Over The Limit 2011 Review

This PPV’s name lived up to its expectations as it put me ‘over the limit’. And you’re about to find out what that means!

Rey Mysterio vs. R-Truth

R-Truth came out and cut a basic heel promo making fun of Seattle and about what’s going to happen to Rey Mysterio. They had a decent match but a decent match out of Truth seems like the best you can get out of him. Truth’s heel run thus far might be refreshing because it’s different but he’s not that talented enough for me to really care about it.  In my opinion, Rey Mysterio should be on Smackdown because he easily gets lost in the shuffle on raw, there are more opportunities for him to wrestle and get air-time on Smackdown, plus there are some good workers on Smackdown that he has not wrestled yet. R-Truth picks up the win here. **

IC Championship: Wade Barrett (c) vs. Ezekiel Jackson

The tale of the match is they were both in the Corre but Barrett and Jackson couldn’t get along (like most partners cannot these days) so they wrestle.  It wasn’t as bad as I expected. It at least didn’t drag its feet onto the finish line. Jackson’s unorthodox offense was a bit weird looking. Otherwise, it was fine. The rest of the Corre ran in and attacked Jackson, causing a DQ and for Barrett to retain his title, likely to continue this feud.  * 1/2

Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero

Chavo was apparently impressed with Sin Cara, so he decided to watch him, but when he stuck his hand in the cookie jar when he tried to help Sin Cara win a match, Sin Cara got mad at him and pushed him. Which makes Sin Cara the babyface, why? I don’t know other than nobody likes Chavo . Chavo looked and had no chance of winning this match as he was just a dummy for Sin Cara to show off his offense. I’ve heard Sin Cara was a great wrestler in Mexico but for some reason he cannot adapt to this style. And you’d think being in there with someone like Chavo would make him look better in the ring, yet that didn’t happen at all. There were times where he poorly executed moves and looked out of place. Another disappointing outing by Sin Cara. * 3/4

Del Rio cuts a promo inside the ring about destiny, Canadians and Seattle.

Tag Team Championship Match: Big Show and Kane (c) vs. CM Punk and Mason Ryan

They followed the tag-team formula, which isn’t bad but the way this PPV has been going, it needs a spark and this match didn’t give it the spark it needed. Big Show and Kane get the win. * 3/4

Diva Championship: Brie Bella (c) vs. Kelly Kelly

Nothing more than you’d see on Raw. Brie Bella retained.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Randy Orton (c) vs. Christian

I know a lot of people are upset about Christian losing the title so early, but this has become a very unsung feud. By far, this has more intrigue and anticipation to it than any feud going in the WWE right now.  Typically when I look forward to a match, it let’s me down. However, this match did not let me down. In fact, I didn’t even think it would be this good. The storytelling was executed greatly, Christian’s desperation selling was amazing, the counters were innovative, spots that were played-out from their previous match but with different outcomes, and just all-around great crowd reading by both. Whichever agent put together this match should be given a raise. WWE MOTY so far for me. ****

Kiss My Foot” Match: Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole

The heat between these two has cooled down ever since Mania to say in the least. Basically, Michael Cole said the wrong things to Jack Swagger which gave him nearly no chance in this match. Lawler beat him in 3 minutes and Cole was embarrassed after the match while Bret Hart put him in a Sharpshooter while Lawler stuck his foot in Cole’s mouth.

“I Quit” Match for the WWE Championship: John Cena vs. The Miz

These matches should happen when two wrestlers hate each other with a passion and want to kill every ounce of breath they have left. With these two, it doesn’t really feel like that. I mean sure it does feel like they don’t like each other, but it doesn’t feel like they want to kill each other. Basically, you’d get that feeling every time you here a generic John Cena promo on Raw about the Miz. For the match, there is no other way to describe it other than hokey. It seemed like a cartoon where two people (Alex Riley and Miz) beat on the hero for hours and yet it’s all moot, because everyone knows the superhero will come back. So yeah, Cena sucked at selling peril and Miz and Riley’s offense wasn’t convincing even though Cena took a true beating from them. Then they threw in a silly non-finish with the tape recorder of Cena saying “I quit” with Riley dropping it so everyone could see it.  Really dumb. Then afterwards Cena made a Hulk Hogan comeback and destroyed the Miz. I thought you couldn’t book a Miz-Cena match worse than the one they had at Wrestlemania but this match proved I was wrong. One of the worst matches this year from a booking standpoint I’ve seen.  3/4*

Overall: By this review, you probably see I didn’t care about this show. I heard beforehand it was bad so I had little-to-no-hope going through the matches. These are quite frankly the worst PPVs there because nothing made me frustrated about it outside the Miz-Cena match really and nothing made me entertained outside the Orton-Christian match. The entire PPV felt slow and monotonous. Thumbs Down.

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