WWF RAW 3/15/1993

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW 3-15-1993
From: Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, New York

Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan and a rather terrible Vince McMahon impersonator welcome everyone to the show. They take awhile going over who is scheduled to be on the show tonight.

RAW Opening Video

Opening Contest: Razor Ramon versus Russ Greenberg

Ramon gets a pretty good baby face reaction yet again. Ramon will be facing Bob Backlund at Wrestle Mania IX. A complete squash match here, with Ramon winning following the Razors Edge in just over three minutes.


A rather sad/disturbing video package of people suffering from hunger is shown. Randy Savage and Rev. Jesse Jackson make a statement regarding the “Headlock on Hunger” effort.

Second Contest: Typhoon versus LA Gore

Boring big man squash match for Typhoon. Not sure why Typhoon is getting squash matches. Typhoon wins following a big splash coming off the ropes.


Bobby Heenan is seen yelling at the impersonator Vince McMahon. Looks like we are to believe that Heenan is getting messed with or doesn’t know what to do.

Bobby Heenan introduces the Giant Gonzalez. Gonzalez is at least 7’1’’ and 500 lbs with a hideous body suit. Gonzalez’s manager, Harvey Whippleman, is about 4’11. Harvey says that Gonzalez is his big surprise. Harvey believes that Gonzalez will bury The Undertaker once and for all. Gonzalez actually speaks and says that he has a “giant surprise for you”.

A Hulk Hogan video package is shown


Third Contest: Papa Shango versus Bob Backlund

Seven minutes of a crappy match ends with Backlund winning with a small package.

Wrestle Mania Report. Highlights of Yokozuna destroying a jobber. A quick Money Inc. promo on the Mega Maniacs. The Undertaker cuts a brief promo on the Giant Gonzalez.


Main Event: The Nasty Boys versus the Headshrinkers

Just a brawl between two brawling tag teams. They battle to a no contest and after the match they destroy each other with chairs and mustard.

A video package of WWF Superstars working with who are in need. In a rather interesting statement, Brian Knobbs says “if you smoke your really un-cool and a jerk”. Some nasty words.


Gorilla Monsoon goes over next weeks show

End of show

My Take:
The crowd was really pumped up for this show. Too bad for them, the show was rather awful. The last segment was a odd to me. Why the WWF would allow Knobbs to say something that mean and rude to children about smoking is beyond me. Giant Gonzalez is a horrible gimmick and his match with Undertaker can only be bad things. Found it kind of funny that even though Ramon and Backlund are facing each other at Wrestle Mania IX, their wasn’t any interaction between them. They were wrestling on the same show, i would expect Ramon to at least attack Backlund or something. Get some sort of build up for the match.

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31-year old currently living in Syracuse, New York. Longtime fan of the New York Mets, Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Vikings. Avid fan of professional wrestling and write reviews/articles on the product. Usually focusing on the old school wrestling.

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