GCW on WTBS (09.05.81)

Georgia Championship Wrestling on WTBS
September 5, 1981
Atlanta, GA

This won’t be a recurring series for me. I’m just trying to clear off my hard drive and recap some of these cool things I’ve found on the interwebs.

Your host is Gordon Solie.

  • Bruno Sammartino Jr. & Steve O vs. David Sierra & Ron Haven

Bruno Jr. is obviously David Sammartino (his boots have his daddy’s initials, which sums him up quite nicely), Steve O was a Georgia wrestling mainstay here in the best year of his wrestling career having formerly held all the major titles of the territory, David Sierra is the future Cuban Assassin for WCW, and Ron Haven is just a jobber as far as I know. Sierra is the only one to give the babyfaces any trouble as he clubs on Steve O to set up the hot tag to Bruno Jr. He gives Haven a backdrop and tags in Steve O for the flying double ax handle for the win. (5:32) Pretty good little tag match that puts Bruno Jr. over. ¾*

Gordon Solie welcomes the NWA world champ Dusty Rhodes to the program during one of his brief title reigns. Considering he’s the type of short-term champ anyways, this was during his longest world title reign of three months. Dusty Rhodes is the scene on 17. Apparently channel 17 was WTBS on cable at the time. Jimmy Snuka, Tommy Rich, Ric Flair (before he even was a world champion) – you want some, come get some. Don’t forget about Harley! He says if Harley Race wants another title shot, meet him in Georgia.

After a commercial break, the National Tag Team champs Terry Gordy & Jimmy Snuka. Holy crap that’s a roughhousing tag team. They will be defending the belts in the Omni on September 12 against Michael Hayes & Kevin Von Erich. The Freebirds EXPLODE!

That interview brings up an ad for that next Omni show on September 12. Such stars that will be appearing: Brian Blair, Tor Kamata, Bruno Sammartino Jr.. Matches include: George Wells & Steve O vs. “Big Cat” Ernie Ladd & Iron Mike Sharpe, Georgia Heavyweight champ Tommy Rich vs. National Heavyweight champ The Masked Superstar in what I believe was the unification match, and the match mentioned earlier with the National Tag Team champs Jimmy Snuka & Terry Gordy vs. Michael Hayes & Kevin Von Erich, and the main event includes NWA world champ Dusty Rhodes vs. Harley Race. The beautiful thing is all of that would only cost at most about $5-10 for front row seats.

  • NWA National Tag Team Champions Jimmy Snuka & Terry Gordy vs. Abe Jacobs & Ken Hall

Abe Jacobs is an old timer from the Florida territory while Ken Hall is again nobody of note. Abe gets stuck in an armbar for a bit. Gordy throws Hall around and slams him for a SUPERFLY SPLASH to give the champs the win at 4:10.

Gordon Solie talks with the Georgia Heavyweight champ Tommy Rich. He’s going to rip your mask off, Superstar.

Clip of Ray Stevens brutalizing Ricky Hunter in a 2/3 falls match over in the AWA as he will be coming into the territory. Looks like this is from the mid to late 1970s. It’s really not impossible. Stevens is sporting a big mustache if that helps anybody. You may remember Ricky Hunter as a regular jobber in the early ’80s WWF. Hunter misses a corner charge and Stevens capitalizes with the three-count. Always fun to see Ray Stevens. In the second fall, Hunter dumps Ray out to regroup. It’s not long before Stevens is back on the arm. Eventually, Stevens gets the Piledriver for the win.

  • NWA World Heavyweight Champion Dusty Rhodes vs. Bobby Garrett

Bionic elbows, armbars, and the RUNNING ELBOW DROP ends Garrett at 3:35.

The NWA National Heavyweight champ Masked Superstar says that Dusty Rhodes has come out of the closet? That’s a terrible thing to say! Ohh, you don’t mean in THAT way, do you? Tommy Rich – next Saturday night in the Omni, he’s walking out with TWO championship belts.

