accused of meeting up with little boys for a sex romp, TNA prohibited AJ Styles from appearing at any ROH shows in fear of bad publicity and the title was vacated in April 2004.
[2]: This was another 8-man tournament final to award the ROH Pure title to another wrestler and Doug Williams came out on the winning end.
[3]: As ROH world champion, Bryan Danielson unified the ROH Pure title with the ROH world championship when he defeated Nigel McGuinness for the belt.

Credit goes to: PWI Almanac,, and

ROH World Tag Team Titles History

Champion Won From Date City/Event
Christopher Daniels &
Donovan Morgan
Bryan Danielson
& Michael Modest
9/21/2002 Unscripted[1]
AJ Styles &
Amazing Red
Christopher Daniels
& Xavier
3/15/2003 Expect the Unexpected[2]
Backseat Boyz Dixie & Izzy 9/20/2003 Glory By Honor II[3]
Dixie & Izzy Backseat Boyz 10/16/2003 Tradition Continues
Briscoe Brothers Dixie & Izzy 11/1/2003 Main Event Spectacles
CM Punk &
Colt Cabana
Briscoe Brothers 4/24/2004 Reborn: Stage 2
BJ Whitmer
& Dan Maff
CM Punk &
Colt Cabana
5/15/2004 Round Robin Challenge III
Briscoe Brothers (2) BJ Whitmer
& Dan Maff
5/15/2004 Round Robin Challenge III
CM Punk &
Colt Cabana
Briscoe Brothers 5/15/2004 Round Robin Challenge III
Rocky Romero
& Ricky Reyes
CM Punk &
Colt Cabana
8/7/2004 Testing the Limit
BJ Whitmer &
Dan Maff (2)
Rocky Romero
& Ricky Reyes
2/19/2005 Third Anniversary
BJ Whitmer &
Jimmy Jacobs
Samoa Joe
& Jay Lethal
4/2/2005 Best of American Super
Juniors Tournament[5]
Carnage Crew
BJ Whitmer &
Jimmy Jacobs
7/9/2005 Escape from New York
BJ Whitmer &
Jimmy Jacobs (2)
The Carnage Crew 7/23/2005 The Homecoming
Tony Mamaluke
& Sal Rinauro
BJ Whitmer &
Jimmy Jacobs
10/1/2005 Joe vs. Kobashi
Austin Aries &
Roderick Strong
Tony Mamaluke
& Sal Rinauro
12/17/2005 Final Battle
Chris Hero &
Claudio Castagnoli
Austin Aries &
Roderick Strong
9/16/2006 Glory By Honor V
Christopher Daniels
& Matt Sydal
Chris Hero &
Claudio Castagnoli
11/25/2006 Dethroned
Briscoe Brothers (3) Christopher Daniels
& Matt Sydal
2/24/2007 Fifth Year Festival
Naruki Doi
& Shingo
Briscoe Brothers 3/3/2007 Fifth Year Festival
Briscoe Brothers
Naruki Doi & Shingo 3/30/2007 All Star Extravaganza III
Jimmy Jacobs
& Tyler Black
Briscoe Brothers 12/30/2007 Final Battle
Rocky Romero
& Davey Richards
Jimmy Jacobs
& Tyler Black
1/26/2008 Without Remorse[6]
Briscoe Brothers
Rocky Romero
& Davey Richards
4/12/2008 Injustice[7]
Jimmy Jacobs &
Tyler Black (2)
Kevin Steen &
El Generico
6/6/2008 Up For Grabs[8]
Kevin Steen &
El Generico
Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black 9/19/2008 Driven
Davey Richards
& Eddie Edwards
Kevin Steen &
El Generico
4/10/2009 ROH on HDNet

[1]: This was an 8-team tournament final to crown the first-ever ROH tag team champions.
[2]: As a member of Christopher Daniel’s stable called the Prophecy, Xavier was allowed to defend the titles in Donovan Morgan’s place. Styles and Red were forced to vacate the belts due to an injury Red suffered.
[3]: The vacant titles were decided in a gauntlet match which also featured the teams of the Briscoe Brothers, Hydro & Deranged, and the Ring Crew Express. The Backseat Boyz were the team to survive by defeated Dixie and Izzy and were therefore awarded the tag belts.
[4]: In March 2005, Dan Maff quit the wrestling business and the titles were once again made vacant.
[5]: This match was to determine who would take the vacant ROH world tag team titles.
[6]: Rocky Romero & Davey Richards defeated Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black, Bryan Danielson & Austin Aries, and Brent Albright & BJ Whitmer in an Ultimate Endurance match to win the titles.
[7]: In May 2008, a Mark Briscoe injury caused the Briscoes to vacate the tag belts.
[8]: This was an 8-team tournament final to crown new ROH world tag team champions.

