Extreme Rules 2011 Review

I decided that I was going to do current WWE PPVS for now and then decide what else I would like to do as well. Sorry for all you TNA lovers, but I honestly cannot watch their PPVS. There isn’t a drug in this world that can keep me entertained while watching TNA and coherent. I’ll think about doing ROH PPVS, but I wouldn’t hold my breathe for those either. I haven’t been excited for anything ROH has done in along time. Now I present to you some of the most insane, sadistic and unadulterated extreme rules ever bundled into a show, EXTREME RULEZ!!!!

Last Man Standing Match: Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

This is another chapter to their one-sided feud. Before this match, Randy Orton already won two out of the two matches in this feud and I bet you all predicted who was going to win this one. The match was pretty well paced and there wasn’t a dull moment in the match. However, I don’t think Jericho nor Triple H were shaking in their boots thinking this match might surpassed their arguably greatest LMS match ever in WWE. The finish was a Super RKO but the crowd reacted awkwardly due to the way CM Punk landed, plus it didn’t seem like they bought that as a finish for a LMS since they are so use to WWE blowing off these types of matches with a big boom. See kids, this is why it’s no good to put all your eggs in one basket during a match, because you end up doing stuff that you cannot one-top, which, in a nutshell, describes the era of wrestling we are in right now. ** 1/2

We had some comedy with Sheamus, Kofi and Teddy Long as Long told Sheamus backstage that Kofi was going to face him for the US title and Sheamus demanding to see Kofi’s birth card. Of course this was on the same night that America caught Bin Laden. The WWE just seems like they have terrible timing when they do an angle,segment or whatever. This was by no means like the Vince McMahon faking death then the Benoit death, but nonetheless, another poorly timed parody.

Tables Match For The US Championship: Sheamus (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

As you already know, the match was made just a second ago. The work was fine but this is an example of why last minute PPV matches don’t work: it’s hard to the fans watching to invest into anything that’s going on. Kofi Kingston picked up the win here and things don’t look good for the recently fired HHH bench spotter. * 1/2

R-Truth does one of his heel promos. It was there.

Country Whipping Match: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole and Jack Swagger

I don’t care if he didn’t wrestle a lot, Jim Ross, especially in 2011, shouldn’t be wrestling. It’s too unsafe for someone like him. I felt pity for him and also for everyone else involved in this once promising feud turned into a complete train-wreck. I think it’s becoming unfair to buyers that spend their money and have to see matches like this since the prices are so high. The match itself was poorly booked as it wasn’t booked to the wrestlers’ strengths and the direction was irrational. Cole rolls up Jim Ross to win it for his team. *1/2, and that’s being nice.

Falls Count Anywhere: Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio

Cody Rhodes got the big win on Wrestlemania, but Mystertio got his heat back quickly by winning a match on Smackdown. And of course, Rey Mysterio goes over here. Usually, I don’t care who goes over as long as it fits the story. In this case, I believe the right man to go over here was Cody Rhodes. Mysterio is at a point of his career where he doesn’t need help to get over. No matter what happens to him, he’s going to be liked. He’s basically bulletproof. Rhodes, on the other hand, is a young talent who has potential that needs a good rub. It would be one thing for his to have to pay his dues before he got a push if WWE wasn’t in desperate need of new stars, but that’s not the case; WWE needs new stars quickly and yet they cannot produce any and wonder why with booking like this. And to be honest, this is very,very minor compared to other stuff they have done with young stars. I am just pointing this out because I find it funny that they are always talking about how to make new stars and then they go and book them poor. The match was entertaining and even broke out a few holy shit and this is awesome chants. The structure of the match was kind of all-over-the-place and disjointed though. ** 1/4

Loser Leaves WWE Match: Michelle McCool vs. Layla

I don’t follow WWE much anymore. Sometimes I’ll watch Raw, but I haven’t seen Smackdown in possibly a year so the entire time, for some reason, I thought this match was just a Loser Leaves Smackdown match; however, apparently it was a loser leaves WWE match, and as of right now, the stipulation seemed legit as McCool said her farewells to people on twitter. They actually worked hard and put on a fine women’s match. In fact it was one of the best I’ve seen from WWE in a long time. Too bad it only got 5 minutes. It needed more time I believe. Layla beats McCool and during the post match things get worse for McCool as the debuting Amazing Kong Implant Busters her. Currently, I’d say Kong is the best thing booked in the WWE. We’ll see where it goes, though. * 3/4

Ladder Match For The Vacated WHW Championship: Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian

Edge had to vacate the title after a legit injury, Christian won a battle royal to become the number one contender and Del Rio was the top heel on Smackdown at the time and it just made sense for him to face Christian. Del Rio looked as if he’s been in a ladder match before as he took some sick bumps and seemed like he knew what he was doing. Christian, as usual, was good also in this match. Some contrived spots in this match, but what ladder match these days doesn’t have those these days? Christian ends up picking up the win and his bestfriend Edge celebrates with him in a feel-good moment. Of course, knowing the WWE, they put the title on Orton, the biggest star on Smackdown, two days later. *** 1/4

Cage Match For The WWE Championship: The Miz (c) vs. John Morrison vs. John Cena

This match had zero build going into it so you’d assume that Miz would pin Morrison possibly by interference by Truth (which did happen) or him climbing over because of Truth. However, that was not the case, instead John Cena won the title. Now for my rant about this title switch – The Miz shocked everyone winning the title at Wrestlemania against Cena even if it was a cheap win. John Cena stated that Rock and his match at Wrestlemania 28 must be for the championship. Plus there’s evidence proving the chase for the title=green. So….what was the point of putting the title on Cena here? Let’s see… well, one, it didn’t make the Miz look any better. Two, WM 28 is practically a year away so it would’ve been much, much better for them to wait longer. Three, Cena doesn’t get more or less over with the title. Four, it doesn’t help their youth development, something that they’ve been striving on for years now. Fifth, they’re losing money by prematurely putting the belt on Cena. Lastly, after Cena beats Miz again (which he just did at Over The Limit), there is virtually no one for Cena to face that has a chance of beating a legit contender for the title. Yeah, I have no idea what the purpose of the switch was at all. Anyway, the match was solid. It didn’t shake the earth because of its awesomeness, but it had the stuff you want in this type of match – good timing, pacing and spots. ***

Overall: This was a strong show. A lot better than Wrestlemania was from both a wrestling and booking standpoint.  Above my expectations and for that I’ll give it a thumbs up.

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  1. I agree with you about putting belt back on John Cena….boring and dull…..same with Orton on Smackdown…..

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