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ROH: Manhattan Mayhem

ROH: Manhattan Mayhem
New York, NY

ROH World Champion: Austin Aries (since 12/26/2004)
ROH Pure Champion: Jay Lethal (since 3/5/2005)
ROH Tag Team Champions: BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs (since 4/2/2005)

Good Times, Great Memories with Colt Cabana: He’s in downtown New York, DADDY-O! People are asked what they think of Nigel McGuinness and one guy who looks like he was a tad irresponsible with LSD back in the ’60s says, “He sounds like he has a British sounding name.” Classic stuff.

From there, we go to Earlier Today. Samoa Joe meets Jay Lethal in the ring. Lethal starts to thank Joe for all he’s done for him until Joe shoves him back and yells at him because obviously he’s taught Jay nothing if he’s here to thank him right before they get into the ring. Joe is here to take his title, and if Lethal has learned anything from Joe, its that he has to do whatever it takes to keep Joe from taking his belt. To prove Joe wrong, Lethal pie faces Joe into the corner and tells him after tonight, Lethal will tell Joe where to meet HIM from now on. Okay, I am really feeling this title match now.

Your hosts are Jimmy Bower & Dave Prazak. Read the rest of this entry

ROH: Joe vs. Punk II

ROH: Joe vs. Punk II
Chicago Ridge, IL

ROH World Champion: Samoa Joe (since 3/22/2003)
ROH Pure Champion: John Walters (since 8/28/2004)
ROH Tag Team Champions: Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero (since 8/7/2004)

CM Punk tells us that this is *his* backyard. Well, specifically Samoa Joe, but us watching at home too I guess.

Generation Next sans Austin Aries mentions how they may have lost to the Second City Saints and Ricky Steamboat with his fancy schmancy chops and armdrags in Dayton the night before, but tonight Alex Shelley will be rid of Jimmy Jacobs. Strong and Evans will also take on the Rottweilers, Homicide and Rocky Romero. Evans ~ “THE ROTTWEILERS AIN’T HOOD! THEY GON’ GET SERVED! AND YOU KNOW THIS, MAN!”

Your hosts are Jimmy Bower and Mark Nulty. Read the rest of this entry

Against All Odds 2006

Against All Odds 2006
February 12, 2006
Orlando, FL
Universal Studios

After only being involved in TNA for three months prior to this event, Christian Cage has already reached the top and will face off against the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Jarrett, for the most respected title in wrestling. Will the “mid-card comedy act” prevail and achieve his goal, or will the “King of the Mountain” put Christian back in his place? Well, you’re about to find out because this is AGAINST ALL ODDS 2006!

Your hosts are Mike Tenay & Don West! We also have ring announcer David Penzer working tonight! SWEET!

We kick things off with “Earlier Today” segments like Christian Cage showing up to work in his Porsche and then switching over to Jeff Jarrett & Gail Kim pulling up in his Hummer. He pulls right up beside Coach D’Amore and Eric Young. Young is still freaking out about Sting not really being gone, so Jarrett calms him down. Seriously, why is he so scared? I don’t see Sting bothering with Eric Young of all people.

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