Credit goes to: PWI Almanac,, and

TNA World Tag Team Titles History

Champion Won From Date City/Event
Team 3D 5/13/2007 Sacrifice[1]
Samoa Joe Team 3D 7/15/2007 Victory Road[2]
Kurt Angle & Sting Samoa Joe 8/12/2007 Hard Justice[3]
“Pacman” Jones &
Ron Killings
9/9/2007 No Surrender
AJ Styles & Tomko Ron Killings &
Consequences Creed
10/14/2007 Bound for Glory[4]
The LAX Team 3D 5/11/2008 Sacrifice[5]
Beer Money Inc. The LAX 8/10/2008 Hard Justice
Jay Lethal &
Consequences Creed
Beer Money Inc. 1/8/2009 iMPACT!
Beer Money Inc. (2) Abyss &
Matt Morgan
1/11/2009 Genesis[6]
Team 3D (2) Beer Money Inc. 4/19/2009 Lockdown[7]
Beer Money Inc. (3) Team 3D 6/21/2009 Slammiversary
Booker T &
Scott Steiner
Beer Money Inc. 7/19/2009 Victory Road
The British Invasion 10/18/2009 Bound For Glory[8]

[1]: After being stripped of the belts prior to Sacrifice, Team 3D are awarded the belts right back.
[2]: Angle and Joe defeated Team 3D for the belts. Since they can’t get along and Joe scored the pinfall, he won both straps.
[3]: Initially, Kurt Angle beat Joe for the TNA tag belts by himself and added Sting as his tag team partner when he won a four-way dance by defeating Samoa Joe, Christian Cage and AJ Styles on the 8/30/07 edition of iMPACT!.
[4]: Consequences Creed subbed for Adam “Pacman” Jones who no-showed. On the 4/17/08 edition of iMPACT!, Kaz and Super Eric defeated Tomko and Styles for the belts in a three-way dance also including the LAX, but were stripped of the titles when Super Eric would not reveal to the world that he was in fact Eric Young.
[5]: This was the “Deuces Wild” tournament final to crown new champions.
[6]: This was a three-way dance including the ex-champs Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed, but it was Roode who pinned Morgan to win the tag titles.
[7]: The IWGP tag team titles were also on the line, held by Team 3D. However, the titles are not considered unified.
[8]: In a Full Metal Mayhem match where both the TNA world tag team titles and the IWGP tag team titles (which were then held by the British Invasion and lost during the match to Team 3D) were on the line, World Elite’s muscle Big Rob helped Doug Williams retrieve and win the TNA world tag belts for the British Invasion. This match also included the former TNA world tag team champs Booker T & Scott Steiner and Beer Money Inc.

Credit goes to: PWI Almanac,, and

TNA X-Division Title History

Champion Won From Date City/Event
AJ Styles Jerry Lynn 6/26/2002 TNA PPV #2[1]
Low Ki AJ Styles 8/7/2002 TNA PPV #8[2]
Jerry Lynn Low Ki 8/28/2002 TNA PPV #11[3]
Syxx-Pac 10/9/2002 TNA PPV #15[4]
AJ Styles (2) Syxx-Pac 10/23/2002 TNA PPV #17
Jerry Lynn (2) AJ Styles 11/6/2002 TNA PPV #19
Sonny Siaki Jerry Lynn 12/11/2002 TNA PPV #24
Kid Kash Sonny Siaki 2/12/2003 TNA PPV #31
The Amazing Red Kid Kash 4/30/2003 TNA PPV #42
Chris Sabin The Amazing Red 5/14/2003 TNA PPV #44[5]
Michael Shane 8/20/2003 TNA PPV #58[6]
Chris Sabin (2) Michael Shane 1/7/2004 TNA PPV #75[7]
Kazarian The Amazing Red 3/31/2004 TNA PPV #87[8]
AJ Styles (3) Kazarian 6/9/2004 TNA PPV #97
Michael Shane (2)
& Kazarian (2)
AJ Styles 7/28/2004 TNA PPV #104[9]
Petey Williams 8/11/2004 TNA PPV #106[10]
AJ Styles (4) 1/16/2005 Final Resolution[11]
Christopher Daniels AJ Styles 3/13/2005 Destination X[12]
AJ Styles (5) Christopher Daniels 9/11/2005 Unbreakable[13]
Samoa Joe AJ Styles 12/11/2005 Turning Point
Daniels (2)
Samoa Joe 3/12/2006 Destination X[14]
Samoa Joe (2) Christopher Daniels 4/13/2006 iMPACT!
Senshi (2) Sonjay Dutt 6/22/2006 iMPACT![15]
Chris Sabin (3) Senshi 10/22/2006 Bound for Glory
AJ Styles (6) Chris Sabin 11/2/2006 iMPACT!
Daniels (3)
AJ Styles 11/16/2006 iMPACT!
Chris Sabin (4) Jerry Lynn 1/14/2007 Final Resolution[16]
Jay Lethal Chris Sabin 6/17/2007 Slammiversary
Samoa Joe (3) Chris Sabin 6/21/2007 iMPACT![17]
Kurt Angle Samoa Joe 8/12/2007 Hard Justice
Jay Lethal (2) Kurt Angle 9/9/2007 No Surrender
Johnny Devine Jay Lethal 1/24/2008 iMPACT!
Jay Lethal (3) Johnny Devine 2/10/2008 Against All Odds[18]
Petey Williams (2) Jay Lethal 4/17/2008 iMPACT![19]
Sheik Abdul Bashir Petey Williams 9/14/2008 No Surrender[20]
Eric Young Sheik Abdul Bashir 12/7/2008 Final Resolution[21]
Alex Shelley Chris Sabin 1/11/2009 Genesis[22]
Suicide 3/15/2009 Destination X[23]
Homicide Suicide 7/16/2009 iMPACT!
Samoa Joe (4) Homicide 8/16/2009 Hard Justice
The Amazing Red (2) Samoa Joe 10/8/2009 iMPACT!

