TNA Knockout Championship Title History

Champion Won From Date City/Event
Gail Kim 10/14/2007 Bound for Glory[1]
Awesome Kong Gail Kim 1/10/2008 iMPACT!
Taylor Wilde Awesome Kong 7/10/2008 iMPACT!
Awesome Kong (2) Taylor Wilde 10/23/2008 iMPACT!
Angelina Love Awesome Kong 4/19/2009 Lockdown[2]
Tara Angelina Love 7/9/2009 iMPACT!
Angelina Love (2) Tara 7/19/2009 Victory Road
ODB Velvet Sky 8/16/2009 Hard Justice[3]
ODB (2) Cody Deaner 9/20/2009 No Surrender[4]
Tara (2) ODB 12/20/2009 Final Resolution
ODB (3) Tara 1/4/2010 iMPACT!

[1]: Gail Kim won a ten-woman gauntlet match to be crowned the first-ever TNA Knockouts champion.
[2]: This was a three-way ‘Six Sides of Steel’ cage match which also included Taylor Wilde.
[3]: Former TNA Knockouts champion Angelina Love defended the title in a tag match alongwith her partner, Velvet Skye against ODB and her boyfriend Cody Deaner. If Cody was to pin Love or Skye in this match, he would turn the belt over to ODB. However, when Cody pinned Skye in the match, he forgot all that and declared himself the TNA Knockouts champion. Since he’s not a woman and just to settle the issue between these two, TNA Authority Figure Mick Foley vacated the title on the August 26 edition of iMPACT.
[4]: This match took place to fill the vacancy of the belt.

Credit goes to: PWI Almanac,, and

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