  • Mr. Wrestling II & Kevin Von Erich vs. Tony Russo & Professor Sonoda

Whoa – Kevin has his wrestling boots on today. He either REALLY means business since he doesn’t wear them in WCCW or he’s fairly relaxed when he does wear boots. I’m not sure. Jimmy Carter is no longer president so you know Mr. Wrestling II’s career is coming to an end soon. Some chick in the audience yells out, “Hey Kevin! Remember Pearl Harbor?” Does every Japanese person – even the ones unrelated – deserve a beating for that? Sure they do. USA! USA! USA! Monkey flip from Von Erich followed by a KNEE LIFT from Mr. Wrestling II gets the win at 6:00.

They take a five minute break for the college football scoreboard in between the first and second hours of the show. I can’t believe there was a time where there were no tickers bordered all around the TV screen? Such cavemen!

22 year old slim and trim Michael Hayes swings by to talk with Gordon Solie. Back last Saturday on August 29 in the Omni, Andre the Giant teamed up with Hayes to take on Gordy and Snuka in a special challenge match. The tag champs toss out Andre, but Snuka tries to toss Hayes out too. Too bad Andre is strong enough to keep that from happening as Andre shoves Hayes back into Snuka for the 1-2-3. Andre tries to prevent another attack on Hayes until Gordy throws powder in his eyes so that the tag champs can double-team Hayes. Kevin Von Erich (with shoes on!) makes the ultimate save. That sets up the tag title match for September 12. Michael Hayes is to say the least IRATE~!

  • George Wells & Steve O vs. Tomahawk Thompson & Rick Ferrara

A very young Nick Patrick refs this match. So Steve O is doing double duty tonight? Pretty standard squash ending with Steve O putting Thompson up in an Airplane Spin to set up the Sleeper Hold for the submission at 7:47.

Gordon Solie brings out the NWA world champ Dusty Rhodes again. Dusty Rhodes! Harley Race! September 12! You better bring it, jack. Because Dusty ain’t going to play with ya.

Mr. Wrestling II, Steve O, and George Wells take turns with interviews with Gordon Solie. They’re all hoping to win the Most Popular Wrestler award. Send in your postcards, folks!

  • Jimmy Snuka vs. Kevin Von Erich

Terry Gordy joins Gordon Solie for commentary. Von Erich controls early with an armbar. Snuka escapes and works a chinlock. About ten minutes in, Snuka hits a suplex and delivers the SUPERFLY SPLASH, but Von Erich kicks out at two! Must be the boots. They fight over the Claw Hold until Terry Gordy freaks and attacks Kevin for the DQ. (10:28) In comes Michael Hayes for the save. *½

Over to Gordon Solie. Kevin Von Erich has got his bowling shirt on now. He won’t back down from anybody! Hayes reminds Terry Gordy he taught him how to get nasty. Don’t you forget it, baby Huey.

  • NWA National Heavyweight Champion The Masked Superstar vs. Don Gilbert

Back elbow, 1-2-Superstar lifts him up. Swinging Neckbreaker, 1-2-Superstar lifts Gilbert up. Russian legsweep, 1-2-Superstar lifts him up. Jumping lariat sets up the COBRA CLUTCH for the submission at 3:40. He’s a MEAN man!

Tommy Rich talks with Gordon Solie. He’s coming after the title and the mask, Superstar.

  • Brian St. John & Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Ken Timms and Jerry Mahoney

Iron Mike Sharpe is the same loud mouth guy he always was in the WWF. St. John puts Mahoney away with the Belly to Belly Suplex for the win.

  • NWA Georgia Heavyweight Champion Tommy Rich vs. Deke Rivers

Rivers attempts to go after Rich’s taped up hand, but Tommy fights him off his other working appendages. Sorry to use such a technical word, I’ve just been listening to two hours of Dr. Gordon Solie MD. Flying fist drop with the bad hand (?) gets the three count at 3:16.

And that does it for this edition of Georgia Championship Wrestling!

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