[1]: AJ Styles pinned Jerry Lynn in a ‘double-elimination’ match which also included Low Ki and Psicosis to be crowned the first-ever TNA X-Division Champion.
[2]: This match also included Jerry Lynn.
[3]: This was a three-way ladder match which also included AJ Styles.
[4]: At the same show, Jerry Lynn was stripped of the X-Division title due to injury. Syxx-Pac won an invitational ladder match which also included Kid Kash, Tony Mamaluke, The S.A.T., Ace Steele and AJ Styles to win the title.
[5]: This match also included Jerry Lynn.
[6]: Michael Shane captured the belt to win the first-ever ‘Ultimate X’ Match which also included Frankie Kazarian to become the new X-Division champion.
[7]: Sabin regained the X-Division title in an ‘Ultimate X’ match which also included ex-champ Michael Shane, Low Ki and Christopher Daniels.
[8]: On the same show, Chris Sabin was stripped of the X-Division title due to injury. As the two top challengers, Frankie Kazarian pinned Amazing Red to win the vacant title.
[9]: During this ‘Ultimate X’ match, Kazarian and Shane pulled down the title together to become co-champions.
[10]: Since the co-champion thing doesn’t work, the title became vacant. Petey Williams won a 22-man X-Division gauntlet match to be crowned the new X-Division champion.
[11]: This was an ‘Ultimate X match which also included the ex-champ Petey Williams and Chris Sabin.
[12]: This was an ‘elimination’ match which included ex-champ AJ Styles, Ron Killings and Elix Skipper. The first elimination was a tag match – the loser of the fall was eliminated. The second elimination was a three-way match – the loser of the fall was elimination. The third elimination was an ‘Ultimate X’ match where the winner would retrieve the belt.
[13]: This match also included Samoa Joe.
[14]: This was an ‘Ultimate X’ match which also included AJ Styles.
[15]: This match also included the ex-champ Samoa Joe, but Sonjay Dutt was the one pinned. The reason Senshi is listed as a two-time champion is because he has also won the belt wrestling as Low Ki.
[16]: This match also included the ex-champ Christopher Daniels, but Jerry Lynn was the one pinned.
[17]: This match also included the ex-champ Jay Lethal, but Chris Sabin was pinned.
[18]: This was a six-man street fight where the one who earns the pin wins the X-Division title which included Jay Lethal and the Motor City Machine Guns against Johnny Devine and Team 3D. Lethal scored the pinfall on Devine.
[19]: Petey Williams cashes in his ‘Feast or Fired’ contract on Jay Lethal and pinned him quickly with the Canadian Destroyer.
[20]: This match also included Consequences Creed.
[21]: Right after Eric Young won the belt, TNA official Jim Cornette stripped him of the belt after he won it in a controversial fashion because of the crazy referee Shane Sewell. The title becomes vacant.
[22]: This was a tournament final.
[23]: This was an ‘Ultimate X’ match which also included the ex-champ Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Consequences Creed and Jay Lethal.

Credit goes to: PWI Almanac,, and

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