Wrestlemania 27 Review

I just wanted to post something on here and since I just watched the DVD, I thought why not post a Wrestlemania 27 review. For future stuff, I am still debating on what to do. I’ve been thinking of doing Memphis stuff or SMW stuff but the material is so hard to find. I also thought of doing NWA stuff but I realized it would be dumb because Matt has already done them. If any of you readers have any suggestions, please notify me.

Rock opens the show playing cheerleader trying to get the crowd into it. A very mediocre Rock promo that at times got hokey and annoying. It went on way too long clocking in at almost 20 minutes. What frustrated me the most was they cut out Sheamus and Daniel Bryan for a promo that went nowhere.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Edge (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

Shockingly, Del Rio won the first ever 40 man Royal Rumble and then decided to challenge Edge for the title. Del Rio winning the Rumble is a great example between bad unpredictably vs. good unpredictably. Before the Rumble, Del Rio was just shredding water doing little-to-nothing. Then, all of a sudden, he’s on the biggest match of the year wrestling (please don’t sue me WWE for using that word) for the championship. It makes no sense, it doesn’t make Del Rio seem like a main-eventer….it’s random and doesn’t give Del Rio anymore credibility. Anyway, the match is an above-average Smackdown main-event. Lots of back-and-forth action and counter-for-counter exchanges. Nothing that could possibly get anyone exciting nor bored. Edge picks up the win with a spear and this match did no wonders for Del Rio whatsoever. After the match, Christian and Edge destroy Del Rio’s car while Del Rio does nothing about it. What a bad night for Del Rio this was. This of course was Edge’s last match as a wrestler in his career. ** 1/2

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes

This match had an old-school build-up with Cody Rhodes seeking revenge on Rey Mysterio for damaging his good looks. See WWE, things don’t have to be complex and convoluted for their to be heat. Just a basic simple angle explaining why two guys want to fight. That’s all. Although the match doesn’t plead my case that well as the crowd was dead for this match either because they don’t watch Smackdown or the wrestlers couldn’t suck them into the match. From watching this, I’d say both but mostly the latter as it wasn’t a very heated match. Just a lot of formulaic wrestling by the two wrestlers and when Cody Rhodes was offense in the match you could hear a pin drop in the audience.  It’s pretty bad when Rey Mysterio cannot even carry you to a good match. Which is too bad because I actually think Cody Rhodes has a lot of potential; he’s already got several things down that most wrestlers these days cannot do to save their lives– good characterization, acting and promos.  Cody Rhodes picks up the win here by using Rey’s knee brace.  **

A really hokey Raw-esque segment, during the horrid days of the “Guest Host” days, took place with Snoop Dogg and Teddy Long as they were looking for a WWE entertainer who could rap with Snoop on his tour. Some funny moments but otherwise a waste of time.

The Corre vs. Big Show/Kane/Kingston/Santino

Originally,  it was suppose to be  Kozlov in this match but WWE realized it was dumb to leave Kofi off the card since he’s over. Though it didn’t really matter as this match got 2 minutes and made the Corre look like a bunch of geeks.  N/R

Rock was in a segment backstage with Eve and Mae Young. More modern day SNL  comedy, with the Mae Young trying to hit on the Rock but the Rock just making fun of her age. Arguably the best thing on this show happened out of this segment when Austin and Rock went face-to-face.

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

I didn’t mind the build going into this match but it was way too rush. Back in the old days if they were to do something like this (babyface getting revenge on a stable by taking them out one by one), this feud would’ve went on for months, building more and more anticipation for the babyface to finally demolish the heel. In addition, the match would be an all out war with both men fighting for their lives. In this match, that did not happen. They went out there and wrestled a match like they didn’t even know each other. Not meaning the chemistry between the two was bad (because it wasn’t at all), but because there wasn’t much intensity throughout the match.  Orton got the win via an RKO after Punk attempted to do something while spring-boarding. They should’ve allowed Orton to get the win with a punt so Nexus could be written off TV for awhile to get their heat back. ** 1/4

The Rock is in a ANOTHER backstage segment but at least we got to see good ole Gene Okerlund back. One thing I can say about people that look a lot older than they are when they are young is they really age-well and look the same as Gene looks EXACTLY the same as he did when he walked into the business. Pee Wee Herman is an alleged Cena fan in this segment but Rock persuades him to become a fan of his. Really corny segment.

The HOF inductees came out and Tough Enough was advertised (which by the way IMO is the best wrestling show on TV right now by far).

Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole with Stone Cold Steven Austin as the special guest referee

This all started because Cole helped Miz defeat Lawler in a Ladder Match on Raw. Ever since then these two have really hated each other. In fact, this match had the most heat going into Wrestlemania as it felt like two guys who legit hate each other. As much of you already know, this match murdered this feud. Michael Cole got way too much unrealistic offense and it just went on and on, Austin was a distraction and took the focus off the heat between the two men, Lawler didn’t even get to do one of his infamous invincible babyface comebacks and Cole didn’t even really get his ass kicked. On top of that, Cole ended up winning the match on a Russo-esque finish. WWE should’ve just watched the Kaufman-Lawler feud and booked it exactly like it. Instead, they tried being too creative and it ended up bitting them in the ass. DUD

Undertaker vs. Triple H

HHH came out and challenge Undertaker on the Raw Undertaker came back. HHH was infuriated with the Undertaker because he retired his best friend HBK. However, HBK wasn’t entirely sure he wanted to see his bestfriend beat the Undertaker because he still has that egotistical side to him.  The match was what they were aiming for with realistic selling (especially Taker’s post-match sell job), memorable moments, lots of drama between moves and spots, superb announcing by Ross and Lawler, storytelling leading to the finish and great in-ring characterization building upon both wrestlers’ legendary careers. On the flip side, the match was ideally a carbon copy of an big move-rest-big-move-rest formula from an ECW-esque spotfest match and Triple H didn’t look as cerebral as people say he is as he had multiple opportunities to pin the Undertaker but instead yelled at him to stay down and die (which came off kind of cheesy).  Certainly not on par with either HBK-Taker match but still a very good match with Undertaker’s streak still alive and well. *** 1/2

LayCool and Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie) vs. Snooki, Trish Stratus and John Morrison.

Before the match, Vickie was introducing and putting over her team. Of course this led to fat jokes from Lawler, which are completely dumb now since Vickie ain’t even fat plus the fact that they market to children and not all children look like the average WWE wrestler/diva. The match was what is was, a popcorn match to let the crowd catch their breathes after the Undertaker-HHH match. Team Snooki picked up the win in an unrateable match.

WWE Championship Match: Miz (c) vs. John Cena

WWE put together some great video packages of both mens’ career that I really enjoyed. Miz’s was very memorable and something they could use if one day Miz were to turn babyface. The match started out like an average Raw match. The pace was fine but nothing really memorable until the “finish” where both men were counted out, which prompted the Rock to come out and order the match to continue under no-dq rules. The Rock Rock-Bottomed Cena (since Cena Attitude Adjusted the Rock on Raw), allowing Miz to pin and regain the WWE title over Cena. The Rock decided to lay the Smackdown on Miz as well, which was a lackluster ending to Wrestlemania. *

Overall, this wasn’t a strong Wrestlemania at all. In fact, it was very dull. A lot of by-the-book wrestling, weird booking and uncreative match formatting (bar from the Taker-HHH match) from the agents. But the WWE got a million dollar buyrate for this show and the Rock and Cena will be maineventing Wrestlemania next year, so I doubt there will be a sour-taste in buyers’ mouths that will stop them from ordering next year.

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  1. I agree this years Wrestlemania wasn’t as impressive as previous years except for the Taker/Triple H match. I think the finish of the Miz/Cena match sucked some of the life away…The Rock shouldn’t have closed the show since he isn’t a full time member of the roster.

  2. Yeah, Rock made Miz look weak and made his win seem irrelevant, and the end just came off flat. I was kind of hoping the Rock would win the title using his guest host powers and at least keep it then vacate it or something down that line. Anything would’ve been better than that finish. Seemed like a rip-off for people that bought the PPV for them to just use it as a building block to the more important match next year at Wrestlemania.

  3. I don’t agree with your ratings at all except for Triple H/Taker. It was a terrible Wrestlemania, but you just seem way too negative. No offense meant.

    • Ratings are subjective and shouldn’t hold a lot of merit. Explaining why they were bad does, however. If you see, I explained every match on why it deserved the rating it got. Even you agreed that it was a terrible Wrestlemania, so does that make you negative? Although my friend bought WM and not I, I was still upset that he spent that much money on a very poor show. Thus, I had a reason to complain about this show as much as I did. However, at the end, I look at the PPV from a WWE perspective, saying it doesn’t matter this show was bad, because it got million buys and Rock vs. Cena will also do well next year.

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