Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (01.30.82)

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
January 30, 1982
Charlotte, NC
(taped on 1/27/82)

Your hosts are Bob Caudle & David Crockett.

Crockett mentions the origin of the Jim Crockett Promotions version of the NWA world tag team titles dating back to 1975 when Gene & Ole Anderson “won a tournament in San Francisco”. Not sure how old this clip is that they show of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew, but Ole has the Motorhead beard going on. My educated guess is 1979. They work over Gary Young and a guy that isn’t mentioned until we go back to the studio.

Sonny Fargo is *your* referee for the duration of the program.

  • Blackjack Mulligan & Blackjack Mulligan Jr. vs. Jeff Swords & Mike Miller

So long David Crockett, Roddy Piper joins Bob Caudle for the next two matches. Piper mentions that he’s studied another father-son team in Bob & Brad Armstrong who wrestle down in Atlanta. Caudle thinks it would be great to have a father-son team as the NWA world tag team champs. Piper thinks it would be to their disadvantage because if Mulligan Sr. had enough of watching his son get beat up, it could cause him to make irrational decisions. Mulligan Sr. has no trouble with these two. He even busts out the old school headscissors out of the corner on Miller. Ugh. Nasty looking suplex ends badly for Jeff Swords. Mulligan Jr tags in as Miller takes over. Piper keeps namedropping Barry instead of calling him Blackjack Mulligan Jr. Swords comes back in and receives the Jumping Back Elbow from father Mulligan. Flying Forearm smash from Barry gets the win at 4:44.

NWA representative Sandy Scott stops by to inform us that he has a word from Eddie Graham down in Florida. He has been chosen as the chairman of the championship tournament. From CWF, Graham says he has just returned from Europe and handled a bunch of business. Soon he will be heading to Japan to set up some more tournaments. Did CWF ever acknowledge Eddie Graham as the man in charge? Anybody know this for sure?

Ray Stevens joins Bob Caudle while they watch a match from CWF featuring the Brisco brothers against John and Rick Davidson who are also supposedly brothers. Jack handles them both as he catches one with an inside cradle while he has a figure-four on the other Davidson brother.

Back to the studio, Bob Caudle interviews Jeff Swords and Doug Vines. Pretty unintentionally funny interview. Bob calls Jeff by the name of Jerry and once they get to talking about what they do with the womenfolk, Swords decides to change the subject REAL quick. Anyways, these two plan to be in the tournaments. Right before the close of the interview, Swords scratches his junk and thinks nobody saw that.

  • Ivan Koloff & Austin Idol vs. Keith Larson & Don Gilbert

Koloff shows off his TV belt before the match. Roddy Piper is back on commentary. David Crockett comes by and reminds everybody that Piper is getting a bunch of votes in this “who contributed the most in 1981” contest. WHEN WILL IT END? Also, Piper says don’t vote if you don’t want to vote for him. Meanwhile, Don Gilbert is getting destroyed and he’s in a lot of pain. Larson gets a mercy tag and does okay, but then he tags out and its all down hill from there. Koloff delivers the KNEE BULLDOG on Gilbert for the win at 5:15.

Time for some quick interviews. The Mulligans say they will show the world what they can do as they plan to win the world tag team titles. Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood discuss Steamboat’s upcoming NWA world title match with Ric Flair. Along with the world title, they plan to win the world tag team titles too. That’s some big plans.

  • Johnny Weaver & Don Kernodle vs. Pvt. Nelson & Steve Sybert

Kernodle recently turned down an offer to join Slaughter’s crew so this should be interesting. Weaver and Kernodle do a great job working as a team and cutting the ring in half on both men. WEAVERLOCK on Sybert, but Nelson breaks that up. Kernodle comes in like a house on fire on Nelson. He holds Nelson up for Weaver to blast him, but Nelson moves and Kernodle gets knocked back into the corner. Whoops. Even so, Kernodle keeps his cool and delivers a Standing Powerslam to Sybert for the win at 4:49.

And now Ray Stevens and Bob Caudle set up a clip from the AWA of Adrian Adonis and Jesse Ventura – better known as the East-West Connection. You have to love the canned in crowd noise. It’s so incredibly obvious. Anyways, its mainly Adrian riding a guy on the mat and Ventura cranking on a headlock.

Back to the studio, Bob Caudle speaks with Keith Larson and Don Gilbert. Larson has some trouble getting the words out, but Gilbert does alright even though he’s the one always getting this tail whooped. These two also want to be in the tournaments. You know what, I really don’t think they have $1000 between them.

  • Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood vs. Doug Vines & Bill White

Steamboat and Youngblood make frequent tags working over arms. Chops abound from both men and they finish with the press slam onto Vines for the win at 2:53.

We get a few more interviews to close out the show. Sgt. Slaughter reprimands Don Kernodle for not knocking Weaver’s teeth out for failing on the job, but still says he’ll let Kernodle join his crew if he ever changes his mind. Roddy Piper still refuses to tell anybody who his partner will be for the tournaments. He says his partner makes Abdullah the Butcher look like Shirley Temple. His partner is 6 foot 7 and weighs 400 pounds of gorilla. He’s not going to tell you who his partner is because he’s not stupid like some of these *other* wrestlers. Ivan Koloff walks over and takes offense to that. Roddy isn’t calling Koloff stupid, he’s just saying that Mr. Koloff might have to watch out. That’s all! Koloff tells him to get out of here so he can talk. First of all, Koloff says he is putting the TV belt aside to concentrate on the tournaments and winning the world tag team titles. Who’s going to his partner? Just wait and find out. His mother Russia has already given him $20,000 to enter 20 different city tournaments all around the world. Austin Idol comes by and tells everybody that he ain’t saying who his partner is either just like Roddy Piper.

Until next week, that’s all for now.


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